I, Willabel Ann Sim Garcia, sole mnly oath that I will not use, support, promote and encourage illegal drugs at all times fro m my 16 years of age onwards. Instead, I will persuade my colleagues to ignore any intention of using it and to convince other generations regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the use of illegal drugs.

In case if this self-contract is broken, I am, then, therefore willing to undergo all the consequences of any explicit and criminal act I am liable of. If necessary, I am also willing to take counseling for the goodness and betterment of me, my environment and my country (men).

This contract, then, certifies my oath, together with the specified witnesses the cogency and validity of the lifetime selfcontract written thereabove effective fro m 09 October 2010.

Nadia Angeles Friend

Neil Jon Herrera Friend

Naonobu Yamazaki Friend

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