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REGULAR SESSION HELD ON MAY 16, 2008 AT THE LOAKAN PROPER BARANGAY HALL Present: Punong Barangay Jesusa Lucio – Viscaya Kagawad Edouard Emmanuel Pistola Cayetano Kagawad Jackson Pinge Chiday Kagawad Marilyn Rives Palispis Kagawad Ryan James Dalisdis Solano Kagawad Julie Pistola – Donato Kagawad Nora Palispis – Bendaen Kagawad Pendatun Chiday Disot SK Chairperson Joanna Marie Budong Camado Barangay Treasurer Joyda Baldino Ticuan Barangay Secretary Mary Jane Victoria – Briones Absent: None Introduced by the Committee on Sanitation and Environmental Protection Ordinance Numbered 01 (Series of 2008) “AN ORDINANCE IMPOSING A MONTHLY GARBAGE FEE OF TWENTY PESOS PER HOUSEHOLD IN THE LOAKAN PROPER BARANGAY WHO AVAIL OF THE SERVICES OF THE BARANGAY FOR THE DISPOSAL OF THEIR GARBAGE” EXPLANATORY NOTE WHEREAS, the Barangay presently collects the biodegradable and recyclable wastes of its residents as mandated by Republic Act 9003; and does other work related thereto, such as guarding the collection sites, ensuring the collection of garbage during scheduled days for collecting the same and maintaining the cleanliness of the garbage collection sites with no source of funds to use for the purchase of protective gears and/or equipment and supplies, compensation for the barangay brigade of eco-aides who do most of the ecological solid waste management work of the barangay, insurance and health and sickness benefits of the same, and other matters necessary for an effective collective system for the Barangay, hence the need to impose and collect monthly fees per household which uses the Barangay’s services for the disposal of its wastes; WHEREAS, Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as An Act Providing for a Local Government Code of 1991, Book II (Local Taxation and Fiscal Matters), Title I (Local Government Taxation), Chapter II (Specific Provisions on the Taxing and Other Revenue Raising Powers of Local Government Units), Article V (Common Revenue-Raising Powers), Section 153 (Service Fees and Charges), state that “Local government units may impose and collect such reasonable fees and charges for services rendered”; NOW THEREFORE, upon recommendation of Punong Barangay Jesusa L. Viscaya, duly seconded by Kagawad Edouard Emmanuel P. Cayetano, ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

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BE IT ORDAINED BY THE SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY IN SESSION ASSEMBLED THAT: SECTION 1. This Ordinance may be known and referred to as the “Garbage Fee Ordinance” of the Barangay of Loakan Proper. SECTION 2. There shall be a monthly garbage fee of Twenty Pesos (Php20.00) to be collected per household which avails of the services of the Barangay for the disposal of its wastes; SECTION 3. The garbage fees collected shall be used for the following purposes: (1) Honoraria for the Loakan Proper Barangay Brigade of Eco-aides; (2) Procurement of Materials, Equipment, Protective Gears and other items necessary for the proper implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management of the Loakan Proper Barangay; (3) Information, education, communication and monitoring activities of the Solid Waste Management of Loakan Proper Barangay; (4) Acquisition of products, facilities, technologies and processes necessary to enhance proper solid waste management; (5) Awards and incentives; (6) Research programs; (7) Technical assistance; and (8) Capability-building activities; SECTION 4. This Ordinance shall take effect in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. UNANIMOUSLY PASSED. x--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing Barangay Ordinance No.01, Series of 2008 otherwise known as “An Ordinance Imposing a Monthly Garbage of Twenty Pesos per Household in the Loakan Proper Barangay Who Avail of the Services of the Barangay for the Disposal of Their Garbage.”



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JACKSON P. CHIDAY Barangay Kagawad

MARILYN R. PALISPIS Barangay Kagawad

RYAN JAMES D. SOLANO Barangay Kagawad

JULIE P. DONATO Barangay Kagawad

NORA P. BENDAEN Barangay Kagawad


JOANNA MARIE B. SK Chairperson

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