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1. Please attach a copy of your lesson plan location and preassessment (even if there have been no changes).

Explain and
highlight any changes, or state that there have been no changes.
2. Title and instructional goal(s) General statement(s) of intent as to
what the lesson/instruction will accomplish. E.g., The title of my
presentation is Watch How Much You Guzzle. The purpose is to
educate college students living on-campus about making healthier
beverage choices.
Diets for athletes: ensuring that the young athlete is healthy
3. Performance objectives The number of objectives will vary.
Sometimes you will have more than one activity to achieve an
objective. Give each objective a number so that you can relate it to
content information and an activity (in question 4). Make SMART
objectives: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound. Use Magers characteristics performance (what), condition
(when), and criterion (how well). E.g., During a hands-on activity at
the end of the presentation (when), 80% of students (how well) will
correctly measure the number of sugar teaspoons in a 12-oz regular
pop can (what).
At the end of the presentation (when) I will ask the audience
questions about each topic I talked about (what) until 2
questions from each topic have been answered correctly (how
well). The topics will cover eating before and after practice,
hydration along with other ideas to improve performance and
decrease injury. These are al relevant topics for a gymnast.
4. Content outline and description of activities Detail the exact
information that you will provide and how the content will be
sequenced. Describe the source of the information (e.g., if you use
a web program what specific parts? What is the URL?).
Since I am talking about athletic nutrition I am using information
from SCAN. This is a dietetic practice group dedicated to sports
nutrition. I am getting all of the information from their facts
sheets at
- My Plate
- Eating Before Practice
- Hydration During Practice
- Eating after practice
- Building optimal bone health to prevent breaking

Eating on the road-gymnasts travel a lot during

competition season
Supporting immune health it is important for the
gymnasts to avoid being sick because they would miss

5. Instructional procedures E.g., lecture format, small group

discussion, demonstration.
I am having a small group discussion while the gymnasts are on
break and sending the girls home with a small handout of the
topics covered for their parents and we are going to playa game
at the end to make sure the girls know what I covered
6. Instructional materials Provide samples of all written instructional
materials (PowerPoint slides, brochures, handouts, pre- and/or posttest questionnaires with correct answers highlighted, etc). Indicate
audiovisual equipment (computer software, DVDs, photographs,
I made a handout, which I am attaching to this assignment as for
the questions I am asking after the discussion they are underlined
on the handout to emphasize the information that is important. I
used no other materials
7. Method of evaluation How will you have the participants
review/demonstrate what they have learned? E.g., pre-test and
post-test. Hint: make this measurable and link it with your
performance objective(s).
I am playing a game at the end of the presentation and have a
set of questions for each topic I am talking abut and I am hoping
that the girls will be able to answer at least 2 questions right for
each topic.
8. Follow-up What further involvement might be provided beyond the
closure (e.g., follow-up meeting, contact by email, handouts left in
break room)? What can students do to extend and/or enrich their
learning (e.g., consult a provided list of relevant websites/books,
keep food logs on SuperTracker)?
First I am giving the girls a hand out for more information also I
have my contact information at the bottom as well as the SCAN
website information. I have also talked to the coaches about
having a similar meeting with just the parents to cover the
information and talking at an upcoming camp for a volunteer

opportunity. The gymnasts can enrich their knowledge by going

to the SCAN website.