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West Jet took to the skies Feb 29, 1996 with 200 people, three Boeing 737-200s, and five destinations«

» Founded in 1994 by Clive Beddoe, Tim Morgan, Donald Bill, Mark Bill » Low cost carrier » Differentiator : Caring attitude towards passengers(guests) » Mission Statement : To enrich the lives of everyone in WestJet¶s world by
providing safe, friendly and affordable air travel

West Jet Network 1996 .

West Jet Network 2009 .



Culture » Friendly. caring. and for leadership team its 38-40 » Creativity and innovation were encouraged and rewarded . fun and youthful working culture » Average age of workforce 34.


CARE : Creating A Remarkable Experience » Purpose : To propagate culture throughout WestJet¶s operations » Helped create videos and plays that entertained stuff » Organized 250 events every year » Organized the biennial profit sharing events at which WestJetters received their profit-sharing cheques from a WestJet executive as a personal thank you .

and in team and individual tasks .Recruitment Process » Group interviews » People with an outgoing and friendly nature were seen as fitting the culture » Two desirable traits : enthusiam and a sense of humor » Candidates were engaged in games.

Talent Management & Orientation » New employees assigned a sponsor who acted as a mentor » Helped employees to learn about the organization » High potential employees given more formal training » Bottom-up management style » Employees were deemed as owners of their jobs .

not the problem .PACT : Pro-active Communication Team » Employee association that allowed management to keep in touch with rank and file » Addressed concerns before they became problems » Eliminated the need of union » Covered the entire company : different chapters represented different work groups » Making the employees part of the solution.

WHY : We Hear You » Internal Twice-annual survey » Measured employee engagement and culture » Encouraged feedback » Helped top management to assess the work culture and make improvements .

Adopt a Base program » A Structured program to allow executives to connect with business » Executives take ownership of one or more bases and visit them on a regular basis and attend social functions .

Infrastructure » Five different fare classes or buckets » Online booking system transparent and easy to use » Flew only 737 models for cost cutting » Less expense on training crew .

Sharing the rewards » Profit share program ± 10-20% of pre-tax operating income is set as bonus » Employee Share Purchase Plan(ESPP) ± ± ± ± ± ± Contribution up to 20% of employee income were matched by WestJet ³We are owners´ campaign Average contribution : 15% base salary 86% WestJetters participating Bonus checks were given biannually A way to say personal ³Thank You´ .


both to improve the guest experience and to save costs » Clan culture .Competitive Advantage » The fact that West Jet is able to run a profitable business with such low airfares Source of Competitive Advantage » Excellent customer service coupled with affordable and cheap rates » Organic Culture » Gave people a reason to travel with them » Owners try harder than employees.

Importance of Culture » The differentiating factor between WestJet and other airlines » Employees took decisions that led to cost cutting and innovation » Fun & friendly environment leads to enjoyable working atmosphere » Employees happy customers happy Profits » Was the only airline in Canada to make profits during recession » Within just 14 years had become the 5th most profitable airline in the entire world .

Copycats » Difficult to imitate » Needs extensive restructuring across all operations » Lacks a proper foundation to create such a culture » Unable to match West Jet¶s low rates Ingredients for a culture of engagement and ownership » all employees must be able to enjoy where they are working and have a positive attitude » Employees are always welcome to voice their opinions or suggestions and never have a problem stepping forward when help is needed » Link the employee remuneration to organization's profit .

Use the ³you´ approach » Damage to organization culture= Loss for the pilots . Road-shows organized by top executives to build support for it failed. » Re-engage the pilots » Explain the potential damage the rejection of contract offer can cause.The Pilot Problem » The Problem : 3 year contract with pilots about to terminate. Negotiations for new contract regarding pay structure between management and pilots stalled.

revenue social networking sites » Extend its culture and values by sharing what they are doing through » Deploy at least one permanent employee at each overseas location to ensure uniform service standard is maintained across the world. .Future Course of Action » Use technology as a differentiator » Manage and accommodate growth with customized connectivity solutions » Achieve technology innovation while maintaining a low cost business model » Integrate customer experience monitoring across all customer touch points and interactions to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately.

If you are not having fun. you are fired!! .

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