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City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Bite Case Timeline 2XXX Cincinnati November 8, 2011

Time ACS Response Call made by the victim, EMS and Fire Dispatched
7:44 a.m. 311 contacted by Eunice Santos reporting she was attacked by three dogs, all brown medium shepherd mix dogs, living at 2XXX Cincinnati. At that time operators contacted EMS and SAPD, which dispatched units. ACS dispatched officers to the location. Units arrived at approximately 830.

ACS Dispatched
8:07 a.m.

ACS arrival and action taken

8:30 a.m.
ACS units arrive on scene and contact SAPD Officer Gano. The officer advised that there were three canines on the property. The dogs were standing inside of a fence that allowed them to access the street through a hole at the rear of the property. This is most likely the hole the dogs used to leave the property and attack Ms. Santos. The officers determined the hole allowed the dogs to leave and return to the property at will. To protect the public from further attacks, officers entered the fence to impound the dogs. The dogs again escaped the yard, concluding with two of the dogs being captured while running stray. The third was captured after it returned to 2XXX Cincinnati and was found by officers standing on the propertys porch. At no time did officers enter into the domicile of the premises. The property was posted to inform the owner who will receive citations for all violations involved in this incident.

Dogs quarantined
9:00 a.m. All three dogs are currently at ACS and under quarantine for the next 10 days. ACS will also initiate a dangerous dog investigation to determine if these animals should be declared dangerous.

Victim and Condition

Ms. Santos was transported from the scene by EMS. ACS is in the process of contacting her to determine the extent of her injuries. Depending on the severity, further enforcement action will be taken on the owner.

Owner Accountability
If the owner fails to contact ACS, staff will seek the owner out and issue citations- without regard to whether the owner redeems his dogs.