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PABLO ANTONIO "buildings should be planned

with austerity in mind and its stability forever
as the aim of true architecture, that buildings
must be progressive, simple in design but
dignified, true to a purpose without resorting
to an applied set of aesthetics and should
eternally recreate truth"
Architecture must be true to itself, its land,
architecture truly Filipino, Filipino values,
Philippine climate and the use of indigenous
PHILIP JOHNSON All architects want to live
beyond their deaths.
PHILIP JOHNSON Architecture is the art of how
to waste space
KENZO TANGE The city must be subject to
growth, decay and renewal.
KENZO TANGE Architects today tend to
depreciate themselves, to regard themselves
as no more than just ordinary citizens without
the power to reform the future.
KENZO TANGE “Modern architecture need not
to be Western
OSCAR NIEMEYER "Form follows beauty."
OSCAR NIEMEYER . Architecture will always
express the technical and social progress of
the country in which it is carried out. If we
wish to give it the human content that it
lacks, we must participate in the political
FRANK GEHRY Look, architecture has a lot of
places to hide behind, a lot of excuses, The
client made me do this. The city made me do
this. Oh, the budget. I don't believe that
FRANK GEHRY Architecture should speak of its
time and place, but yearn for timelessness

ROBERT VENTURI Forms accommodates
ROBERT VENTURI Less is bore.
ROBERT VENTURI Unity disguised as chaoscomplexity and contradiction are often what
make works of art both exciting and profound
TADAO ANDO I would like my architecture to
inspire people to use their own resources, to
move into the future.
TADAO ANDO Without this spirit, Modernist
architecture cannot fully exist. Since there is
often a mismatch between the logic and the
spirit of Modernism, I use architecture to
reconcile the two.
RENZO PIANO architects spend an entire life
with this unreasonable idea that you can fight
against gravity.
JEAN NOUVEL Each new situation requires a
new architecture.
JEAN NOUVEL I think architecture has to be a
ALVAR AALTO Nothing is as dangerous in
architecture as dealing with separated
problems. If we split life into separated
problem we split the possibilities to make
good building art.
ADOLF LOOS Does it follow that the house has
nothing in common with art and is
architecture not to be included in the arts?
Only a very small part of architecture belongs
to art: the tomb and the monument.
Everything else that fulfills a function is to be
excluded from the domain of art
ADOLF LOOS Ornament is a crime and all
ornamentation must be rejected
ADOLF LOOS “Supply and demand regulate
architecture form”

ANTONIO GAUDI Form does not necessarily
follow function.
ANTONIO GAUDI “Those who look for The laws
of nature as a support for their new works
collaborate with the Creator.”
AUGUSTE PERRET "Truth is indispensible to
Architecture & architectural lie concepts."
BENJAMIN H. LATROBE "A bldg. is the
combination of different geometric figures."
BUCKMINSTER FULLER "We called architects
of the future not its victims"
BUCKMINSTER FULLER "Starting with holes"
architecture is a schizoid act: it involves
reducing the world into a piece of paper.
EERO SAARINEN Function influence but does
not dictate form
ELIEL SAARINEN Architecture - form equals
necessity not from repetition of formulas."
ERICH MENDELSOHN "Architecture seizes
upon space, encompasses space and is space
ERICH MENDELSOHN "Architecture depends
on the sensuous seizure by means of touch
and sight."
DANIEL BURNHAM Make no little plans; they
have no magic to stir mens blood.
DANIEL BURNHAM Make big plans; aim high in
hope and hope and work, remembering that a
noble, logical diagram once recorded will not

which is identical with functional.  LE CORBUSIER “Cube within a cube”  LOUIS KAHN Architecture is the reaching out for the truth  LOUIS KAHN Every time a student walks past and really urgent.  LOUIS KAHN "A house is a house. Your life will be impoverished.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT "Form follows functionthat has been misunderstood.meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms. that spirit which is given only by the hand and eye of the workman. BENJAMIN LATROBE “A bldg. of intellect. LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE Less is more. is the combination of different geometric figures.  PIER LUIGI NERVI “Structural correctness.  LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE It is better to be good than to be original.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Architecture is Organic.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Think simples as my old master used to say .  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT An idea is salvation by imagination. but it is nevertheless a most important truth. If you foolishly ignore beauty. that no architecture can be truly noble which is not imperfect. of imagination. technical & economic is a necessary & sufficient condition of satisfactory aesthetic result.  LUCIO COSTA Each one sees whatever he wishes to see  MARCEL LAJOS BREUER Architecture is a social art.  JOHN RUSKIN It is impossible. Form and function should be one. as impossible as to raise the dead. He must be a great original interpreter of his time. you will soon find yourself without he who shall create poems in stone."  LOUIS SULLIVAN Forms follows function  LOUIS SULLIVAN “Our architecture reflects truly as a mirror. I am not a religious or an atheist. can never be recalled.  LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space  LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE God is in the details. his age. does have that soul.”  LE CORBUSIER The house ia a machine for living in. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Every great architect is necessarily ."  MARCUS VITRUVIUS POLIO Architecture must meet 3 requirements: Strength. getting back to first principles. it can help reassure him that he does have that mind.”  ROBERT MAILLART “A bridge is like a house”  WALTER GROPIUS “Art and Architecture.”  LOUIS SULLIVAN "The architect who combines in his being the powers of vision. it will remain with you all the day of your life."  LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE Less is more.a great poet.  LE CORBUSIER Architecture or Revolution  LE CORBUSIER the exterior of the building is the result of the interior. Beauty. joined in a spiritual union"  JOHN RUSKIN It seems a fantastic paradox. That which I have insisted upon as the life of the whole.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. But if you invest in beauty. There it begins"  LUCIO COSTA I am neither a capitalist nor a socialist. and adorned with much and varied learning. to restore anything that has ever been great or beautiful in architecture. his day. by the help of which a judgment is formed of those works which are the result of other arts. of sympathy with human need and the power to interpret them in a language vernacular and time--. and Utilities  MARCUS VITRUVIUS POLIO Architecture is a science arising out of many other sciences. expressive piece of architecture that belongs to his college. the new unity”  WALTER GROPIUS “Architecture begins where engineering ends” . almost LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE "Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.