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2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action d/t insufficient knowledge

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact required

S>”Ø The problem Short Term: •Assessed • To have • Home visits • Health Short Term:
of is due to its: After 2 hours condition of baseline data teachings The family was able
O>Presence of of nursing the house to plan the • Interview to demonstrate
open area inside > Inability to interventions, and level of appropriate Method • Time understanding of the
their house provide a the family will knowledge interventions and effort of health teachings
home be able to to be done. • Observation the student with regards to the
> Presence of environment demonstrate in possible causes and
cockroaches which is understanding •Discussed • Knowing the discussing effects of the
was seen on the conducive to of the health the possible causes of the health presence of these
kitchen area. health teachings with sources of problem teachings vectors.
maintenance regards to the the presence serves as one and
> Presence of and personal possible of rodents, way to assisting the
mosquitoes on development causes and insects and manage it. mother in
the bedroom effects of the mosquitoes. cleaning the
> Inability To presence of house.
> Leftover foods recognize these vectors. •Explained to • To increase
were stored in the possible the family all their • Cooper
an open can diseases that the possible awareness ation of the
which is just could be Long Term: harmful regarding the family. Long Term:
near the vicinity acquired After 3 weeks effects that presence of The family was able
of their house. through the of home visits, these vectors the breeding • use of to show behavior
presence of the family will can cause to sites so as to broom and and compliance on
rodents, be able to the health of persuade dustpan measures on how to
insects or show behavior the entire them in doing maintain a clean
> stagnant and mosquitoes and family. actions that environment in order
uncovered compliance on would avoid to eradicate
drainage system > Inability to measures on them from breeding sites of
produce how to acquiring mosquitoes, flies
sufficient maintain a diseases. and rodents.
financial clean
means to environment •Assisted the • To provide
replace the in order to family in initial action
damaged area eradicate cleaning the necessary for
of the house. breeding sites house, the prevention
of mosquitoes, removing the of diseases
> Lack of flies and spoiled foods that might
willingness to rodents. and arise by
do an action providing a increasing the
due to the fact cover on family’s
that they don’t each trash awareness
own the can so as to through
house. Thus avoid nurses’
leaving the breeding initiative.
problem to the places for
owners. these
> Owner’s
lack of •Encouraged • To prevent
awareness maintaining vectors to
that the cleanliness breed
problem may by regular
cause harm to cleaning of
his/her the
boarders. surrounding
area of their



2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to promote proper hygiene care to risk members of the family d/t lack of knowledge
Cues Analysis Objectives Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation
contact Required

S> ∅ Poor hygienic Short Term: • Established • To gain • Home • Time Short Term:
care is After 3 hours good working familiarity and Visits and effort of The family was
O> Upon the contributed by of nursing and to establish a the student able to
assessment the family’s interventions therapeutic good working • Interview nurses to demonstrate
made, it was Inability to the family will communicatio relationship Method render understanding on
observed that the provide a demonstrate n among the with the family. proper the health
family members home understanding members of • Obser hygienic teachings given
have dirty and environment on the health the family. vation care and regarding the
untrimmed conducive to teachings practices to importance of
fingernails and health given • Stressed the • In order to the family. maintaining proper
toenails. maintenance regarding the importance of motivate them personal hygiene.
and personal importance of maintaining to improve their • Cooper
>The children development maintaining proper hygiene. ation of the
have dirty due to lack of proper personal family
clothes. adequate personal hygiene. members
knowledge hygiene. especially
> Children have and skills in • Encouraged • To provide the mother.
yellowish teeth, carrying out Long Term: the children comfort and
with dental caries action for After 3 weeks to take a bath soothing feeling • Use of Long Term:
proper of Home visits everyday in which promotes water, soap, The family was
> Children is hygiene the family will the morning proper blood cotton buds, able to show
always seen regimen. be able to and before circulation; slippers, compliance on the
walking without show going to cleansing the powder, nail health teachings
any footwear compliance on sleep body helps cutter, clean given.
inside and the health removes dirt clothes,
outside the teachings from skin thus towel basin,
house. given. protecting them and
from invading toothbrush.
• To keep free bag
• Advised the from
family to microorganisms
change their causing body
clothing odor due to
regularly, excessive
every after perspiration
bath or when and unchanged
the need clothes. It is
excessive also to prevent
sweating in complications
playing or like pneumonia.
• Having
• Instructed the untrimmed
family to trim finger and toe
their finger nails carries a
and toe nails higher risk of
regularly. developing
Having dirty
nails may lead
to parasitism.

• When food
• Instructed the sticks longer on
family to the teeth,
brush their dental problems
teeth may occur such
regularly, as the build up
three times a of tartar, dental
day is caries, and
recommende halitosis, etc.
d after eating
their meals.
• To prevent
• Emphasized cross-
the contamination
importance of of
proper hand microorganisms
- before
- after eating
- after
- after bowel
and bladder
• Wearing foot
• Stressed the wears reduces
importance of the risk of being
wearing contaminated
footwear in with certain
and out of the microorganisms
house. . It reduces the
risk of possible
accident like
stepping on
sharp objects.
1st LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Health Threat
2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to provide a home environment conducive to health maintenance

Cues Analysis Objectives Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S: Ø Inability to Short-term: >establish rapport >to gain the trust Home visits Family Short-term:
provide a After 2 hours and cooperation resources: The family
O:>candy home of nursing of the family Observation was able to
wrappers, environment intervention, the >initiative, verbalize
soiled conducive family will >discuss >Determined time and full understanding
plastic to health verbalize importance of products which participation of the actual
bags are maintenanc understanding waste can be recycled of family condition that
present e due to: of the actual segregation and utilize by the members in exist within the
and >failure to condition that family members applying the family and
scattered comprehend exist within the like empty bottles segregation know how of
inside the the nature family and know and newspapers system the proper
house of the how of the which can be sold >garbage disposal
problem proper disposal or organic waste cans and techniques with
>absence >lack of techniques with material as sacks the
of garbage knowledge the fertilizer consequences
containers, on the consequences Student- of disregarding
inside and consequenc of disregarding >explain the >facilitates the nurse it.
outside the es of poor it. effects of untidy importance of resources:
house environment environment to a proper garbage Long-term:
al sanitation Long-term: healthy living disposal system >knowledge The family
in one’s After 3 weeks , skills and was able to
health of home visits, >encourage the >maximizing the proper demonstrate
the family will family to utilize community/family’ attitude in the use and
demonstrate resources like s resources while discussing maintenance of
the use and empty rice sacks minimizing the the nature a clean
maintenance of or cans as cost of of the environment
a clean garbage purchasing problem. and proper
environment containers, garbage garbage
and proper making sure that containers disposal
garbage they are left system in
disposal system covered. compliance
in compliance with the health
with the health >point out the >to make the teachings
teachings result of piles of family members provided.
provided. garbage settled realized the
along the river to consequences of
the health of the irresponsible
people by using throwing of
water on the river, garbage to the
adding up to air, riverside which
land and water serves s breeding
pollution. sites of rodents,
increasing the
possibility of
infection or other


2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action due to lack of adequate

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S> Inability to Short-term: • Established • To gain Home visits. •Knowledge Short-term:
“Sinisipon make After 3 hours of therapeutic familiarity and to and skills of The family was
at inuubo decisions with nursing relationship with establish a Interview the student able to
sila” respect to interventions in the family. good working method nurses. demonstrate
verbalized taking one home visit, relationship with understanding
by Cuttma appropriate the family will the family. Observation •Therapeutic on the health
health action be able to Communicatio teachings given
O> due to: demonstrate • Made a thorough • To determine n Skills. regarding on the
>Cuttwana understanding assessment of a whether the nature,
has a. Lack of on the health family member current status of •Health causative
productive adequate teachings given with cough and the condition is teachings factors and
cough and knowledge as regarding on colds. already rendered. proper
colds to alternative the nature, progressing or management
courses of causative not. •Participation and prevention
> Cuttu has action open to factors and and of cough and
colds and them proper • To have a colds.
• Monitored and cooperation of
productive management baseline data. the family
recorded vital
cough with b. Failure to and prevention members with
rales on comprehend of cough and the student
both lower the nature or colds. • This procedure nurse.
lobe of the scope of • Auscultated the
lungs for the may indicate
lungs upon problem. presence of •Time and effort
auscultation Long-term: presence of Long-term:
adventitious mucus plug or of the student
Lack of ability After 5 days of airway nurses and the The family was
> Cuttri, to provide a home visit, the breath sounds to show
such as rales and obstruction. family
Cuttfour and home family will be members. compliance on
Cuttfive environment able to show wheezes. the
have colds. which is compliance on • These management
• Instructed and •PHN bag
conducive to the teached the techniques help given, practice
health and management family proper mobilize the ways in
maintenance given, practice coughing and secretions thus preventing
to personal ways in deep breathing keeping the cough and colds
development preventing techniques. airway clear. and maintaining
due to cough and clear airway
colds and • Instructed the • Increased fluid such as
a. Inadequate maintaining family to provide intake liquefies instructing the
knowledge of clear airway an increase fluid and loosens mother to
preventive such as intake secretions thus provide children
measures. instructing the making it easier increase fluid
mother to to expectorate intake, take of
provide children so as to clear Vitamin C,
increase fluid secretions from adequate rest
intake, take of the bronchial and instructing
Vitamin C, tubes. the mother to
adequate rest keep her
and instructing children back
the mother to dry.
keep her • Instructed the • To boost the
children back family to provide immune system,
dry. an increase keep up the
intake of Vitamin body resistance
C, which is rich in against harmful
citrus fruits and pathogens and
orange juice; also for faster
to provide recuperation.
adequate rest

• Instructed the • To prevent

family to keep the complications.
back dry.

• Provided health • To promote

teachings which healthy living.
is to emphasize
the importance of
having proper
personal hygiene

• Instructed and • To prevent

demonstrated to cross
the family the contamination.
proper way of
hand washing.

• Instructed the • Covering your

sick member of mouth when
the family to coughing and
cover the mouth sneezing is one
when coughing way to reduce
and immediately the risk of
sneeze out spreading
retained contamination.
secretions in the The purpose of
nose. immediately
sneezing out
would decrease
the risk of
potential areas
to be contained

• Advised the • Herbal

family to use medicines, such
herbal medicines as Lagundi and
that could Yerba Buena
alleviate the are advocated
illness. by the
Department of
Health. These
herbal plants
have its active
which could
alleviate the
cough and

• Advised the • In order to have

mother to avail the therapeutic
services/ treatment that
medicine in the shall address
health center. the problem of
the family.


1st LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Health Deficit
2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to provide adequate nursing care to the sick

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S> Ø Inability to Short-term: 1. Established 1. To gain 1. Home visits. 1. Time and Short-term:
provide After 4 hours of rapport with the familiarity and to effort of the The family was
O>The second adequate nursing family. establish a good 2. Interview student nurses able to
child has a nursing care to interventions in working method. and the family verbalize
temperature of the sick due to: one home visit, relationship with members. understanding
38C, flushed the family will the family. 3. Observation on the health
skin, warm to >ignorance of be able to 2. Participation teachings
touch facts about the verbalize and given
nature and understanding 2. Made a 2. To determine
cooperation of regarding the
>The third child extent of on the health thorough the current
also has a nursing care teachings given assessment of status of the
the family management
temperature of needed regarding the the family condition, if it is members with of fever and
38.3C, flushed management of members with already the student ARI and
skin warm to >Lack of fever and ARI fever, cough progressing or nurse. effectively
touch knowledge and and effectively and colds. not. demonstrate
skills in carrying demonstrate 3. Pencil and such actions
out the such actions 3. Monitored 3. To have a paper (for afterwards.
necessary care. afterwards. and recorded baseline data. illustration
vital signs. purposes). Long-term:
Long-term: The family was
After 2 days of 4. Instructed 4. Tepid-sponge
4. Therapeutic able to show
home visit, the and bath is one
family will be demonstrated to intervention that
Communicatio compliance on
able to show the family the promotes heat n Skills. the
compliance on proper way of loss through the management
the doing tepid- process of 5. PHN bag. given
management sponge bath. convection. regarding the
given regarding prevention of
the prevention 5. Instructed the 5. Activities may ARI and the
of ARI and the family to take worsen absence of
absence of ample rest condition. It may fever on the
fever on the periods and increase the members of
members of the sleep. hypermetabolic
the family.
family. state of the
body that would
in turn increase
the body’s core

6. Instruct the 6. To promote

family to adequate
increase fluid hydration and
intake. loosen out

7. Instruct and 7. Steam

demonstrate to inhalation aids
the family the in loosening
proper way of retained
doing chest secretions in the
tappings, back tracheobronchia
rubs and steam l tree. Chest
inhalation. tappings and
back rubs help
in mobilizing

8. Instruct the 8. To increase

family to have resistance.
an increase
intake of
Vitamin C,
which is rich in
citrus fruits and
orange juice.

9.Instruct the 9. To prevent

family to keep complications.
the back dry.

10. Provide 10. To promote

health teachings healthy living.
on the
importance of
having proper

11. Instruct and 11. To prevent

demonstrate to cross
the family the contamination.
proper way of
hand washing.

12. Instruct the 12. Covering

sick members of the mouth when
the family to coughing
cover the mouth reduces the risk
when coughing of spreading
and immediately contamination.
sneeze out Immediately
retained sneezing out
secretions in the retained
nose. secretions
would decrease
the risk of
potential areas
to be contained.

13. Instruct the 13. Herbal

family about the medicines, such
herbal as Lagundi is
medicines that advocated by
could alleviate the Department
the illness. of Health in
alleviating such.
would include:
for lagundi: boil
raw fruits or
leaves in 2
glasses of water
for 15 minutes,
until one glass
of gluid is left
Chop the leaves
and strain. Drink
the glassful of



2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to recognize the presence of problem due to lack of knowledge

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S>∅ Inability to Short Term: • Provided • Help the • Time
recognize the After 3-4 hours information family • Home visits. and effort of Short Term:
O> presence of of nursing about realize the the student The family has
Children’s malnutrition in a interventions, nutrition importance • Interview nurses and understood the
FNRI are dependent the family will through of proper method. the family health teachings
said to be member due to be able to health nutrition members. given regarding
Below lack of understand the teachings • Observation the
Normal knowledge. health teachings • Participa management of
> Inability to given regarding • Discussed • For tion and malnutrition
> Children decide about the with the family to be cooperation of such as
were thin taking management of family the aware of the the family emphasizing the
appropriate malnutrition factors that factors that members with importance of
> Lack of action due to such as contributed affects and the student eating nutritious
financial failure to emphasizing the to may affect nurse. food like
resources to comprehend the importance of inadequate their health. vegetables and
provide nature, eating nutritious nutrition. • PHN avoids junk
nutrirional magnitude and food like bag foods.
foods for the scope of the vegetables and • Stressed the • To give
whole family problem. avoid junk importance information Long Term:
foods. of good about The family
> Irregular Inability to nutrition and malnutrition. exhibited proper
eating provide Long Term: how to ways in
pattern Adequate After five days achieve it. prioritizing what
(skipping nursing care to of home visits food selection is
meals) the members the family will • Taught the • To appropriate to
suffering from exhibit proper mother to provide well meet the
malnutrition due ways in prepare balance diet necessary
to: prioritizing what nutritious and to needs in order
food selection is food for increase to achieve a
a. lack of appropriate to family that body desirable body
knowledge meet the are within resistance weight. And to
about the health necessary their promote good
condition. needs in order capability to nutritional
to achieve a produce. habits.
b. lack of desirable body
knowledge on weight. And to • Discussed to
the nature and promote good the family the • to
extent of nutritional importance encourage
nursing care habits. of proper the family to
needed. food implement
selection to proper food
c. inadequate the family selection
resources for
care (e.g. • Advised
responsible them to avoid
family members eating junk • to
and financial foods prevent
• Instructed the appetite
mother during

• To
more for the

1st LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Health Deficit
2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to recognize the presence of the problem

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S: “nagtatae Inability to Short-term: >made a thorough >to determine Home visits 1.time and Short-term:
si cutfive at recognize After 4 assessment of the the status of effort of the The family
ang nanay the hours of family members the condition if student was able to the
presence of
ko” as nursing with diarrhea it is already nurses and verbalize
the problem
verbalized by due to: interventions progressing or the family understanding
the cutma in one home not. members. on the health
>inadequate visit, the teachings
O: knowledge family will be >vital signs taken >to get 2.participation given regarding
Cutfive: about the albe to and recorded baseline data and the
o Defecated consequenc verbalize cooperation of management
es of the
three times understanding >instructed the > to reduce the family of diarrhea and
o Watery on the health family to avoid intestinal members with effectively
stool >inadequate teachings solid food intake workload the student demonstrate
o Yellowish financial given nurses each actions
in color regarding the >instructed to limit >to prevent such as how to
resources to management caffeine and high promotion of 3.therapeutic make oral
Cutla: treat the of diarrhea fiber foods, and diarrhea communicatio rehydration
o Defecated problem and avoid milk & fruits n skills. solution.
two times effectively
o Watery demonstrate >instructed to >to prevent
stool each actions increase fluid dehydration
o Greenish in such as how intake
color to make oral
o Moderate rehydration
in quantity solution. >taught them how > to overcome
o Weak to make oral dehydration
ness Long term: rehydration
o pale After 2 days solution: 1 tbsp Long-term:
of home salt, 8 tbsp sugar, The family
visits, the 1l of H2O was able to
family will be show
able to show >instructed the >to prevent compliance on
compliance mother to handle diarrhea the
on the foods properly management
management given regarding
given >stressed proper >to prevent the prevention
regarding handwashing cross- and absence of
the contamination diarrhea
and absence
of diarrhea


2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to take appropriate health action d/t lack of adequate knowledge

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S> Ø Walking Short-term: 1. Established 1. To gain 1. Home 1. Time and Short-term:
barefooted, After 3 hours rapport with the familiarity and visits. effort of the The family was
having dirty of nursing family. to establish a student able to
O> with dirty interventions good working 2. Interview nurses and verbalize
and in one family relationship method. the family understanding
untrimmed untrimmed visit, the with the members. on the heath
finger and finger and family will be 2. Discussed with family. 3. teachings in
toe nails toenails and able to the family the 2. This Observation 2. preventing the
placing the verbalize importance of practice Participation potential for
> abnormally toys understanding wearing foot wears promotes and parasitism.
large towards the on the heath in and out of the hygiene and cooperation of
abdominal teachings in house. decreases the the family
mouth are
girth preventing the 3. Discussed and occurrence of members with
> children health potential for demonstrated the diseases. the student
is always threats that parasitism. proper way of hand nurse.
seen walking carries a washing, before 3. To prevent
barefooted in very high Long-term: and after eating cross 3. Pencil and Long-term:
and out of risk of the After 3 days and after contamination paper (for The family was
the house developmen of home visit, defecating. . illustration able to
the family will 4. Advised the purposes). demonstrate
t of
> children family to visit the
parasitism. be able to and show
were seen health center in 4.
This is due demonstrate order to seek Therapeutic compliance on
to the low and show proper medical Communicati the
without even
salience of compliance attention to get on Skills. interventions to
washing their
the family on the medications 4. In order to control the
hands 5. PHN bag.
towards the interventions that would have the potential for
occurrence to control the disinfestate the therapeutic parasitism.
of such. potential for children. regimen that
More so, parasitism. shall address
lack of the problem of
financial the family.
led to the


2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to take appropriate health action due to failure to comprehend the scope of problem

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Expected

contact Required Outcome
S> ∅ Inability to make Short Term: Short Term:
decisions with After 2-3 hours • Discussed to • To increase • Home • Time and The family was
O> The respect to of home visits the family the awareness visits effort of the able to
ceiling of taking the family will presence of among the nurse and recognize the
the house is appropriate be able to the accident members of • Interview the family presence of the
quite worn action due to: recognize the hazards the family. Method members. existing
off presence of the inside their problems and
>failure to existing home. • Observa • Participation identify ways in
> Presence comprehend the problems and tion and eliminating
of sharp nature, identify ways in • Discussed • Members cooperation accidental
rusty edges scope/magnitud eliminating and elaborate realize the of the family hazards present
at the e of the problem accidental to the family bad outcome members inside the home.
entrance of hazards present all the of these with the
the house >limited inside the possible accident nurse.
financial house. consequence hazards thus
> Presence resources s that may prevent • Equipments Long Term:
of woods for Long Term: come about possible to be used The family
cooking are After five days from having occurrences. are electric showed
located in of home visits, these tape, excess adherence in
their kitchen the family will accident plywood, the teachings
area. show hazards in nails, given as
adherence in their home hammer evidenced by
> Facility for the teachings environment. getting rid of all
heating is given as the possible
placed in evidenced by • This prevents accident
• Taught the
the kitchen getting rid of all the hazards and
family to
where fire is the possible unnecessary shall develop
not accident use of their solution to solve
controlled hazards and will and use only limited the existing
because of develop solution what physical finances and identified
the use of to solve the resources also enhances problem
woods. existing they have and their capability corresponding
identified try to recycle in handling to their available
> Presence problem them such possible resources.
of pointed corresponding that they may hazards and
nails on the to their available be able to corrects them.
wall resources. utilize them in
hazards like
pieces of
woods in
sealing the
open and
unsafe area.

• Helped the • To reduce the

family in risk for cuts
placing and
properly the lacerations.
sharp and
als at a level
cannot reach.

• Helped the • To reduce the

family to bend risk for cuts
the sharp and
edges of the lacerations.
toilet door.

• Instructed the • This is to

family to prevent fire
move their and to prevent
cooking smoke
facility outside inhalation.
the house.

1st LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Health Threat

2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to recognize the presence of problem due to inadequate knowledge

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required
S> ∅ Inability to Short-term: • Established • To gain the • Home • Time and Short-term:
recognize the After 2 hours therapeutic trust and visits effort with the The family
O:> the presence of the of nursing communication cooperation cooperation was able to
family has problem due to: intervention, with the family of the family • Interview and demonstrate
no the family will Method participation understandin
refrigerator >inadequate be able to of the family g on the
knowledge demonstrate • Discussed to • To develop • Obser and student importance of
>they have about the understanding the family the awareness vation nurse. proper
no cabinet consequences on the possibilities of to the family storage of
for food of the problem importance of contaminating about the • Plates and food such as
storage proper the food if not problem and plastic food instructing
>inadequate storage of properly intervene covers the family
>leftover financial food such as stored. about it. members to
foods left resources to instructing the cover their
on the table avail food family food.
without storage facilities members to • To increase
• Explained the
cover cover their their
food. awareness
and that this
Long-term: could bring Long-term:
After five about The family
that they may
days of home complication was able to
acquire from
visits, the s to their show
family will be health compliance
food due to
able to show with the
compliance health
with the • To prevent teachings
health • Encourag given on
ed covering easy
teachings spoilage and proper food
food properly
given on with plates or contaminatio storage.
proper food any available n of foods.
storage. and


2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to recognize the magnitude of the problem d/t inadequate knowledge

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required

S> The problem Short Term: • Discussed • To increase • Home • Time and Short Term:
arises due to After 2 hours of the effects their visits cooperation The family
O> cutdad the country’s Home visit the of improper awareness on of the was able to
only had a low economic family will budgeting the possible • Interview family demonstrate
temporary or progress demonstrate of financial effects of Method members. understanding
seasonal job which has a understanding resources. having and
as a farmer. greater impact and realization inadequate • Observ • Necessary realization on
on some on the effect of • Advised resources ation teachings the effect of
>his income families who having family given to the having
is not enough strives hard to inadequate members to family. inadequate
to support the a better living. financial practice • In order to financial
whole Another resources to proper ensure proper resources to
members of reason is that meet the needs utilization of allocation of meet the
the family improper of each in the finances by their scarce needs of each
(around 100 budgeting family avoiding resources in in the family
pesos per could lead to members. purchasing meeting the members.
day) improper of needs of the
allocation of Long Term: unnecessar family Long Term:
>he has low the financial After 3 weeks y things. members. The family
educational resources. of Home visits members
attainment, . the family • Assisted were able to
thus it is members will the family employ the
difficult for employ the members means of
him to find a means of especially • In order to improving
more stable improving their the mother avoid their
job. resources they in mismanageme resources
have identified. prioritizing nt of their they have
the needs already identified.
of the inadequate
family resources.


2ND LEVL ASSESSMENT: Inability to provide a home environment conducive to health maintenance due
to inadequate resources

Cues Analysis Objectives Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

Contact required

S> ∅ Inability to Short Term: • Discussed •Reinforcement • Home Visits • Knowledge Short Term:
provide a After 2-3 to the family of knowledge of the The family
O>Presence home hours of the increases • Interview student was able to
of one environment nursing importance awareness of Method nurses identify
window for conducive to intervention, of good the existing possible result
the whole health the family will ventilation problem • Observation • Cooperation or
house. maintenance be able to of the family consequences
and personal identify • Removed •To provide members. of the existing
> Flow of air development possible result the things adequate problem.
is inadequate due to: or the blocks amount of air
because of consequences the passage that will flow
only one >inadequate of the existing of air inside the
window. family problem. coming from house.
resources the window.
especially Long Term: Long Term:
financial After five days • Instructed •To prevent The family
constraints/ of home visits, the family to any was able to
limited the family will open the suffocation or show
resources. be able to windows as exhaustion improvement
show frequently due to in the
improvement as possible inadequate maintenance
in the supply of of adequate
maintenance oxygen ventilation
of adequate inside their
ventilation house such as
inside their • Instructed •To allow instructing
house such as the family adequate them not to
instructing sees to it ventilation block the
them not to that the inside the window and
block the window house. always tie the
window and curtains are curtains.
always tie the tied
• Encouraged •To improve
the family the ventilation
whenever inside the
possible to house.
have an

• Advised •Minimizes
family diaphoresis or
members to over sweating
wear loose thus providing
clothing as comfort and
this provides feeling of
comfort freshness


2ND LEVEL ASSESSMENT: Inability to provide lighting due to lack of financial resources and magnitude of problem.

Cues Analysis Objective Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Evaluation

contact Required

S>∅ Inability to Short Term: • Opened the • To facilitate • Hom • Knowledge Short Term:
provide After two hours door. the passage e Visits and time of The family was
O>Presence of adequate of nursing of light. the student able to
one incandescent lighting in the interventions the • Interview nurses. demonstrate
bulb in the entire house. There family will be • Encouraged • To facilitate Method comprehension
house. is insufficient able to the family to the passage • Cooperation on the
light inside the demonstrate remove all of light. • Obse of the family importance of
> A car battery is house comprehension things rvation members. adequate lighting.
used as their because there on the which block
source of is only 1 importance of the window
electricity. window open. adequate and throw
Moreover, lighting. the things
> The house has they have 1 which are
only one window incandescent Long Term: not needed. Long Term:
which the light light which is After five days The family
can pass through. supplied from of nursing • Explained • To increase members was
a car battery interventions the to the family their able to maintain
for the entire family members the effect of awareness good lighting
house which will be able to poor on the condition.
cannot supply maintain good lighting consequenc
enough light lighting especially es of poor
during condition. to their lighting
nighttime. This vision.
reason can be
traced from
such as lack • Explained • To let them
of financial the understand
resources and significance the relation
they can’t of good of health to
afford to buy a lighting in their lighting
fluorescent relation to system
light. This health and
problem may safety
also be due to
the lack of
about the
advantage of


Problem No. 1: Health Deficit – Presence of Coughs and Colds
S - “ubo at Inability of SHORT >assess the >to acquire >Home visits >The student SHORT TERM:
sipon lang the family to TERM: family’s necessary nurses time After 2 hours of
ang hindi provide -After 2 hours knowledge information >Giving knowledge home visits the
naaalis sa nursing care of home visits, regarding their and know health and skills. family shall have
bahay na to its Close-Up will present condition where to start teachings verbalized
ito” as members verbalize >Family's understanding on
verbalized due to understanding >explain to the >to develop >Observation cooperation. the health
the mother insufficient on the health family the effect awareness Material teachings and
knowledge teaching about of this problem to and initiates >Interview Resources: shall have
O - Aqua about nature measures on their health action in List of cheap demonstrated
Fresh, and how to alleviate controlling this accessible effective
Unique and management as well to problem. fruits rich in expectoration or
Kutitap have of the health prevent this Vitamin clearing of
coughs and condition or problem and >discuss with the >to actively secretions.
colds during attitude will be able to family members understand >Community
the home towards the demonstrate the nature and the resources:
visits. Aqua health of its effective signs and transmission Health Center
Fresh is member. expectoration symptoms of the of infection
always or clearing problem and on how to
experiencing secretions. prevent its
colds which occurrence
is clear in LONG TERM: LONG TERM:
consistency, After 2-5 days >encourage to >to loosen After 2-5 days of
while of home visit increase fluid excessive home visits the
Unique and the family will intake secretions family was able
Kutitap have show to show
been compliance to >instruct the >hand compliance to
experiencing the health family regarding washing is an the health
their colds teaching given proper hand effective way teachings given
for 3 days washing in preventing
which is also transmission
clear in of
consistency. microorganism
>instruct the >foods rich in
family to provide vitamin C
the fruit juices prevent further
available in the infection
community, like
calamansi juice

>instruct the >this is to

parents to visit detect serious
the health center conditions
if symptoms of which need
cold persist immediate

>provide >to conserve

adequate rest energy that is
and sleep to the needed to
children increase

>advise the >to maintain

family to maintain and promote
personal hygiene good health
and prevent
bacteria that

> instruct the >to avoid

family to keep aggravation of
away from the disease
allergens like dust

>instruct the >to prevent

family to cover contamination
the mouth and among the
nose when family
coughing with members
clean cloth since there is
inadequacy in
the living

>advice the >to provide

mother to keep optimal lung
the children in expansion for
Semi-fowlers easy
position and expectoration
demonstrate and keep and
effective deep maintain an
breathing open airway to
exercise when breath
coughing normally

>encourage the > to prevent

mother to change any
clothes when wet complication
and keep back and to
dry promote

>if signs and >to lessen the

symptoms chances of
persist, worsening or
encourage the aggravating
mother to seek the situation
physician’s help

Problem No. 2.33: Health Threat – Presence of Insects

S - “Malamok >Inability to SHORT TERM: >Assess the >To have a >Home visits >Health SHORT
nga dito eh, make After 2 hours of salience of the baseline data teachings TERM:
ipis meron decisions family-nurse family toward the of the health >Observation After 2 hours
din. with respect interaction, the problem in poor teachings to be >Time and of family-
Kompleto to taking family will environmental provided Interview knowledge nurse
pati alupihan” appropriate verbalize and sanitation and skills of interaction,
As verbalized health be able to the student the family
by mother. action due identify the >Listen the family >To know nurses should have
to diseases that mention the which identified the
O - Presence inadequate these vectors measures they measures will >Cooperati diseases that
of knowledge/ might cause if are doing in be supported on of the they possibly
mosquitoes insight as to not given controlling rodents and family acquire if
and roaches. alternative attention. and mosquitoes encouraged they don’t get
courses of rid of these
>Presence of action >Provide health >To inspire the vectors.
junks below opens to teachings on the family to clean
the house them. LONG TERM: importance of environment LONG
structure. After 3 days of clean environment often TERM:
> Inability to home visit, the After 3 days
> Opened provide a family will be >Discuss with the >To provide of home visit,
plastic home able to do family the them the family
garbage environment some diseases that knowledge was able to
container. , which is measures to these vectors about the do some
conducive get rid the might cause possible measures to
to health breeding place disease these get rid the
maintenanc of insects. pests may breeding
e and bring place of
personal insects.
developmen >Encourage the >To get rid of
t due to family to clean the breeding
inadequate every corner of places where
family their house roaches and
resources including the mosquitoes
specifically outside of their love to stay
financial house
and limited >Instruct them to >To get rid of
physical remove any the breeding
resources. stagnant water site of

>Instructed the >To keep the

family to remove surroundings
the junks free from
surrounding their propagation
house site of insects.

>Instruct the family >To remove a

to remove the surrounding
hanging clothes where
inside the house mosquitoes
love to stay

>Encourage the >To protect

family to sleep with them from
a mosquito net contact or bite
of insects

>Encourage the >To kill and

family to make use control the
of cheap pests
pesticides like
chalk pesticides

>Encourage the >To prevent

family to clean the the breeding of
house and the insects

Problem No. 2.33: Family Size Beyond What Family Resources Can Adequately Provide
S - “wala man Inability to SHORT TERM: >assess the mother’s >to know other >Home visit >Utilized family’s SHORT TERM:
kaming naiipon” provide a home After 3 hours of knowledge regarding underlying cause of available After 3 hours of
verbalized the environment nursing intervention, budgeting the said problem >Health teachings resources and nursing
mother conducive to the family shall with demonstration sample budget intervention, the
health recognize the >interview mother about meals. family shall have
O - the family is maintenance and existence of the the current family >to have a basis of >Interview recognized the
composed of personal problem and its budget the other nursing >Resources from existence of the
eight members. development due effects. interventions >Observation the: problem and its
the breadwinner to inadequate -nurse effects.
is the father who family resources, >explain the importance >to let the family -family
earns an average specifically of proper budgeting receive good -community LONG TERM:
of P400 a day for limited physical LONG TERM: benefits from the After four home
a total P12000 a resources After four home visits, least of the income visits, the family
month. according the family will practice shall have
to National proper budget >encourage mother to >to prevent practiced proper
Economic allowance to meet the continue utilizing family increasing the budget allowance
Development needs of each planning severity of the to meet the needs
Authority, a family member. problem of each member.
must have a >show sample budgets
budget of appropriate for the >to show the
P2,768.60 per monthly income of the mother other
member in a family alternatives
>give examples of
cheap meals with high
nutritional content >to give the mother
an idea about
nutritious but cheap
>advise the family to meals
use their money wisely
and buy things that are >to have money in
needed case of emergency

>provide the family with

information regarding
different methods in >to inform the
earning extra money family of the
such as recycled different options in
papers and bottles order to have extra
>help the family plant
backyard vegetables
such as malunggay,
eggplants, etc.
>to minimize the
expenses spent on
>encouraged the family foods at the same
to prioritized their needs time, these are also
from wants nutritious

>instruct the family to >this will facilitate

have a list when buying them to spend their
foods money wisely

>to avoid buying

unnecessary stuffs

Problem No. 2.33: Poor Housing Condition – Inadequate Living Space

S–O > Inability to SHORT TERM: >assess the >to know what > Home visits >Availability of SHORT
make After one home family’s are the with Health both student TERM:
O – the decision visit the family awareness appropriate Teachings nurse and the After one
house related to shall recognize regarding the interventions to family home visits
measurement taking the problem situation be made > Home members the family
is as follows: appropriate and the risk of Management shall have
-length: 93 action to having >explain to the >to let the >Cooperation recognize the
inches lessen the inadequate family the risks family > Interview of the family problem and
-width: 115 effects of the living space to of acquiring understand and the risk of
inches problem. their health. diseases due to identify >Observsation > Health having
there are no inadequate possible Teachings inadequate
available > Inability to living space illnesses/ living space to
furniture since provide home diseases that their health.
there is no environment can be acquire
place to conducive to LONG TERM: by an LONG TERM:
accommodate health After four home overcrowded After four
them enhancement visits the family house. home visits
related to shall be able to the family was
inadequate practice house > suggest > to increase able to
living space management furniture the living space practice
that would help arrangement in the house house
them increase that may management
the living space increase the that would
capacity living space help them
capacity and increase the
remove living space
unnecessary capacity

>advise the >to promote

father to do manpower and
some fixing in improve
removing stuffs ventilation as
that covers the well
>provide the >to promote
family with the decision-
alternative making and self
solutions they reliance
can use in
response to the

>encourage the >to allow air to

mother to pass through,
maintain the thus improving
cleanliness and ventilation
always open the
window and
door during day

>advise the >to prevent the

family to do all risk for injury
activities at

>help the family >to show

in arranging the sincerity in
items inside the improving the
house health of the

>encourage > to minimize

frequent cross
cleaning of the contamination
house and and spread of
proper microorganisms
arrangement of
the equipment

>discuss the >to realize the

possible end result of
untoward having
consequences inadequate
that may result living space to
from having prevent spread
inadequate of disease and
living space accidents to the
such as cross- family
contamination of
a disease from
one family
member to

>explain to the >to provide

mother the awareness of
significance of having
an adequate adequate living
living space space

Problem No. 3: Home Condition – Inadequate Water Supply and Facility

S – “Yung Inability of SHORT > Assess the >To gather the >Home visits >Time effort SHORT
lumalabas na the family TERM: family’s necessary with TERM:
tubig sa gripo pag to solve After 2 – 3 understanding information & to >Observations participation After 2 hours
minsan the existing hours of regarding the know where to of the family of nursing
nangangalawang.” problem. home visit the situation start ->Health and student interventions,
This is family will intervening Teachings nurse. the family
O – There is no because recognize the shall have
faucet inside the the family’s importance of > Encourage the > To kill the >Health verbalized
bathroom. The income is water storage family to boil their water borne Teachings. understanding
pipes are old and not and the drinking water molecules and the
rusty. The only adequate proper way of microorganisms importance of
source of water to install acquiring safe water storage
present is found their own and steady >Explain to the >To develop and practice
behind the house water water supply family the effect awareness and proper way of
which is shared by supply, at home. of this problem in initiate action in acquiring safe
3 families. they have their health controlling this and steady
to walk to problem water supply
fetch or go at home.
outside >Explain to the >To let the
their house LONG TERM: family the family know the LONG TERM:
to get After 2-5 days possible water risk they are After 2 -5
water. of home visit, borne diseases into if the days of home
the family will that they can problem is not visits, the
show acquire from the given proper family shall
compliance to problem attention have
the health complied with
teachings >Suggest >To decrease the health
given. technique that the risk of teachings
may help prevent contracting given.
the occurrence of diseases
borne illness like caused by dirty
boiling of water and unsafe
before drinking drinking water
and use of filters
>Encourage the >To have an
family to store adequate
their water in a supply of clean
clean container water
with cover

>Encourage the >To lessen the

family to secure time of going to
more containers their house to
and fill it with fetch water

>Suggest to make >To have free

their pitcher pump and available
water supply

Problem No. 4.33: Condition – Lack of Food Storage Facilities

S - ”Yung Inability to make decisions SHORT TERM: >Discuss the >To be aware of >Home visit >Participation SHORT TERM:
mga with respect to taking After 2 hours of significance of having its effect on the and cooperation After 2 hours of
natitirang appropriate health action nursing a food storage facility daily living of the >Health teachings of the family home visit the family
ulam due to failure to comprehend interventions the family with demonstration shall have
linalagay the nature/magnitude of the family will verbalize >Discuss correct >Knowledge and verbalized
naming sa problem/condition and low understanding of placement of food >To prevent cross- >Interview skills of the understanding of the
party box” salience of the the appropriate within the storage contamination of student nurses appropriate storage
as problem/condition. storage facilities facility food >Observation facilities and its
verbalized Inability to provide a home and its significance >Health significance and the
by the environment conducive to and the proper way >Encourage frequent >To prevent teachings proper way of
mother health maintenance and of preparing and cleaning of the cockroach egg or preparing and
personal development due handling food. storage facility other vectors to handling food.
O to inadequate family nest within the
- Presence resources limited financial LONG TERM: storage facility LONG TERM:
of detergent resources. After 2-6 home After 2-5 days of
powder and visits the family will >Assist in cleaning the >To show sincerity home visits the
bans on the be able to storage facility of the nurses in family shall have
food storage demonstrate alleviating this demonstrated
facility. compliance to the problem compliance to the
Some health teachings health teachings
leftovers are given by correct >Site examples of >Offer affordable given by correct
not properly arrangement of good storage facility alternatives arrangement of food
covered. food on the storage on the storage
facility and the >Suggest alternatives >To let the family facility and the
proper way of that the family can decide which proper way of
preparing and utilize alternative to use preparing and
handling food. handling food.
>To let the family
>Identify options for take the initial step
financial assistance in avoiding all the

>To create or
>Assist family to maintain a safe,
develop a plan for growth-promoting
maintaining a clean, environment
healthful environment

Problem No. 4.33: Poor Home Condition – Poor Lighting

S–O Knowledge SHORT TERM: >Assess the living >To have a Home Participation SHORT
O - >upon deficit r/t lack After 2-3 days condition of the baseline visits and TERM:
entering, a person of knowledge of home visits, family data cooperation of After 2-3 days
can’t read on the the family will the family of home
properly importance of be able to >Discuss how >For the visits, the
proper verbalize inadequate family to family shall
>windows are lighting to importance of lighting may affect gain have
obstructed which prevent poor proper lighting. their health knowledge verbalized the
means there is living especially their so as to importance of
blocking in the standards eyesight as well prevent eye proper
passage of light and eye as to their living straining that lighting.
even at daytime straining. standards. leads to poor
living LONG TERM
>uses LONG TERM: standards. After 5 days
incandescent bulb After 5 days of of home
less than 50 watts home visits, the >suggest to make > to facilitate visits, the
or 20-40 watts family will be two more the coming family shall
fluorescent bulb able to show windows one on of light from have shown
compliance the 1st floor and the sun compliance
with regards to 2nd floor with regards
having to having
adequate >suggest to buy a > to properly adequate
lighting in the light bulb see all the lighting in the
house. materials house.
inside the

>suggest to make >to facilitate

a small the entry of
transparent roof light

>instruct the >to have an

family to use the adequate
space in front to space to
make hanging lighten up
wire the whole

>suggest to the > to have a

father to make a adequate
closet to make light of the
room for their house
clothes which are
hanged on the

>Stress the >To help

importance of them realize
lighting in the need for
performing some lighting
activities. source
especially at

>Advise the >To prevent

family to do all the risk for
important injury or
activities at day accidents
time. during night.

>Encourage >To allow

family to remove entrance of
things that block enough light
the entrance of to the house.

>Encourage the >To allow air

mother to to pass
maintain the through thus
cleanliness and it helps in
always open the ventilation.
window and the
door at daytime.

>Encourage the >To improve

family to add a adequacy of
window or a light lighting.
bulb if their
resources would

> Provide the >To promote

family with the decision-
alternative making and
solutions they can self-reliance.
use in response
to the problem

>Advise the father >To promote

to do some fixing man-power
and removing and improve
stuffs that cover ventilation
the door.

Problem No. 4.33: Poor House Condition – Lack of Toilet Facility

S - “ilang This SHORT TERM: >explain to the >to develop >Home visits >Cooperation SHORT TERM:
pamilya condition After 2-3 hours family the effect awareness and of the family After 2 hours of
kaming affects the of home visit of this problem initiate action in >Observations members. nursing
gumagamit family the family will to their health. controlling this interventions
diyan, because be able to problem. >Health >Time and the family shall
minsan they are verbalize teachings effort of the verbalized
kailangan susceptible understanding > discuss to >to provide student nurse. understanding
naming to infectious of the family the proper knowledge >Interview of the
maghintay” diseases importance of importance of among the >Health importance of
verbalized because of having a toilet having their own members of the teachings. having a toilet
the mother lack toilet facility and toilet facility. family. facility and
facilities. recognize the recognized the
O – the diseases that >discuss to the >to prevent the diseases that
family is may be brought family the occurrence of may be brought
sharing by the possible certain disease by the
their toilet presence of diseases they presence of this
with other this problem can acquire like problem and
families and health UTI, diarrhea, health
nearby teachings given etc. teachings
>encourage >to prevent
LONG TERM: them to practice cross- LONG TERM;
After 2-5 days proper hand contamination After 2-5 days
of home visit washing within the of home visits
the family will members of the the family shall
be able to family. have
demonstrate demonstrate
compliance to >involve in >to increase compliance to
health appropriate awareness of health
teachings community spread/prevention teachings
given. education of communicable given.
programs diseases.
>identify >to
resources reduce/correct
available to the existing risk
family factors

>note age and > to evaluate

sex (children, degrees/source of
young adult, risks inherent in
elderly persons, the family
and men are at situation
greater risk)

>evaluate >may determine

family’s ability to access
response to health for
violence in the identified problem

>note >indicator for

socioeconomic need for
status/availability information,
and use of assistance with
resources making positive
promoting safety
and a sense of

>ascertain >helps client to

knowledge of identify what is
needs/cross- really based
prevention and
motivation to
prevent diarrheal

>encourage the >to prevent

users to clean cross-
and disinfect the contamination
toilet after using

Problem No. 5: Lifestyle and Personal Habits/Practices: Walking Barefooted or Inadequate Footwear
S - “marami inability to SHORT TERM: >assess family’s >to know >home visits knowledge, SHORT TERM:
naman recognize After 2 hours of understanding where to start time and effort After 2 hours of
kaming mga the home visits, the with regards to and to know >interview of the student home visits, the
tsinelas, di presence of family will be importance of the appropriate nurses with the family shall
lang sila condition able to wearing feet health >observation cooperation of have verbalized
nasanay sa due to: verbalize protections teachings to the family understanding
pagsusuot a) failure to understanding be provided members. regarding the
kaya inaalis comprehend regarding the importance of
nila.” the importance of >assess the >to know other wearing
verbalized magnitude wearing availability of underlying slippers.
the mother of the slippers. resources reasons as to
problem (slippers) why they are
O - the b) low LONG TERM: not wearing LONG TERM:
children salience of feet
seen walking the problem After 2 days of protections After 2 days of
barefooted home visit, the home visit, the
(Unique, family will be >assess >to know if the family shall
Aqua Fresh) able to availability of family could have
demonstrate monetary buy new ones demonstrated
compliance on resources compliance on
the health the health
teachings >instruct the >to have them teachings
provided by the mother to teach practice this provided by the
student nurses. the children wear safety student nurses.
slippers for them precaution as
to get used to it early as
>instruct the >to have them
mother to attach get used to
rubber bands for wearing
the children not slippers
be able to remove
the slippers

>encourage the >to know if

mother to check they are much
on the children if more safer
they are wearing
slippers while
playing outdoors

>instruct the >to lessen the

mother to teach possibility of
the children to acquiring
wash their feet diseases
after playing

>instruct the >to lessen the

mother to trim chances of
and clean nails acquiring
often diseases

>instruct the >a good

mother to teach hygiene is
the children to tantamount to
wash their feet a good health
before going to

>instruct the >to lessen the

mother to clean possibility of
the environment acquiring

>instruct the >regular check

mother to ups lessens
frequently bring the odds of
her children to the acquiring
health center for disease and
check ups can help in
early diagnosis
of an
occurrence of
a disease

>educate the >to understand

mother of the the importance
possible diseases of wearing feet
that could be protection
required like
Tetanus, athlete’s
foot, etc.

Problem No. 6: Presence of Health Threats – Accident Hazards, Fire, Falls, Pointed Objects
S-O Inability to recognize SHORT TERM: >Provide health >To let the family >Home visit >Utilized the SHORT TERM:
the presence of the After an hour of teachings about the avoid injuries that available After an hour of
O - the family’s problem due to low nursing accident hazards can be caused by >Health teachings resources of the nursing intervention,
house is salience of the interventions, the the problem with demonstration family. the family shall have
composed of three problem. family will recognized the
floors and there’s Inability to provide a recognize the >To let the family >Interview >Resources of problem and its
the presence of home environment problem and its >Suggest alternatives decide which the: possible effects on
children conducive to health possible effects to that the family can alternative to use >Observation -nurse them.
- the stairs are maintenance and them. utilize -community
made up of wood personal development >to promote a LONG TERM:
and it is very due to inadequate LONG TERM: better and much After four home
narrow family resources, After four home >coordinate with the more satisfying, visits, the family
specifically limited visits, the family will Barangay and Local risk-free shall have avoided
physical resources avoid the possible Government Unit for environment the possible
consequences of records of plans to consequences of the
the problem. improve and eliminate problem.
presence of accident
>To help the family
>Demonstrate first aid learn the first aid
in cases of fire or burn techniques in
accidents cases of

>To let the family

>Explain the take the initial step
importance of knowing in avoiding all the
the accident hazards risk
present in the
>indicator of need
>ascertain knowledge for information,
of injury prevention assistance with
and motivation to making positive
prevent further injury changes,
promoting safety,
and sense of

>to emphasize to
the mother the
>determine children’s need of further
chronological and guidance
developmental age

>discuss importance >recognizing these

of self-monitoring of factors and dealing
conditions or emotions with them
that can contribute to appropriately can
occurrence of injury, reduce family’s
example: ignoring risks
basic needs, fatigue,
>note socio-economic
status/availability and
use of resources >may determine
ability to access
health for identified
>assist in providing problems
first aid in anticipation
of injury >to avoid
panicking in cases
of actual accidents
>demonstrate proper
way of discharging >to prevent fire
flammable materials to accidents
prevent accidents

>keep matchboxes,
disinfectants (soap)
out of reach of the
>to prevent
Problem No. 7.33: Poor Home Condition – Poor Ventilation
S–O Inability to SHORT TERM: >assess the >to know other >Home Visits >Availability of SHORT
recognize After an hour of family’s underlying both student TERM:
O – there the problem home visit, the knowledge cause of such >Interview nurse and the After an hour
is one due lack of family shall regarding the condition family of home visit,
window for knowledge recognize the importance of a >Observation members. the family
the whole as problem and well ventilated > Health shall have
house evidenced other home teachings recognized
which is 34 by small complications of the problem
inches in window, having >have the family >to determine and other
height and dark field inadequate say their family’s complications
23 inches area and ventilation. perception awareness of of having
in width insufficient about the the problem inadequate
fresh air problem and present ventilation.
circulating effects that the
inside the LONG TERM: problem posts LONG TERM:
house. After four home against them After four
visits the family home visits
shall take action >check other >to know what the family
to promote ways of are the shall have
ventilation to improving the interventions taken action
increase fresh ventilation in the that should be to promote
air inside their house made ventilation to
house. increase fresh
>discuss home >to determine air inside their
environment ability to care house.
for self and to
potential health
and safety

>explain to the >to make the

family the family aware of
effects of the presence of
inadequate the problem
ventilation and its effect

>suggest >to increase

addition of the source of
windows to ventilation
adequate air
>encourage the >to lessen the
mother to keep risk of affecting
a conducive the respiratory
environment, as system
much as
possible, one
which is free
from dust

>determine >to adjust the

financial possible
resources to interventions
meet needs of and know the
individual limitations

>assist family to >to create or

develop a plan maintain a
for maintaining a safe, growth-
clean, healthful promoting
environment environment

>assess >determines
environment, what changes
noting unsafe need to be
factors and made
ability of the
family to care for

>encourage >to allow air to

family to remove pass through
things that block thus it helps
the entrance of ventilation

Problem No. 7.33: Poor Housing Condition – Improper Drainage System

S-O Inability to Short Term: >Inform of the >To provide Home visits, Sufficient Short Term:
provide a After 1 home possible diseases knowledge observation, knowledge After 1 home
O- home visit, the family they could get from and make the interview about the visit, the
>Observation environment will be able to an improper promote problem, family shall
of the conducive to verbalize drainage system. awareness of patience on have
drainage health understanding the diseases the part of the verbalized
system type, maintenance of the that could student nurse, understanding
being open and personal importance of arise from the participation, of the
and stagnant. development proper drainage problem. cooperation, importance of
r/t lack of system. and proper
>Obstructed knowledge >Give health >To empower enthusiasm drainage
passageway regarding teachings about the the family to from the system.
of water. environment Long Term: effects of the apply the family
al sanitation After 5 home problem and concepts Long Term:
visits, the family provide learned and After 5 home
Inability to will be able to suggestions on find ways on visits, the
recognize demonstrate how to minimize how to correct family shall
the presence behaviors in the problem. and solve the have
of a problem applying the problem. demonstrated
r/t ignorance learning derived behaviors in
of facts. from the health > discuss the > to promote applying the
teachings and consequences of awareness of learning
maintaining an the problem the problem derived from
improved the health
drainage > provide > to promote teachings and
system. information on how environment maintaining
to maintain a clean conducive for an improved
drainage system health drainage
promotion system.

> instruct the family >to prevent

to always keep breeding
their drainage places of
system close insects and
rodents and
to prevent

> help the family to >to promote

understand that the awareness
problem is a threat
to their health

>explain to the > to develop

family the effect of awareness
this problem in their and initiate
health action in
this problem

>Discuss with the >Motivating

family the the family do
importance of good something
environmental about the
sanitation and problem.
personal hygiene.
> Inform the family >This will
of the problem that make the
may arise from family aware
poor environmental of the
sanitation like the importance of
occurrence of personal
diseases. hygiene and
sanitation to

>Plan with the >This will

family on how to further give
solve the problem them an ides
by demonstrating on what is the
with them the proper way of
proper maintaining maintaining a
a clean clean
environment. environment.

>use of proper >One of the

referral system by principles in
reporting to the community
barangay halls or health nursing
sanitary officials the is the
proper utilization of
maintenance of the community
surrounding by health
eliminating resources.
resource of foul
scent from the

>assign a task for >In this

each member of manner, there
the family to what will be a equal
job the will perform distribution of
every now and then work.

Problem No. 7.33: Unsanitary Food Handling and Preparation

S–O >Inadequate SHORT TERM: >Assess family’s >To know >Home Knowledge, SHORT
knowledge in After 3-4 hrs of understanding with where to start visits time and TERM:
O- carrying out nursing regards to and to know effort of the After 3-4 hrs
Presence of the necessary interventions importance of the student of Nursing
dirty kitchen procedure the family will having clean appropriate nurses with Interventions
(use for food verbalized the equipments in health the the family
preparation); >inability to understanding preparing food teachings to cooperation of shall have
cooking provide home about different be provided the family verbalized the
outside of environment ways of proper members understanding
the house; conducive to food >Assess availability >To about
presence of health preparation and of cleaning understand different ways
uncovered maintenance sanitation. resources other of proper food
utensils and personal underlying preparation
development causes for the and
occurrence of sanitation.
>Inadequate the problem
resources, After 2 days of >Explain the >To have After 2 days
specifically Home Visits, importance of sufficient of home
limited the family will proper hand knowledge visits, the
monetary able to identify washing regarding the family shall
resources and prepare said problem have
meals properly. identified and
>Discuss with the >Knowledge prepare
family presence of of the effect of meals
the problem and its the problem properly.
effect to their health will motivate
them to
improve food
and handling

>Assist in cleaning >To show

the food sincerity of
preparation site as the nurses to
well as the other alleviate this
utensils and problem
equipments used in

>Instruct the >To lessen

mother to clean the the possibility
environment of acquiring
>Instruct the >This will help
mother to provide strengthen
nutritious food the children’s
body to resist

>Instruct the >Regular

mother to check ups
frequently bring her lessens the
children to the odds of
health center for acquiring
check ups disease and
can help in
diagnosis of
an occurrence
of a disease

>Have the family >To

say their perception determine
about the problem family’s
awareness of
the problem
and present
effects that
the problem
posts against

Problem No. 8: Malnutrition

S–O Inability to SHORT TERM: > Assess the > To gather > Home Visits > Availability SHORT
recognize After an hour of family’s baseline data of both the TERM:
O– the nursing awareness of > Interview student nurse After an hour
Aqua Fresh presence of intervention the the stated and the family of nursing
wt.: 30 kgs condition family shall problem members. intervention
BMI: 17.21 due to lack recognize the the family
underweight of problem of > Identify > To > Cooperation shall have an
knowledge malnutrition and causes and increase knowledge; of the family awareness
Happee about its effect on the effects of motivate family to regarding
wt.:14 kgs nutrition individual. malnutrition like address the > Health their BMI.
BMI: 11 having low body situation as soon as Teachings
emaciated LONG TERM: weight, possible. LONG TERM:
After four home decrease After four
visits the family resistance to home visits
will able to diseases and the family will
identify nutritious have the
food and plan easy fatigability. knowledge to
meals which are > To provide identify
affordable to the > Encourage the adequate nutrition nutritious food
budget mother to cook to the family and plan
meals with meals which
enough are affordable
nutrition. to the budget.
> To gain weight
> Encourage the and right nutrition
children to eat needed by the body.
vegetables and
high Protein

> To let the family

> Explain the recognize the
importance of problem and the
achieving ways it can be
optimum alleviated/eliminated
nutrition of an
individual and
the risk of
malnutrition due
to inadequate

Improper Food Storage Facility

Cues Analysis of the Problem Objective Nursing Interventions Rationale Method of Family Resources Expected
Contact Required outcome
S> The family has containers / dish Short Term: 1. Explain the 1. To provide >Home Visits >The Student Short Term:
that are half open. importance of practical >Health Teachings Nurses’
O>The family’s After an hour of sanitation of cooking preventive knowledge The family
dwelling nursing and eating utensils measures on >Rural Health shall have
manifested the intervention, the possible GIT- Unit verbalized
following: family shall have related diseases understanding
>presence of verbalized and
open dish understanding and 2. Discuss the diseases 2. To further willingness to
cabinet willingness to fix they are at risk to encourage them fix faulty
>presence of faulty storage acquiring due to to perform storage
uncovered facility. improper storage and sanitation on facility.
spoon and fork handling of food, and their utensils
canister Long Term: cooking and eating
utensils and expound Long Term:
The family may After 2 days of on the casualties and
manifest the nursing complications brought The family
following: intervention, the about if such diseases shall have
family shall have (to be discussed) fixed/replaced
>stomach fixed/replaced the should arise the defective
upsets defective dish dish cabinet.
>loose watery cabinet. 3. Provide information
stool regarding the free
access to health care
should diseases
should be acquired
3. To make proper
referrals should
the diseases to
4. Instruct family to be discussed
provide store utensils arise, in
in covered containers consideration to
5. Encourage to repair the family’s
cabinet. financial
4. To prevent
by rodents

5. To provide
that will satisfy
rationale #4, in
6. Instruct to avoid consideration to
leaving unwashed the family’s
dishes financial
6. To prevent
contamination of
rodents and to
prevent growth
and proliferation
of molds and
which could be
7. Encourage to keep pathogens
washing material 7. To prevent
(soap and sponge) in contamination
clean, covered
8. Instruct family to use
warm water in 8. To better
washing the utensils sanitize the
utensils, making
them safer for
9. Instruct patients to use
perform proper
handwashing before 9. To minimize the
and after eating microorganisms
regardless whether or present in the
not they will eat using hands, which
spoons and forks. could be
ingested along
with the food

Inadequate Lighting /Poor Ventilatilation

Cues Analysis of the Problem Objective Nursing Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Expected
Family Required outcome
S>“Yung asawa ko kasi >Inibality to install lighting Short Term: 1. Explain the danger of 1. To encourage then >Home >The Student Short Term:
hindi nakakauwi araw- facility due to lack of wandering around in to address the Visits Nurses’
araw kaya hindi niya knowledge in electrical After an hour of the dark. inadequacy of >Health Knowledge The family shall
malagyan na ilaw.” installation: nursing intervention, illumination in their Teachings >The family’s have agreed to
a. Mother assume a the family shall have home monetary and have
O>The family’s feminine role of agreed to and have 2. To have light capacity opened the other
dwelling place mere opened the other without consuming >The closed windows.
manifested the housekeeping closed windows. electricity and to community’s
following: b. Mother perceives 2. Encourage to keep permit air Electrical Long Term:
>absence of lighting electrical works Long Term: windows open, circulation inside Company
facility in the kitchen and house repair especially during the the house The family shall
and in the bedroom as a masculine After the five home day 3. To prevent eye have continued
>Lack of opened role visits, the family shall defects to keep windows
windows have continued to open.
>presence of structures >On ventilation, six keep windows open.
(houses on both sides windows are present but
of the family’s only three are opened.
residence) that could
block the entry of 3. Instruct family,
sunlight through the especially the children, 4. To avoid eye
window to do their reading in defects as well as
the well-lighted area of to prevent body
the house. pains and strains
that could be
The family may related to posture
manifest: 4. Instructed to assume and position
>blurred vision proper reading posture 5. To acquire lighting
>bumps and bruises without having to
wait for the father to
come home and put
the installation

6. To prevent risk for

5. Encourage to
install/have installed
adequate lighting
7. To prevent
electrical overload,
leading to possible
onset of fire, and to
conserve energy
8. To be readily able
to install light
6. Instruct to keep the light
switch off of the
electrical line without a
light/fluorescent bulb

7. Instruct to turn off the

lights, including
electronic appliances
when not in use

8. Provide
light/fluorescent bulb
ready for installation
Poor Personal Hygiene (Oral)
Cues Analysis of the Objective Nursing Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Expected outcome
Problem Family Required
S>”Ayaw nyang >Inability to Short Term: 1. Assess family’s perception 1.To determine if the family Home visit >Student Nurses’ Short Term:
mag-toothbrush.” recognize the of the problem is affected or prioritize and Health knowledge
O> The family presence of the After 2 hours of the problem. teachings regarding oral The family will be
manifested the problem due to Nursing Interventions, 2. To obtain general hygiene able to verbalize
following: ignorance the family will be able 2. Assess the Hygienic information to be used as understanding on
>Presence of >Inability to provide to verbalize practices of the family basis in providing health >Rural Health Unit and willingness to
dental carries a home environment understanding on and teachings Dental Clinic apply the health
among the children conducive to health willingness to apply teachings given
>Presence of maintenance the health teachings 3. Examine the dentition of 3.As part of Physical regarding oral
plaque on each of >Personal given regarding oral each member Assessment; to obtain hygiene.
them development due to hygiene. data to be used in
knowledge deficit in providing specific health
regard to the Long Term: teachings that would
importance of address an specific
hygiene After 2 home visits, problem Long Term:
the family will be able
to demonstrate 4.To address their After 2 home visits,
lifestyle changes 4. Explain the importance of knowledge deficit in the the family will be
affecting their oral tooth brushing importance of dental care able to demonstrate
hygiene. lifestyle changes
affecting their oral
5.To give them an extra
5. Explain the implications push to adhere to dental
of neglecting dental care care

6. Teach them proper way of

brushing the teeth 6.To empower them with
the practical knowledge
of taking care of their
own teeth

7. Provide material for dental

care (toothbrushes ; kiddy 7.To provide materials for
toothbrush for the children dental care that would
and kiddy toothpaste for best cater to their needs
the young ones)

8. Instruct to brush teeth

three times a day
8.To promote regularity
grin their practice of oral

9. Encourage to take foods

rich in calcium and vitamin
D 9.To promote stronger

10. Encourage to avoid eating

sweets in excess

10. To avoid aggravation

of dental carries and
plaque build up
11. Encourage to visit the
dental clinic in the Rural
health Unit 11. To make proper
referrals to other health
professional that could
render free services that
would better cater to
current problem

12. Encourage to make visits 12. For maintenance


Unsafe Drinking Water

Cues Analysis Objective Nursing Interventions Rationale Method of Resources Expected outcome
of the Family Contact Required
S> “Hindi..” Short Term: 1. Explain the importance of 1. To encourage them to >Home Visits >The student Short Term:
verbalized by Jenny drinking clean water and take measures >Observations nurses’
upon query After one hour of health discuss the possible regarding assuring the >Interview knowledge The family shall
regarding boiling teaching, the family diseases and complications safety of their drinking >Cooperation of have performed
their drinking water. shall have performed brought about by drinking water the family health teaching to
health teaching to be unsafe water throughout the be given regarding
O> The family may given regarding boiling 2. Provide information home visits boiling of drinking
manifest the of drinking water. regarding the facilities >Rural Health water.
following: which offer free treatment, Unit
>Stomach upset Long Term: should water-borne 2. To make proper Long Term:
>loose, watery stool diseases occur referral, in
>slow capillary refill After 5 home visits, the consideration to their
>dry mucus family shall have financial capabilities, The family shall
membranes sustained the practice of 3. Instruct to boil drinking should water-borne have sustained the
boiling their drinking water for at least three disease occur practice of boiling
water. minutes their drinking water
3. To kill microorganisms
present in their drinking
water, which may
cause diseases
4. Instruct to store drinking
water to clean, covered 4. To prevent
containers. contamination

PROBLEM # : Walking barefooted


S> θ 1. Inability of Short Term: >Explain to the >To make the > Home visits > Time and Short Term:
O> children the family to After 1 family the family effort of the , the children
are seen not provide health hours of importance and knowledgeable student shall have
wearing care to its Nursing rationale of and for the family nurses and verbalized
slippers and members due Intervention, wearing footwear. to do immediate the family understanding
walks to lack of the children >Encourage the action. > regarding the
barefooted knowledge will verbalize children to wear >To prevent the Participation health
inside the regarding the understanding slippers when acquisition of and teachings given
house importance regarding the leaving out of the microorganisms. cooperation and its
and probable health house. >To develop the of the family rationale.
results of not teachings >Discuss to the awareness of the
wearing given and its family the family and Long Term:
slippers or rationale. probable results of motivate them to the children
footwear. not wearing comply with the shall have
Long Term: slippers. teachings. shown
After 2 days compliance to
of home visits the health
the children teachings
will show provided.
compliance to
the health
PROBLEM # Asthma


S> “last week 1. Inability to Short Term: > Assess the > To have a > Home visits > Time, Short Term:
ako huling provide After 1 hour child’s condition baseline data perseverance the client
sinumpong”, adequate of Nursing and effort of the shall have
“mahilig akong nursing care Intervention, the > Discuss the > To prevent student nurses verbalized
mag-alaga ng due to: client will be possible causes the occurrence and family knowledge and
pusa at aso,di a. Lack of able to of illness of the condition involve understanding
ko din naman knowledge verbalize about the health
sila mapaalis ” about the knowledge and > Encourage the > To prevent hazards that is
O> cats and disease understanding mother to always the occurrence bought about by
dogs are seen b. Lack of about the health clean the of asthma since taking care of
inside the knowledge of hazards that is surroundings so dust can trigger cats and dogs
house. the nature bought about by that it will not asthma attacks and the
extent of taking care of trigger the presence of
nursing care cats and dogs occurrence of other agents
need and the asthma. > To give the that could
c. Lack of presence of proper trigger asthma
knowledge other agents > Instruct the medication to attack.
and skills in that could mother to go to the condition
caring out trigger asthma the health center
necessary attack. Long Term:
treatment the client shall
Long Term: have
After 2 home demonstrated
visits, the client lifestyle
will changes to
demonstrate prevent asthma
lifestyle attack.
changes to
prevent asthma
PROBLEM # : Presence of insects and rats and improper prevention


S> o 1. Inability to Short Term: >Explain >To know the > Home > Time, Short Term:
O> presence provide After 1 hour importance of complication visits perseverance The family
of drainage healthy of Nursing good and provide and effort of shall have
system in environment Intervention, environmental base line the student demonstrated
which water due to the family will sanitation information nurses and understanding
is stagnant negligence to demonstrate and family involve regarding the
and proper understanding >Encourage to acknowledge importance of
contaminated environment regarding the clean the area the presence having good
and it is al sanitation. importance of where most flies of the problem environmental
conducive for having good may breed. sanitation.
the growth environmental >Bury or
and sanitation. > Instruct the burying is the Long Term:
reproduction family to make safest method At the end of
of disease Long Term: improvised on eradicating the 5th home
causing After 2 home method of the vectors and visit,
organisms. visits, the disposing rodents from the family
family garbage like accumulating. members shall
members will empty big can have carried
carry out with cover or a >To encourage out
interventions sac. the family to interventions to
to improve initiate proper improve
environmental > Instruct the garbage environmental
condition. family to set a disposal. condition.
time for
cleaning. >To promote
sanitation and
prevent injury
PROBLEM # lack of family sources


S> Ф >inaccessibilit Short Term: > discuss the > to increase > Home visits > Time, Short Term:
O> presence y to After 1 hour importance of family perseverance the family
of financial appropriate of Nursing financial assests awareness and effort of the shall have
instability and sources for Intervention, the for emergency student nurses acknowledged
family’s care family will be use. > to have extra and family the importance
average specifically able to income involve of having
income is less financial acknowledge >help the family financial
than php inaccesibilty. the importance to think ways to To save money assests.
2768.60 per >lack of of having earn a living. for future use.
individual per knowledge financial
month. (php regarding the assests. >instruct family to Long Term:
7,200-7,600/7 importance of save small At the end of
members = having Long Term: amount when the 5th home
php 1027- financial After 3 home there is extra visit,
1029) assets for visits, the family income. the family shall
emergency will be able to have saved an
use. save an amount amount of
of money for money for
emergency use. emergency use.
PROBLEM # alcohol drinking


S> the mother 1. Inability to Short Term: > discuss to the > to increase > Home visits > Time, Short Term:
verbalize provide >After 1 hour client to possible awareness perseverance > The client
“pagkatapos adequate of Nursing effects of alcohol and effort of the shall have
nya sa work di nursing care Intervention, the drinking student nurses verbalized
maiiwasang due to: client will and family understanding
magkayayaang a. Lack of verbalize > instruct the > to divert self involve regarding the
uminom” knowledge understanding client to teach from drinking. effects of
O> Ф about the regarding the him with other alcohol drinking
situation. effects of divertional in the body.
b. lack of alcohol drinking activities like
knowledge in the body. eating candies Long Term:
about the instead of .> the client
effects of Long Term: drinking. shall have
alcohol >After 1-2 days demonstrated
drinking in the of Home visits, skills on how to
body. the client will control drinking
demonstrate habits.
skills on how to
control drinking