Dear Sir/Madam, I am Nivedita doing MBA from INSTITUTE OF RURAL MANAGEMENT,JAIPUR .I am preparing a project report on BUSINESS POTENTIAL SURVEY OF KOTA-OPPORTUNITIES FOR SBBJ.I am studying the market potential for home loans.For this I have designed a questionnaire to know your views.Please fill the given as per your thinking and experiences.I will be thankful to you for this. 1. Name: ___________________________________2. Age: (a) Below 30 3. Occupation: (a) Professional Others (b) 30-40 (b) Self-employed (c) 40-50 (c) Salaried (d) Above 50 (e)

4. Which income group do you belong? (Per annum) (a) Below 2 lakhs (b) 2-4 lakhs (c) 4-6 lakhs and above 5.Do you own a home? (a)Yes (b)No

(d) 6 lakhs

6.Are you aware of the home loan product of any of the following banks? (a)ICICI (b)HDFC (c)PNB (d)SBBJ (e)Others 7.Which bank’s home loan product do you find most reliable? (a)ICICI (b)HDFC (c)PNB (d)SBBJ (e)Others If yes why? (a)Attractive interest rates (b)Service provided (c)schemes (d)Pay back period (e)Others 8.Have you ever taken home loan? (a)Yes (b)No If yes,from which bank? (a)ICICI (b)HDFC (d)SBBJ (e)Others


9.While taking home loan, which things attract you the most? (a) Interest rates (b) Service Provided (d) Scheme (e)Others 10.In near future would you be interested to take home loan? (a)Yes (b)No (c)Can’t say

(c) Pay back period

From where have you got information about these? (a)Newspaper (b)Magazaines (d)Word of mouth (e)Any other (c)Hoardings 14.If yes why? (a)Non avaliablity of funds (b)Reluctance to pay cash in one go (c)Tax benefit (d)Renovation of house (e)Any other 11.Are you aware of the home loan product offered by SBBJ? (a)Yes (b)No 12.In near future would you be interested to buy home loan product of SBBJ? (a)yes (b)No (c)Cant say DATE: THANKS .

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