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Hampton Comprehensive Waterway Management Plan

Accessible Information Engaged, Informed Participants Authentic Process Timeline

Community Sharing Hampton Community Steering Committee November

Site Specific Experiences Input at Community Briefings
Reports, Documents, Pictures Input at Community Listening Sessions Steering Committee December
Input through
Community Briefings Work on Topic Sub-Committees Community Listening Session January
Rising Sea Levels Comments at Steering Committee Mtgs.
Storm Water Management Community Briefings, Steering Committee January
Water Quality Regulations
Flooding Regulations Steering Committee Steering Committee Jan.- Late Spring
Emergency Response
Waterways Management Topic Sub-Committees Topic Sub-Committees Feb.- March
Shoreline Protection Membership Open to All
Perspectives-State/Fed. Agencies Sub-Committee Reports Late Spring

Dedicated Website City Council Steering Committee Report Late Spring
Community Responses/Meeting Late Spring

Technical Specialists Project Support Personnel Report Revisions Late Spring

City Staff Report to City Council Late Spring