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32972910 Torts Magic Notes

32972910 Torts Magic Notes

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Published by: rodeltalladarivera on Aug 19, 2010
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December 10, 1974
Chapter 4-Liabilities Of Parents
Art. 58. Torts. -
Parents and guardians are
responsible for the damage caused by the child
under their parental authority in accordance with
the Civil Code.

Family Code
Art. 218.
The school, its administrators and teachers,
or the individual, entity or institution engaged in child
are shall have special parental authority and
responsibility over the minor child while under their
supervision, instruction or custody.

Authority and responsibility shall apply to all authorized
activities whether inside or outside the premises of the
school, entity or institution. (349a)

Art. 219. Those given the authority and responsibility
under the preceding Article shall be principally and
solidarily liable for damages caused by the acts or
omissions of the unemancipated minor. The parents,
judicial guardians or the persons exercising substitute
parental authority over said minor shall be subsidiarily

The respective liabilities of those referred to in the
preceding paragraph shall not apply if it is proved that
they exercised the proper diligence required under the
particular circumstances.

All other cases not covered by this and the preceding
articles shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil
Code on quasi-delicts. (n)

Art. 221. Parents and other persons exercising parental
authority shall be civilly liable for the injuries and
damages caused by the acts or omissions of their
unemancipated children living in their company and
under their parental authority subject to the appropriate
defenses provided by law. (2180(2)a and (4)a )

Art. 236. Emancipation for any cause shall terminate
parental authority over the person and property of the
child who shall then be qualified and responsible for all
acts of civil life. (412a)

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