Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Mid Autumn Semester Examination Session: 201 0 - 11 Subject No: AR 22008 Subject Name: Ergonomics and Product Design

Final Year, B. Arch Time: 2 hours Full Marks: 30

Instructions: Special credit will be given on relevant, to the point answers with neat supportive sketches/ flowcharts and personal observation.

1. Discuss the different techniques Human Factor Testing highlighting the various steps involved in it. (10)

What are the different types of displays? When are auditory displays preferred to visual display? (10) 2. What are the different types ofinformation analysis techniques?

(8) OR
Highlight the principle areas of study in Ergonomics.

3. Write short notes on (any three)- 4* 3 = 12 a. b. c. d. e. Difference between close loop system and open loop system Indicators of poor fit between task and user Difference in technology between traditional and present day tools and machines. Information required for market investigation at the stage of analyzing user need History and development ofErgonomics

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