Name __________

Date _______________ British Culture and Civilization Quiz

1. What is a double-decker? a. A bus b. A disco c. A taxi 2. What is the name of the famous London clock? a. Big Ben b. Buckingham Palace c. Nelson’s Column 3. What is England’s national flower? a. The tulip b. The daisy c. The rose 4. What is the population of England? a. About 60 million b. About 50 million c. About 40 million 5. Saint George is the patron saint of England. He was famous for killing something. What was it? a. His wife b. A dragon c. A snake 6. What is the most popular food in Britain? a. Spaghetti b. Fish and chips c. Curry 7. Who is the author of the book Harry Potter? a. J.R. Ewing b. J.K. Rowling c. J.R. Hartley 8. Where is a famous monster supposed to live? a. The Lake District b. The River Thames c. Loch Ness 9. What is “Stonehenge”? a. An old castle b. A prehistoric monument c. A palace

10. What is the name of the famous stadium in the north of London? a. Wembley b. Westminster c. Wimbledon 11. Which band was John Lennon a member of in the 1960s? a. The Beatles b. The Police c. The Rolling Stones 12. In Britain, cars are driven on the ______ side of the road. a. left-hand b. right-hand c. wrong-hand 13. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote lots of ______. a. detective stories b. plays c. poems 14. Where is Belfast? a. In Northern Ireland b. In Scotland c. In Wales 15. Chelsea is a popular ______ team. a. cricket b. football c. rugby 16. Which famous writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon? a. Geoffrey Chaucer b. Agatha Christie c. William Shakespeare 17. Which king had 6 wives? a. Henry IV b. Henry V c. Henry VIII 18. What is the Queen's name? a. Queen Ela I b. Queen Elizabeth II c. Queen Margaret IV 19. Where does the Changing of the Guard take place? a. Buckingham Palace b. Downing Street c. Victoria and Albert Museum

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