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Shams Al Maarif

Shams Al Maarif

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Shams Al-Ma'arif Al-Kobra: v. 2: Illumination of Knowledge [Hardcover]
Ahmad Al-Buni (Author)
Book Description This is volume 2 a continuation of the original manuscript of Shams al-ma'arif al-kobra (The Illumination of Knowledge) by renowned Sufi Ahmed ibn 'Ali ibn Yusuf al-Buni (d1225). It is one of the most widely read medieval treatise on talismans, magic square and prayers of protection against magic. It also includes a number of sciences including ilm al-Hikmah (knowledge of Wisdom), ilm al-simiyah (study of Divine Names) and Ruhaniyat (spirituality).

Al-Buni acquired his knowledge from a number of Sufi masters and scholars including Abu Abdillah Shams al-Din al-Asfahâni. The knowledge traces back to a chain of well known Sufi masters including Jalal al-Din Abdullah al-Bistami, Shaykh al-Sarajani, Qasim al-Sarajani, Abdullah al-Babani, Asîl al-Din al-Shirazi, Abu al-Najîb al-Sahruwardi, Mohammad ibn Mohammad Al-Ghazali al-Tusi, Ahmad al-Aswad, Hamad al-Dînuri, master al-Junayd al-Baghdadi, Sari al-Din al-Saqati, Ma'ruf al-Karkhi, Dawûd al-Jili, Habîb al-A'ajami, and Imam Hasan al-Basri. Al-Buni also acquired his knowledge from Abu al-'Abbas Ahmad ibn Maymûn al-Qastalâni, who derived knowledge from masters going back to Dawûd al-Tâ'i, Habîb al-A'jami, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Sîrîn, and Malik ibn Anas.
From the Publisher This is a replica of the original manuscript written by the Sufi Master Ahmed al-Buni. Many of the mujarrabat (time tested methods) on various remedies in the Islamic world are simplified excerpts from the Shams al-Ma'arif.

This is a unique piece of work and is now available for the first time in its original form for all people to study and enjoy.  Hardcover: 143 pages

who also wrote on mathematics. and Ruhaniyat (Spirituality). there is a MS of one of his works in Berlin. Ilm al-Hikmah (Knowledge of the Wisdom). He left a bibliography of his writings. Shihab ud-Din Suhrawardi) Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali al-Tusi (the famous scholar. 622 AH / 1225 CE) Precious little is known about the life of Ahmad al-Buni. often simply called Ghazali or Algazel) Ahmad al-Aswad Hamad al-Dinuri Al-Junayd al-Baghdadi Sari al-Din al-Saqati Ma’ruf al-Karkhi . apparently a reproduction of the edition of 1874. However.htm About Muhiuddin Abu’l Abbas Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Yusuf al-Buni (d. Buni lived in the Middle East and studied under some of the most famed Sufi Masters.antiochgate. very few of them have survived. seems to refer to later dates for his death such as 670 AH. dated 669. 1921). Publisher: FAR Ancient Publications Ltd. He states in his work Manba’ Usul alHikmah (Source of the Essentials of Wisdom) that he acquired his knowledge of the esoteric properities of the letters through the following retrograde chain of teachers: Abu Abdillah Shams al-Din al-Asfahani Jalal al-Din Abdullah al-Bistami Shaykh al-Sarajani Qasim al-Sarajani Abdullah al-Babani Asil al-Din al-Shirazi Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi (founder of the Suhrawardiyya school of Sufism. he probably lived c. He was an Arab (apparently Egyptian) Sufi of the 7th century AH. No.com/about_buni. well known as a cabbalistic writer. Buni’s mystical pedigree would suggest a late 7th century AH / 13th century CE date for him. Ilm al-Simiyah (Study of the Divine Names). A printed edition of Buni's Shams al-Ma'arif (Cairo. not the Ishraqi school founded by his contemporary. Such terms were prefered by their advocates to Sihr (Sorcery). 4126. 1200 CE. reproduction of original16th century ed edition (July 2006)  Language Arabic  ISBN-10: 1905934017  ISBN-13: 978-1905934010  Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item http://www. Unfortunately. Thus.

. Buni states in the same work that he acquired his knowledge of magical squares through the following retrograde chain of teachers: Siraj al-Din al-Hanafi Shihab al-Din al-Muqaddasi Shams al-Din al-Farisi Shihab al-Din al-Hamadani Qutb al-Din al-Diya’i Muhyiddin ibn Arabi Abu’l Abbas Ahmad ibn al-Turizi Abu Abdullah al-Qurashi Abu Madin al-Andalusi. Buni states that he acquired his occult knowledge through the following retrograde chain of teachers: Abu’l Abbas Ahmad ibn Maymun al-Qastalani Abu Abdullah Muhammad al-Qurashi Abu Madin Shu'ayb ibn Hasan al-Ansari al-Andalusi Abu Ayyub ibn Abi Sa'id al-Sanhaji al-Armuzi Abi Muhammad ibn Nur Abu al-Fadhl Abdullah ibn Bashr Abu Bashr al-Hasan al-Jujari Al-Saqati Dawud al-Ta’i Habib al-Ajami Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Sirin Malik ibn Anas. and obscure names of Chaldæan magicians. M. he recounted a story of his discovery of a cache of manuscripts buried under the pyramids. Buni also made regular mention of Plato.Dawud al-Jili Habib al-Ajami Hasan al-Basri. Aristotle. see Ullmann. Hermes. For information on his writings.Die Naturund Geheimwissenschaften im Islam. Buni states that he acquired additional knowledge about the esoteric art of letters and the magical squares through the following retrograde chain of teachers: Mohammad 'Izz al-Din ibn Jam’a Mohammad al-Sirani Shihab al-Din al-Hamadani Qutb al-Din al-Dhiya’i Muhyiddin ibn Arabi. Alexander the Great. Handbuch der . In one of his works. that included a work of Hermetic thinkers. His works on traditional healing remain a point of reference among Yoruba Muslim healers in Nigeria and other areas of the Muslim world.

printed in 1357 AH ● Kabs al-iktida. 390-1. C. Abteilung I. vol. Brockelmann. C. (Leiden: Brill. Supplement. pp. 2. Brockelmann. 1889-1936).Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur. pp. C. Second edition. J. 1943-49) [Page references will be to those of the first edition. there are: ● Sharh Ism Allah al-a'zam fi al-Ruhani. 1. Among his most famous. 1972). Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur. and was also a writer on occult and magical practices (several of his treatises are preserved today). Abschnitt 2 (Leiden: E. 2 vols. 1. Buni authored approximately 40 texts on occultism. Brill.Orientalistik. with the 2nd edition page numbers given in parentheses]. vol. who was born in Buna in North Africa. p. F. besides the Shams al-Ma’arif and Manba’ Usul al-Hikmah. 3 vols. 64-9.Science. E. see Brockelmann. 715. kept in Durham University Library Note: Our author is not to be confused with Ahmad ibn Qasim ibn Muhammad Sasi al-Buni al-Tamimi (1003/1594 1103/1691). (Leiden: Brill. 910. Tools & Magic [Khalili Collection of Islamic Art. 1st edition. 1997). For his writings and what little is known of his life. . 1937-1942). p. 2 vols. 12] (Oxford: Oxford University Press and London: Azimuth Edition. 1937-1942). . 3 vols. and Maddison. vol. Ergänzungsband VI. . (Leiden: Brill. (Leiden: Brill. and Savage-Smith. Supplement. pp 497-8 (655-6). Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur.

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