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Ender's Game Character Graphic Organizer

As you read, fill in observations for EACH chapter.




How does the
factual details do What obstacles
How does the time
Explain how this character respond
Include a
you notice about does the character
period affect the
How does this
obstacle is or is not to each obstacle quotation with the
the character?
face? Physical,
character interact
a human rights
and what is the
page that shows
Mental, and
approach to the
with others?
effect of that
the obstacle.
Description, etc)

He is very smart Emotional Peter It is because he He doesnt

If you try and Since it is the
in school but he take full
was destined to know what to do lose then it isn't future, things
gets abused a lot advantage of
defeat the aliens. but he thinks
your fault. But if have changed.
by Peter.
him and he is a He is controlled things
you don't try and Little kids have
Sometimes he is third which by the
intelligently. He we lose, then it's been
very reckless, means hes an government
all your fault. manipulated to
and empathic. outcast to the
understands the
Graff tricks
school. He
enemy not by
Ender into
learns to be a
hating them
defeating the
good leader in
the Battle
school. He
advances farther
than the other

He doesnt
believe in
violence and he
gets along with

Enders Sister
She protects
This is a humans Valentine
Second Child of Ender a lot from right issue
Wiggins Family. Peter. She
because brothers Peter that she
She was too
believes in
can even kill
had a public
empathic and humankind and each other. That record of him if
thats why shes blackmails Peter is messed up. he kills her.
not in the Battle if he kills Ender
program. She

for her family
and protects

I can make you

guys believe
anything. I can
make you dance
around like
puppets (2.64).

She protects
Ender no matter
what. Anything
can happen to
Ender since it is
in the future

protected Ender
a lot from Peter.



Enders Brother.
He is very
aggressive and
mad at Ender
receiving the

He bullies Ender It is human

He decides to let Im a murderer
but he still cares rights because Ender live
even when I
for his brother. he told his
He didnt get to brother he
go to the Battle would kill him.
He shows

Brilliant and
young. Like a
small Ender. He
does crazy
things in

Physical His
stunts makes
Enders army

No this is not a
human right
issue since he
loves doing
what he does.


Was a mean big Physical he

Well bullying
kid. Bullies
fights Ender but could be a
Ender a lot He he got killed
human right
comes in with a
big group

Mother and

Doesnt really

To get Graff

Because Battle Violent and

school was in aggressive
the future and
Peter got
rejected. He is
furious at his
brother for
managing to
enter it

He becomes one What makes

He is very
of Enders best Bean realize this performance is friendly to
soldiers in his is that Ender
more high tech people
shows his,
is sophisticated
ahem, softer side
that hes not
just an
commander, but
hes really a
vulnerable kid
He fights Ender This is Enders Bullying still
justification for exists in the
wrecking Stilson future
to send a
message to all
the bullies in

Not really since They send EnderYou know hes Not really just

He is very

Gives Endera



Colonel Graff


care for Ender, away from his

wants him to
have religion.
Not very
important to

they are his


One of the girls Teaches Ender Not a humans

in Battle School how to shoot. right issue
Also Enders

to Battle school never in

Shes very
persistent but
she is always
afraid of

uncaring parents hard time

Too many
More high tech Friendly
centuries of
evolution are
working against
them (3.111)

He loves Ender
a lot. He is not
that strict but he
has al ot of
Really likes

Takes away
from Bernard

Not a human
He was a
right issue since squadron leader
its just love
and fights for

We first meet
Ender as a kid
who doesnt
have friends.
Heck, his first
wish is that his
brother will
simply allow
him to live.
Thats a pretty
poor wish he
cant even let
himself hope
that his brother
might be his

Future is very Friendly,

because theyre

friend. All of
this drives home
the idea that
Ender and
friends dont
mix like dogs
and chocolate.
Or something.
Historical questions to ask yourself while you are reading:
1. What is going on during the time period of your book? (war, drought, excess of money, prejudices, political unrest, etc.)
A war between the humans and the Buggers
2. How does that element affect the plot, setting, and characters of your book?
Little kids are trained to fight. Due to this Ender was one of those kids who are destined to defeat the Buggers
3. Why did the author use this time period?
Everything is more advanced: aliens, the weapons, technology etc.
AFTER you have finished reading, use your graphic organizer to answer these eight questions.
1. What is the human rights issue in my novel?
Little kids are being controlled to fight

2. Where does this issue first come up in my novel?

In the first chapter where Enders fate was discussed

3. Where in my novel does this issue become most important?

When Ender is fighting the Buggers
4. How is this issue resolved in my novel?
When Ender is listening to the Bugger Queen, learning that they did not want war

5. In my novel, who suffers due to the human rights issue?

All of the kids including Ender who had to be forced to fight
6. What does the wording in my quotations imply?
The author manages to keep each character one sided

7. When this issue becomes most important, what happens?

When Ender was arguing with Graff that the Buggers might be innocent

8. How is this issue resolved in my novel?

The war stops and peace remains