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1. (highball glass) Southern comfort Orange juice Grenadine syrup Fill glass with ice. Pour southern comfort and oj, add a dash of grenadine syrup. Garnish – orange slice Garnish – lemon slice 6. Peach daiquiri (martini glass) Peach schnapps Rum Lime juice Sugar Shake all ingredients with ice, poue ion glass Garnish – lemon slice 7. Screwdriver (highball glass) Vodka Grenadine syrup o/j pour vodka and o/j in glass filled with ice add dash of grenadine garnish – orange slice 8. Tom Collins (Collins glass) Gin Sugar syrup Soda Shake gin sugar syrup with ice, pour in glass, top up with soda Garnish – cherry or SOL 9. Dry martini (martini glass) Gin Dry vermouth Shake ingredients with ice, pour in glass garnish with olive Garnish – olive 10. Dirty martini Gin Dry vermouth Olive brine Pour all ingredients in shaker, shake well with ice, and strain in glass Garnish – olive

2. Tequila/vodka sunrise (highball glass) Tequila/vodka Grenadine sryrup o/j fill glass with ice, tequila/vodka pour oj add dash of grenadine syrup garnish – orange slice 3. Pimms and lemonade (pimms glass) Pimms Lemonade Fill glass with ice add all the garnish, pour pimms, top up with lemonade. Garnish with mint leaf on top. Garnish – sol,orange slice, strawberry, mint leaves 4. Cosmopolitan (martini glass) Vodka Triple sec * Cranberry juice Shake vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice with ice. Shake well. Pour in martini glass. Garnish – lemon wedge 5. Daiquiri (martini glass) White rum Lime juice Sugar Shake all ingredients with ice, pour in glass