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Radiocommunication Sector

ITU-R Electronic facilities

Scope Electronic formats

Circular CA/17 R2* defines the types of access to

documents/publications of the ITU-R and also the The available files on the ITU-R Web are of differ
submission of contributions within the ITU´s Telecom formats. The links to the companies that use the
Information Exchange Services (TIES). formats are shown for you to download the softw
Access to some sections is restricted to registered that allows you to visualize these files.
TIES Users. This restriction is shown by PDF Format - Adobe Systems
Access and tools used: Winword Format - Microsoft Corporation
• ITU Document Management System - Excel Format - Microsoft Corporation
Contributions and Circulars
Powerpoint Format - Microsoft Corporatio
• ITU Document Management System - Flash Format - Macromedia
Zip Format - Winzip
• ITU Document Management System - Real Format - ITU's webcast service

• Mailing Lists FTP Software - IPSwitch

• FTP Server [] FTP Software - FileZilla

• Templates Internet Navigator - Microsoft Corporation

Internet Navigator - Firefox
• Forum
Internet Navigator - Opera
• RSS Feeds
• Arabic font
* Please note that this Circular is under revision and
some elements are no longer in force. • Chinese font