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The Syrian refugees come from a four year war within its own country that started as a peaceful

protest against the anti-government, but escalated quickly after the governments crackdown.
They were forced to either flee from their homes, suffer from ISIS, or perish. They travel to
different countries on foot in hopes of a chance to start a new life in these protected countries, far
away from the damaged country in which they lived. Over half of the refugees are kids alone,
many scarred from the things they have seen. A Syrian family arrive in a train station at Saalfeld,
Germany. Germany takes in thousands of refugees, but they can only take so many. In Germany
they expect the overall asylum requests to soar just because of Syrian refugees alone. An asylum
is basically a safe house for refugees. They expect over 800 thousand applications for asylums
this year, but we can take over 500 thousand applications yearly. Germany is a small country, just
the size of a few American states. Their population is over 80 million and they plan to take many
refugees into their small and crowded country. This poses a big problem for the economy and
people alike. Some of the refugees are housed in temporary homes, University dorms, or even in
some cases shipping containers that have been turned into living spaces. These refugees, though
just trying to find a safe haven, have started multiple xenophobic protect against them. This
issues is a big part of Germanys problems that has persisted over the past years of the war.

Germany is one of the most advanced and innovated countries in Europe. It is not only the 30
major corporations such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Allianz, Systems Applications and
Products(SAP), and Baden Aniline and Soda Factory(BASF), but they also produce many things
in their industries such as Iron, steel, coal, and cement. Along with these corporations and
industries are the many environmental issues they cause. Germany deals with acid rain; Acid rain
contains harmful levels of sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide which is harmful to people and the
Earths ecosystem. They also deal with pollution of multiple kinds, which also causes acid rain

and has worsen global warming. The pollution causes damage in forest and the Baltic sea. Raw
sewage and industrial effluents are causing the Baltic sea damage along with the burying and
dissipation of the waste. In the past, germany also suffered from some of the nuclear fallout from
the Chernobyl reactor meltdown. Among the worst problems with pollution were from the open
remnants from strip mining and the chemical industry. Germany deals with the poisoning of soil
and groundwater. Having a massive amount of individuals living in the small country of
Germany having the twelve biggest population, they have limited air, land, and water. The
pollution limits these even further, causing major health issues in the people and animals that live
in the nation and the migrants that come to the country yearly.This is a huge issue that must be
solved to protect lives and the environment around them.