Assignment- Week 1 Title: Performance Management System TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction .1 Theoretical Background .

2 Case Study: TALEO CASE STUDY-United Health Group .3 Business process: Employing the self-service model for successful .3.1 staffing management The evaluation process .3.2 Integration is key to the selection process .3.3 Conclusion .4 References

Introduction .1 The tactical procedure created to make sure that actions, behavior and outputs of workers are in line with mission, goals and plans of the company can be termed as performance management. To ensure that worker’s performance adds up to the attainment of the company’s goals and the fulfillment of the mission of company is the main objective of performance management. Performance management describes as to which all elements of performance are pertinent to the efficiency of the company and then through performance appraisal assesses those factors and finally gives feedback to workers by way of performance feedback meetings (Nankervis & .(Compton, 2006: 83-101 Theoretical Background .2 In order to determine that whether or not the human resource professionals thought that there have been any major changes in the design, application and usefulness of performance management systems in the companies of Australia from the time of preliminary researches, a number of researches were carried out previously. Also it was supposed to determine whether these type of changes can depict and strengthen the modern human resource management theory (Thomas & Bretz,1994: 28-34). The globalization demands, higher regional rivalry, rationalization of industry and a largely more supportive industrial relations atmosphere were thought to have boosted workers to revamp their PMS or performance management system’s structure to mirror their competitive imperatives and to facilitate closer connections among a particular person, group and company’s goals and results. On the whole the deductions of the research can in a better way be explained as mixed with proof that significant amendments have been carried out in terms of the utilization, objective and nature of PMS and more optimistically, that higher tailored and integrated models are offered for the times to come. Indications are there that companies, particularly the ones that make use of the balanced scorecard as the connection among company and particular worker objectives are genuinely trying to apply the strategic HRM program within their companies by way of performance management and it seems quite .probable that in the times to come these imperatives would increase

Case Study: TALEO CASE STUDY-United Health Group .3

Business process: Employing the self-service model for successful staffing .3.1 management A pioneering organization in the health and well being sector that offers services and products associated with multiple health care to approximately 35 million people in America and has a employee strength of 29000 well trained people, is United Health Group. As per Fortune Magazine, United Health Group is among the most accepted and admired health care organizations in America. “The company’s objective is to coalesce exceptional clinical insight with customer friendly services and superior technology to aid person attain best possible health”. Global Health Group works across five different business sectors and provides services varying from network based health care for small, medium and big organizations, global drug development and for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors providing marketing services and for the firms which work in the health care and well being sectors it offers investment .capital for beginners and initial stage firms By making use of advanced technology in its own industry the company had attained considerable advantages and it believed that alike advantages can be realized to the company by putting into practice more developed technology for the company’s HR department. In 2000 United Health Group acknowledged the unexploited strength of human resources in the company and started a program which will make the human resources department independent from the responsibility of administrative dealings and facilitate in the organization’s shift to a strategic corporate partner. A proposal was created by the group, structured directly on the central values of the organization which were drafted in the firm’s rules of the road, crafted by Bill McGuire, who was the founder of the organization. As per him the organization would nurture policies and characteristics which value and incentivize working jointly and give incentives to entrepreneurial qualities like determination, creativity, calculative risk taking and .speed United Health Group human resources leaders initiated a daring plan in line with the above mentioned standards, crafted on the decision to mechanize and outsource transactional HR’s 105 functions. United Health Group has a program, HR Direct, which is a leading edge, self-service system which authorizes management as well as

workers with the capability to manage their own career development and well being. The recruiting people, hiring managers and experts in the company are getting more .and more advice-giving and concentrated on adding worth The evaluation process .3.2 The Request for Proposal or RFP process was lead by Thomas Valerius who is the VP of Recruitment Service at United Health Group. After cautiously performing the duediligence and study, they finally called 10 agencies and made a selection group consisting of people from human resources as well as information technology. The selection group assessed the suppliers looking at a web based answer which will bring the philosophy of the company and vision of a self service system in line. The vendors - were assessed on five main aspects which are PeopleSoft HRIS incorporation potential.1 System functionality or technology.2 Vendor’s financial standing and stability.3 References from other organizations in the surrounding neighborhood.4 Implementation approach or professional services offering.5 Integration is key to the selection process .3.3 Thomas Valerius said while showing the organization’s strong wish to draw and keep the best employees that they had been able to locate the ideal associate in Taleo, by way of its experts who have s good capability to comprehend technology and services required for efficient staffing management. He was of the view that Taleo’s strategy that includes self service mechanization is totally aligned with the long term requirements of United Health Group. He also said that the ability to integrate was undoubtedly the largest section of RFP process and there were a number of technical experts occupied. Further he was amazed at the complicated nature of the integration and what Taleo put forward to fulfill the requirements of United Health Group .impressed him Starting from phase 1 which became live in 2002 to the phase 3 which was lately implemented Thomas has been highly impressed by the application of the system and as per him Taleo was chosen since they were looking at the most effective tool which would adjust with United Health Group’s philosophy and business goals. He also says that the main decision making factor was the skill to effortlessly integrate to the

company’s PeopleSoft system which is the HRIS system. As per Valerio they were sure of Taleo’s capability and knew that it had the most complete staffing management answer which was visibly better than all the others and it will easily go .along with the HRIS of the company In addition to the preliminary sectors of concentration, Thomas states that Taleo was much better in the company’s major objectives for a thriving implementation – consisted of various aspects An organized and efficient, online request authorization system allowing self-• initiation by hiring managers and cooperation with recruiters and other human .resource people Answer based on talent which will facilitate a completely no paper process• .and less administration Strong reporting ability which will offer for responsibility from everyone• .concerned in the staffing mechanism The capability to post to key job boards from single central source and• .improve the corporate branding Conclusion .4 The six business segments of United Health Group were covered in three parts as the implementation approach and solution was started in phases. So as to symbolize the relevant business sections, a cross functional central team was created. The application started with change analysis wherein a research was carried out by Taleo consultants that consisted of a complete review of present practices and notably analyzed the existing opinions and characteristics of a cross section of the company’s .hiring managers and recruiting people

:References Nankervis, A.R. , & Compton, R. (2006). Performance Management: Theory.1 .in practice? Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 44, 83-101 Thomas, S. L., & Bretz, R.D. (1994). Research and practice in performance .2 appraisal: Evaluating employee performance in America’s largest companies. .SAM Advanced Management Journal, 59 (2), 28-34 Peters, T. (1987). The new masters of excellence. Niles, IL: Nightingale.3 .Conant Corp

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