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Academy Student-Parent Handbook 2010

Academy Student-Parent Handbook 2010

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Published by: ACS Athens on Aug 30, 2010
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It is the philosophy of ACS Athens that homework is vital for academic success. The objectives of
assigning homework are:
a. To extend the learning beyond the classroom;
b. To nurture the development of good study habits;
c. To encourage the use of independent research skills;
d. To promote student independence, responsibility and self-discipline.



a. To complete assigned work on time and to the best of their ability (presented in a neat,
professional manner);
b. To make up work after every absence;
c. To schedule school and outside activities to allow for successful completion of homework;
d. To do all assigned work themselves.
* Students who do not complete homework assignments on time may lose credit for the
assignment, depending upon classroom rules.
To this end, parents are reminded that, unless participating in a formal co-curricular activity,
students are expected to leave campus promptly at the end of each school day.



The responsibilities of the parents are:
a. To establish with the student a specific agreement concerning an appropriate time and place
to complete homework;
b. To allow little deviation from the mutually established routine;
c. To provide an appropriate physical and psychological climate to complete homework;
d. To monitor but never to do the student’s homework;
e. To ensure that a student always does his/her own work;
f. To initiate communication with the teacher and, if necessary, the counselor, when concerns




a. Homework is assigned regularly and frequently, if not daily. Teachers will distribute
weekly assignment sheets or require students to record weekly assignments in their
b. Homework should complement and/or extend classroom learning;
c. Homework is checked regularly;
d. Homework is counted as a significant part of the term average;
e. Teachers help the students understand the purpose and rationale for assignments,
including their connection to class work;
f. Homework can and should take a variety of forms: writing, reviewing, reading,
studying, long and short-range assignments, projects, research, problem solving, etc.



Academy students should expect to have a minimum of 2-3 hours of homework per night. The
amount of assigned homework, however, will vary from day to day depending on the subject matter,
the ability of the student and the course level (honors, IB, etc.). Students in advanced or honors classes
should expect to spend additional time.


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