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e take the honor and ecstasy in submitting the concise and concrete

marketing plan of establishing an ISP in Pakistan, which serves as a basis and covers the fundamental aspects of marketing an ISP. While visualizing the mission of the company, we have set down the extensive objectives and for the execution of those objectives, the strategies are designed. In this context a detail scenario of ISP and Telecom industry, its scope, the current market situation, product and competitors are stated. As there are a lot of ISPs working in Pakistan so we have also included the complete SWOT analysis of ISP industry. Moreover a vast analysis of market segments, market trends, user demand and market share of different contenders are given. Our company is a company ambitious to provide customers with complete solutions of Internet and local network needs. We have included the insertion plan; a complete media plan which include where to advertise and when to advertise our new ISP. In the end, cash flow and profit & loss statement are in the homework of the plan. (Group Members)      

Preface of EOL
EOL ISP, the suggested name of our ISP will be a leading ISP in Pakistan in the vicinity of time. Its command center is currently situated at Gulberg Lahore. From Lahore it will diffuse to the other city of Pakistan especially Karachi and Islamabad.

EOL Net offers Total Internet Services to its patrons. Under the wellestablished brand name of EOL, we deliver Dial-Up Internet, Broadband and Data access services to our customers. With ever expanding horizons, EOL Net aims to be the largest Internet Service Provider in the country with features and facilities like 24-hour technical assistance, 7 days a week, best modem to user ratio preventing busy signals, powerful, direct connection via satellite to the Internet backbone, firewall security features to safeguard against hackers. EOL Net with approximately 256Mbps bandwidth countrywide and approximately 18000 dialup ports at present is completely geared towards providing customers with timely, reliable, superior services and solutions. We take pride in introducing a new service from the most reliable platform for Internet and Data Communication in the country. EOL Net is a leading Internet and Data Communication company that is focused on empowering businesses with cutting edge technology. We are focused on delivering high-quality services and solutions in many critical domains. The synergistic effect of its familiarity, expertise and quality has helped to boost. EOL Net offers DSL technology, enables much higher speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps across the telephone lines from our Network Center to customer’s office premises.              


Why pick this name
Here we have exploited the name of our ISP the “EOL Net (Eye Online)” because ж This name relates to our services like outclass service of internet provider. ж Moreover, when our target customers confront our advertising message, will surely comprehend that the ISP surpasses all the other ISPs. ж This name implies a good and nippy service image in customer’s mind.

  Mission Statement
“Create and maximize value and opportunity. To be the leading, innovative and dynamically growing organization in the information technology and communication sectors so as to: deliver superior & sustained value, to achieve total customer satisfaction; and become the employer of choice.”

EOL Net will establish a reputation for quality work and plans to continue to enhance its image in the industry. The company seeks to become a well-known and respected provider of advanced network solutions by:
• •

Increasing service offerings.

Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers. • Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers.

shared. Some of the services are as follows: → → → → → → → Satellite Broadband Solutions Internet Bandwidth Solution Corporate Leased Line Access Internet Downlink Services Network Designing for Inter-Branch Connectivity ISDN Services DDP – Dedicated Dialup Port services . while meeting the international standards with the pace of their journey. they adhere to their values as close as possible!         Services it will offer EOL Net provides services like Web hosting. towards their vision. the communication technology is perceived • To become an internationally acclaimed company for its EOL Netlence • To deliver most viable services and solutions to our customers. leased and committed bandwidth solutions services to the corporate sector. domain registration.• To revolutionize the way.

→ → → Best modem-to-user ratio to prevent busy signals. Powerful. → Complete ISDN compliant hardware for faster information access. direct connection via satellite to the Internet backbone.→ → → → → Video Conferencing Wireless Solutions Corporate Mail Solutions Customized Web mail solution (POP3 Based) Incoming Virus Free Emails for Whole Domain (Anti-Virus Mail Guard-Trend Micro) Incoming Virus Free Emails for Mail Boxes created on Relay (Anti-Virus Mail Guard) →           Technical services EOL Net also provides the following technical services to its users. . 24-hour. 7 days a week technical assistance.

→ Local phone line testing arranged & coordinated by EOL Net on customer’s behalf.→ → Firewall security features to safeguard against hackers.Digital Subscriber Line. . flexibility and security. → Single point of contact and responsibility for Internet and Data Services. DSL is the fastest growing last-mile broadband medium in Pakistan. It is inherently based on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology. → No phone bills. State-of-the art network design using Sun. → Uninterrupted high speed and “Always On” Internet and Data Connection. having over 1 billion worldwide subscribers today. → Economical as compared to other mediums. → Tested for reliability. always-on. Cisco and US Robotics equipment. it is a broadband communication technology designed for use on regular phone lines. Both large enterprises and SME’s have adopted DSL connectivity in large numbers during past three years in Pakistan and have a promising future.     Benefits of DSL offered by EOL Net As we are striving to give our customers quality services so we will use DSL line in this regard which have the following benefits for the users. It has the ability to move data over the phone lines at Speeds up to 140 times faster than the fastest analog modems available today. DSL .

Our strategies will cover the following fields: → Marketing Strategies → Media Advertising Strategies . powerful. 7 days a week technical assistance. and firewall security to safeguard against hackers. → Consumer Sales Promotion.0 million rupees which will be allotted for the following activities: → Print Media Advertising.         Tactics to be adopted As a customer-oriented company. direct connection via satellite to the Internet backbone. → Outdoor Advertising. → Event Management. EOL Net offers total Internet Solutions for the business and family alike with facilities such as 24-hour. is up to 30. To maintain this effort we will follow the following tactics with respect to gain the competitive advantage in such a volatile environment.    Budget prearranged The budget which available to us. best modem-to-user ratio to prevent busy signals.

  The company plans to expand its marketing efforts. and high-traffic areas (e. The company can retort quickly to changing opportunities and take advantage of the latest technologies. It is predicted that additional services will be offered and more personnel hired within 30 days of initial capital funding. These "page views" will be used to generate advertising revenue. computer reseller and repair facilities. and motivated. The company will leverage its discounted services to help provide secondary income streams. → → → Web hosting and design tailored to small. the company uses direct marketing. and other similar services which will attract current and potential customers to our Web pages. E-commerce and associated online databases. service offerings. the company plans to launch free email services. EOL NET will be able to surpass in the market because the company is small. and other technologies. Once customers have been acquired. For instance. EOL NET plans to exploit on the following areas of growth: High-speed Internet connectivity via DSL. as well as increase exposure of our own products and services. business directories. local businesses. the company will seek to offer them additional services which will increase margins and provide them with useful solutions they would not otherwise find. Following activities are pursued by the marketing department: → → Advertising design and placement. and production. highly focused. . Public relations schedules and press releases throughout each year. To provoke sales. store checkout stands).g.Marketing Strategy:Our strategy is to achieve name recognition and attract customers by aggressively pricing its services. Wireless.

The company will participate in selected local and national shows that will provide an opportunity to develop exposure. and monitoring of websites. Design and creation of sales support material. → → → → Design. dialup access. → Collection. and internal dissemination of competitive information. Ads will be developed and placed in several industry publications. Web hosting. • Trade Shows. etc. maintenance.Planning and execution of all industry conferences. booths. messages. This initiative will create awareness of the • . This is a very effective tool in creating awareness and stimulating lead activity. and content provision. Collection and dissemination of client testimonials. Newspapers and magazines. The recommendation is to join a number of organizations that are relevant to the company as a whole. analysis. including the reservation of space. • Industry Organizations and Associates.         Media Advertising Strategies:Marketing initiatives will focus on four areas: Server Hotel facilities. literature. personnel. Marketing activities will be concentrated in the following categories: Print Advertising.

Telemarketing activities geared to identify qualified leads. .So the current market condition with reference to internet in Pakistan is as follows. In this connection current market situation of that field should be examined. Following five forces are driving the industry competition. •             Competitive Analysis Current Situation Analysis:Before starting a new business it is very necessary to know the big and small players of that particular filed.company within the industry. Telemarketing Campaign. Threats of new entrants. Using Porter’s Analysis:With reference to Porter we have analyzed the market situation of internet. follow-up on sales progress to the qualified leads. Rivalry among the existing firms. Threats of Substitute Products or services. and assurance that new potential contact lists are current and accurate. and provide networking opportunities. Product and Competitors . Current market situation is based on the factors like Market.

000 valued customers. Cyber.Bargaining power of Suppliers. Paknet etc) Threats of substitute products and services Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers Impact Medium by exerting the barriers to entry High every firm is striving for the quality service Low High (More Price of providing the services) Medium (Low Switching cost) Competitors Analysis As there are a lot of ISPs in Pakistan but the main competitors of our ISP are the: • Cybernet • Brain net • WOL Cybernet:CYBERNET is the largest Internet and Data Communication Network Service Provider in Pakistan. Bargaining power of buyers. A group company of the Lakson Group of Companies. medium or high in strength. Brain. in the city of Karachi. Name of Driving Force Threats of New entrants (ISP) Rivalry among the existing firms (WOL. Cybernet. The company offers various services to the corporate and consumer sectors and it is exploring the possibilities to extend several other unique online services to its over 350.Net has made a name for itself as one of the leading ISP's in the country. having its share of trials and tribulations. These five driving forces are analyzed as low.Net has maintained the tradition of dedication and service . Cyber. Since its commencement in March 1997.

Brain has got largest Optical Fiber network in Lahore over which top IT companies are subscribed to. In 1996 Brain incorporated Brain NET to commence Internet Services and retained an honor of First Internet Service Provider of Pakistan. With ever expanding horizons. Harvard. Cyber. direct connection via satellite to the Internet backbone. reliable. and continues to be. LUMS and FAST.Net aims to be the largest Internet Service Provider in the country with features and facilities like 24-hour technical assistance. Under the wellestablished brand name of WOL. Cyber. Being a Group of companies.par excellence. Cyber. 7 days a week. its motto. Brain Net:Brain NET is pioneer in Internet Service industry in Pakistan and considered to be largest Internet service provider with greater geographical coverage and vast range of internet solutions for consumer and corporate sector. superior services and solutions.Net offers Total Internet Solutions for the business and family alike. delivering dial up Internet. We are also been granted Local Loop License (LLC) by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to run Telecom operations with in Lahore region under BrainTEL. WOL currently employs more than 200 engineers and business graduates from leading universities like MIT. In 1992 Brain has an honor of innovating emailing system first time in Pakistan history and received a lot of appreciation. WOL:World Online (Internet Lifestyle) WOL Telecom Limited (Formerly Cyber-Soft Technologies Limited) is a leading provider of Internet and data services of Pakistan. best modem to user ratio preventing busy signals. firewall security features to safeguard against hackers. powerful.Net with approximately 280Mbps bandwidth countrywide and approximately 18000 dialup ports at present is completely geared towards providing customers with timely. we always stood ahead all in innovating solutions. WOL is the . broadband and data access services to consumer and businesses across the country in more than 350 cities across Pakistan. Being pioneer in ISP industry. BU. which has been. Brain Computers was started back in 1982 with successful business of selling computer hardware solutions.

Their Objective:To attain market leadership and expansion in the IT and communication sectors by leveraging ISP/ASP. the network offers broad range of IP and data services at company maintained sales outlets “WOL Net Dokaans” and round the clock customer support in 20 cities country wide. Being Internet Service Provider and technology seeker. superior & beneficial solutions. we believe in creating internet & technology awareness towards common public. Data Services and Software Service. The Shafi Group. leasing and IT industry and employs more than 1500 people with annual exports of US$ 100+ million. Why to choose these ISPs as Competitors:- . Data Networking and Software capabilities. chemical. which consists of nine different ventures in leather. WOL recently introduced its DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services. DSL is an access technology that converts ordinary copper telephone line into access paths for high-speed data communications (data. IP VPN. In the fast pace growing demand for broadband Internet. keeping in view Pakistani job market we try to contribute by becoming favorable employer and facilitate human resources at our best so that they can meet common needs with high esteem. WOL is focused at providing you with maximum value for your money by not just offering Internet connectivity but providing you with Internet solutions along with differentiated features. brining internet into common person’s life and to provide value of your money. audio & video). Their Mission:To become leader in innovation and contribute IT awareness towards society. To be dynamically growing organization in ISPs and telecom industry by achieving Internal & external customer satisfaction.group company of one of the largest business groups of Pakistan. WOL X. Fixed Access.25. Further. WOL’s complete line of services include: Dial Up access. Operating on a single platform using leading edge technology. Web Hosting. WOL ATM.

Lower maintenance costs.We have included the above ISPs in our main competitors list because. Only one physical network is required to deal with both voice/fax and data traffic instead of two physical networks. Increases bandwidth efficiency.the underlying protocol – which is supported by most platforms and is independent of the transport protocol used. • • • IP is an open standard and has been around for many years. Having only one physical network has the following advantages: o o o o Lower physical equipment costs. Increases the ability to exploit new technologies. . They are using different augmented services like excellent customer feedback and excellent handling of customer’s inquiries to satisfy their needs SWOT Analysis of Internet Service Providers Strengths:• • The main strength is the offering of reliable services ISPs help to eliminate wasted bandwidth by not transporting the 60% of normal speech which is silence. ISPs using the IP . These three ISPs are well known ISP in Pakistan They provide the quality services to their clients.

Waiting for delayed packets or retransmission of lost packets can result in considerable degradation of quality. Long delays in transit can affect quality so much that the technology can become unusable. • While some standards have been set by the ITU.IP Telephony can provide considerable cost savings on long distance and international calls as the PSTN is bypassed using VOIP Gateways. The following paragraph looks at some of the weaknesses of this technology and their consequences. though many vendors do have solutions which aim to negate the degradation suffered due to transit delays. • • Unified messaging systems can be achieved by sending/receiving e-mails and faxes from PC's phones. • The Internet is not the best medium for real time communications. Individual packets can take different routes and varying delays can be encountered and packets lost in transit. the technology is not fully standardized and there is no guarantee that products from different vendors will be interoperable. fax machines or handheld de           Weaknesses:While there are many aspects of this technology which provide considerable benefits. Some vendors are trying to resolve this problem by forming groups and making guarantees about the products in the group but this is only . the technology is still very young and problems remain.

This allows any transmission to be encrypted using a number of cryptographic techniques and providing security by transmitting the communications through a 'tunnel' which is set up using PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) before commencing communications • IP Telephony allows companies to exploit Computer Telephony Integration to its full extent. • • Others see the immaturity of the technology and lack of standards across the board as a major drawback. Some organizations feel that the QoS needs to be improved before they will invest heavily in IT Telephony solutions. • With the growth in technology people want to incorporate their work with the research that is done on the other parts of world in this connection they need a high connectivity which is only provided through the use of internet.   Opportunities:• Internet awareness is still in the growth process as people becoming familiar more and more with the passage of time. • Heavy congestion on the network can result in considerable degradation of service as IP is not good at providing QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees. . and not to mention increased sales. For example.vendor’s outwit the group cannot guarantee interoperability.a partial solution . a user visiting the company web site can click on a link and speak to customer service or sales representatives directly. • Many vendors offer the ability to incorporate Virtual Private Networking (VPN) with relative ease into the IP Telephony solutions they provide. This allows traditional telephone sales/ helpdesks to be linked to E-Commerce which can lead to more efficient processing.

Since all the telephony needs of the company are integrated. The system must be protected from attack by malicious intruders wherever possible. cause problems at a later date • Quality of service can be compromised when network traffic is high. Logo With reference to our ISP name EOL we use the following logo. all communications are lost. This can result in a loss of new business and / or extremely unsatisfied existing customers.   . loss of network services do to a successful attack could prove catastrophic • Lack of interoperability between vendor products could. most vendors provide logging and accounting facilities whereby all usage can be monitored Threats:• A commercial threat may be posed if the company is slow to incorporate new technologies compared to its main competitors. conflicting with the notion that an IP Telephony solution increases productivity. This could result in a decrease in productivity. potentially.• The convergence of communications technologies allows greater control over communications. Revenue generated through E-Commerce is expected to rise sharply over the next few years and IP Telephony and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) techniques provide a new way of attracting business and customers • If the converged solution fails. the security policy of the company should be reviewed to enhance current security measures.

It covers the user easiness to handle all the information 3. We use the following tagline: "Eye to the world" Why to use We have used this tagline because when the internet users came to know about our advertisements they clearly distinguish us as a high speed internet service provider. Hence it proves very helpful in creating awareness among the users. The semicircle shows the eclipse shape of the world to whom the user is connected to the world through our ISP. The round spot in the eclipse shows the movement of information in the world. 2.       . Tagline:Tagline is the last sentence or the short statement at the end of TVC.  I ONLINE   Why to use Logo:We have used this logo because 1. This logo creates the awareness about our ISP name EOL.

it shows our competitive edge to over competitors. There will be another segment of the home users. Cybernet has segmented its market on the basis of: Geographic Segmentation:Geographically we will first cover the whole market of Lahore and then move to the market of Karachi. Our USP is "Use EOL Net to get Ultimate high speed Internet Experience" Why to Use We have used this unique selling proposition because it shows our competitive edge to our competitors. Target market:After segmentation the second thing is to serve the target customers so EOL net targeted the: Primary Target Market .Unique Selling Proposition:As we want to become the leading ISP in Pakistan. Islamabad Demographic Segmentation:On the basis of demographic we first segmented our corporate users in the core segment and then students on the secondary segment.   Segmentation:Segmentation is the process of dividing the whole market in different segments which are homogenous within the segment and heterogeneous outside.

Mobilink. Services . so our service strategies are as follows. Secondary Target Market Our secondary target market is the Students.Our primary target market is the corporate sector like Multinational organizations. home users and: The people from Upper classes The people from middle classes     Positioning:As our primary target market is corporate sector and secondary target market is the consumer from upper and Middle class so we positioned our services in the mind of target market through providing ultimate internet speed.         Four P'S Product Strategy:As our ISP is a service based company and it provides the service of internet. cash and carry and warid. Telenor.

domain registration. leased and committed bandwidth solutions services to the corporate sector. shared.EOL Net provides services like Web hosting. Some of the services are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Satellite Broadband Solutions Internet Bandwidth Solution Corporate Leased Line Access Internet Downlink Services Network Designing for Inter-Branch Connectivity ISDN Services DDP – Dedicated Dialup Port services Video Conferencing Wireless Solutions Corporate Mail Solutions Customized Web mail solution (POP3 Based) Web-Hosting Services Application Hosting FTP Services Real Time Branch Office Connectivity Domain Registration and Mapping Managed Firewall Services Incoming Virus Free Emails for Whole Domain (Anti-Virus Mail Guard-Trend Micro) Incoming Virus Free Emails for Mail Boxes created on Relay (Anti-Virus Mail Guard) • .

For this purpose we use the price penetration strategy in which we involve in setting the low price of our services to capture the market share and to gain competitive advantage. favorable and unique brand associations. Durability We make our service durable by giving the users quality efforts to improve their satisfaction at reasonable cost. Performance: Our main emphasis is on high performance service provider so we tend to persistent regarding the speed and performance of internet. In this connection we introduce the new card scheme for the home and corporate users as. To set the price consumer perception and value of the product should be kept in mind. Pricing Strategy:Price is one of the revenue generating elements of the traditional marketing mix. . Reliability We make our service reliable by using new technology like VSAT. • Different EOL student’s cards are distributed. and price premiums are one of the most important equity benefits of creating brand awareness and strong. Price Penetration Strategy:As we are the new entrant in the market so there is a need to capture the market first.Strategies We take into consideration the following necessary things while to render our service. These cards having the scheme like one who uses the net three hours continues the fourth hour will be free. So we are currently using the price penetration strategy.

• We will also issue cards for the students who are very low priced. Its price will be 1000 Rupees for one moth. Lahore. These cards carrying the name like EOL Better and EOL Best. • EOL Better has 5 hours in only 10 rupees while EOL Best card having 12 hours in only 20 rupees. • We will also be serving the corporate sector with a low rate of DSL. We believe that for Pakistan to be a global communications hub. it is important that our customers be able to get in touch with people from all over the world." Channel strategy involves the how many channels are used for the distribution of products and services. Rawalpindi and Islamabad. So the marketing channels are defined as "sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption. So we want to become specialize in flexible and innovative services that are based upon . There are mainly two channels are used for this purpose: Direct Distribution Channel Indirect Distribution Channel We will use both these types of channels like we are serving to the corporate through direct channel by rendering them the service of DSL And for serving the home users and students we use Dealers network. We plan to have four main dealers in Pakistan in Karachi. Distribution strategy:The manner by which a product is sold or distributed can have a profound impact on the resulting equity and ultimate sales success of a brand. 24 hours a day. A reliable and robust network infrastructure is the key to ensuring that our services are kept up and running round-the-clock.

open systems to fulfill our customers’ end to end communication needs with maximum clarity and control.     Advertising and Media Plan Outlines MEDIA PLAN SUMMARY:The Media Plan is developed for an ISP “EOL Net” .     Promotions Strategy:We will use print media and outdoor advertising for its promotion. However in spite of this we will also use many tools in its promotion like: (a) Publicity (b) Word of Mouth (c) Emphasis on Event Marketing Live Concert (d) Outdoor Media (e) Electronic Media (f) Radio We are initially going to launch our ISP through Outdoor and print media advertisement.

This media Plan is consisted of three major segments in both ways one is showing the all activities detail and other is showing the cash flow of these activities month wise i.) Every segment of launch stage.e.e.500.000approx) • Launch Activities (Rs 12.500. B2B and B2C (Business to Business and Business to Consumer) which will be enforcing directly and indirectly to target market and will get desired results.e. 000approx. 0500. ABL (Above the Line Activities) and BTL (Below the Line Activities) that will be on road time to time which will create the pull and push of product in the market accordingly. EOL Net Launching Strategy Brief:• EOL Net is going to be an ISP which will provide fast internet services to users at affordable rate and our strength will be customer satisfaction   Objectives:• To introduce Fast Internet services in Pakistan • To give maximum satisfaction to the customer at minimum cost . there are two types of activities i. Moreover there are details of these activities in the end which also clear the picture of this Media Plan for further understanding. These all activities are designed and developed the keeping in mind both aspect i. as under Activities detailed by Month: • Pre-Launch Activities (Rs 6.000approx) • Post Launch Activities (Rs 1.

that is we have chosen “EOL Net” • Design the Logo. BUSINESS RECORDER. personal selling. OVERALL STRATEGY:• We will launch the “EOL Net” by aggressive publicity through direct marketing. • Once this has been achieved the Publicity of the service should then be reinforced through advertisement. MEDIA The awareness campaign should be run on the Following media: • Newspapers • IT Magazines • Hoardings   . • Preparation of Print Ads. AURORA • Opening Ceremony in 5 star Hotel of Lahore. PRE-LAUNCH:• Choice Of Brand name for the Internet service. • Outdoor site Selection ( Billboards ) LAUNCH:• Ads in DAWN.• To earn profit yet satisfying customer’s needs • To capture most of the Commercial zone by providing them Fast internet services at nominal rates. JANG.

• Run the ad on Radio Fm 101 and FM 89. Berket market. • A TVC for cable television MEDIA The awareness campaign should be run on the Following media: • Newspapers • IT Magazines • Hoardings • Radio • Cable Publications The newspaper that we suggest for the advertisements are: • Dawn • Jang • Business Recorder Magazines: • Aurora • Net Mag .Post Launch • Direct marketing by sending the sales force to multinational and national organizations • Placing of hoardings at Gulberg. Davis road and Campus area.

At Lahore Different hoardings are placed firstly at Lahore at the following locations .• Jang Sunday Magazine • Spider • Dawn Mag Why to choose these publications We have used these publications because • These publications has maximum readership • These publications and magazines are equally important for both students and corporate sector especially the Dawn and Jang respectively. Advertising:• A series of print ads should be developed for targeted placement • The ad size should range from full page to quarter page for different magazines. These are Lahore and Islamabad. Out door Advertising:We plan to use the two cities of Pakistan for placing of hoardings. • Posters and brochures are developed for sending them to different outlets and corporate sectors. newspapers and trade publications. • We plan for heavy burst of insertion for initial two months and then mild burst for 6 months and then low burst for the remaining 4 months by keeping in view of our budget.

Our secondary target market is the student so hoardings at Chauberji square and PU Campus Bridge will entertain the students.334.776. Launch Activities and Post Launch Activities.300Rs Post Launch Activities 8. Pre launch activities. Cash Flow of Activities:Pre launch Activities 4.e. As our core target market is the corporate sector and the most business world resides and working in Gulberg.186Rs Launch Activities 6.516.900Rs TOTAL 19. Davis road and Mall road.627. Insertion Plan for Print Media We have made three insertion plans with reference to our activities i.• Gulberg Main Market • PU Campus bridge • Davis Road • Mall Road • Chauberji square Why to choose We have used these areas for the following reasons 1.386Rs A complete detail of the spending of these activities is given as: .

480Rs Post Launch Activities 1.208.Out Door Media Insertion Plan:We have also divided the plan of outdoor media into three activities.812.800Rs               Pre Launch Activities For the Month of March 2007 Size of Hoardings 10x20 10x20 10x20 Days to Place the hoardings 15 15 15 120.782 Cost Rs. Pre Launch Activities 1.320Rs Launch Activities 1.580.600.200 127. Position of Hoardings Barkat Market Chauberji Square Mall Road .000Rs Total 4.000 135.

280 190.000 220.000 170.000 175.338 105.000 135.000 280.000 210.Gulberg Main Market Davis Road Campus Bridge Cavalry Bridge Defense Total 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20   14 15 15 15 15   205.480Rs .000 1.320Rs         Launch Activities For the Month of April 2007 Position of Hoardings Berket Market Chauberji Square Mall Road Gulberg Main Market Davis Road Campus Bridge Cavalry Bridge Defense Total   Size of Hoardings 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20 10x20   Days to Place the Hoardings 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Cost 250.000 202.200 295.000 1.812.208.000 200.

It is largely listened by the corporate sectors. Just connect yourself through EOL Net and take the pleasure to move along the full and quick stream of information. City FM 89 is listened by the High class segment and hence we can target them through this. FM 101 has a maximum coverage as it is listened in 99 cities of Pakistan and has 8 stations. Cable Network . 2.  Post Launch Activities For the Remaining ten months from May. As we promise to give you Ultimate high speed Internet Experience. Script High speed connectivity is no longer a problem now. 3. 07 to February 2008 Electronic Media:We have planned to use two media for this purpose: • Radio • Cable Television Radio For Radio we plan to run the following massage at Fm 101and Fm 89 Why to Choose We have plan to choose these stations because 1.

  . NBC 2. Corporate people and students too take keen interest to view the cable programs 4. World call 3. As we promise to give you Ultimate high speed Internet Experience. It is inexpensive media 3. It has high viewer ship 2. Star Why to choose We have used cable network because 1. Moreover these cable operators are rendering their services mostly to our target market.We plan to choose the three cable operators at Lahore 1.net. The message would be High speed connectivity is no longer a problem now.EOL. Script The same script as for the radio will run on the cables throughout the year in the form of news run along the Sports Program and along the news session. Log on to www.pk for further detail. Just connect yourself through EXCEL Net and take the pleasure to move along the full and quick stream of information.

Cash Flow .480 1.900 Rs Total 30.250.186 Rs Cash Flow for Media Plan Pre Launch Activities           Cash Flow for Media Plan Launch Activities Month Launch Activities BTL Activities Music Concert+Conference Hoardings For One Month 5 Hoardings in Lhr of size 10x20 Jul07 Aug-07 Sep07 Oct07 Nov07 Dec07 Jan08 Feb08 Mar08 Apr08 May08 Jun08 Total 1.480 .000 1.008.000 1.437.209.506 Rs Launch Activities 10.812.250.812.780 Rs Post Launch Activities 13. Pre Launch Activities 6.901.

459.780 10.780 250. FM 89 200.000 Production Cost Sales Force job Designing cost of press ad Designing cost of Magazines Designing Cost of Hoardings Designing Cost of POS Material Radio/Cable TV Script writing 10.334.000 Total Cost   Cash Flow for Media Plan Post Launch Activities   .000 250. Brouchers or flyers 6.2.300 6.000 113.459.000 500.000 200.334.300 500. FM 106.ATL Activities Campaigns in News papers+Magz POS (Printing) Leaflets.000 113.000 Cable Television Radio FM 101.

Graphical Presentation of Cash Flow Pre Launch Activities:                  Launch Activities:          .

          Post Launch Activities:                  Over all Cash Flow (Month Wise) Business Promotion Plan:- .

For this purpose we plan to adopt the following tools. Human interaction . 4. In pre launch activities we conduct a press conference which covers the introduction of our ISP and we invite the prominent journalist from all the News papers and hence we create a press release too in this context. This show will be opened for the students and people from every sphere of life. Personal Selling:We plan to make extensive personal selling. 1. Human relation skills 3. 3. In post launch activities we will arrange an IT conference again inviting the different ISPs in Pakistan along with industrialist. 1. Motivation 2. For this purpose we plan to hire a sales manager having the following qualities. Ambition 5. Personal Selling Event Management In event management we will do the following activities. 1. Higher than average energy level 4. Event Management 2.In order to promote the business different promotional tools are adopted. In post launch activities we will arrange a musical concert at Alhamra Art Complex. 2. In launch activities an IT conference is presided by the Excel Net and where we invite leading men from the corporate sector along with education and IT minister.

Evaluating the sales force performance 5. Visit to different organization and persuade them to use the facilities provided by the Excel Net. Territory development Planning the sales force Effort 2.6. . Developing the Sales Force 3. Directing the sales force 4. Intellectual ability 9. Personal impact The Personal Selling Functions Sales force perform the following function 1. Behavior Flexibility 8. Sales Evaluation 6. Persuasiveness 7.

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