Mixed Flow Reactor

The mixed flow reactor (MFR) also known as continuous stirred-tank reactor (CSTR) is a common ideal reactor type in chemical engineering. A MFR often refers to a model used to estimate the key unit operation variables when using a continuous agitated-tank reactor to reach a specified output. This reactor is works for all fluids, liquids, gases, and slurries which is mixture between solid and liquid. For this system the feed is assumes as a uniform composition throughout the reactor, exit stream has the same composition as in the tank

Advantages of Mixed Flow Reactor Some of advantages of the mixed flow reactor are it relatively cheap and simplicity to construct compare with other reactor such as batch reactor and it also easy in controlling temperature in each stage since each operates in a stationary state. The heat transfer surface for this reactor also can be easily provided. This reactor can be readily adapted for automatic control in general that allowing fast response to changes in operating conditions for examples, feed rate and its concentration. It is also relatively easy to clean and maintain as it is a simple reactor. Mixed flow reactor also have efficient stirring and viscosity that is not too high that good to be used.

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering. Chemical Reaction Engineering. 4th Edition. O.wikipedia. H. the opposite would be true.D. L.S. Disadvantages of Mixed Flow Reactor The most obvious disadvantage in principle stems from the fact that the outlet stream is the same as the contents of the vessel. The reactors also lower in operating cost as using low amount of electrical energy. cA) between inlet and outlet.(1999). this means that a greater volume of reactor is needed to obtain a desired conversion. in which rate of reaction ( rA) decreases as cA decreases. This reactor assumes to be perfectly mixing during the operating. New York: Oxford University Press. page (91-103)  Fogler. This implies that all reaction takes place at the lowest concentration (of reactant A. New Jersey:Prentice Hall. Next. Reactant added to mixture which is rich in product in this reactor will effect the quality and yield. the disadvantage for this reactor is its conversion per unit volume of the reactor is smallest compared to other flow reactors. This reactor also run under continuous operation where contain input and output that under steady-state condition. References Books:  Levenspiel.M. page (148-168)   Smith. The Engineering of Chemical Reaction. New York: Jonh Wiley. By passing and channeling possible this reactors have poor agitation. say. (2005). New York: McGraw Hill Schmidt. As this reactor can be larger in size it can store a lot of heat energy so that have large in heat capacity. For abnormal kinetics. For normal kinetics. J. 3rd Edition. Chemical Reaction Kinetics. (1993).The model behavior can be closely approached in practice to obtain predictable performance. page (38-92) Websites:  http://en. 2nd edition. (2006).org/wiki/Continuous_stirred-tank_reactor . .umich.