Name: Address: Age: Gender: Race: Marital Status: Occupation:

PATIENT’S BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Mr. N.C Laguna City 60 Male Filipino Married Military (retired) Roman Catholic Pleural Effusion II. CHIEF COMPLAINT

Religious Affiliation: Admitting diagnosis:

Health Care Financing: Sibling’s Income

Chest pain, Difficulty of Breathing III. NURSING HISTORY

I. History of Present Illness One month prior to client’s admission, the client felt chest pain which he could still tolerate. Client’s significant others stated that the client has been hospitalized at a hospital in laguna due to an intolerable pain in the chest area. Then he was reffered to Veterans Memorial Medical Center and based on lab results it was ruled out that the patient has pleural effusion among with some complications like tuberculosis, abdominal pain cyst in the liver and malignant ischemia.

Home Environment. good people to interact with.parts of mindanao (surigao del norte and del sur.none IV. Physical Environment.No known disease.no known food and drug allergies III. Family Health History • • • • Mother. Chickenpox.Diabetes Mellitus. nice working area. (deceased) Father.fresh air. Work Environment.Middle class family.clean.occasionally Smoking use-never Drug’s use-none Travelling History. Occupation.Nurse Son. Calcibloc Childhood Illnesses and ImmunizationsImmunization Allergies. clean. Social Health History Alcohol use. Economical Status and ethnic and cultural beliefs. (deceased) Wife. well ventilated house. Agusan del norte and del sur.Reading books and newspapers.HPN. Past Health History • • • • • • • Medical History. fresh air.insulin. Roman Catholic. DIABETES MELLITUS.II. Cagayqan de Oro). jogging. Basilan.nice neighbourhood.multivitamins Prescribed Medications. DIABETES MELLITUS.No known disease. Complete . Hypertension Surgical History-none Accidents-none Medications. Hobbies and Leisure Act. Occupation.HPN.

father .Roles and Relationships.Husband.

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