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Introduction: Long long time ago, at the foot of the mountain, there lived a poor farmer and his aged, widowed mother. This place was governed by a despotic and cruel leader which once proclaimed that all aged people should immediately put to death by abandoning them to the mountain of Obatsuyama until their death came.

Rising Action: The poor farmer loved his aged mother and the order filled his heart with sorrow. So with many deep hopeless sighs, the youth prepared some food and started their painful journey up to the mountain.

Climax: At last, they reach the summit. The weary and heartsick youth gently released his old mother. Before he live his mother, the old woman told his son about the mark of the pile of twigs that will guide him to the way home. At that point, the farmer realizes that whatever happens he should not left his mother alone. So he decided that both of them will go home and will die together.

Falling Action: Both of them follow the pile of twigs and went home. He hide his mother at a closet of their kitchen so that, the Heralds in Shinano will not find the old woman. Time passed, the farmer feel safe until again, the despotic leader sent fort Heralds with his command. He wanted someone to present to him a rope of ashes.

Ending: One night, the son told his hidden mother about the command. The old woman think of an idea. She commanded her son to make a rope twisted straw and stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it there into the windless night. With the help of other people, they successfully made it and present to the governor. The governor was pleased at the wit of the youth, and from that, his cruel law was abolished. The governor awakened in the truth and remembered the saying With the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom. That very hour, the cruel leader become kind and humble to his people.