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BoAnp of Governors or THe Feperat Reserve System ‘WasitincroN, DC 20551 June 1, 2015 Matthew R. Lee, Esq. Executive Director Inner City Press/Fair Finance Watch P.O. Box 20047 New York, New York 19017 Dear Mr. Lee: ‘This concerns the application filed under section 3 of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 by Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal, Canada, and RBC USA Holdeo Corporation, New York, New York (collectively, “RBC”), to acquire City National Corporation and thereby indirectly acquire its subsidiary bank, City National Bank, both of Los Angeles, California In its application éated March 16, 2015, RBC requested confidential treatment for certain exhibits accompanying the application. By letter dated May 21, 2015, counsel for RBC confirmed that several of these exhibits could be publicly disclosed in their entirety or with limited redactions. Accordingly, you ‘were provided with additional exhibits on May 21, after the expiration of the comment period on April 23, 2015. In light of all the facts of record, the Secretary of the Board, acting pursuant to authority delegated by the Board (12 CFR 265.5(a)(2)), has extended the period for receiving comments rom you regarding this application to the close of business on June 11, 2015. Please note that any comments you submit after the extension period will not bbe made part of the recoid of this proposal unless the Board, in its sole discretion, determines to consider them. Sincerely yours, Dyerqerk Nenad Margene McCloskey Shanks Deputy Secretary of the Board co: Ivan J. Hurwitz, Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of New York Donald J. Toumey, Esq. Sullivan & Cromwell LLP