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Staff PLD

May 20th

Hamilton Girls High

A Wise women shapes her own


School Vision

Registered Teachers Criteria

Cultural Responsiveness

Cultural Locatedness
Cultural locatedness refers to the focus of
competencies at different stages of a teaching career.
For people entering initial teacher education, and for
graduating teachers, the focus is marama:
developing an understanding of ones own identity,
language and culture:
Developing an understanding of the relevance of
culture in New Zealand education: and developing an
understanding of the openness to Maori knowledge
and expertise.
For registered teachers, the focus is mohio: knowing
how to validate and affirm Maori and iwi culture, and
applying that knowledge. For school leaders, the focus

Teacher related

Teacher related

Student voice:

Whanau voice
Recognising that being maori is a gift
and not to be shy of your culture.
Strong Self Esteem Building Creative
Thinking or encouraging divergent
thinkers Resilience and Reflection
Extra learning opportunities for
difficult subject... Enabling tauira to
catch up or extend knowledge...
Using their strengths to clarify,
increase and extend understanding.
Teachers walking the talk when it
comes to Maori being successful
learners as Maori and changing their
own practise through teacher inquiry
to meet the learning and cultural
needs of our tauira. Teachers lifting
their expectations for Maori
achievement school-wide and be
culturally aware and open to learning
themselves about what works and
what doesn't for our tauira.

Smaller class numbers. Gives

the teacher the opportunity to
work more effectively with the
tauira, this building a stronger
network system between the
Tauira's and the teacher.
Thank you for this email, we
have had some struggles with
our daughter and I am grateful
that Hamilton Girls are always
there to support not only my
daughter but us as parents - our
daughter has missed a few days
off school and is going through a
very trying time to the point that
we have sort the involvement of
counsellors police to get her to
school, the school has been
most supportive we are hoping
that this will be just a phase and
gets on with the work at hand
Kanohi ki Te kanohi approach

ranking and general comments

What do you value

1. Sporting involvement
2. Sporting achievement
3. Kapa Haka
4. Being in a whanau tutor group
5. Academic Excellence
6. Academic engagement, commitment to be involved in class
7. Positive relationships with peers
8. Positive relationships with teachers
9. Demonstrate leadership experience
10.Maori achieving as Maori
11.Caree Pathway mapped out
12.General comments about ways we might be able to provide
greater opportunity for your tauria to achieve success