1st Week Sharing Time Idea for May

My Faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened when I obey.
By: Sheena Perron of Little LDS Ideas

What you will need for this Sharing Time: Fourth Article of Faith Sign- I made one that you can use (attached below). Wimpy Wayne/Wanda: Ask an adult in the ward to come in and help you out with Sharing Time Weight Bar- Use a broom stick, a large dowel, etc. something that Wimpy Wayne/Wanda can hold. Weights- you could make some weights out of the foam balls or squares (you can find these at craft stores). Just cut them to make them look like weights. You may want to paint them also. Get Creative!! Pictures- on each weight will be a picture (Jr. Primary) of something that we can do to strengthen our Faith in Christ (Examples Below). Scripture References- for Senior Primary there can be scripture references on each of the weights (examples below). Before Sharing Time: -Print out or make your own, Fourth Article of Faith Sign. Since this whole month we will be discussing the Principles/Ordinances of the Gospel, I thought that you could first have the beginning of the Article of Faith posted in the front of the room where the children are able to see it. You can keep this up for the whole month. Each week add the principle/ordinance that you will be teaching about. So, you could either cut the Article of Faith into strips (each principle/ordinance on one strip) or you could have the sign, and just cover each principle/ordinance up. As you teach each week add or uncover the principle that you are teaching about. -You will need to get your weights ready. Once you have made your weights then you can attach the pictures/scriptures to each weight. -Sometime before your Sharing Time, you will need to hide your weights all around the Primary Room. Beginning Your Sharing Time: Begin by showing the children the beginning of the Fourth Article of Faith. If you cut each part out, go ahead and tape the First principle below the beginning. If you covered each principle/ordinance up, then uncover only the first one. Read it to the children: We Believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Have them repeat it with you one more time. Then ask them, “What does it mean to have faith? Alma says that “if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true” (Alma 32:21). We have faith when we believe and trust in something that is real and true even though we have not seen it for ourselves. Then ask them, “What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ? To have faith in Jesus Christ means that although we have not seen Him, we believe that He lives and loves us and that we trust Him.” So, like the Fourth Article of Faith says, “We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? Today we’re going to talk about how we can strengthen our Faith in Jesus Christ. There are lots of different things that we can do to help our faith become strong. And I have asked someone to come in today and help us out. I want you to meet Wimpy Wayne/Wanda (have your helper come in looking tired, sad, and wimpy). Wayne is not very strong at all, and do you know what else isn’t strong about Wayne…Wayne’s Faith in Christ. But he wants to know how he can strengthen his Faith, do you think you can help us out? Alright! When we want to become strong, what can we do? Lift weights. Well, I have brought some special ‘Faith Weights’ with me today. (Show the children your weight bar.) What’s missing? (the weights) Yes, the weights are missing. All of you are going to help Wayne find the weights, so that he can make his Faith strong. Inside the Primary room are weights, and on each weight is a picture/scripture reference of something that Wayne can

do to help strengthen his Faith in Jesus Christ. I need you to help me find these weights, so that we can put them on this weight bar, and help Wayne get strong! Have the childre take turns finding the weights. Discuss each picture and explain to the children why that is important and why it can strengthen their Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For Senior Primary: have the children find a weight. Then look up the scripture reference that is on the weight and discuss what the scripture says. Have the children come up and add each weight as they find it. Have your helper pretend it’s very heavy at first, but as you add more weights and talk about strengthening your Faith, have him get stronger. At the end of your Sharing Time have your helper hold the weights over his/her head. Show the children how strong he/she is. Explain to the children that they can be as strong as Wayne/Wanda too. Explain to them that when we obey/do the things that we have been asked to do, our Faith in Jesus Christ can become strong. Bear Testimony to the children. Some ideas for the weights could be: Reading the Scriptures- John 5:39 Listening to the Prophet- Amos 3:7 Listening to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost- Moroni 10:5;When we listen to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, we can feel Him close to us and know that He loves us. Going to church and partaking of the Sacrament- D&C 59:9-12 Paying Tithing- D&C 119:4 Prayer- Alma 13: 28-29 Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy- Exodus 20:8-11

principles and ordinances of the Gospel are:

We Believe that the first

First, Faith in the Lord

Jesus Christ;

Second, Repentance;

immersion for the

Third, Baptism by

remission of sins;

Fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the holy Ghost.

This is where I found all of the Clipart! Jesus Christ Picture: http://www.sugardoodle.net/sdclipart/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/artbook114.jpg Repentance/Prayer Picture: http://downloads.sugardoodle.net/sdclipart/2007/10/syp.jpg Baptism Picture: http://downloads.sugardoodle.net/sdclipart/2007/08/baptized.jpg Gift of the Holy Ghost Picture: http://bp3.blogger.com/_ryBKf2rLJdY/RmsT6IJG-6I/AAAAAAAABhc/um3uAnV_G88/s1600-h/confirmation1.gif

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