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Student-Teacher: Maitha Ali Alblooshi – Eman Alnaqbi

Date: 2-3-2016
Course: EPC 1403

Grade Level: KG 2
Subject: English
Resources (what materials/equipment
will you and the students use? Be


15 Whole


15 min Whole
Time: 15 min Whole

Flashcard with words contain letter (U)worksheets-colors-pincels – laptop (to play
the song) , blocks with deffernt colures.

Preparation (what do you need to make or
check before class?)
Attend early – check on the laptop (connect it
with the TV+ prepare seting place –preaper 25
worksheets –put the worksheets on tables and
pincels on 3 table - and prepare the flash cards
put them beside the board - make sure of
ventilation of the classroom.
Key vocabulary
Umbrella - Unhappy– Under- up-fun- rushuniform- bus.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small
group activities)
Welcoming the children by saying good morning and asking them how they are doing
and then count them and take the attendenc ,write it on the borad, remind them of the
rules and play a small game like stand up/ setdown to grab their attention and then
stand up and I play the week of the days song.
Guided and Independent Experience (group working with the teacher)

Telling them a story about one children whos name is Abdalla he was sleeping and
suddenly he heard noise he didn’t know from where dose it come then he wake up and
look for sound under his bed and he looked up then he saw the rain from the window
and he wake up and run downstairs to tell his mother that he dont want to go to school
and he was unhappy becase he don’t have an umbrella like his friends but his mother
says that he have to rush and where his uniform because the bus will be arrive soon
and she told him that she brought form him a new umbrella then he dressd up and wen
to the bus and he had fun with his friends..
After that I devied the children into two groups to encourage each other to find the righ
litter I choose two spisfic children for blocks game and they have to recognizing the
litter ‘U’ from other different litters and who will win he will get a gift a smilly face wit
chocolate and balon.
In the end I gave them a worksheet that include matching litter ‘U’ and write it several
times and circule the litter and I was cheking on them whoever have issue for example
to find the letter I help them and make them try to know wich letter that they have to
match with wich picture.

I asked them what dose the litter U looks like and who knows he is allowed to write it on the
bord,and who answerd right he get the gift also.