(MINOR PROJECT) Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For the award of the Degree of

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Computer Science


January 2010 Sri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology Benad Road Macheda, Jaipur (Raj.)-302013 (Rajasthan Technical University,Kota)



The beatitude, bliss & euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any task would be incomplete without the expression of the appreciation of simple virtues to the people who made it possible. So, reverence, veneration and honors. I acknowledge all those whose guidance and encouragement has made successful in winding up this. I owe a huge debt of thanks to a large number of people without whom none of this would have been possible. I am thankful to MRS. NEERAJ CHOUDHARY FACULTY(CSE) for being our mentor and for valuable suggestions and enthusiastic interest during the entire process of the preparation of Project. Lastly, I extend my heartiest thanks to all those who have contributed in making this project a success.


This is to certify that the project entitled “ONLINE ROOMMATE SEARCH” is the bonafide work carried out by SAURAV GANGULY student of B.Tech (CSE),







ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR, is hereby accepted and approved as a credible work, submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements of Degree of B.Tech. (CSE) from RAJASTHAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, KOTA.

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INTRODUCTION This project is basically deals with search a appropriate Roommate and Paying guest.with addition to the knowledge of client personal information, professional information , its likes and dislikes , habits etc. the client can hide some of the personal details as according to its needs. BRIEF DESCRIPTION In this project we will make an online website which will deal with online searching of appropriate roommate search for paying guest. In minor project we will derive few models with different phases, to describe by different sets of attributes. Some of the page description are:       Client/user Registration/Login Page. Client/user Personal Information with Edit facility Search page Client/user requirements Advertisements of PG‟s and Roommates User request for Pg.

Thus are some basic requirements module, the whole set can be enlarge with including more phases in it. In this project we worked on .NET platform, with C# for coding.




PAGE NO. 30 31-34

Entity relationship diagram Dataflow Diagrams 2.1 0 level DFD 2.2 1-level DFD of Login page 2.3 1-level DFD of Registration page 2.4 1-level DFD of search page


Screenshots 3.1 Homepage 3.2 Search people 3.3 Registration page 3.4 Login page 3.5 About us 3.6 Help 3.7 Contact us



CodingShots 4.1 Master.aspx page 4.2 Master.cs page



3 ) Scope 6.1) Company Profile 3. FEASIBILITY STUDY Introduction To Project 6.5 ) Testing Phase 3. 1. METHODOLOGY USED 3.CONTENTS S. System Design 6 TITLE PAGE NO.1) Objective 6. 8 9-13 14-15 4.Net Framework 4. 6.2) ASP.4) Limitations 7.3) C# 4.1) Microsoft .2) Life Cycle 6. 16-22 23 24-25 26-33 .NET 4. 2.NO.4) Coding Phase 3.3) Development Phase 3.6 ) Implementation Phase 3.4 ) SQL Server 2008 5. Project Title Introduction 2.2 ) Design Phase 3.1) Requirement Analysis Phase 3.7 ) Post Implementation and Maintainence Technology Used 4.

5) Dataflow diagrams. 8 9 10 11 12 SCREENSHOTS TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATIONS MAINTAINENCE CONCLUSION BIBLOGRAPHY 36-44 45-49 50 51 52 7 .2) Steps 7.7.1) Introduction 7.4) Entity Relationship Diagrams 7.3) Database and attributes used 7.


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we tap a virtually unlimited supply of highly skilled programmers and professionals. We ensure that full confidentiality of clients project is maintained while in development as well as after completion of project. Our people put in whatever work is required.NET. ASP. you'll get more for your software & web Development budget. These skills form the foundation of our ability to provide complete enterprise solutions to our clients ranging from legacy system maintenance. Linux. ASP. Our location provides us with a rich pool of talent and low-cost environment for operating. Environments Our areas of expertise include web solutions. Security D ZONE SOFTWARE.Dedication Our programmers are professionals in the truest sense of the word. Ultimately. client-server / distributed computing architectures. we can pass on significant savings to you. The Team Profile 12 . developing Enterprise wide application (EWA). FLASH. Business Process re-engineering. overhead and salaries. whenever needed. When we have your deadlines to meet we ensure the deadline is met. PHP. Reasonable cost India has low operating costs and low-cost labor. Expandability For our clients' proprietary development projects. is very concerned about the project confidentiality. yet India is a world technological superpower. Photoshop and Macromedia Studio MX. to keep our clients happy. Therefore. XML. migration and new application development. We focus on providing complete Resource Planning and Management solutions. We provide solutions on a wide array of platforms such as Windows. web enabling of applications.

flexible communication infrastructure. and shall always remain that way in the future. The team consists of qualified MCA. Industry Certified Engineers. Information Technology has not always been able to address the needs of SME markets. geographical reach.Tech and Post Graduates who share their experience and expertise to make every project a confirmed success. downtime and limited spread of quality IT development centers locally. Analysts and consultants who are well qualified and experienced in their respective fields.. BE. The hurdle being reasons like affordability. The Indian scene had two types of players in networking. B.We have excellent team of skilled and experienced professionals. one owning the media and another owning the system/network integration skills. 13 . Engineers. Enterprise communication needs with interests over large geographic spreads have never been completely addressed by a single connectivity solution. The increasing automation and integration of multifarious applications into the system also necessitates the need of a robust network underpinning so that the organization can reap the benefits fast enough and sustain the edge over its rivals. Our Approach & Strengths One of the prime movers of any business of today is the provisioning of a reliable. scalable.

coding generation and testing. Coding Phase 5. The Design Phase leads to modules those exhibit independent functional characteristics . We have to clearly know about the client‟s requirements and the objectives of the project. DESIGN Software design is a process through which the requirements are translated into a representation of an s/w.it even leads to interfaces that reduce the complexity of the connections between modules and with that external environment. This cycle back or feedback may occur as a result of the failure with the system to meet a performance objective or as a result of changes in redefinition of System activities. The design of the system is in modular form i. DEVELOPMENT The development phase includes choosing of a suitable s/w to solve the particular problem given the various facilities and the sophistication in the selected software gives a better development of the problem. The concept includes not only forward motion but also have the possibility to return that is cycle back to an activity previously completed. 14 .e. Requirement Analysis Phase 2. Post Implementation Phase EXPLANATION OF DIFFERENT STAGES OF WATERFALL MODEL REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS This Phase includes the definition of the problem. the s/w design involves three technical activities: design. The basic WATERFALL MODEL is being used that is its stages. Implementation Phase 7. Design Phase 3. Testing Phase 6. In order to identify the problem: we have to know information about the problem the purpose of the evaluation for the problem to be known.) METHODLOGY USED IN WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT The general methodology in developing a system is involved in different phases which describe the system‟s life cycle model for developing software project.3. These are as follows. One of the software have been analyzed and specified. 1. Development Phase 4. the s/w is logically partitioned into components that perform specific functions and sub functions. Like most systems the life cycle of the computer based system also exhibits distinct phases. The design phase is for main importance because in this activity decisions ultimately affects the success of software implementation and maintains.

Which can be executed by a computer and which performs the computation specified by the design? TESTING Testing is done in various ways such as testing the algorithm.CODING The coding phase is for retranslating the design of the system produced during the design phase into code in a given programming language. sample data debugging is one. IMPLEMENTATION After testing is over project is implemented by providing training to the users and providing manuals so that they can be refreshed as and when needed POST IMPLEMENTATION If any problem occurs after the implemented they are removed from time to time so that so that the users can work on the prepared system easily finally a satisfied user when all things are almost right 15 . programming code.

PRINCIPAL DESIGN FEATURES INTEROPERABILITY: Because interaction between new and older applications is commonly required. this runtime environment is known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Programs written for the . numeric algorithms. The framework's Base Class Library provides a large range of features including user interface. The CLR also provides other important services such as security. who combine it with their own code to produce applications. COMMON RUNTIME ENGINE: 16 . memory management. The class library and the CLR together constitute the . the .NET FRAMEWORK 3. and Windows 7. web application development. The class library is used by programmers.NET Framework.4. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. The CLR provides the appearance of an application virtual machine so that programmers need not consider the capabilities of the specific CPU that will execute the program. access to other functionality is provided using the P/Invoke feature.Runtime.NET Framework execute in a software environment that manages the program's runtime requirements.NET Framework provides means to access functionality that is implemented in programs that execute outside the . dataaccess. and network communications. databaseconnectivity. and exception handling.NET Framework is a Microsoft offering and is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform.InteropServices and System.NET Framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.EnterpriseServices namespaces of the framework.0 The Microsoft . Version 3. Access to COM components is provided in the System. Windows Vista.NET environment.0 of the . The .NET Framework is included with Windows Server 2008.cryptography. MICROSOFT . Also part of the .NET Framework.

BASE CLASS LIBRARY The Base Class Library (BCL). such as buffer overflows. All .NET framework. The BCL provides classes which encapsulate a number of common functions.NET Framework.NET. and exception handling. The CTS specification defines all possible data types and programming constructs supported by the CLR and how they may or may not interact with each other. This is discussed in more detail in Microsoft . One of the most EYECATCHING things about the ASP. Jscript. SIMPLIFIED DEVELOPMENT The . It also comes with a great set of reusable.NET provides a common security model for all applications. security.NET Languages. such as C#. ASP.NET is the way you can use any programming language based on the . is a library of functionality available to all languages using the . including file reading and writing.NET or VB. The .NET to create your web application. 17 . Microsoft has introduced ASP.The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the virtual machine component of the .NET Framework introduces a Common Type System. SECURITY The design is meant to address some of the vulnerabilities.NET projects. ASP.NET languages. that have been exploited by malicious software.NET framework.NET version of ASP is ASP. graphic rendering.NET Framework supports the exchange of instances of types between programs written in any of the . . LANGUAGE INDEPENDENCE: The .NET is a programming framework used to create Enterprise class of efficient information management.NET programs execute under the supervision of the CLR. These reduce the amount the code you have to write. Because of this feature. so you can be more productive while programming. guaranteeing certain properties and behaviours in the areas of memory management. Additionally.NET framework includes design features and tools that help manage the installation of computer software to ensure that it does not interfere with previously installed software. and that it conforms to security requirements. predefined and ready to use control for your ASP.NET allows you to build dynamic web pages and tailors the HTML output to whatever browser you are using. part of the Framework Class Library (FCL).NET To create dynamic web pages by using server side scripts. or CTS. AS. the . database interaction and XML document manipulation.

an architecture was needed that would allow the development of a Web application in structured and consisted way. As the web consists of many different technologies. Therefore. As a result. However.NET? Since 1995. Microsoft introduced ASP ( Active Server Pages) in November 1996.WHY ASP. Also. the number of lines f source code in ASP applications increase the dramatically and was hard to maintain. as applications grew bigger in the size and became more complex. software integration for web development was complicated and required to understand many different technologies. 18 . ASP offered the efficiency of ISAPI applications along with the new level of simplicity that made it easy to understandable and use. ASP script was an interpreted script and consisted unstructured code and was difficult to debug and maintain. Microsoft has been constantly working to shift its focus from Window based platforms to the INTERNET.


which is the web Server for the Window Platform.NET application by using the tools integrated with the Microsoft. After creation of an ASP. 4.THE ARCHITECTURE OF ASP.NET application the ASP.NET framework (2.NET files to the ASP. 2 . The web Server. A web browser sends a request for an ASP.NET Script Engine for processing. the results are sent to the web Browser that requested the ASP. 20 . IIS.NET Script Engine reads the files from top to Bottom and executes any Server side Script it encounters. Finally.0). STEPS ARE : 1.NET files need to be stored on as IIS Server.NET file.NET APPLICATION WORKING ON ASP. The ASP.NET APPLICATION We create an ASP. The Web Server forward the ASP.NET file from the disk or Memory. receives the request and retrieves the appropriate ASP. 3. An IIS Server process the ASP.NET file to a Web Server by using Uniform Resource Locator (URL).NET files from top to bottom and then executes the Script.

internet explorer.NET file is generated as an HTML document. Security 21 .5 . Enriched Tool Support 3. Simplicity 5. Web Server (IIS) 3.NET Web pages. Complied code 2. These steps are also expressed by 3-Tier client Server Architecture.NET file from the user who access an ASP. As a result it helps to hide the code of ASP. The processed ASP. The Web Server then sends the HTML page to the client. Web Browser (Netscape navigator. A web server generates and sends only the HTML-OUTPUT to the client. and the ASP.NET Script Engine sends the HTML page to the Web Server. The web Browser interprets the output and displays it. This architecture consists of these three components: 1.) 2.etc. Database Server. 7. Manageability 6. Power and flexibility 4. 6 .NET SERVER 1. The basic description of how this architecture works is as described below in the diagram: CLIENT WEB BROWSER WEB SERVER IIS APPLICATION SERVER DATABASE SERVER FEATURES OF ASP.

developer can quickly implement applications and component‟s code is managed by CLR. end-to-end data solution that empowers people by providing a more secure. audio. The SQL Server data platform includes the following tools:  Relational Database  Replication Services  Notification Services  Integration Services  Analysis Services  Reporting Services  Management Tools  Development Tools  Increase Productivity 22 . SQL Server 2008 also includes support for structured and semi-structured data.NET platform.NET framework. With the help of C# language.NET platform. SQL server 2008 is the eighth SQL Server release making a featurerich. reliable and productive platform for enterprise data applications. mature and stable platform? SQL Server is a comprehensive.NET projects  Creating web controls  Providing Web services MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is a relational database system that is scalable from single user database running on a single user system such as Laptop to enterprise-wide networks and global dotcom websites. It can be used for a variety of applications that are supported by the . integrated. the new development platform of Microsoft for building Component based Software Solutions. It has been designed to support the KEY feature of .C# (C SHARP) : C# is fully Object Oriented Language like JAVA. It becomes linear and safer.  Console Applications  Window Applications  Developing Windows controls  Developing ASP. including digital media formats for pictures. APPLICATIONS OF C# C# is a new language developed exclusively to suit the feature of . and it is first component oriented language. video and other multimedia data.

It‟s software and hardware cost is also low then the existing system. Our system has a lot of features at a minimum cost so it is feasible to implement and it will be very much beneficial to the sellers in the reduced cost. There are 3 types of the feasibilities which are discussed here. The user can easily learn to use the system from the user manual. We can test our system by different type of the feasibilities. The cost of hardware and software for class of application being considered. ability to meet user needs and effective use of the resources. Economical Feasibility In this we consider following costs: 1.5)FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility Study is a test of the system according to its workability. The benefit in the form of the reduced cost. 3. Since the system is partially manual and partially computerized. Therefore maintaining both the resource become easy and feasible as compared to a fully manual system which it was previously or a fully computerized system. as the software required for developing it and the software and hardware required for using it are easily available. 2. These are as follows: Technical Feasibility The proposed system is technically feasible. The cost to conduct a full system investigation. impact of the organization. Operationally Feasibility The proposed system is operationally feasible because it requires minimal knowledge of working with computer for using it. 23 .

INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE Project Initiation and Planning Requirement Analysis System Designing Coding Testing Implementation Maintenance Project Delivery 24 .6).

 Online Help: One needs to provide online help to various users so that all the features of the software can be properly understood by the user  Backup: The software requires the periodical backup. more resources such as Hard Disk etc. 25 . gmail.PROJECT OBJECTIVE  To get practical knowledge for preparation of websites in ASP. people have transcended physical boundaries to look for study and work options in places they haven‟t visited before.com eliminate such problems by displaying criteriaspecific results. Roomate services like RoommateWire. The advent of the net has made this possible. system manuals etc.com offer a private mailbox and use a highly advanced search algorithm to make the search a lot more effective. Since these websites offer roomate services regardless of the place. With comprehensive search options. it is essential that one identifies personal requirements. With the world getting flatter by the day. Before looking for a roomate. this site makes sure that only results that meet your specific requirements are displayed. Roomate services such as RoommateWire. PROJECT SCOPE Roomate services are in high demand these days.  To do the publicity by transfer the contacts via RSS feed by mail portal such as yahoo.  To reduce the work efficiency to find appropriate roommate or paying guest. This helps you evaluate your options better. Sites like RoommateWire. the time and effort taken to look for roomates is significantly reduced.  To do more publicity by RSS feed.com offer a marketplace where you can search for potential roomates and also post a roomate requirement ad. The last thing you want is to end up with an inconsiderate roomate who finds it almost impossible to get along with you. which is time consuming. Roomate services on the internet offer different tools and features to make the search experience highly rewarding. In doing so. one is today wellequipped to deal with them. It needs time. preferences and other such criteria for roomate selection. one finds it very convenient to search for roomates in any part of the world. with people finding it increasingly easy to relocate to a new apartment and find a suitable roomate in no time at all. requires human labor. human labor and are subject to change drastically as the technology changes . facebook etc. PROJECT LIMITATION  Cost: It is costly as one needs to satisfy software and hardware requirements  Documentation: It is time consuming and requires expertise in creating good documentation from view point of top administrators users  Manuals: Various manuals are to be prepared such as user manuals. Although a new place throws up its unique challenges.NET environment.

Steps of Design Process  Logical design (DFD) In the DFD. avoid any harmful or unnecessary redundancy. The design of the proposed system has gone through logical and physical design with emphasis on the following:    Preparing input/output specifications. It specifies the user need at a level of detail that virtually determines the information flow into and out of the system and the required data resources. but at the same time.7).  Database Design The Database (collection of data) is at the core of any information system.  Program Design In conjunction with database design is a decision on the programming language to be used and the flowcharting.Net is used as server side scripting while JavaScript and HTML are used as client side scripting. A key is to determine how the access paths are to be implemented. which are supported by the browsers like Internet Explorer. Visual Web Developer 2008 is used for coding. A physical path is derived from the logical path. outputs (destination). Preparing a logical design walkthrough before implementation.SYSTEM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Introduction System Design is a transition from a user-oriented document to a document oriented to programmers or database personnel. ASP. In this application. which may be required by the users of the system. 26 . the inputs (source). The nature of data stored in the database as well as the organization of the data has wide implications on the performance of the system. one-to-many. Preparing security and control specification. Specifying the implementation plan. A good database design should hold all the data. It translates the system requirement into ways of operating them and focuses on the detail implementation of the system. many-to-many are considered while designing the database. The relationships existing among the entities like one-to-one.  Physical design (Database design) This activity deals with the design of the physical database. coding and debugging procedure prior to conversion. Databases (data stores). procedures (Data Flow) and boundaries of the system are described that needs the user requirement. The database should also be flexible so that any future change in requirements can be incorporated with minimum changes. Relational structured database is used in this system.

The data in Online Roommate Site is organized in the form of 2-D relational tables. 3. The designer will have to advise the techniques of sorting and retrieving data from these files. It should serve as “Objective Evidence” that the designers and/or implementers are following through on their commitment to implement the functionality described in their requirements specifications. Different tables have been created for different type of information. retrieval and storage of data. validated and corrected. The system uses database. 2. 27 . Design Consideration General Constraints 1. some of the tables used are almost static in nature and are already available with the standard data for the selection of the parameter values.e. These data will generally be stored in files or databases in logical manner. The rules of normalization have also been applied while designing the tables. Since the system requirement is manipulation of data. Manual intervention cannot be fully avoided. The performance of the software shall also depend on the hardware configuration at the implementation sites. which is described as follows. Organization of data into tables allows easy categorization. Design Constraints It is imperative that the RAM and storage requirements are met. the authentication and acceptance of responsibilities of the data entered still rests with the RR section In-charge. The server machines must have minimum 256 MB RAM and 20 GB Hard disk. for both input and output. Once the input data is captured in the system. Detailed Design Specification Complete design specification serves the following purposes: It should be able to adequately serve as training material fir new project members. One of the major constraints is also the heavy volume of data to be entered for creation of Master database. The client machines must have minimum 128 MB RAM and 8 GB Hard disk. Although the software will take care of many aspects. Other tables are used with bi-directional role of data i. these may have to be preserved either for a short or long period. Online mutations and progress reporting cannot begin till the entire database is initially created. imparting them enough information and understanding about the project implementation.

The discussion provided covers the following software component attributes:  Purpose  Input  Processing  Output  Validation Checks  Implied Requirements DATABASE AND ATTRIBUTES USED REGISTRATION PAGE FIELD NAME Id(P.Detailed System Design Each subsection of this section will refer to or contain a detailed description of a system software component.K.) userid password Password confirm Name Email address Other detail country state TYPE Int Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) REMARKS Auto generate no. User id of user password of User Confirmation of user Name of user Email address of user Detail explaination of user Country of user State of User 28 .

LOGIN PAGE userid password Varchar(50) Varchar(50) User id of user password of User SEARCH userid country Varchar(50) Varchar(50) User id of user Country of user 29 .

Entity Relationship Diagram id E Mail Password User fgbvb Registr ation Password confirm User State Name Country Other detail User Login User fgbvb Name E Mail Password E Mail Search people City People Country State 30 .

0-LEVEL DFD of website Starting Database Login Home Registra tion search 31 .

1-LEVEL DFD of login page Master page User id Login form Password Central Database 32 .

1-LEVEL DFD of Registration page Master pages User id Password Password confirm Name Email Country State City Central database 33 .

1-LEVEL DFD of Search page Master pages Search User -id Country State City 34 Central database .

35 .

36 .8)SCREEN SHOTS HOME PAGE Its a homepage of website in which we use the master page for maintain the uniqueness in project. With our easy roommate finder system. find rooms or roommates that fit your needs. Looking for roommate? Search all of the US for roommate with the best rooms absolutely free.

SEARCH PEOPLE This page is used to search the appropriate roommate according to its desired needs and provide Best accommodation according to the user „s budget. 37 .

REGISTRATION PAGE This is the registration page where user can register its detail to the database of the website at the backend. 38 .

USER LOGIN PAGE This is user login page where user can login into its account by entering its userid And password. 39 .

40 .ABOUT US Detail about the webite .how it is helpful to the user for finding best roommate.

HELP In this page of the website user can enter its query and can submit to us by which in maintenance phase we can remove the problem of the user according to its needs. 41 .

CONTACT US In this page we have given the contact details of us so that user can directly contact us for further assistance. 42 .



 The Pareto principle applies to software testing. As testing progresses 45 .  Test case should be planned long before testing begins. If the errors are uncovered they are debugged and corrected. but debugging must be accommodated in the testing strate GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Our Objective is to design test processes that systematically uncover different classes of errors and do so with minimum amount of time and effort Testing Principles The basic principles that guide software testing are:  All test cases should be traceable top customer requirements. The program of course is to isolate these suspect modules and to thoroughly test them. The first test planned and executed generally focus on the individual modules.  Different testing techniques are appropriate at different points of time. Stated simply the Pareto principle implies that 80% of all errors uncovered during testing will likely to be traceable to 20% of all program modules.9)TESTING AND IMPELMENTATIONS What is testing? Software testing is a critical element of the ultimate review of specification design and coding. A strategy approach to software testing has the generic characteristics:  Testing begins at the module level and works “outwards” towards the integration of the entire computer based system. Testing plan can begin as soon as the requirement model is complete.  Testing and debugging are different activities. Detailed definition of the test cases can begin as soon as the design is solidified.  Testing should begin “in the small” and progress towards “in the large”. Testing of software leads to the uncovering of errors in the software functional and performance requirements are met. Therefore the entire test can be planned before any code has been generated. The most severe defects from the customer‟s point of view are those that cause the program to fail to meet its requirements. The result of different phases of testing are evaluated and then compared with the expected results. Testing also provides a good indication of software reliability and software quality as a whole.

46 . For this reason it is impossible to execute every combination of path during testing. The number of paths permutations for even a moderately sized program is exceptionally large.testing shifts focus in an attempt to find errors in integrating clusters of modules and ultimately in the entire system. The third party has the highest probability of finding the errors. It is possible however to ensure that all conditions in the procedural design have been exercised  To be most effective an independent third party should conduct testing.  Exhaustive testing is not possible.

1. New Test Case Existing Test Case Software Under Testing Output Comparator Result of Testing Following types of testing are done on the System.  Stress Test: A lot of test files were made to work at the same time in order to check how much workloads can the unit bear. 47 . prints verification of entry and returns. it has to have passed through a test cases suit. Unit Testing The module interface is tested to ensure that information properly flows into and out of the program unit under test. Approaches used for Unit Testing were:  Functional Test: Each part of the code was tested individually and the panels were tested individually on all platforms to see if they are working properly. there is existing test cases which checks for the previous functionality.  Performance Test: These determined the amount of execution time spent on various parts of units and the resulting throughput. response time given by the module. Because modules are not a standalone program. A stub may do minimal data manipulation. The unit testing is normally considered as an adjunct step to coding step. A stub serves to replace the modules that are subordinate to the modules to be tested. drivers and/or stubs software must be developed for each unit. A driver is nothing more than a “main program” that accepts test cases data and passes it to the module. New test cases are prepared and added to this existing test suit to check for the added functionality. A pictorial representation of this can be shown as follows. so that the required functionality is met and previous functionality of the system is also not broken to do this.Test Case Before the project is released.

and then work towards the correction of errors in the interactive fashion. modules at the lowest level of the program structure. Debugging Debugging occurs as a consequence of successful testing i. Beta test is conducted at one or more customer site by software end user.2.e.  Alpha Beta testing: Alpha test is conducted by developer‟s site by customer. This process will always have one of the two outcomes:  The cause will be found. It covers the following: Validation test criteria: Performance. corrected and then removed or  The cause will not be found. beginning with main control module are incorporated into the structure in either a depth first or breadth first manner. when a test case uncovers an error. Because modules are integrated from the bottom up. The poorly understood mental process that connects a symptom to cause is debugging.e. functional characteristics and uncovered deviation from specification. This can be done in two ways:  Top down integration: Modules are integrated by moving downwards through the control hierarchy.  Configuration review: Ensures that all the elements of software configuration have been properly developed cataloged and have support for the maintenance phase of software life cycle. debugging is the process that results in the removal of error.  Bottom up integration: It begins with construction and testing with atomic modules i. 3. In the latter case the person performing debugging may suspect a cause. they should work when we put them together.” The problem of course is “putting them together “. 48 . Integration Testing “If they all work individually. Validation Testing Validation succeeds when software functions in a manner that can be reasonably expected by the customer. design a test case to help validate his suspicion. processing required for the modules subordinate to a given level is always available and the need of stubs is eliminated.

We value your opinion and want to know what we are doing right. what we could do better and what areas you would like to see in this software and any other words of wisdom you are willing to pass our way. 49 .Scope of Future Enhancements  Extra menu options can be added according to requirement. you are our most important critic and commentator. We please people to let us know the bugs and enhancement required. There can be even some bugs. which we could not have covered. As you are the user of this Software.  Shortcut keys to menu option can be added. We will be highly obliged by the people who have made suggestion and helped us to know the uncovered bugs in the software.  Help option can be added.

Adaptive Maintenance It includes modifying the software to match changes in the ever-changing environment. Perfective Maintenance It means improving processing efficiency or performances. business rules.  Account for ripple effect: If any change is made to any part of the system. Process The process of maintenance for given software can be divided into four stages as follows:  Program understanding: It consists of analyzing the program in order to understand it. Environment refers to the totality of all conditions and influences which act from outside upon the software. The primary feature affecting the ripple effect is stability. there is a kind of ripple effect from the location of modification to the other parts of the software. coding errors. Thus. The ease of understanding the program is primarily affected by complexity and documentation of the program. 50 . work patterns and software/hardware operating platforms. data processing errors and system performance errors.g. Defects can result from design errors.  Modified program testing: The modified program is to be tested again and again to check that the software has enhanced and reliability is validated. it may affect the other parts also. government policies.10)MAINTAINENCE Categories Corrective Maintenance It means modifications made to the software to correct the defects. logic errors. E. or restructuring the software to improve changeability.  Generate particular maintenance proposal: The ease of generating the maintenance proposal is primarily affected by extensibility of the program.

Report generation in PDF as well as in Microsoft word. Menu driven: It has been designed with Visual Studio as front end. The following objectives have been achieved with the development of billing software: Generalized and comprehensive software package: It is user friendly. To avoid maintenance of registers such as new entry. by doing that. Finally. these main modules are combined with the overall project. inputs. easy to use. retrieval of information is fast. Stored information has been indexed. other problems could arise. Inevitably. Sub-modules are designed and integrated with main module. thus. For better management of receipt and revenue resources. outputs. No software package can meet all requirements of a given RR section. All the predefined project objectives have been achieved with development of billing software such as: To automate the Work order sheet activity of all the customers for various services. bill payments. which serves as one of the best software for creation of forms. flexible. This menu-driven approach adds value to the software. bill generation. Modularized approach: It has been developed using modular approach. It will be used as management tool for various activities in the Clear Edge Filtration. has good documentation Integrated with multi-user capability: It serves large user community. modification etc. Supporting utility: It provides continuous support to users. some compromises will be needed in workflows. Various software guides and directories have been attached with the software. All input/output screens have been put in their corresponding menus and submenus. For use of various modules based on customer details. The functions that will be covered by this software are maintaining user details. report formats. is compatible. Reviews are being conducted periodically. More precisely it will be used to automate various functions in any Clear Edge Filtration branch in whole world. thus. Customization takes lots of time.11)Conclusion This software will be used for “SEARCH OF APPROPRIATE ROOMMATE”. 51 . can be upgraded as per the requirements. eliminating bypass of even a minor requirement of user.

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