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MNPC board call - 1/19/16

Board members present: David Lamfrom, Paula Garrett, Michael Gordon, Lynn Davis, Dennis Schramm,
Shaun Gonzalez
Newsletter - Articles promised from board members still need to be submitted to Shaun. Lynn
suggested we include some information on the NPS Centennial. David asked if I knew anyone someone
that could write an article on the NPS history and purpose.
Membership - Michael reminded us of our need to support MNPC with funding, and is planning to
become a life member this year. now live. Michael will link to this site from our site.
Discussed Castle Mountains status.
Centennial plans - Any ideas for events or projects we want to sponsor? David has ideas for grants that
could help. Maybe a kid in park event. Been a few years since we did an overnight event with kids.
Perhaps approach CA Native Plant Society to do events to try and find new species for the Preserve in
the Centennial year. Lynn mentioned an activity with NASA like they have done in the past at Zzyzx to
simulate Mars environments. David mentioned possibly working with NASA on finding the darkest place
in the Preserve.
Star party - May 7th. Date suggested by astronomers. David is discussing with new superintendent
whether this will be a signature Centennial event for the Preserve (and maybe also for NPCA). Michael
suggested he could lead a post star party hike into Castle Mountains.
Next meeting: February 16, 2016 at 5:30pm