Year 7 Yearly Exam

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80 mins + 5 mins reading time

Topics Covered:

3 Sections

Algebra Patterns

Section 1: Short Answer


32 Questions

64 Marks

2D Shapes

Section 2: Multiple Choice


20 Questions

20 Marks

3D Shapes
Algebraic Techniques

Section 3: Correct | Incorrect
16 Questions


456 rounded to the nearest tenth? 8. 1. 7. What are the next 3 numbers in this pattern? 6. What is 23. 9 ×5−3 ×5=¿ 2. 9. 2 x −x=¿ 4. He used a cone and a … 3. . . 12. . What is the largest even number that can be made using only three of these cards? 5. Cody joined two blocks together to make this object. 3+32=¿ 6.Section 1: SHORT ANSWER Answer the questions in the spaces on the ANSWER SHEET provided. This spinner is used in a board game.

Olivia spins the arrow. On which number is the arrow most likely to stop? 9. 14. 13. 23 +32=¿ Name the shape below which has no parallel sides. 10 x−2 x=¿ . 11. What is the size of the angle in the shaded triangle marked by the arrow? 10. 2 9 + =¿ 16 16 What number is missing from this number sentence? 5 ×+15=85 12.

What is the length of the curved part of the perimeter? 21. A rectangular paddock has a perimeter of 50 metres.27 million. 20. Each long side has a length of 15 metres. The population of Australia in 1950 was 8.6 ÷ 0. What is the size of ∠ BCD ? 3 3 + =¿ 5 10 The perimeter of the filed below is 89 m. Donna builds this 3D object using 16 cubes. plus. What is the length of each short side? 23. Jasmine measured her footprint. . Milly made 4 tree designs using sticks.15. The square root of four. ten cubed equals… 16.3 ? 24. How much longer is her shoe than her foot? 22. 19.16 million. She then measured her shoe print. What is the difference in number between these two populations? 18. She then pains the outside faces of the object including the base. How many cubes have only 2 faces painted? 17. What is the answer to 6. The population of Australia in 2000 was 19.

There is a pattern in the way the trees grow.2 as the answer. 5 Alana is 6 of the height of the door. . What number did Jai divide by? 27. How many lines of symmetry does the design on this flag have? 28. write the sentence above using algebra. He got 34. 26. What is the size of the smaller angle between the minute and hour hands? 29. 31. Using n to represent the number. The height of a door is 210 cm. the answer would be 30. Madison wrote a number on a piece of paper.9× 10=¿ Jai divided 342 by a number. How many sticks will Tree 5 have? 25. 37. Milly continues the pattern in the same way. A square based pyramid and a cube have been glued together. If she multiplied her number by 5 and then divided by 2. How many edges does the new object have? 30. This clock shows 5 o’clock.

This lolly is made with equal layers. What is the value of m in this diagram? Section 2: MULTIPLE CHOICE Answer the questions by colouring in the bubbles on the ANSWER SHEET provided. 39. Which of these is the longest distance? .08? 1 1 ÷ 2 4 is the same as… Sticks are used to make this pattern of pentagons. The layers are white or black. Opposite faces on a standard die always add up to 7. In this pattern the rule for the number of sticks is… 40.What is Alana’s height? 32. Which is a correct net for a standard die? 37. What fraction of the lolly is made of black layers? 36. Which grid shows the same fraction shaded? 34. Which dotted line is a line of symmetry? 35. 33. Caleb shaded a fraction of this long rectangle. Which number is greater than 0. 38.

She adds the numbers in the sections where the arrows stop and gets a total of 5. n. Which drawing could by Tylor’s? 45. 49. Rebekah then spins the arrows again. Only two of these nets form a closed rectangular prism. This triangle is… 46. Sebastian has 24 red apples and 12 green apples. Which object has exactly twice as many edges as faces? m+ m+ m−n+n=¿ These isometric drawings of some rectangular prisms are labelled A. Rebekah spins these two arrows. and  exactly 2 acute angles. 48. Angel things of a number.41. She multiplies the number by itself. B. C and D. Which two nets are they? 44. Tylor drew a shape with:  exactly 2 pairs of parallel sides. How many different ways can she get a total of 8? 47. What fraction of the apples are green? 42. . She then halves that answer and subtracts 10. What expression shows what Angel did? 43.

53. (D) The diagonals of a parallelogram are always equal in length. (A) ∠θ and ∠ α are vertically opposite. Indicate whether each statement about the sum of the angles is CORRECT or INCORRECT. Indicate whether each statement about the diagram below is CORRECT or INCORRECT. (D) It is impossible that he will be named Bryce. (A) He is more likely to be named Nathan than Stephen. Indicate whether each statement about a boy born in NSW in 2014 is CORRECT or INCORRECT. 51. Each side of all the small triangles is 5 cm long. This shape is made from five small equilateral triangles and one large equilateral triangle. (C) The diagonals of a trapezium are always equal in length. 54. (B) The opposite sides of a parallelogram are always equal in length. A triangle is divided into 2 parts by a straight line. ∠ ABC and ∠ CBE are complementary. The angles are then labelled. (A) The opposite sides of a trapezium are always equal in length. 52. (B) (C) Triangle ADB is an acute angled triangle.Which two drawings are of the same rectangular prism? 50. What is the perimeter of the shape? Section 3: CORRECT / INCORRECT Answer the questions by circling the appropriate word on the ANSWER SHEET provided. . (C) He is less likely to be named Michael than Joshua. These were the top five names for boys born in NSW in 2014. (B) He is certain to be named Samuel. Indicate whether each statement about quadrilaterals is CORRECT or INCORRECT.

(D) ∠ α and ∠ γ are supplementary. .