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Hippos Development Project

PM351T Mr. Belton MPM

Paula Kelly--Project Manager Corey Davis -- Sr. Quality Analyst Teria Edwards HR Administrative Assistant

Table of Contents
Phase 1- Planning and Acquiring Project Team
Scope Statement WBS Roles and Responsibility Organizational Chart

Phase 2 Training Your Project Team

Project Orientation Plan Project Training Plan Project Team Activities Team Facilitator

Phase 3 Managing the Project Team

Identify Conflicts Rewards and Recognitions Duties and Expectations Peer Evaluation

Phase 1
Planning and Acquiring Project Team

Form Concept Paula Kelly Corey Davis Teria Edwards

Scope Statement
Our client is operating five locations which are spread across three states: Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. They have a need for software that will connect all the locations and keep the company update by using a database inventory at each location.

Project Hippo Human Resources 1.0

Develop Human Resources Plan 1.1

Acquire Project Team 1.2

Develop Project Team 1.3

Manage Project Team 1.4

Closing 1.5

Human Resource Plan 1.1.1

Project Staff Assignments 1.2.1

Team Performance Assessments 1.3.1

Project Management Plan Updates 1.4.1

Project Wrap Up 1.5.1

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Project Sponsor
y y y Ultimate decision-maker and tie breaker Provide project oversight and provide guidance Review/approve some project elements


Participant (s) David H. Belton

Project Manager
y y y y y Manages project accordance to the project plan Provide overall project direction Direct/lead team members towards project objectives Handle problem resolution Manages the project budget Communicate project goals, status and progress throughout the project to personnel in their area Review and approve project deliverables Creates or helps create work products Coordinates participation of work groups, individuals and stakeholders Assure qualit of products that will meet the project goals and objectives Identif risk and issues and help in resolutions Expertise in software creations

Paula ell

Project Participants
y y y y y y

Teria Edwards Core Davis

Project Software Team Management

Core Davis

Organizational Chart
David Belton MPM

Paula Kelly Project Manager

Teria Edwards Administrative Assistant

Corey Davis Senior Quality Management


Phase 2
Training your Project Team

Project Orientation Plan

Background of the Project Introduce the Project Team to the Consultants Current Status of the Project Overview of the Project Process, which would include the Meetings and Objective of the Project

Project Training Plan

Meetings - Enable Staff with the Skills and Knowledge Tracking the Training - Progress on Individual Team Members Individual Development Plan - Action Plan

Communication - Essential


Project Team Activities

Team Form Concept will utilize a workshop Team Building exercise called Toxic Waste. The School Bus Exercise.


Team Facilitator
Plan meeting Objectives Creating an Environment that Encourages full Participation and Motivation Translating those Meeting Objectives Obtaining and Incorporating Meeting Feedback Ensuring that the right people are in Attendance

Phase 3
Managing Your Project Team


Identify Conflicts
New Project Manager Redesign Roles and Responsibilities Adjustment of Team Styles Resource Calendar Adjustments Re-establishment of Ground Rules Communication Barrier Broken Down