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Differentiate business policy from strategic management.

Briefly describe the strategic management model developed by Wheelen, T.L. and
Hunger, J.D. in detail.
Write down the steps in a SWOT analysis developed by Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., John
E. Gamble, and A.J. Strickland III.
What are the 2 (two) generic strategies of Michael Porter? Describe them in terms of
broad target and market niche.
What is strategic fit? Define related and unrelated diversificastion on the basis of
strategic fit.
Explain the reasons behind related and unrelated diversification.
Briefly describe the strategic options to grow internationally.
Explain the BCG Growth-Share Matrix with example.
Define outsourcing. What are the strategic advantages and pitfalls of outsourcing?
Why are strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships formed?
Define merger and acquisition. What are th objectives of mergers and acquisitions?
What are the standout features of mature industry? Write down strategic options for
competing in a mature Industry.
Define benchmaaarking. How to use benchmarking to evaluate performance?