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The leaders in the organized paint industry in India are Asian Paints with over 40% market share, Kansai Nerolac (20%), Berger
Paints (19%) and AkzoNobel (12%).
Asian Paints is a market leader in the decorative segment while Kansai Nerolac dominates the industrial and automotive segment.
The share of industrial paints in the total paint consumption is very low when compared to global standards. It accounts for 25%
of the paint market with 75% of the paints sold in India for decorative purposes.
In most developed countries, the ratio of decorative paints vis-a-vis industrial paints is approximately 50:50. But, with the
decorative segment bottoming out, companies are increasingly focusing on industrial paints. The future for industrial paints is
bright. In the next few years its share will go up gradually in line with the global trend.
Currently all key players in the Indian paint market are in expansion mode. Asian Paints has enhanced its capacity at its facility in
Himachal Pradesh (for powder coatings) and Maharashtra (industrial coatings) and Berger's facility in Jammu started contributing
to its top line performance, albeit on the lower side. Kansai Nerolac is putting up a green field plant at Hosur in Tamil Nadu and
is carrying out expansion at its Lote Parshuram and Bawal plants.


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In order to deal with and overcome the various complex, technical
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before. However, we can be confident that to satisfy the emerging
demands of society, our indu.... read more

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