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Test de Evaluare Initiala 10, l1 Si Barem

Test de Evaluare Initiala 10, l1 Si Barem

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Published by: Anca Vasile on Dec 30, 2011
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TEST DE EVALUARE INITIALA Anul scolar 2011-2012 Limba engleză Clasa a X-a L1

Numele si prenumele elevului: Data sustinerii testului: • Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerintelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordă 90de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte. • Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte) I. 1. Read the text below and complete the following tasks. Write all your answers on the Answer Sheet. Reality Television Reality television is a genre of television programming which, it is claimed, presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people rather than professional actors. It could be described as a form of artificial or "heightened" documentary. Although the genre has existed in some form or another since the early years of television, the current explosion of popularity dates from around 2000. Reality television covers a wide range of television programming formats, from game or quiz shows which resemble the frantic, often demeaning programmes produced in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s (a modern example is Gaki no tsukai), to surveillance- or voyeurism- focused productions such as Big Brother. Critics say that the term "reality television" is somewhat of a misnomer and that such shows frequently portray a modified and highly influenced form of reality, with participants put in exotic locations or abnormal situations, sometimes coached to act in certain ways by off-screen handlers, and with events on screen manipulated through editing and other postproduction techniques. I 1. a. Match the words to their definition. Write your answers on the Answer Sheet. 10 Points television a factual film or television programme about an event, person, etc., genre kind, category, or sort, esp of literary or artistic work documentary Way of doing something techniques. Far-away exotic The industry of producing and broadcasting television programs I. 1. b. For the following sentences, choose the answer (A, B, C, D) which fits according to the text. Write your answers on the Answer Sheet. 20points Questions Q1 - In the first line, the writer says 'it is claimed' because they agree with the statement. everyone agrees with the statement. no one agrees with the statement. Page 1 of 4 they want to distance themselves from the statement. Q2 - Reality television has always been this popular. has been popular since well before

plants and insects.. 2 Read the text below to fill in the missing information... One day he summoned his son and said: "Today. "Previously it was thought piranhas shoaled as it 6) __________ them to form a cooperative hunting group. failing which you won't have your meals tonight. HONEST b) "A poet has to be extremely .. the name is inaccurate.. I feel ashamed.. according to the team. In one paragraph write your own development of the story. produced Big Brother. which is found in the Amazon in Brazil.10 lines) There once lived a rich businessman who had a lazy and fun loving son. The businessman wanted his son to be hard-working and responsible. so forming a shoal is a good way of 10) __________ being killed. has only been popular since 2000. 10 Points a)……………………." Piranhas can -----------------. Q4 . POLITE PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) Read the text below. I want you to go out and earn something.. I. On your Answer Sheet...Japan is the only place to produce demeaning TV shows. invented surveillance focused productions. He wanted him to realize the value of labour.8)attacked by animals9) __________ dolphins. has been popular since approximately 2000.2000. SENTIMENT c) Smoking has many………………… ADVANTAGE d)…………………. caimans and large fish... we have found that it is primarily a defensive 7) __________. write only the missing words next to the number indicating each blank space. Page 2 of 4 .. I.. it shows reality.... 4) __________ from St Andrews University say that piranhas are omnivores that mainly eat fish." said Professor Anne Magurran. has produced demeaning TV shows copied elsewhere. The fish. (8... have been portrayed as deadly 3) __________ that work in shoals to overwhelm their prey and strip it of its flesh in seconds. 20 points Piranhas Scientists in the UK have announced that the piranha fish's reputation 1) __________ a fearsome 2) __________ may well not be deserved. Q3 . "However. it uses exotic locations."……………………………………………………………………………………………….People have criticised reality television because it is demeaning. 3.is a necessary rule in society. Use the words given in capitals below to form words that fit in the gaps. to the music of words". However. They form big groups not to hunt but to defend 5) __________ against other predators.

as 2. • Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu. Behavior 8. altele decât cele precizate explicit prin barem. killer 3.organization 6p . themselves 6.2. Enabled 7. PARTEA I (60 de puncte) I. 1. B. Nota finală se calculează prin împărtirea punctajului total acordat pentru test la 10.correct use of grammar structures 5p . • Nu se acordă punctaje intermediare. honestly 2. Fill in (one word only) _2x10 words 20p Suggested answers.register and vocabulary 4p .organization / layout 3p . 1. Choose the correct answer (A. Be 9. a. carnivores 4. sentimental 3. b. disadvantages 4.language accuracy and variety 6p . experts 5. D) _____ 5p x 4 answers 20p 1234 DDBC I.TEST DE EVALUARE INITIALĂ Anul scolar 2011-2012 Limba engleză Clasa a X-a L1 BAREM DE EVALUARE SI DE NOTARE • Se punctează oricare alte formulări/ modalităti de rezolvare corectă a cerintelor.5 points x 4 = 10 points): 10p 1.appropriate register and vocabulary 1p -range of vocabulary 3p Page 3 of 4 . Match the words in bold to their definition__________2p x 5words 10p 12345 EBACD I.3 (2. politeness PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) Marking Scheme Task: narrative paragraph (creative writing) task achievement & original input 10p relevance of ideas to topic 4p .cohesion and coherence 2p .length constraint 1p . Like 10. Avoiding I. 1. C.accurate spelling and punctuation 1p . Any correct answer will be accepted.

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