1.) Which of the following is a valid PeopleTools PeopleBook ? a. b. c. d. e. 2.) PeopleSoft 8.

4 Asset Management PeopleBook PeopleSoft Upgrade Assistant, App Designer, People Tools PeopleSoft 8.4 General Ledger People Book PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration PeopleSoft 8.4 eProcurement PeopleBook

Which of the following is applicable for LDP? (Choose 2) a. Centralised security b. Streamline various people soft applications. c. Controls access to Peoplesoft application data
3.) Database Connectivity Drivers should be installed in the following System (choose four) a. Client Workstation in two tier mode b. App Server c. Batch Server d. File Server e. Data Mover f. Web Server 4.) Which of the following Web Services is only used as a Proxy Server (select two) a. MS IIS b. Apache c. Web Logic d. Web Sphere 5.) Where will you configure for failover of Application Server? a. Configuration Manager b. PSAPPSRV.cfg c. Configuration.properties 6.) When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis is not meet by PeopleSoft then (choose 3) a. Customize PS application b. Buy third party software c. Change policies and procedures to meet the requirement d. Call PeopleSoft Development to submit enhancement request 7.) In which platform does Crystal and NVision work? a. Windows b. Unix c. OS/2 d. AIX

8.) On a particular record, for a field, the prompt table has been changed from NO EDIT to EDIT option. What is the effect of this? a. user can type own values

)Which of the following are parts of an AE program? (choose 3) a. Upgrade assistant b. Function e. Procedure c. Action 14.GBL .)Where would the parameter values for a Process be stored? a. Temporary Table 11.GBL Which one is the component definition? a. Union b. Step d. Outer join c. Application designer c.) Which non key record field accepts null value? a. user can type own values and the default values gets populated from the database 9. c d.PRCSTYPED EFN. Data mover d. State record c. Sub query 10. Binary c. PRCSTYPEDEFN.)You have done some customizations to PeopleSoft objects and wish to move them to the test database. PROCESS_SCHEDULER e.)In the following url http://localhost/Peoplesoft/EMPLOYEE/PSFT_HR/c/PROCESS_SCHEDULER. Which tool would you use? a. Date b. SQR program 13. PSFT_HR c. user can type only prompt table values and the default values gets populated from the database d. Char 12. Run control table b.b. Number d.) How will you get a single ouptut by combining two or more queries a. EMPLOYEE b. Section b. Inner Join d. user can type only prompt table values c.

ORIG_HR_DATE FROM PS_PERSON WHERE EMPLID = 'KA0001' d.)If you want to log into DataMover in Bootstrap mode. Peoplesoft superuser c. Which BEA product is used in peoplesoft?? Tuxedo 20. Conversion of Data. consists of cobol programs (b).GBL 16.PRCSTYPED EFN. SELECT BIRTHDATE. PRCSTYPEDEFN. ORIG_HR_DATE FROM TABLE PS_PERSON WHERE EMPLID = 'KA0001' e. Security Administrator 17. c d. SELECT BIRTHDATE. PROCESS_SCHEDULER e. SELECT BIRTHDATE. PSFT_HR c. Separator 18.Conversion of Data. consists of SQR programs (c). Component c. which of the following is application for UPGConvert? (a).)In the following url http://localhost/Peoplesoft/EMPLOYEE/PSFT_HR/c/PROCESS_SCHEDULER. SELECT BIRTHDATE AND ORIG_HR_DATE FROM PS_PERSON WHERE EMPLID = 'KA0001' . you would login as a.)What are the Menu types available? (choose three) a. Data Mover Superuser d. PeopleCode e. Node b. EMPLOYEE b. orig_hr_date from PeopleSoft PERSON table for ‘KA0001’ = emplid a. SELECT BIRTHDATE. ORIG_HR_DATE FROM PERSON WHERE EMPLID = 'KA0001' c.15. Hyperlink d. ORIG_HR_DATE FROM PS_PERSON WHERE EMPLID = KA0001 b. Select BIRTHDATE.GBL Which one is the portal? a. Database superuser b. Data conversion. constists of AE programs 19.

Idently the business processes that needs to be built additionally 24. PIA is accessed from the Cell phone only if the web browser is internet enabled Regarding one-to-many-relationship a. Agent b File Layout c. You have downloaded an Application fix as a project from the customer connection. Consistency between Peopletools tables and Database tables c. Check whether all tables and related indexes exist in db 27. one or more rows in the first record.csv b).PSRECDEFN what table is this?? Peopletools table . How to address the fit/gap analysis a.htm 29. Orphaned object definitions b. Which is true about PS Internet Architecture? a. b. PIA can be accessed from MAcintosh System. one or more rows in the second record. Every row of the first record can have one & only one row in the first record. To map data elements with the requirement……. You are a PeopleSoft Partner and wish to get information on database performance benchmark.xml d).pdf c). system architecture b. 22. Every row of the second recond can have one & only one row in the first record. DDAAUDIT finds for : (Not sure regarding the answer – please Check) a. Where would you upgrade it? a) Demo b) Production db c) development db d) Application upgrade 26.fixed length f). Every row of the second record can have zero. What are the output formats of the file layout? a). b. PIA can be accessed from browser PC & MAC. d.dhtm e). Msg. Every row of the first record can have zero. Select the components which form the part of Integration Broker a.21. c. implementation plan c.How do u comment Peoplecode statements? a)/* */ b)comments c)<* *> d)// 30. messaging 28. 23. Where would you look for the info? a) Partner Alliance b) Alliance Partner c) PeopleSoft Knowledge Center d) Partner knowledge base 25. CI d app.

Winexec cannot be executed from Application server 35.31.SQL View 4. Informix 40. Local c.Dynamic View 2. Call PS Development Center for Enhancement . Configuration manager is not set properly c. PSPRCSSRV b. Change policies and procedures to meet the requirement – first preference d. Portal servlet c. Oracle b. how many keys are required for dynamic view?? a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3 e)4 32) Where do u write meta-SQL ? 1. Which field accepts NULL values – Date 39. a user is not able to access workforce admn page in Peoplesoft. What are process scheduler servers in the list below a. db2/udb d. Mobile Page e. Buy third party software c. Customize PS application b. Its not possible to logon to PS in 2 tier mode in 8X version b. PSDSTSRV c. Process profile – Run & output location for batch processes 36. Report Node b. When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis does not meet by PeopleSoft then a.Check a. What’s the reason . PeopleSoft support Unicode on the following databases a. Which of the following are PeopleSoft Objects? Not sure – Check a. Application Engine pgm d. File Layout Object 37. When logging on in 2 tier mode. Global b. Access is not granted for the page 38. Scope of variable declaration a. Component 41. Sql server e.Query View 33. db2 OS c. PSAPPSRV d.Derived Work/Record 3. PSAPPOSRV 34.

Where the peoplecode is automatically generated in drag & drop situation? a. file layout c. What are all the things that might come with those patches? a. Which one of the following components is NOT part of the PeopleSoft three-tier architecture? Choice 1 Application server Choice 2 Batch server Choice 3 Web server Choice 4 Client workstation Choice 5 Database server 43. activity. U downloaded some patches. People Code c. file layout e. Steps 44.42. AE. component. which process he will be do? a. component. Roles c. Routings d. Rules b. Upgrade template d. component interface.SQR b. If a Manger want’s to approve all request for employees. component interface 45. Performance tuning could be done on which of the following: (choose four) App Server Batch Server File Server Database Server . activity. AE.Message Catalog 46. Business interlinks. file layout b.

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