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A discussion on the root cause of malefic doshas. Specific reference is to the malefics in the trikona to lagna, and their charakaratva as well. Nice discussion with many clarifications into the more deeper aspects of the planets.
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1. Sharat Says:
February 19th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Visti, Namaskar, Great class on malefics in trines, thanks. I have some Qs, please clarify: 1. You have said about remedy of malefics in 5H using Varachakra, and said to use Third from the malefic. Is that because 3rd causes destruction? Please clarify. 2.You have mentioned Ketu in 5H only in passing reference. Ketu denote mistakes but isnt it also good in 5H as it also inculcates a sense of duty towards family and lineage? Isnt remedy if Ketu is alone through Ganesh form although Varachakra shows Devi as you mention. 3. Please comment on Rahu in Lagan esp in Libra where it aspects 5H/9H and also owns 5H.In my case it is in Parivartan with Venus and in trine from AL. I do at times struggle with sudden procastination/doubts/suspicion in relationships. Is its remedy thru Jupiter alone? Jupiter is in Virgo in 2:12 relation with Rahu. Thanks for your help. Warm regards Sharat 2. Visti Larsen Says:
February 19th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

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18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Sharat, Namaskar. Answers to your questions: 1. The third graha is the opposite of the eighth graha. Where the eighth graha causes the grahana/eclipse, the third graha takes us out of that eclipse. Hence the advise. 2. Ketu in fifth can cause confusion and even make a person lack faith in any particular devata… he is Mahashunya (the great zero) and thus such people often don’t worship at all. The remedy is definitely to worship Ganesha, but to correct mistakes devi is worshipped as you have said. 3. For Rahu in lagna Guru worship is a given. If that Rahu causes health problems then the advise is: Kaloh ChandiVinayako! I.e. worship Chandi to overcome the problems of Ketu and Ganesha to counteract the problems of Rahu. Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen. 3. Sharat Says:
February 19th, 2007 at 1:20 pm

हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Visti, Namaskar, Thanks for your crystal clear thoughts. Mantras are important remedial mesures, may I suggest a future class on principles and application of Mantra shastra. Thanks and warm regards, Sharat ps: has become my favorite Jyotish website , thanks to your regular input. I have RSS/Atom feeds through RSS reader but it does not come up with the every post except the main class uploads on Front page, hence I have to browse through all the sections to find if anything new has been posted. Do you have ny suggestions on this. Thanks. 4. Visti Larsen Says:
February 19th, 2007 at 2:39 pm

हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Sharat, Namaskar. I will take your advise into consideration. Maybe its about time to do so. Did you notice the links to ‘recent posts’ on the sidebar? It will tell the daily-newcomer which posts are posted, and where. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for both my emails and rss-feeds. Right now i’m posting from thunderbird, and i can see all posts to the frontpage, articles and the Jaimini SJC page, as well as their comments. Could be a problem in RSS-Reader. Try re-subscribing or find a better RSS Reader. Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen. 5. Reema Sriganesh Says:

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18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

February 20th, 2007 at 2:10 am

|| Hare Rama Krushna || Namaste Vistiji, In your reply to Sharat, you said: “I.e. worship Chandi to overcome the problems of Ketu and Ganesha to counteract the problems of Rahu.” Is that a typo? Usually, we worship Sri Ganesha to overcome the problems caused by Ketu. May Sri Vishnu bless us all, Reema. 6. Sharat Says:
February 20th, 2007 at 9:51 am

Hare Ram Krishna हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Reema,Namaskar, It is not a typo. Kalho Chandivinyaka is the dictum. When Rahi is evil it can be overcome by worship of Ketu deity(Ganesha) and vice versa for Ketu ( Chandi Devi). Warm regards Sharat 7. Reema Sriganesh Says:
February 20th, 2007 at 10:08 am

|| Hare Rama Krushna || Namaste Sharatji, I certainly did not know that. Thank you for correcting me. However, what is the reason behind worshipping Ketu deity for Rahu problems and vice-versa? May Sri Vishnu bless us all, Reema. 8. Prem Says:
February 20th, 2007 at 2:38 pm

Hi Visti, Want you to tell us what happens when Ketu is in the 3rd house and Rahu is in the 9th. a) Would they cause malefic effect - since ketu is supposed to be good in 3rd. What will be the effect of Rahu in the 9th in this case. Rahu goes to Maranakarka sthana. b) What would happen to this placement in case of Asc. signs like Aquarius where rahu become a co-owner or Scorpio where ketu becomes co-owner. c) What would you say are the remedies for these. Also what has been your experience in the rahu dasa , rahu antra / ketu antra. Which mantra did you use and what was the logic.

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18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

Thanks Prem 9. Visti Larsen Says:
February 20th, 2007 at 6:20 pm

हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Reema and Prem, Namaskar Reema There is a difference in i) appeasing a graha and ii) moving against the graha. Ganesha can fight/obstruct Rahu from his master schemes, as can Chandi fight/obstruct the Ketu from his big mistakes. This is why the advise for badhakesh is to worship the Ganesha form placed in the opposite bhava from him. Prem a) Rahu in ninth causes durbhagya because of doubts in the mind of the native. No matter the sign. Ketu in the third has its errors as the person is very accident prone, or clumsy yet will thrive in learning meditation. b) The signs lorded by planets in MKS tend to be very sensitive spots for people, especially during the signs narayana dasa. If the lagna is this, then the health can suffer alot. c) The begining of Rahu mahadasa was very shocking for myself, yet the shock passed very smoothly due to having worshiped Nageshvara and offered nine golden eggs to the same at the beginning of the Dasa. This remedy is applicable to fixed lagnas, where the ninth house is also the badhaka-sthana. Also I worshiped Sri Vyasadeva diligently. In my chart Guru is yuti Vyasa and Vyasa is the Vishnu-form of the Guru, hence for Guru-Budha yogas advise Vyasa mantra. So basically recite a Guru mantra and the dasa passes easily. I cannot comment reg. Ketu for now. Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen. 10. Sharat Says:
February 20th, 2007 at 9:03 pm

Hare Ram Krishna Dear Visti,Namaskar I have deduced two important principles from your last reply. Please clarify: 1. For obstructing planets/Badhakesh; Ganesha form is to be used as per the bhava 7 th from it. The rasi sign of the bhava will give the exact Ganesh form. Is that correct? 2. For MKS planet,if this is seen in Vargas and varga lagna lord is in MKS , then the entire varga signification suffers? So if that happens in Navamsa, then does the bhagya and dharma suffer? So how can that be remedied? By worshipping the natural karaka of the house the MKS planet is in? Thanks as always for your help and advise. Warm regards Sharat

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18-03-2009 21:13

Correct. Visti Larsen. Yours sincerely. 2007 at 2:19 am Hi Visti(Vyasa). 2007 at 7:51 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Sharat. 5 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .but when i try and apply it i find that 3rd bhav is not affected ( i have a younger sister) and 6th bhava has given me service. I have two planets that are in Marana Karaka .Jupiter (3rd) and Rahu (9th) and asc being aquarius. It shows that the person rejects that aspect of his life. There is also a specific way of forming the Aaditya mantra for this. and no need to 11. Please correct me if I am wrong but you are referering to the Rasi/deity specific Surya Aditya’s for propitiation of MKS planets? Warm regards Sharat 13. Yours very a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2007 at 6:15 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Sharat. Yours sincerely. 2. 2007 at 8:20 pm Hare Ram Krishna Namaskar.. Sharat Says: February 22nd. Visti Larsen. Visti Larsen Says: February 23rd. Visti Larsen Says: February 22nd. I am struck with a few points here i was checking at Marana Karaka planet in my chart and i am not able to connect it with results it should give to know whether it is affected and what should be the remedy. and for Venus worship Ravi… etc.. http://www. Adding this to point a. as the bhavas are created based on light. but the principle is correct. Prem Says: February 25th. For Shani worship Varuna. a) What would happen to the signification of these planets for which it is a karaka (chara/naisargika) b) I have read in JD’s if either Mars/Saturn (6th cancer) are together .Srigaruda. Namaskar Correct. Yes the Karaka of the house must be remedied… It should be done through SURYA. Namaskar 1. or is unable to approach it. or Ketu+Jupiter (3rd Aries) are together they destroy the bhava . 12.srigaruda. It can ruin marriage and relationships also when it comes to navamsa. but I had promised not to speak about this for now. I also taught this during the SJC USA West Coast conference 2003. How do i check which planet is saving these houses. 14.

but this is new to me. whilst the effects can be felt in the house where the planet is posited.. In fact there are three factors to consider when such a yoga occurs: bhava karaka.i wonder if any body has tried the remedy. I.dave 16.concerning remedies for planets i have come across a purana that mentions offering prayers tolord nakhatreshwara for getting rid/avoiding any troubles caused by gahas. Normally the exalted state of the Sun should protect him. Hope someone can 6 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . b) There is more to these varachakra combinations. a) Think in terms of what the planet naturally signifies and what its chara karakatva is and you will understand the situation. 2007 at 12:52 pm sir.e. if you put a priest in the brothel. Take the case of Tony Blair.what could be an appropriate mantra for naksahtreswara(a shiva linga ). but the same Sun is debilitated in navamsa. KK Dave Whilst i’ve heard of a Nakshatra vrata. 2007 at 4:48 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Prem and KK. I am aware of remedies based on the particular c) How should i determine the deity who would rectify this .Srigaruda. lordship and ‘remedy graha’. So his coming to power (sun) actually led to a loss (mks in 12th). Please provide some light on how to solve these points. United Kingdom In his case the Sun is placed in exaltation in the twelfth house. Karaka of the twelfth house Saturn is placed in the fifth house and retrograde. 15. K..k. Whilst the exaltation is good. Date: May 6. Namaskar Prem MKS always hurts the house it lords. Blairs main complaints was that in the time of his rise to political power (Sun) they suffered a major loss on a house-deal as Sun is the fourth lord from lagna. 55 N 57′ 00″ Edinburgh. http://www. i’ve not heard of this particular worship. 1953 Time: 6:10:00 Time Zone: 1:00:00 (East of GMT) Place: 3 W 12′ 00″.-Jupiter is in Marankarka and the dispositor Mars is debilitated in the 6th house (3rd bhava Karaka and 10th house lord). and had it not been for its retrogression this may have helped him avoid the financial loss. But the main cause of suffering in such a case is the lordship of the graha in MKS.rashis and nakshatraas. then the priest will not be able to carry out his duties as a priest and the brothel really just sees the priest as dead weight. your website continues to offer more and more interesting information.K. Now imagine if you put a crook like Rahu in the temple (9th).srigaruda. Did you go through the varachakra article? c) See for this you need to read the article. Visti Larsen Says: February 26th. one of Mr.DAVE Says: February 25th. The lordship points to the a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. with regards k.

Tezpur/ India) is betn 2-00 hrs to 3-30 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based Ketu. but if any devata you will like Ganesha. http://www. I am a novice in astrolgy.srigaruda. Regards 7 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . According to the Prasna i drew: Date: March 26. Visti Larsen. Use Taurus lagna. Denmark Altitude: 15. Visti Larsen. Namaskar. I tried to correlate my life events with the natal chart.r. Visti Larsen Says: March 26th. 19. but it also shows that you may have some confusion reg.. P Chakraborty Says: March 26th. It may give either taraus or gemini ascendant & Ketu in 5th or 4th house. richs vej. 2007 Time: 11:46:27 Time Zone: 2:00:00 (East of GMT) Place: 12 E 30′ 22″. Yours sincerely. what are the strongly noticeable difference will that bring (4th house / 5th house) ? ‘looking forward to your reply. 2007 at 10:49 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Chakraborty.. which deity you like the most. Yours sincerely. With best regards. With Ketu in fifth the risk of Pisacha badhaka is no more. Tarun Garg Says: March 27th. 2007 at 8:03 am Respected Guru Ji Can you please take up the aspects of Prasna in one of your lectures too… it seems to be a very important tool and yet it is not really discussed much. 17. Chakraborty 18. My B’time (08/07/1968. 2007 at 7:55 am Dear Visti-ji. 55 N 41′ 11″ c. Regardless do worship Ganesha to bring some stability in your career and progress in life.f. I will be grateful if you could provide some direction / pointers. There can be a lack of Bhakti towards contribute with their experiences.00 meters The Navamsa lagna falling in Taurus indicates that your Lagna should be Taurus itself. W. But there is a problem which I find unsurmountable.

i really need some advise from you as to . For now do go through this article on my website: http://www. 8 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I have Rahu as Amatyakarak in 9th house in Pushya nakshatra and pushkar amsa . 22:15 PM .in-laws wrongfully aquiried what belonged to me legally. sloka 20 of the Rg Veda. 2007 at 4:42 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Usha. India. Also Venus is the best placed planet among Sun and Mercury in the fifth and ensures progress from the worship of Vishnu. 2007 at 2:02 pm Visti Ji. Regards Usha 22. Namaskar Maybe Rahu mahadasa starts in July 2007. Usha Says: March 28th. Yours sincerely. Visti Larsen Says: March 28th. could you please provide some insight about my career. 2007 at 12:09 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Tarun. Again i applied for the same job but my boss just ignore’s me. Sukta 22. I would also add that a mantra for Sri Shiva is pertinent from your chart as the fifth lord is Atmakaraka Venus itself. my husband. At this point in life i don’t know what kind of remedyy should i be doing.srigaruda. Could you kindly advise what kind of karm this period will make me perform. 2007 at 12:00 pm Dear Visti-ji. But there is a remedy and this is to worship Sri Vishnu. You can find a list of all the Jyotirlinga mantras here: http://rayofsolaris. I really appreciate your class on Tarun 20. RS Says: April 6th. as the Devata for the fifth house where the curse occurs is Vishnu. Visti Larsen. Visti Larsen Says: March 28th. my dob Nov 7th 1962.srigaruda. Please recite the Jyotirlinga mantra for Tryambaka. Visti http://www. The Vishnu Gayatri has been given in the Rg Veda and begins with: Tad Vishnu Paramam Padam… you can find the mantra in Mandala 1. at job i’am being suppressed and my promotion is being overlooked from 6 years. 23. Yours sincerely. how to do my mantra’s and remedies in order to find some peace and move up in life. Namaskar..and aquisition my right in the family. my whole life has been a oppression and nothing else since i got married. I’am going through a very depressed state of a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based I hope this helps. Life feels like at a stand still. So i would advise the Vishnu Gayatri as a result. Your problem is that you caused suffering to your partner in your last life due to which you are suffering in this /2006/05/09/principles-of-prasna/langswitch_lang/wp Also do post queries on the same.

14.or bhratri-karaka and are placed in marana karaka sthana (for rahu this is the ninth house. my life has changed for better.Srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: April 10th. Though Rahu is in 11th in Virgo. Ever since I came across srigaruda. This means you have Sarpa badhaka which can cause considerable problems and obstacles in your life. The remedy is to offer nine golden eggs to Nageshvara (Shiva) at a temple on your birth tithi.. Sincerely sanjeev 26. Sanjeev Says: April 10th. should I also worship the Nageshwara during Rahu Mahadasha ? The details are DOB . This and wearing a yellow sapphire will turn very beneficial to you. Rajat Says: April 10th. Also. Regards Rajat Would you advise me to propitiate this and what would be the best way to do that. depending on Rahu’s placement from the arudhas. Finding some time between travels to answer your request. Every single lecture including Malefics is superb. Good luck and best of wishes for your Rahu dasa. This and offering abhisheka (cancer) with milk will help you cross this period very easily. 2007 at 12:44 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Rajat. My details are : born 17th December 1962 at 6:25 AM latitude 30N43 longitude 76E47 Thank you for your time and attention.. amatya. Yours sincerely.08. 2007 at 1:48 pm 9 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Namaste. Namaskar. Without drawing the birth chart its evident that just like me you have Scorpio lagna with Rahu in badhaka sthana. I am a Scorpio lagna and am little apprehensive about the coming Rahu a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. The milk-abhisheka should then be repeated every year on your birthtithi. Visti Larsen.1959 Time 1330 hrs Place Bhopal (India) -Long & Latt. I have been reading every single sentence that appears here. 2007 at 1:46 pm Dear Visti ji. 25. since Rahu is the Amatyakaraka this will promote spirituality and good karma during its period and you will see yourself in the association with great karma yogis (amatya-karaka) during its period… See when malefics are either chara atma-. see the lecture on the same topic) then the negative traits of the malefic are destroyed and great spirituality arises during the dasa of that planet. 23 N 17 & 77 E 28 Truly grateful for the time and knowledge you share.

can you please hightlight on this. My birth tithi is krishna shasthi. Place. If ketu is at fourth house from Shani what are the evil effects (she is working in a govt organization and seeking promotion for last 4 attempts. Rajat. Rahu is vargottam in Aries.palampur Regards 30. With respects. 2007 at 2:49 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Sanjeev. nagaraja babu m s Says: April 14th. I will do as you advise.Srigaruda. Namaskar. Nagaraja babu.25 am.. Is this going to be a tough time? Regards 31. Ankita Says: April 17th. Yes indeed I do have sarpa bhadhak. 28. I have Rahu in my eighth house in Aries and Rahu is my Atmakaraka.Dheenadayalan 29. 2007 at 4:24 am Vistiji. Shishya Dheena Says: April 17th. http://www. 2. Plz tell me remedy for the malefic planet present in my horoscope or if Rahu is hampering my a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Thanks once again. 2007 at 5:50 am OM NAMAH SHIVAAYA Dear Guru Ji. 2007 at 10:03 am Today I went through your website and found it to be very interesting. Dheena. 2007 at 10:38 am my wife has lagna scorpio (07.1959 born at bangalore 1015 am) with shani in second house from lagna and ketu at 5th house from lagna. Pranam.. but unsuccessful). If it is permissible Kindly permit us to know the Kaloh ChandiVinayako mantra and the prayer method. What pooja she has to do.10. Ankita and Murali Namaskar 10 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . best regards Rajat 27. Murali Says: April 18th.srigaruda. 18-7-1977. My Rahu dasha is starting Dear Visti ji. Visti Larsen Says: April 21st. S. Many thanks for your response inspite of your busy travelling schedule. Yours Sincerely. Kindly clarify when you say birth tithi do you mean birth date or any date which has the same tithi as my birth date.

Regards 11 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . This is because its a time for the greatest purification of the soul or Atma-suddhi which can be painful. Mars. I’m so much confused because I find most of my planets to be in bad placements. Visti Larsen. I do fear that this may give some financial problems if we treat Arudha lagna as Yours sincerely. I recommend the Kalpavriksha mantra for the same. http://www. to use Guru in Lagna for breaking the KSY. Begin this from a wednesday morning with the sankalpa of ensuring success in life. Ankita Says: April 22nd. Ask her to begin reciting a Ganesha mantra every morning and having a dhyana for Ganesha as well.Srigaruda. Ankita You have Rahu in your fifth house which requires you to worship Durga with the Kalpavriksha mantra.srigaruda. Makes me motivated to continue. Jupiter. Dheena Kaloh ChandiVinayako is a sloka which advises us to worship Chandi for Ketu and Ganesha for Rahu. 2007 at 10:59 am ||Hare Ram Krishna|| Dear Ankita. Venus. Rahu in 5H is ‘ blocking’ your You don’t have this. So basically you need to know the prayers for Ganesha and Durga/Chandi. may help as well. 2007 at 4:35 am Thanks Sir for your feedback. My lagna is taurus and most of the planets are malefic for it viz. Nagaraja babu If Ketu is the only planet in the fifth house then her lack of promotions is because of the blockage of Ketu in the fifth and forgetting to worship Ganesha before starting any Sanjeev I’m always happy to learn that my teachings have benefitted others. 32. Regards 33. Its: Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Durgatinashinyai Mahamayayai Svaaha|. Rahu and Ketu. 7th or 10th houses requires remedies. This is to be recited 7×108 times every morning or evening begining from a Tuesday. Do I need to pacify these planets also because I’m running through a rough time in my life. dusthana and the 4th. Murali Jataka Tatva states that the Mahadasa of the atmakaraka gives misfortune. Remedying this as Guru Visti has pointed out will help. If I may add here: Your chart shows Kaal Sarpa Yoga. To make the process more smoothe for you please worship the Nageshvara Jyotirlinga. and this requires the propitiation of the dasa itself namely Rahu himself by worshiping Durga... if Visti can comment. it should be the same tithi in the same month that you were born in. which is the cause of ‘ blockade’ in your life. Rajat Hi. Plz tell me some remedy for my career a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. You can find the mantras here: http://rayofsolaris. Sharat Says: April 22nd. Perhaps. As per Harihara Rahu in badhaka sthana.

Do you mean that after my marriage my career prospects will be better than the present time? 12 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: April 22nd.Namaskar. Sharat 34. Regards 35. Ankita Says: April 23rd. Visti Larsen Says: April 22nd. The kalpavriksha mantra should still be a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. from the Rg Veda. I will be grateful to you. 2007 at 4:47 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Ankita and Sharat Namaskar. I will surely do this mantra from tommorow. I want to tell you that I have done Kalsarpa yoga remedy puja last year but I did not see any good effect after that. Dear Visti Ji. My goodness i actually missed that Kala Sarpa Yoga. Diamond is definitely the best. Visti 38. 2007 at 5:01 pm ||Hare Rama Krishna|| Dear Visti. you have written that marriage will help a great deal. Ankita Says: April 22nd. In addition please wear a Diamond on your right hand ring-finger beginning from a Friday morning after worshiping Shukra with the mantra: annAt parishruto rasam… etc. The sixth house indications won’t show up at all. 2007 at 10:43 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Sharat Namaskar. Yes I do have kalsarpa yoga in my horoscope and currently I’m passing through rahu subperiod. I was sure you will notice it. it will still be good for Lagna being Lagnesh? Thanks Regards Sharat 37. Plz do comment on this. Yours sincerely. Venus is in own sign in lagna. I recite Aum dram drim draum sah shukray namah every morning while worshiping horse made of silver. 2007 at 10:56 am jai Sri Krishna!! Thanks once again to both of you. 36. when you saw it again! I wanted to know why prefer Venus over Jupiter? Is is because even if it owns 6H. Thats no doubt the main problem and the main cause of problems. Yours sincerely. I would wear diamond but from where will I get “annat parishruto rasam” mantra. Plz tell me if I have to do this mantra recitation only till rahu subperiod or throughout my life? I could not understand what did you mean by using Guru in Lagna for breaking the KSY.. Also marriage will help a great deal. Visti Larsen. 2007 at 2:02 pm Jai Sri Krishna!!! Thanks Sir for your reply.. Sharat Says: April 22nd.

2007 at 4:17 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Bobby. Try these remedial measures as they will help.. what remedies (mantra. If you email me privately I will be happy to send it to you or you could also request Guru Visti. Regards Sharat 40. Time Of Birth: 02:00 am. She has been suffering from Urine related problems and Mental phobias for last more than six (6) years. http://www. KSY in your case is still unbroken and hence the restrictions you are facing. As her to recite Om Gouryai Namah| This should be done at least 3×108 times a day beginning from a Tuesday. 2007 at 11:36 am ||Hare Rama Krishna|| Dear Ankita. Please advise. 1975. She must begin worshiping Gouri and perform japa and abhisheka of Gouri to overcome this affliction. The problem is due to Deva badhaka from Regards Ankita 41. 2007 at 4:40 am Guruji. Please do throw some light on this. I would not advise the graha mantra but the rig veda mantra( which Guru Visti quoted) when you wear the diamond.. whom she has neglected the worship of and thus received these problems. 13 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . gem.Srigaruda. Bobby 42. With lots of regards Ankita 39. Bobby Says: April 26th. I wanted to get you advise for my wife’s physical and mental health problem. you will see overall benefical effects including marriage..srigaruda. and also tell me how much carats of Diamond would be beneficial for me? My email ID is ank55ita@yahoo. Her details are: Date Of Birth: 27th January. Sharat Says: April 23rd. Namaskar. Once the KSY breaks. Visti Larsen Says: April 26th. Ankita Says: April 23rd.) could be useful to get rid of these issues. etc….co. Best Regards. Jai Shri a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Place Of Birth: Hardoi (Uttar Pardesh) India. 2007 at 2:47 pm Thanx Sharat Ji! Plz send me the Rig Veda mantra on my e mail ID if you can or plz give me your email ID so that i can request that mantra to break I’m also running through sade -sati period that may be the reason for my problems because I am facing most of my problems from the last year. Isn’t jupiter and mars both present in lagna have reduced the good effect of shukra bcoz they are lords of malefic houses.

is IT the right field for me? Please kindly suggest me a remedy to concentrate on my career and see success in my career. What kind of Puja / Mantra the native should recite to lift his status? Also. Some pandits have told her that this is all because of Rahu is sitting in her lagna is causing all these problems. हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Thanks for your prompt response.Who is deity for the native? Kind Regards. 2007 at 9:17 am Hi Visti I have a question regarding gemstones. 45. Lakshmi Says: April 26th. Please take a look at my horoscope. I have come across a horoscope with Saggitarius Lagna and AL in Leo. Bobby Says: April 27th. Yours sincerely. The native is running saturn dasa now. Some times I am very confident. Bobby ( Aravinda Says: April I hope this helps.Jupiter is in 11th from Lagna. 2007 at 8:45 pm Namaste Visti Ji. My problem is though I am intelligent and a very quick learner. Mercury is exalted. Regards. 2007 at 4:15 am Respected Visti Ji. 46. I am working in one of the world’s best IT company. I am not able to concentrate. Instead of concentrating on the thing at hand I plan for something else. Visti Larsen. 43. 2007 at 9:49 pm Namaste Visti ji. I am asking all this because she is in very bad condition and I am looking for serious help from you. how long would she start seeing the improvement. Moon is in 7th and Mercury and Venus in 10th house(virgo). Again thanks for your help and direction. How true is that? Or is RAHU effecting other planets? Would any gem help her? If she starts reciting Gauri’s a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Lakshmi. I have Saturn in 5th house who is also the AK.The 2nd and 11th Lord from AL i. 44. the 2nd and 11th Lords from Lagna are debilitated and the debilitation is cancelled. Jupiter aspects Saturn from Libra( Jupiter is PK). http://www. Is there a minimum number of carats for a gemstone. I need to buy myself a Yellow pokhraj. and sometimes I lack and lose confidence. Mars and Ketu. Sivani. please comment on the native’s Saturn / Ketu and Mercury dasa results. Saturn got neechabhanga ( I think so). 9th house has Sun. Namaskar. Sivani Says: April 27th. Best Regards.To what heights I can reach in career? I also have a doubt.. But I am not sure of how many carats it should be.Moon in 11th from AL.srigaruda. 14 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Saggitarius is the Lagna.e.Rahu in 3rd house.

Best wishes.. Saturn is placed in the eighth house.Srigaruda. aspected by Mars by rasi and graha dristi which really shows a tough problem. and being retrograde can give very painful diseases. Last I checked the integer used was 1. In fact the Venusian involvement is troubling as it also can shows problems in the reproductive organs. Bobby. Here retrograde Saturn is in the twelfth therefrom in Gemini.srigaruda. 2007 at 7:56 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Lakshmi. Sivani I would love to see your chart details. Bobby Rahu in the lagna does add to the problem but isn’t the main problem. and she will see full recovery with the advent of the Jupiter antaradasa. Yes a pearl. This doesn’t necessarily cause a problem unless the twelfth from the badhakesh is also afflicted. Back in the Rasi. We can time this using the navamsa itself where the 4th. Visti Larsen 48. Rahu in the lagna is causing the doctors to be very confused about the diagnosis of the problem. and hurt the persons motivation in life. I wouldn’t wanto give a one-sided perspective. Here Libra shows specifically the urinary tract and Venus is there afflicted by Saturn and Mars. by analyzing Saturn and Mars’ position from the rest of the chart we can understand how the problem is manifesting. 2007 at 6:36 pm Namaste Vistiji. Mercury and Venus are in the fourth and it was in Mercury-Venus dasa that the problem started. Now. which is furthering her suffering.10 Rati per 1 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. The eighth house specifically shows the excretory organs suffering. 8th and 12th houses will show the problem and solution. http://www. Visti Larsen Says: April 29th. do share them with us. Saturn is placed in the fifth house from Atmakaraka and being afflicted by Mars there can shake the persons sanity. Sivani and Aravinda. Ask her to recite any Gouri or prayer for the mother that she knows. after which her health will swiftly be restored. Being in parivartana with the eighth lord he now becomes responsible for giving the diseases as well. I would only recommend a pearl as a gemstone. We can further confirm such a problem arising by seeing the navamsa. Aravinda 7 or 11 Ratis is recommended. Congratulations on your gemstone. Namaskar. When nodes join the lagna the diseases are difficult to ascertain. Lakshmi Please share the birth details with 47. Badhakesh Moon in the fifth or ninth house causes the problem to arise due to neglecting worship of Gouri.. 15 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Sivani Says: April 30th. The cure can come from Jupiter aspecting the fourth by rasi dristi and his dasa is coming at the end of this year.

For leo lagna one can expect that Sun in 12th would hurt the person. although harmful for the house/s it lords. is going to effect me is a negative way? also I have Sun.Got a very good break in career when mercury bhukti started.Right now I am running Saturn Dasa and Mercury bhukti.soon we’ll have well organized.AL is also in Leo with exalted mercury and venus in 2nd house from AL (virgo). comprehensive unparallelled source of info.She told me about your site and since then I am reading the articles and following your lectures. Take my own case I have rahu in the 9th for dhanu lagna. Sivani. 2007 at 12:11 pm Dear Visti. Good Luck.what significations would suffer? My third Q is related to stationary malefic. the 2nd and 11th lord from AL is exalted and the 11th house from AL has moon and 2nd and 11th lords from Lagna debilitated and debilitation cancelled (due to Moon in Gemini). Your site is really unique response to various jyotish knowledge needs. 2007 at 11:57 am Dear Visti. if a planet is the lord of a dusthana and is in MKS isn’t that supposed to be good? For example. Mars and Ketu in 9th house leo and Lagna Saggitarius. http://www. TimeZone : 5:20:00 (East of GMT). even preventing effectiveness of remedial measures.Normally I care about every thing and everyone in my family a lot and sometimes I simply say “I dont care”.com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Anna Says: May 1st. Anna Says: May 1st. for thula lagna. Some times my confidence fluctuates. Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th and its placement in MKS I thought would be beneficial. Lakshmi is my friend and she asked the question about my horoscope. Please see my horosocpe and let me know whether Saturn being AK in 5th house . Slow motion seems to be an aspect of strength. Thank You very much. 14 N 26′00″. 49. 2007 at 5:03 am Dear visti…regarding MKS.we’ve heard that retro malefic is double the trouble.. maybe even dominant planet in the chart? I would appreciate your comments.and before turning direct as well. Waiting for your suggestion for remedy to Malefics in trines.Srigaruda. Anna Thanks for your reply.Your lecture on the malefics in trines is really great. I am intrigued by your response to one MKS said that planet in MKS. Please clarify. Aravinda Says: May 1st.. I felt it might be good as it would destroy the significations of a malefic third house. I think that the planet is strongest when slows down before turning retro. we should be grateful for. My DOB is August 26th 1970. Place 79 E 58′00″. manifests more strongly through the house it’s placed in. 2007 at 6:24 pm 16 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Anna 51. TOB 2:42 PM. Prema Says: May 1st. 50. Namaste Vistiji. so is it a benefic or a malefic? I am currently running Me(Ak) antardasa in Guru MD…Me and Gu are in 1:7 relationship. Do ask Lakshmi for this mantra. Luckily this Saturn in the fifth is being obstructed by three planets in the seventh. it is cojoined debilitated Saturn in the 4th house.e. This helps to understand how the planets in the chart are behaving. India One more question. this will increase your memory and self esteem. Malefics are not auspicious in the ninth house. You said. the issue is that Pisacha yoga is formed and being in the ninth house of Dharma will cause bad luck or durbhagya because of acting agressively towards people… You should never stop caring and you should never speak a mean word to anyone. I would only recommend that you worship Ganesha to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes in your career. By any chance is your Rahu either BK. Sivani I’m glad that your benefitting from the website. I’ve Venus in MKS in 6th house in raasi and it lords 5 and 10th houses in Raasi and Navamsha.. lordship of the planets in MKS suffer. Let there be peace. but Mars and Ketu are not looked upon as considerably malefic in comparisen to their counterparts Saturn and Rahu. If the 10th lord is placed in the third house then the person is met with a need for force and fights (third house) to ensure a good career (tenth house). you are right. Have a happy and wonderful married life.. 17 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .t my chart DOB : 3rd June 1970 TOB : 9:15 pm (IST) POB : Calcutta. My question is both lordships suffer? or house where the Moolatrikona of the planet falls suffers more? fyi. But at what cost? I. I. However. Aravinda Yes. I am providing my birth details for you to explain MKS w.r. Otherwise worship the jyotirlinga for your atmakaraka. Visti Larsen Says: May 4th. This Saturn holds very little sway. Me (AK)is a neutral planet and it gives effects according to the planet it is cojoined with. Namaskar. AmK and AK? Anna i) Every planet manifests more strongly through the house its placed in… except in some cases the nodes. 2007 at 8:08 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. http://www. So the house placement will show what activity is required. Prema and Aravinda.I do not yet have children. ii) Financial problems because of expenses on health and wellfare. Please explain. Congratulations to you and Brenka. Thank you Prema 53. but being the atmakaraka it will leave its impression on the events by causing some stale-mate circumstances in your career. Anna..Srigaruda. Now for the ninth house.srigaruda. In my chart. Please wear a yellow sapphire or yellow topaz for this to become auspicious. or activated in the natives life to promote the bhavas lorded by the planet. Rahu in the ninth house causes adharma as Rahu will destroy the temple.

it is a problem coming from the spouse. (1) Are nodes always malefic? Under what circumstances are they considered benefic? and. Guys. There is a curse on Venus caused by Mars. Nevertheless. Rahu is in the fifth from Rahu thus the curse will obstruct the coming of a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Please recite the Vyasa Mantra with the Mrtyunjaya. 2007 at 10:50 pm 18 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .e. Pathik Says: May 9th. how do we know what will suffer? Yes. say Rahu. These last questions do not belong to this thread. say their Mahadasha? Would it be good or bad? Thanks for responding. This shows suffering in relationships. Now. you can post questions on old threads as long as they are open. (2) What might be the effects of chanting beej mantras for the Nodes. Do the mantra and make sure your spouse gets checked by the doctor. sweet taste. I have a couple of concerns. The issue is that they become quite lazy and demotivated. see that this Saturn-Mercury combination is showing problems in having children. Saturn and Rahu. http://www. it doesn’t show denial and you should help your spouse become more healthy so you can conceive a child. during. You can find it here: http://srijagannath.e. So it won’t affect Jupiter and thus not iii) Ok. 2007 at 4:24 pm No. i. does it pose any problem? 55.Srigaruda. Yours sincerely. You can analyze the rest of the karakas with respect to Venus to ascertain what is the main problem. health and wealth also.srigaruda. But. 56. The first child will come due to the madhurasa.e. Prema Thank you for your blessing. but how? Also Marana Karaka Sthana means something will die or suffer… it doesn’t show delay but destruction. Visti Larsen. do refer this analysis as i’ve also shown earlier with Anna’s chart in the MKS thread. lets see the real problem. So yes they are troublesome but not strong.. fifth lord is in MKS but its well placed in the ninth from Jupiter. Venus is in MKS as the fifth and tenth lord. Mercury is the dispositor and is well placed and shows that Vyasa mantra will help. So. Namaskar. I hope this helps. Prema Says: May 9th.. Now. i. for the outer planets when its exactly opposite the Sun. Aravinda Says: May 9th. Really the planet is strongest when its at the peak of its retrogression.htm Now see each of the malefics. 2007 at 8:04 pm Dear Visti. However. Actually the planet is quite weak at the times you’ve mentioned. So eat lots of sweets to make that rasa stronger in you and let the child come. Yes both will suffer. Also the lord of the fifth is Saturn who is joined Mercury and debilitated again causing obstructions. and is placed in the ninth from Upapada… i. rahu is my DK.

Srigaruda. Namaskar. 18 N 58′ 00” The person has Rahu in the 9th house. Thanks. Many thanks for your response and giving me hope that Venus MKS in my chart doesn’t effect children. Would you also advise if I need to recite a Guru mantra for my Rahu as it seems to have severely affected my Moon and Mars mahadasas professionally. Prema and Rajat. PJ Says: May 10th.. I’ve had 4 failed IVF attempts). How will this position play in terms of affecting the person’s bhagya? Thanks. 58. Thanks and Best Regards Rajat 59. Pratik. I am running Guru MD. Visti Larsen Says: May 11th. My Jupiter is in 4th house in Aquarius as lord of 2nd and 5th house BUT Jupiter also happens to be the lord of the 8th cuspal nakshatra! Do you think it would give adverse effects related to health as 8th bhav cusp lord if I were to wear a yellow sapphire? Also please take a look at my chart as Jagannath Hora Lite calculates my AL based on Ketu’s position and not Mars’ a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. can I ask you one more question about my chart? When will I conceive? will it be natural or with the help of medical technology (as I told you in my earlier post. Can you please comment on the following chart DOB: 30th Nov 1977 Time:11:45 am Place:72 E 50′ 00”. 2007 at 10:03 pm Dear Visti-ji. The depositor of the 9th house Mercury is in 12th house aspected by Jupiter from 6th.. PJ. Do you agree with this ? 17-12-1962 6:25 AM latitude 30N43 longitude 76E47. http://www. Rajat Says: May 11th. Pathik. You advised wearing of yellow sapphire to me for my Amk Rahu in 9th house in cancer along with donating 9 golden eggs on my birth tithi. This is the most amazing knowledge I have heard on malefics. 2007 at 7:49 am Dear Visti-ji Pranam. I will be much obliged. 2007 at 2:55 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Aravinda. Prema 57. 19 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 Namaste Vistiji.

Pathik 1) Nodes can also make one very spiritual when Rahu is placed in the 12th/7th from Arudha lagna. do houses have permanent lords [I thought that their lordship is ascertained in relation to the rashi placement].htm Yours sincerely. I think your Arudha lagna is in Pisces. thats all we should be concerned with. Rajat Don’t worry about that lordship. instead why not follow what Parasara advised? Worship Durga. Thanks again and Namaste.Srigaruda.srigaruda. Wear the pokhraj or a nice yellow topaz and imbibe it using the brhaspati gayatri. the sankalpa is to overcome the durbhagya of Rahu. pathik 61.srijagannath. Normally we don’t advise their mantras for the mahadasa. If in doubt ask a pujari to perform Jeeva-nyasa to the ring. However.. So surely they can also bless with spirituality. Visti 62. as a result you will associate with some highly spiritual gurus (bhratrikaraka) during the dasas of Rahu. if you perform the guru-beeja mantra your body will start expanding. I. 2007 at 6:00 pm Thanks Visti. 2007 at 8:52 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Pathik. Pathik Says: May 11th. Likely Ketu or Venus antaradasas will bring the child. but i don’t know you that well to tell for sure. Visti Larsen 60. Visti Larsen Says: May You mention in response to Pratik that Rahu lords the 2nd house. Yes. Pratik Rahu is in the ninth house. Yours sincerely. if houses do have fixed Aravinda a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.. Amit Says: 20 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . http://www. This can come around the time of marriage as Rahu is joined the upapada. Whereas Saturns beejas will make you loose the weight and you will become less flatulent. could you enlighten me on that. provided they are well placed from arudha lagna. The way out is through Ketu who needs to be strengthened to cause conception. Namaskar. http://www. When debilitated in the kendra the nodes can also grant rajayoga. This shows problems related to family as Rahu lords the second house. 2) Beeja mantras of the grahas are meant to increase the planets characteristics in your body itself. Parasara also speaks well of some combinations of the nodes. and you will put on weight yet your brain power will increase considerably as well. imbibe the ring with the Brhaspati Gayatri and recite it regularly. Prem Current antaradasas of Saturn and the subsequent Mercury will no doubt obstruct any opportunity for conception as both have virodhaargala on the ninth lord Jupiter.

5167 E Is there a serious possibility of a troubled marriage ? I tend to have a weak mental concentration(unless fixated upon something) ? I am a very religious person . Many thanks for that to the whole group. From my experience of antardasas Venus(had a near death stomach disease) and sun had been tough for me and Mercury . Amit Says: May May 13th. 21 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I have been studying astrology from SJC websites for about 1. Saturn and Rahu being good ones(Always).5333 N 73. http://www. Visti. 2007 at 12:05 pm Oh no worst mistake It is 12 55 pm Mithuna lagna Amit 66.srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: May 14th. 2007 at 6:11 am Dear Vistiji . which deity should I worship ? Currently I am doing Mrityunjay and Dattatrey mantra. 2007 at 9:34 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Amit. 65... Should I wear gomed after 2009 when saturn mahadasa is starting ? Many Thanks Amit 63. Time zone is + 5 30 East of GMT. My DOB : 13th March 1983 Place : 17. 2007 at 6:35 am Dear Vistiji Namaste. I am currently working in a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Waiting for your guidance Regards Amit 64. 2007 at 7:55 am Dear Vistiji Namaste . I am not sure if need to add that. Which time were you born? Yours. Amit Says: May 15th.Srigaruda. Amit Says: May 14th. Namaskar.5 years or so and it has been a wonderful experience. I apologize as the last question should have been in the Ratna section.

Could you please explain the chart that you have here http://rayofsolaris. on a more relevant note you are born during Krishna Chaturdashi. Visti. In fact due to Rahu’s exaltation in lagna. Only possible hickup is Saturns retrogression in fifth house… hmm… But. 22 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Visti Larsen Says: May Worship him always and life will be easy. Because I was born on krishna chaturdashi the necessary poojas were performed after my birth. 2007 at 9:37 pm Never mind my query. I wish to understand how may one decide which jyotirlinga mantra is appropriate for him/her. Basically. Namaskar. What is your advice on the question of marriage ? Thanks again Regards Amit 70. But Thanks and regards for the knowledge you have been disseminating in /?content=jyotirlinga drawn in the south Indian style. for I have whatever little understanding only for the north Indian style drawn chart [the principles of equivalence/reading would be appreciate as well. 2007 at 7:30 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Amit.. 2007 at 7:50 pm Namaste a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Did you notice Rahu’s parivartana with Mercury? Emerald would be very good for you. any of the planets in Aquarius will be auspicious for you if you wear their gemstones. The best i can advise is that of the Tryambaka Jyotirlinga or Mrityunjaya itself. 69. time and place. Since Venus is your atmakaraka it becomes all the more relevant. I found the answers I was looking for in your earlier posts on the topic left elsewhere. 68. Yours sincerely. No need for the longitudes and latitudes with todays software.srigaruda. As a result they say one may go to Naraka and have short life. Namaste Firstly thanks very much for the reply and I will surely follow the advice. Amit Says: May 15th. In the future make it easy for me by just giving date. Thanks and regards.Srigaruda. http://www. if taught]. Narayana is your Ishta Devata. pathik Says: May 15th. pathik Says: May 15th. 2007 at 7:52 pm Dear Vistiji .. With Venus in the tenth house (an ayursthana) you have to be careful and always do the mantras for Tryambaka. So I will surely try to do mrityunjaya Kind Regards Amit 67.

Venus becomes very malefic in Chaturdashi births. a curse is a total denial of something or some mis-happenings related to the things that house/planets indicate? I would really appreciate if you explain w. Amit The same remedy is for marriage. 71. 2007 at 5:45 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Namaste. but I am unable to understand which areas of life are cursed. http://www. Namaskar. however i will try to answer atleast some part of it based on whatever little understandinf i have A 73. 23 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Thanks Prema 72. if every house and every planet has multiple karakatwas. Viresh Says: May 18th. Viresh Says: May 18th. Then you will understand: 1) How to find the main bhava(s) which will suffer. India I know there is more than one curse.t to the above iin your case jupiter being cursed by Rahu and Saturn shows that you gave sorrow(Saturn)& cheated(Rahu) a guru or elder brother etc & as a result you may get a similar suffering in this life.Srigaruda. 2007 at 7:46 am Hare Rama Krishna Dear Premaji I hope Vistiji would answer your question as even i am interested. 2007 at 4:30 pm Namaste Vistiji.. both Venus and Guru are under curse. how do we understand which particular area (of many karakatwas) is affected the most or is it that all areas are equally affected? Also. Visti Larsen Says: May 19th. Prema Says: May 16th. So the karakatva really shows you the source of the curse 74. Is it the karakatwa of the planets or the placement that gets affected ? My point is. Prema and a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Prema and Viresh Have you gone through my lectures on curses? After that go through the same on Marana Karaka Sthana. For the below given birth details DOB : 3rd June 1970 TOB : 9:15 pm (IST) POB : Calcutta. 2) in these bhavas which karakas will suffer. 2007 at 7:54 am sorry for the mishap! A curse on any planet usually shows the suffering that you gave to that person based on karakatwa..

also find the lordship of worst malefic involved in the curse & that will show the purpose of the curse. Visti 77. Amit Says: May 21st. how they are suffering. Seventh house also shows business… Did Rama do a business? Either way we would have to see the relationship between Karaka Mercury and Saturn-the-sorrow-bringer to see if the curse would specifically affect such issues. Where Jupiter in lagna is cursed showing he himself suffered. Namaste My navamsa has Sagittarius( lagna ) .Srigaruda.srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: May 21st. Benefics that are involved in a curse show who is suffering & malefics show. Visti 75. mars will show anger etc.Saturn . Mercury Gemini . Viresh Says: May 21st. Namaskar. Very good.. guru etc. Moon Pisces . Ketu Are there curses on my moon and venus in navamsa ? Can they be remedied or atleast improved ? 24 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .Sun .Venus . now you must add: Why was it separation from spouse? See that Saturn is bringing the sorrow to the seventh house. Yours sincerely. whereas Sani would show sorrow associated. 2007 at 9:50 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Viresh. So this would specifically cause separation from the spouse. Mars . Rahu Capricorn . Vistiji did teach that best chart to learn about curse is that of Sri Ram. so Jupiter would show elder brother. 2007 at 6:19 am Dear Vistiji & Premaji I had gone through the lecture some time back & i guess i should have written a better reply.Jupiter .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Yours a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. so in Sri Ram’s chart worst malefic was saturn lording 7th & 8th houses showing real purpose of the curse was seperation from wife I hope this helps regards Viresh 76. http://www. separation) from Karaka Venus. 2007 at 4:58 pm Hari OM Dear Vistiji .. and Saturn is placed in the eighth (death. That should clarify things.

The planets you mentioned are afflicted. but it doesn’t mean that they are curses per say. 2007 at 6:28 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Amit. sorrow (saturn). Yours. for curses occuring in one or two divisional charts do not really affect the person the way a curse does. 83. 2007 at 5:08 pm Also do any of the three Saturn . 2007 at 12:46 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Rich Says: June 1st.srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: May 21st.. Visti Larsen Says: May 28th. and wear a crystal mala to calm the mind. Rahu and Mars when beneficial to the chart(malefic ninth lord or rajayoga karak) still cause curses or give badha ? Amit 80.Mars and Saturn in the 5th house? Leo as the sign. 2007 at 11:41 pm 25 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . 2007 at 7:36 pm Thanks Vistiji 82. So the remedy was given for your Venus. 2007 at 3:42 pm What are the implications of Moon. 2007 at 5:02 pm and also on jupiter and mercury ? Looks like all the benefics are trapped Amit 79. Amit Says: May 21st. Amit Says: May 21st. Also we should stick to analyzing these things in the rasi chart.. Rich Says: May Regards Amit 78. Do do it seriously. Yours. Amit Says: May 21st. Namaskar. Please worship Hanuman. http://www. The real problem i see is that with a Venus afflicted it can delay marriage beyond 32 unless we give a remedy. Namaskar. It means you will see anger (mars). Visti 81. shock (rahu/ketu) and ego problems (sun) from these planets. Visti 84.

London. Does it indicate a curse from the mother that will manifest in the form of problems with children?Or do the beneficial lordships Moon L4. thanks again. One thing we are all needing is a nice article explaining in details the reverse argala of the nodes. Thank you 85. 0246AM (DST) I am currently udergoing Mars dasha. Guru on 11th and Shani on 12th. Lakshmi Says: September 21st. Married and blessed with two children (boy and a girl).com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Dear Visti Thank you for the response. 2007 at 10:11 am dear sir. my lagan is tula. india. I haven’t come across too much info on this type of conjunction.. Upto now no house of own and vehicle for driving. How about my children education and my financial improvement.rahu in second house aspected by exalted moon from 8th house. shukra and mangala on 8th. what should i do? please advise 87. rgds nagaraja babu 88. Saturn L10 denote something more beneficial? This conjunction is disposed by the Sun who sits in the 2nd house in a very tight conjunction with Mercury. manju Says: September 13th. jaipur city.srigaruda. So far this is one thing I have not seen discussed thoroughly. and it is in MKS in the 3rd. that you give me a link so that I may direct my students and others to it.07. please advise your remedial reply. 26 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Mother blessing and Father affliction was severe. karnataka. Good employements including government could not engaged. 2007 at 8:53 pm Hare Rama Krishna Dearest Visti. 2007 at 7:33 am i am dharnur lagna born on 18. hence the interest. Brother and inlaws stabing behind and not supportive either from my family or wifeside family. rajasthan. ravi on 7th. south India. Something is not happening as i wished and what is the defect in my birth chart and any pooja or parihara to be a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. My birth details: 13-06-1978. Thanks for your great website resource. Wife health is a point of discusison. but does aspect own house (9th) and is not afflicted. http://www. kethu in 5th. budha.1957 at Shimoga.. 00:25 am . Suicidal tendencies were there upto 16th age. nagaraja babu m s Says: September 19th. 2007 at 7:00 am tula lagna lagna lord in 10th house and 10th lord moon in 3rd house and get aspects of jup .Im interested how often you use it and how important you rate it.Srigaruda. i face financial loss almost each year.50 hours at 12. Getting income is very meagre. I would appreciate if you have already written about it . my dob 23 jan 1975 . Mars L1. There was obstables in my health and studies upto 16th age and 25th age respectively. From lagna i have Chandra in 2nd. I suppose Jupiter must also been seen.mercury and sun from 9th house struggling in profession please kindly tell me about my job 86.It seems not attention is given to the argala of the nodes especially in the timing and experience of marriage and relationships.. UDAYA Says: September 13th.

Do go through it. Rich Two malefics afflicting any planet is a curse. v) Unknown and peculiar health problems to you as Mars and Badhakesh are yuti in the eighth house causing Dristi Badhaka. iv) Lack of strong support in job due to Shukra being karmesha from chandra (see profession discussion). Saturn rules sixth and seventh lord in lagna. Visti Larsen Says: October /22/profession/ This will help you with your problem. A good remedy is to wear an emerald and worship Sri Narayana. Praveen Says: October 6th.Jupiter is the fifth and eigth lord and Mars is forth and ninth lord in lagna.Jupiter being fifth lord. iii) Problems in the kula/family as Chandra is in the second house. 2007 at 11:18 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Guys. They can all be linked to the Matri Shaapa caused by Mangal and Shani afflicting Chandra in the second house. Nagaraja Babu There are many issues which you have indicated. DOB-22/6/80. Kindly adive me on such combination in with regards Lakshmi 89. This has caused: i) ill health to wife as Mangal is neecha and second lord from upapada.even eight lord associted with Saturn and Mars could be bad for child. Namaskar. but the main suffering is seen from the lordships of the malefics in the a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.. I need advise on married life.India Thanks.nature of person. It is being broken by ninth lord Mercury.Time-10:05AM. To asses the curse-period analyze Moola dasa. 27 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . So in your case there is definitely a curse of mother.Place-Calcutta. Keeping Satyanarayana vrata will help you out alot in your career and finances as well.srigaruda. Praveen 90. Manju Please go through the audio-lecture on profession: http://www. http://www.srigaruda. Being in the fifth it will definitely affect children. I believe i have given a detailed lecture on how to analyze curses.Even I have doubt on religious ground as mars associated with saturn..Srigaruda. Udayan You have Daridra yoga. ii) weak finances and lack of progress as Mangal is also dhanesh from Arudha lagna. 2007 at 11:51 am Hare Ram Hare Krishna Malefics Saturn with Mars and Jupiter in Leo ascendent.

Lakshmi Did you see my argala article?: http://www. Bijay Says: October 8th. My year of birth is 1969. can u please tell me for which planet i should worship shri narayana? thanks for ur time and knowledge 94. 2007 at 4:03 pm Respected Visti jee. Vizianagaram (India) Thank you. I see myself surrounded by many problems since then. I drive to work 100 miles one way everyday. Ganesha worship is essential for you to have more progress in your career and finances. http://www. you told me to worship shri narayana . Visti Larsen a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. yes i will wear emerald.15PM.srigaruda. 6. look forward to this time.srigaruda. 2007 at 11:04 pm Respected Visti Jee.. What kind of remedies you may suggest? My details: March 5th 1960. who otherwise will become somewhat headless without Ganesha’s The remedy is clearly to worship Sadashiva with the prasiddha mantra: Om bhurbhuvaH svaH sambasadashivaaya namaH| Further. This will also benefit your children a great deal. Hari Om! Bijay 93. 2007 at 3:06 pm 28 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . The Dasa changing to Mithuna after July 2008 is going to bring you significant changes and blessings in your life. Bijay 92. Bijay Says: October 8th. thanks for your advise that i should wear emerald and worship shri narayana. I made a mistake in my previous question. Rest of the details are correct.Srigaruda.. my local jyotishi says to wear ruby and pearl both but till now i havent try it but whenever i wear anything green in my finger say example even jade i feel more stong and find that rays of luck flowing towards me. Do this every day without fail. My sade sati started on Dec 2006 (SANI Dasha). 2007 at 5:47 am pranam sir ji. Visti Larsen Says: October Praveen Why do you wanto know? Yours sincerely. UDAYA Says: October 9th.

Kind regards. Bijay Says: October 9th. Bijay Your issue is that the Moola dasa of Rahu from March 2005-March 2012 is bringing you a Brahmin Shaapa from the past life. Namaskar! Please clarify one serious doubt. Kindly clarify the above serious doubt. Arjun 29 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Visti Larsen. The dharma gayatri from the Rg Veda is advisable for you. 95. ii) Worship Vishnu as Sri Vamana to overcome the Brahmin Shaapa. Yours sincerely. supraja Says: October हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Guys. Hari Om. In one book “libra ascendant” written by indian author “bhojraj diwadi” he said In For libra lagna if saturn in placed in 12th house with benefics the native will face death of his young son. I have libra lagna saturn placed in 12th house with jupitar & moon. Namaskar.p) india. is there any threat of any death of a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. I do chant ‘Ganapati Atharvasirsh Upanishad’ and ‘Narayano Upanishad’ everyday. Bijay 96. if u wish to look at the chart details are 10june1981 16:30hrs place: meerut(u. and to remedy this you must do two remedies: i) Worship Ganesha to ensure you don’t loose track of your career and professional life. Om ganeshaaya namah is advised. This is the one I had posted. In addition to the above I will do Dharma Gayatri based on your advis for which I sincerely thank you.. May mata Saraswati bless you with ever increasing medha shakti. 2007 at 10:28 pm Dear Vistiji. It starts with: trinipada vicakrame… Udayan You are worshiping Sri Narayana to make Mercury strong. I had sent a couple of mails to your website id detailing my request. 2007 at 10:07 am Dear guru visti.srigaruda. Arjun bhardwaj Says: October 11th. It would be great if you can kindly help me out on that at the earliest. Thanks very much 97. I had posted a comment yesterday here and it got deleted somehow.. This is going to give you problems professionally. http://www. 2007 at 3:25 pm Respected Visit jee.

Every deal looks like it is going through but fizzles out in the last minute. I would appreciate if you could guide me on this. 4th Sept 1974. I have been facing something in life. Visti Larsen Says: October 11th. http://www. In whatever business I try to take on for extra income. I’m so sorry that learners can not benefit from your friends chart details. 100.15PM 102.Srigaruda. Vizianagaram. -Bijay 101. India. Thank you very much 30 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I will be deleting your post and the last of the posts reg. Visti 99. 2007 at 5:41 pm Pujya Visti jee. Namaskar Supraja I thought i had deleted all of the comments. 2007 at 5:42 pm I forgot to add my birth time: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. I am unable to understand why.. I have a simple question: I lost my job on Friday 12th Oct 07. Bijay Says: October 15th. Yours sincerely. From looking at my chart. Bijay Says: October 15th.. Srini rajitha Says: October 15th. the fruits I get are very very little for the efforts I put in. 2:00 am Bangalore India. supraja Says: October 13th. 2007 at 2:40 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Supraja and 98. which I have been brushing aside even though silently feeling bad. Hari Om. 2007 at 10:15 pm Namaste Vistiji.I also feel very sorry for that . When will I get my new job? The 2nd question is do I need to change my residence? My details: March 5th 1969. Arjun Where is the sorrow or anger associated with such an event? We need more malefic influences to see this. I cannot think of any bad luck factor. 2007 at 10:52 pm Thanks vistiji.I would be waiting to see that removed.srigaruda. your friend.would see to that it doesn’t happen again and people benefit from my posts hereafter.Just that I had a late realisation that I could have penned it in a better way .

Yours sincerely. Time : 17:47. 2007 at 3:16 am Dear Sir. Place : delhi. Visti Larsen Says: October 16th.i am asking this question because if the antaradasha of a planet not associated with 5th house/lord is a very long one–sometimes 2-3years then one might be jobless for such a long time? please clarify. rupa Says: October 18th. http://www. If one has strong desire to do business for betterment of his countrymen and has rasi showing promise but D10 showing service . 2007 at 4:01 am Dear Visti. 2007 at 5:42 am Dear Vistiji. 2007 at 8:24 pm Thanks a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. many thanks Rupa.which will rule ? DOB: 04th Feb 1977 . Raj Says: October 19th. 1)will the antaradasha of a planet having graha dristi /rashi drishti on the 5th house/lord give a new job as well? 2) what if it is a badhak planet–will it obstruct? 3) is the timing seen from antardasha or pratyantaradasha–please clarify. 31 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Namaskar Bijay Have you checked to see when you will run the antaradasa of the fifth house/lord in your Dasamsa chart? Srini Rajitha Because your seventh house in Dasamsa has Mars in Marana Karaka Sthana. This is a horrible position for 103. Subbu Says: October 18th. You have said that antaradasha of 5th house/lord in dasamsha chart will give a new job.Srigaruda. 106. If at all he ill do business when will he begin ? Subbu 107... Visti Larsen 104.srigaruda. 2007 at 8:04 pm हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Guys. Is there any remedy for the Mars in Marna Karaka Sthana to improve my business pursits? 105. Srini rajitha Says: October 17th.

i. I just finished the Sadesati in July. then it will take one abroad first. In your chart more importantly we find a Kalatra Shaapa in the seventh house caused by Saturn among others. If Badhaka is supposed to give job. or Antaradasas… how to differentiate these from the heard? Subbu If the desire is business then it will be reflected in the Dasamsa itself. 3. 2007 at 10:21 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Guys.1965 TOB:8. There are four types of Sambandha which you should analyse for this. Thanks. Planets having strong sambandha with the fifth house or lord will be able to bring a job. but really your business prospects will be difficult to solve. but you must start to think that there are some cases where people don’t get jobs for entire mahadasas!. Circumstances such as malefics in the seventh in dasamsa can instead cause the business to fail... Yours sincerely. but if the desire is there then it must also show up there. Saturn is karaka for my Taurus langa chart.Retrograde Saturn in 10th house caused lot of isolation from my close people and I want to end that.India. Raj Says: October 20th. Pratyantaradasa will reveal the exact a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. For Saturn in isolation you should consider Sri Kali Mahavidya Namskar. Ravi.I have retrograde saturn in 10th house in Aquarius.I will be starting Mother Lakshmi Mantra asap. 2.. For this begin Mother Lakshmi Mantra regularly. The mantra is: om hram ghrni ravaye namaH| Good luck. it is advised that you worship Sri Ravyadita. Rupa Sambandha is key. Srini Rajitha There is a remedy. Visti Larsen Says: October 20th. Raj The problem with Saturn in the tenth is that he can delay work from finishing and you find yourself in an eternal battle to gegt projects finished… You must work 3 times as hard as everyone else.e. Nevertheless.Chart data-DOB:Oct 17. Raj 108.What are the effects of this Saturn? And do you advice any remedies to make this saturn more benefic?Please let me know at your earliest convenience. 2007 at 11:52 pm Dear Vistiji.Srigaruda. http://www.00 pm. Namaskar.I know its been about 3 months but it feels like I just came out of 32 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Visti Larsen 109. POB:Nagpur. Badhaka will obstruct if malefics are involved with the badhaka/badhakesha. Thanks for the reply.

I guess Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhana will help me stopping the isolation of Saturn and myself. Raj. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2007 at 3:19 pm Sorry. and Mars in showing Kalsthara sapa.e when to start. Raj Says: October 23rd. etc. srini rajitha Says: October 22nd. I would definately write you back on results of remedies you advised. Thanks one again. I hope that Guru ji meant that Saturn. http://www. i. Thanks. another question is : What is the reason behind prescribing a Sun mantra when the problem has been caused by Mars? 113. Also if you can point me to the links for Ma Mahalakshmi Mantra and Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhna that will be great favour on me. hence Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhana will help to save his Dharma/Bagya and also the sorrow coming from Dharma and Karma With respects to Guru ji.I am often misunderstood because of the isolation. shishya dheena Says: October 22nd.. to his isolation from people. Earlier I was suggested to use a blue sapphire. I hope that Raj ji has misunderstood Guru ji’s statement that “for Saturn in isolation (mean Saturn is alone) you should consider Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhana”.Srigaruda.the extent of Jup affliction is less compared to that of Venus) More over Saturn is 9H lord (Yoga karaka for Tarus Lagna).Please don’t take whatever I wrote about Saturn’s isolation literally. While I was in Sadhesati I got isolated for unknown reason or due to Sadhesati itself. 2007 at 4:04 am Shishya Dheenaji. Nmaskar. Rahu.That didn’t help to connect with people.srigaruda. 112. 2007 at 2:58 pm Vistiji. how many times should I go about the Ravi mantra and for how many days and what time of the day. srini rajitha Says: October 22nd. (Even though the most benefic Jupiter is also afflicted by malefics. Thank you for the remedy but could you let me know the procedure. Shishya dheena 111. 2007 at 11:44 am OM NAMAH SHIVAAYA Dear Guru Ji. Appreciate your help..I read 33 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .I can understand nothing is going to stop that Saturn sitting all alone in my karma house. I understood what Vistiji has to say about isolated Saturn in it. who is alone in 10H involves along with Ketu.

com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Also while looking for Ma Lakshi mantra I came accros too many mantras (in different languages) so I am requesting a link to particular mantra as adised by Vistiji. http://www.goat etc)?If yes then do we have another sadhana w/o sacrifies? Please let me know. regarding Sri Kali Mahavidya worship and other. which of the above factors should be considered more important? 116. what ever worship it may be Guru Ji always insist on sathveek worship. shishya dheena 115. Mars is also the lord of 34 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .It may not be a correct remedy for retrograde planet. I am trying to understand this chart to see if it indicates any accidents or serious health issues as 8th lord Mars is with 6th lord Saturn and 2 lord Venus in 12th house in raasi.. one will be able to understand this eternal art and Guru ji’s way of approaching the problems. 2007 at 3:50 pm Namaste somewhere that Saturn causes loneliness so I am looking for the remedies to end that. As you are aware of the things. 2007 at 7:05 am Dear visti How does one assess A5 as opposed to 5th house or fifth house from AL. ‘O’ God what to say! People had missed a lot in such a reply simply because they have concentrated on Guru ji’s finger rather than where/what Guru ji is showing. Just to make the things clear (to other learners like me). Guru ji’s words are veda.srigaruda. Simply i am trying to develop this mannerism (parrot) which may be reflected in my reply to your post. I have one more question on Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhna. While concluding about one’s intelligence or anything related to the fifth house or mantra pada. Even at some replies Guru ji has shown His fingers. With respects to Guru ji.Does it need a sacrifies of any kind(sacrifies of birds.Srigaruda. Prema Says: October 24th. Kindly excuse me for this novice reply. Thanks. usually Guru ji’s statements (including answers and questions) always carry thousands of meanings (always inner meanings)and solutions for other problems too. Raj ji Namaskar. 114. As I wrote earlier that blue sapphire didn’t help me. 2007 at 5:16 am OM NAMAH SHIVAAYA Dear Guru ji Namaskar. Aravinda Says: October 23rd. i haven’t got any thing in my mind while writing the reply. After readings Guru ji’s replies (as many replies as possible) to others. veda. Yours Sincerely. i have pen down my thoughts. shishya dheena Says: October 23rd. Any how. Raj.

This person was told that she will meet with a serious accident sometime around 2011-2013. Prema 117. Please provide your comments DOB : 14th July 1978 TOB : 10:30 am (IST) POB : Hyderabad. Is it possible you did the same here. India Thank you. 2007 at 10:10 pm Vistiji.Srigaruda. 4th Sept 1974 2:00 am Bangalore. India. 64th Navamsha and 22nd Drekkana. Appreciate your help. http://www.srigaruda. I could not find Mars in the 7th house. 2007 at 10:19 pm 35 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .. You had accidently typed a wrong date for me a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. I checked my Dasamsa. Visti Larsen Says: October 25th.. srini rajitha Says: October 25th.

One cannot see ones view of children without the A5. Manifestation is a tangible concept and is measured by the mind.srigaruda. Namaskar If A5 relates to these three things 1) mantra 2) children 3) हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. one among the eight petals is darkened or weak. Look carefully at these and look for Dustha marana yoga (nodes) associating with these houses. Once you do that you will know exactly what will occur. i. 3) your authority/power. We use the Surya-devatas as they are able to provide the resources to the rasis and give karmaphala.. Visti Larsen 119. Namaskar Dheena I’m glad you work hard on reading the comments. Mars’ problem in the seventh is that he cannot accept the ways of Venus. Looking forward to your findings. as one cannot get rajayoga from one association without the fifth from arudha lagna. Projjwal Ghosh Says: October 26th. the A5 shows the manifestation of the natives mantra. Srini Rajitha In Marana Karaka Sthana it is the Karaka of the house which is a problem for the planet.. I used to do the same when reading my own Guruji’s mails. 2007 at 1:11 am 36 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . That is the real meaning of Deva-ta. The real problem with any planet badly placed is that in our Anahata chakra. Here the mantrapada therefore shows how your mind measures 1) the mantra. nor can one see the actual physical ability to bear children and how they will be reared without the fifth from lagna. especially fatal ones are seen from the third and eighth from arudha lagna. Rafal Gendarz Says: October a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Aravinda You’ve asked me this before. Yours sincerely. http://www. its obvious they cannot have the same karma attached. Keep up the good work. 2) the concept of children. and worship we remove this darkness and make ourselves more complete and gradually remove the bandhana that caused rebirth. Prema Accidents.e. and i can only say that it has only benefited my learning. 2) Vivasvan devata of Surya. 2007 at 12:30 am hare rama krsna Dear Guruji. So we make Venus more auspicious and thereby are able to solve this problem in us which causes Mars to cause trouble. All are important. hence the reason i gave such a mantra for 1) surya. So how to differentiate which yoga will relate to which of these three? Regards Rafal Gendarz 120.Srigaruda. Where the fifth from Lagna and Arudha lagna shows the mantra which 1) protects the mind and 2) shelters the native through social circle and associations.

India Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Visti Larsen Says: October 26th. Namaskar Srini Rajitha Right. http://www. Howrah. thanks and regards. santana-karaka (Jupiter) and Rajyakaraka (Sun) from the malefic planets. I had a question on one of your answers which is as follows Visti Larsen says “For Rahu in lagna Guru worship is a given. So if the A5 is afflicted by Malefics then see the placment of the mantra-karaka (Moon).Srigaruda. It is a great resource for useful tips on vedic Mr.. Thanks for setting up this website.srigaruda. A wrong mantra in ones mind can have serious affects on ones children. whether born or not. Projjwal Says: October 26th.” The question asked was for rahu in tula lagna. Yours sincerely. What type of consultancy do you do? This will help me rectify your Dasamsa lagna. Yet if i move your birthtime back by 3 minutes then you will have.e. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Projjwal 121. Its as simple as that. Su. 14:02 hrs Indian Standard time. Either way with seventh lord joined Mars in the sixth it wouldn’t be easy to do business to begin with. I am curious what would you have to say for the following case Rahu in tula lagna Jupiter in 7th house aspecting lagna Saturn in 10th house aspecting 7th house What are your thoughts on marriage and settlement abroad for the native ? Other planets: Moon in 12th. Rafal All three areas of life rely on each other. Visti Laren 122. Mer. and especially on the Mantra. If that Rahu causes health problems then the advise is: Kaloh ChandiVinayako! I. Ven in 9th I am also writing down the birth details for you to double check.. worship Chandi to overcome the problems of Ketu and Ganesha to counteract the problems of Rahu. Mars in 11th. now you don’t have Mars in the seventh. 2007 at 12:09 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Birth place. 2007 at 2:27 pm 37 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Projjwal Which year and date was this person born? Please make it easy for me to answer your question in the future.

saturn in 10th aspecting 7th and 12th. Anyways the Date of birth once again is July 5th. With respect to my earlier msg. Larsen. I am extremely sorry I forgot to mention the date of birth. Prema Says: October 26th. 2007 at 4:13 pm Namaste Vistiji. http://www. Projjwal 123. 2007 at 3:36 pm Vistiji. srini rajitha Says: October 26th. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your reply. Larsen. Projjwal 124.. curious what you would say in this situation with rahu in lagna thanks and kind regards. not sure what Mr. Great to hear about the explanantion for the Ravi mantra.srigaruda. Projjwal Thanks and regards. 14:02 hrs. regards. west bengal. Was curious what your thoughts would be on married life and life in foreign country since rahu is in lagna (tula) and jupiter is in 7th. I am trying to place people for technical jobs. Regarding the consultancy. It is like a tech placement service where I need to find people for requirements and vice versa. I am studying astrology(informally) but I am learning so many new things. For marriage. but it has Me in 3rd from 38 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. there is a s possibility that he might marry a foreigner. 1976 125. Oops I don’t see my post this morning. Projjwal Says: October 26th.. your thoughts. I am sure that this person will have foreign visits and will have certain degree of prosperity but can’t figure out whether he will settle abroad finally. howrah. india I was studying the natal chart closely when I wrote this message. 126. Date: July 5th. moon in 12th. Lot of information. I don’t see the nodes in any of these houses. Projjwal Ghosh Says: October 26th. I also wanted to point out that Jupiter is not considered shubh graha for tula lagna. please accept my apologies Details once again. comments etc. I was thinking that I did not have luck since Jupiter is retrograde in the ninth house of luck but you said it is a positive thing and not negative. 1976. 2007 at 3:19 pm Mr. 2007 at 2:42 pm Mr Larsen.

since argalas are very decisive? One more question. Sa and Ma have papaargala on Me.Srigaruda. Now. Use argala to study the IMPACT of the already ascertained yogas and combinations.srigaruda. ii) Moon: will cause bad health and lack of support from community. Namaskar Projjwal Rahu in Lagna isn’t enough to make one go abroad nor marry a foreigner. How do we interpret in such case. Based on your job-description i would place your Dasamsa lagna in Scorpio. This will cause the native to change something which ends up becoming problematic for their career and job. which has more telling effect. workers) in the seventh who then become your job-description. as well as financial problems. 2007 at 12:25 am 39 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ AL and no planets in 8th from AL. and 2) seventh lord from Venus being in a movable sign or navamsa.. 2007 at 8:48 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. but one must know the individual result of each. yogas. The native is very likely to perform some wrong vastu during this time. Prema Please don’t ever treat Argala as the same as a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. iii) Arudha lagna: will cause career problems. This puts Mars and Mercury in the seventh with the sixth lord (staff. AL or Moon? Thanks as always prema 127. etc… do that and you will be very confused with Jyotish principles. in that case there is no dustha marana yoga and therefore no worry of any accidents. http://www. Which do you think is more important? Shani transiting: i) Lagna: will cause the person to perform wrong actions due to wrong thoughts. Visti Larsen 128. But it will make the native interested in this. Srini Rajitha The material benefits are seen from the arudha lagna in rasi and that seems to be the main problem. Visti Larsen Says: October 28th. check an influence of 1) Rahu on upapada. to see if the spouse will be a foreigner. when Sa transits thru Lagna. These are all naturally important factors. Ones support circle may end up going against one.. Though Me is a functional benefic and yogakaraka. Yours sincerely. Raj Says: October 29th. This will end up causing a mild depression. regardless of the possibility for this. depending on other factors. Don’t study argala to ascertain the yogas! So theres no influence of Rahu or Ketu. As for Saturns transits… that depends.

venus should be aspected by atleast two malefics considered to be a kalatra shaapa and results in troubles in married life unless remedied. DOB-22/6/80.Jupiter being fifth lord. Praveen Says: November 3rd.Place-Calcutta. http://www. 2007 at 8:06 am Dear raj. Regards Rajan 130.srigaruda. Please tell me remedy to break kaal sarpa yoga in my horoscope. India Latitude:26:31 N Longitude:83:48 E Regards Trayambak 132. for remedy generally offring prayers to goodess laxmi is considere usefull.Time-10:05AM... eg. According to the book provided by guru visti.nature of person. 2007 at 8:07 am Dear raj. Saturn rules sixth and seventh lord in lagna. for remedy generally offring prayers to goodess laxmi is considere usefull.India 40 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . kalatra shaapa means venus affliction in the chart shows curse of spouse from past life. Malefics Saturn with Mars and Jupiter in Leo a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 1973. Rajan Says: October 29th.m. May 30. Kindly adive me on such combination in lagna. 2007 at 9:29 pm I am worried after a prediction given to me for marriage consideration so want help. 5:10 Dear Vistiji.Srigaruda. Trayambak Says: November 2nd. Uttar Pradesh.even eight lord associted with Saturn and Mars could be bad for child. eg. I did a kaal sarpa poja but nothing change. I need advise on married life.Even I have doubt on religious ground as mars associated with saturn.Jupiter is the fifth and eigth lord and Mars is forth and ninth lord in lagna. Can you please explain me what “kalatra shaapa” is and it’s malefic effects and how long it remains effective? Thanks in advance! Raj 129. venus should be aspected by atleast two malefics considered to be a kalatra shaapa and results in troubles in married life unless remedied. Rajan Says: October 29th. kalatra shaapa means venus affliction in the chart. According to the book provided by guru visti. Last year. Regards Rajan 131. Place: Deoria. My whole life is only doing struggle in all way specially in carrier.. 2007 at 1:35 am Today I went through your website and found it to be very interesting.

com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Thanks.Srigaruda. Praveen 133. by nature she is very god fearing and willing to do remidies.bangalore-tula lagna neice oct31 2005. 2007 at 9:32 am Visti.but she is very intent on continuing the marriage…. amazing ! simply gr8 ! …i have never read such intellectual jyotish content on internet. abuse from my a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.11:37 am. Tryambak I recommend that you begin by wearing a diamond in gold on your right hand ring-finger. but you need to worship Shiva with the panchakshari mantra to ensure good health to yourself..bangalore-vrishabha lagna thank you vaishak 134. The yoga will break quite significantly after marriage.very painful marriage with a lot of indifference. Yours sincerely. 2007 at 4:21 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members.. vaishakh Says: November 4th. so please look forward to that. I’m also not worried about the nature of your spouse. the Saturn-Mars yoga will not affect the pregnancies but could affect the mental health of the first child. Praveen According to Saptamsa...kindly suggest remidial measures…... 2007 at 2:12 pm dear visti ji.she has tula lagna with ketu in 7th aspected by saturn and rahu constituting a shaapa to the 7th house…also rasi is tula rashi and ul lord moon with chandaal yoga.also giving my neices details…born on krishna chaturdashi with shaapa on moon and jupiter…kinfly suggest some remedies for her too sister aug 03 1976.constituted by mars+venus in 2nd house . Visti Larsen Says: November 4th.may god give you gr8 light! Rudra yoga.. Visti 135. http://www. i have one house what is reason behind financial uplift due to the same.(leo-cancer or aquaris) what it implies ? 41 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .6:55 pm.. and shaapa is a curse. and contradictly why it causes sudden demise ? in case of one of them is benefic sayyoga karaka .srigaruda. Astroyogi Says: November 5th. So it refers to a curse of spouse. my sister is going through a very. Namaskar Raj Kalatra is spouse.

my sister is going through a very.kindly suggest remidial measures…. The remedy is clearly to worship Sadashiva with the prasiddha mantra: Om bhurbhuvaH svaH sambasadashivaaya namaH| Further. The Dasa changing to Mithuna after July 2008 is going to bring you significant changes and blessings in your life. iv) Lack of strong support in job due to Shukra being karmesha from chandra (see profession discussion). 137.11. who otherwise will become somewhat headless without Ganesha’s blessing. 2007 at 10:44 am dear visti ji.bangalore-tula lagna neice oct31 will appreciate rational behind it … 136. This has caused: i) ill health to wife as Mangal is neecha and second lord from upapada. ii) weak finances and lack of progress as Mangal is also dhanesh from Arudha lagna. abuse from my BIL. Ganesha worship is essential for you to have more progress in your career and a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Any gem i have wear for my nullifying above problems. look forward to this time. 2007 at 6:36 am Humble Pranams to you sir. Visti Larsen Says: 42 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda.. Do this every day without fail..also giving my neices details…born on krishna chaturdashi with shaapa on moon and jupiter…kinfly suggest some remedies for her too sister aug 03 1976. You have guided me. nagaraja babu m s Says: November 6th.11:37 am.but she is very intent on continuing the marriage…. v) Unknown and peculiar health problems to you as Mars and Badhakesh are yuti in the eighth house causing Dristi Badhaka. Please advise since this is cropping up my mind eversince many years. Is it okey or is their any other god i have to worship according to my star and for my present family welfareness. Do i need to visit any temple for this Matri Shaapa vimochana caused by Mangal and shani afflicting chandra in the second house and any other vedic pooja to be done. They can all be linked to the Matri Shaapa caused by Mangal and Shani afflicting Chandra in the second house. I have been worshipping Badami Banashankari of Bijapur (female goddess) and Kukke Sri Subrahamanya (of Mangalore) and Sri Sathya Saibaba and Sringeri Jagadguru since from my parents time. by nature she is very god fearing and willing to do remidies.she has tula lagna with ketu in 7th aspected by saturn and rahu constituting a shaapa to the 7th house…also rasi is tula rashi and ul lord moon with chandaal yoga.Srigaruda. http://www. iii) Problems in the kula/family as Chandra is in the second house. This will also benefit your children a great deal.very painful marriage with a lot of indifference.6:55 pm.bangalore-vrishabha lagna thank you vaishak 138. vaishak Says: November 6th. with respects nagaraja babu 6.2007 Nagaraja Babu There are many issues which you have indicated.

Yours sincerely.Srigaruda. is Sun considered a malefic? Also. This will help immensely.UK at 13:28 hrs. In curses. This lady has Rahu in 9th house and Sun in 12th house. Visti 139. 2007 at 11:09 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Do make a search on the site. there is an aspect of Saturn(10th aspect) and Mars (7th aspect) on Moon in my 10th house. such as buying the cot for the baby. 2001 at Nuneaton. Is her character pious? Thank you.srigaruda. but can help uplift one in other spheres of life.. Further help ladies who are about to become mothers in some way or the other. Nagaraja Babu Gems cannot nullify November 6th. What would be the effects of this curse and any remedies please? 4th Sept 1974 2:00 am Bangalore. 2007 at 5:54 pm Vistiji. The mantra i gave is what is required for you to perform. and any pujas to sadashiva and your jagadguru is recommended. Is this a curse? My confusion arises due to the fact that this combination is actually causing the Chandra Mangala yoga. Time: 9. Namaskar Astroyogi I thought i had explained the rudra yoga to a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 141. Does the chart says the lady will have many problems in married life (she is having many)? Does the chart says she will have a marriage in future or just many partners in life? Her details are: April 14th 1971. srini rajitha Says: November 6th.. 43 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . which is auspicious.53AM. Ajay Says: November 6th. in my chart. my son was born on 20th feb. Can you please tell me relevant jyotirlinga mantra and what else i should do to cure him? What are his good/strong planets and weak/malefic planets in his chart? Thank you Regards Praveena 140. India. praveena Says: November 6th. 2007 at 2:13 pm Hello. He has autism. 2007 at 7:44 pm Respected Visti jee. http://www. Place: Bangalore.

com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. The remedy is to worship Sri Mahakala with a jyotirlinga mantra. so anything in the first house from Saturn is negatively affected. Visti Larsen 143. Which Jyotirlinga would you prefer? Srini Rajitha The Sun can give the worst ego problems and ruin of pride. Have you checked the remedies lectures so you can learn to determine these yourself? Ajay Marana Karaka Sthana has a much deeper meaning once we begin to apply it from the chara karakas.Srigaruda. Here Saturn is joined the Sun (darakaraka) who is also the lord of Arudha lagna as well as Upapada. This is a serious problem. 2007 at 9:59 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members.. Yours sincerely. It definitely a malefic in curses.. Namaskar Praveena Do give me your impression of his chart and strong planets. I hope this helps. If she does this remedy she will marry. Chandra-Mangala yoga is also rudra yoga. http://www.srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: November 8th. Visti Larsen Says: November 7th. 2007 at 9:08 am 44 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . otherwise i’m doubting. When this is joined the sign or lord of the Upapada as well as arudha lagna the native is at risk of living a life of a bachelor/bachelorette with one relationship after the other and lack of commitments in the Ajay 142. Saturn has his MKS in the first house.

Your niece is born in the fourth part of Krishna Chaturdasi which affects relationships. and is affecting the love and affection in the marriage due to Venus placed in the fifth from Ketu. Uttar Pradesh.Jupiter. Can I wear neelam alongwith diamond ring. 1973. srini rajitha Says: November 8th. Ajay Says: November 8th. The specific mantra for both problems is that of the Omkara Jyotirlinga mantra. Further. Can you please recommend me any mahavidya mantra to overcome financial problem or diamond ring is ok. She should keep absolutely vegeterian during her worship.m. 2007 at 5:51 pm Respected Visti jee. Namaskar There is Kala Sarpa yoga along the first/seventh axis in your sisters chart. 146. thank you so much for the advise prescribed. Visti 144. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Trayambak Says: November 8th. Here is Dob info May 30. Please advise. 2007 at 2:55 pm Thank you so much Vasti हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Vaishak. Yours sincerely. and to perform puja for Sri Rama atleast once a week. With regard. She should worship Bhuvanesvari every morning beginning from a Krishna Navami tithi. This can cause problems through separation as Venus is placed in the eighth house.Srigaruda. and also personal health (Shiva’s anger on the seventh house).srigaruda. which is the main curse. This is the main problem. I have neelam in my middle finger. I will convey the same to the lady. Trayambak 145. Thank you once again. But I doubt on how much she will follow. 5:10 a. 45 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .. At this time. and recite: hriiM bhuvanesvari svaahaa|. Hope this helps.. 2007 at 5:52 pm Thanks Vistiji. I will go through the curses lecture again. the worship of Shiva is again advised. specially in carrier/financial problem. You also right about the curse. I already married and had lot of changes but struggle still in my life. to remedy the curse in the sixth house . toppled by a Sarpa yoga on the upapada. India Latitude:26:31 N Longitude:83:48 E Thanks. The mantra is: om namaH shivaaya omkareshaaya om om saH|. Further ask her to fast on every Monday. Place: Deoria. Ketu is the ones afflicted therefore its a curse of Sadhu.

2007 at 3:04 pm Dear visti. what to do when they are in lirba (saturn exalted -sun debilated) or in mesha (sun exalted n saturn debilated) i am seeking the mantra which shuits the most .ketu in tauras.. mar..8% of tithi had elapsed when my neice was born-does this not make her birth in the end of the 3rd part?(which is malefic for mom) 5)what about vipareeta raja jogas in my neices chart-6th in 8th. 1)ksy and sarpayoga are broken by moon-is it the reason for prescribing bhuvaneshwari worship? 2)wont venus in 5th from ketu have shubhargala and improve matters?venus and ketu in naks parivartana-will this mean that venus will behave more tamasically? 3)my sisters next mahadasha is buddha-who is bhagyesha from both lagna and moon and joined lagna lord(though badly place from AL)-will his dasha improve matters? 4)jhoral shows 48. 2007 at 11:22 am radhe krishna.srigaruda. Raj Says: November 12th..hope you will be kind enougn to clear some doubts. virgo lagna. 2007 at 8:05 pm Gurus.ven.sun.. 150.spuse (divisional charts interpretations) thanks in advance SGB 148. Astroyogi Says: November 12th. thanks a lot vaishak 149.also mercury (though in mks)placed in quadrant and exalted in navamsa-will it give good effects? sorry for the fluury of questions….. 2007 at 6:42 am dear vistiji. thanks a lot…will ask my sister to follow the remidies. http://www. jup in My main question is: Is it still termed a curse when there is a good yoga arising out of it? 147.malefic planets in malefic house. bhagi Says: November 9th. how planets react in dusthana house . vaishak Says: November 12th. Hare Rama Hare Krishna! 46 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . most of my planets are in dusthana house or upachaya house.8th in 6th and 12th in 12th-do they come to nought as mars and jup in own navamsa? 6)could not understand the point that venus in 8th causes seperation…. In which dasa its intensity will be more.rahu in scorpio.thanks in advance.sat in gemini. what implies when A5 is in eleventh from AL and having sun & saturn in it.Srigaruda. moon in cancer.children..mer. In areas it affects like a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

May GOD bless you all !! What is the interpretation one make if a Neecha graha is Vergottama and in infancy ? (SUN in Libra 00:39″ in both rashi and navansha,infacy means 50 % results). In the same line what is the interpretation for a malefic vergottama? A vergottamma is like an exalted or a graha in its own rashi but if it’s neecha or malefic what results do you expect from it? Thanks a lot in advance for your replies. -Raj 151. radhika Says:
November 13th, 2007 at 7:32 am

dear visti guruji, i am radhika from bangalore going through a very depressed state of mind. my one brother and two sisters have abandoned me since i asked for a share of property from my ancestoral piece (father share) and they are not talking to me or inviting me in family functions/affairs. since then whole life has been a oppression and nothing. my husband,in-laws wrongfully thinks of my gestures and words and are not in helpful promotion is being overlooked from 8 years irrespective of my doing interviews at my very best (working for a central government organization). this point in life i don’t know what kind of remedyy should i be doing. Life feels like at a stand still. could you please provide some insight about my career.and aquisition my right in the family. I have visted temples in kanchepuram, kumbakonam and rahu ketu templs on advise of some priest. Please suggest remedies to move up in life.My birth details are as under: Date of birth - 7th October 1959 Place of birth - Bangalore City, India Time of Birth - 10.15 am Christined name - yashoda Official record birth date : 20th July 1958 Hindu Brahmin I have two kids one male (DOB 07.06.1990 Bangalore born at 9.21am) and one female (DOB 04.08.1996 Bangalore born at 5.15 am) How is their education and progress in life in future. 152. Pankaj Says:
November 14th, 2007 at 7:51 pm

Namaskar everyone Please look into my details and let me know if there is any problem in my chart. I am going thru a tough time Date of birth 25th dec 1967 time of birth 16:30 mumbai India. 153. Raj Says:
November 16th, 2007 at 12:21 am

Hari Om Tat Sat! Dear Vistiji, I tried to find answer to my question in your absence on this forum and I guess I hit some of the right one

47 af 84

18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

A vergottama which is neecha or debilated will become extra debilated and will give more malefic results,if it’s malefic. The defination of Vergottam when it says ,a vergottama acts as it is in its own sign, is incomplete in that regard.Because a planet’s placement in it’s own sign is always considered good. Also the weight a planet carries ( in terms of being weak or strong) when it is in infancy and old degrees is zero as per the books(classification of planets based on their degrees in a rashi). Infancy/Old Age There are 30 degrees in a sign. Planets in the first five degrees of a sign are considered in an infant state and are rendered weak. Similarly, planets in the last five degrees are considered in old age, and are also rendered weak. Just as an infant or old person cannot protect or provide for others. I hope you get some time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions of our. Also I hope someone makes this very useful knowledge of astrology straight forward for human race. Hari Om Tat Sat! “When GOD created the World he should have left no space for “lUCK” ” -Raj 154. priya Says:
November 17th, 2007 at 8:58 am

Dear Visti-ji, You’ve mentioned that Ketu in the 3rd means the person will thrive in meditation. Also that 12th Lord association With the 5th house the person will meditate. I have Ketu in the 3rd(leo) and my 12th Lord Venus is in the 5th(Libra). And yet i struggle to meditate…..i simply can’t still my mind. Why? i was born on 23rd Nov 1970 at 2130 ( time zone +0730).I am looking at my 7th house and its dharma and future. The 9th from Saggi has Ketu. The 5th from Saggi has a debilitated and retrogade Saturn. The lord of the 7th house is in Libra with a retrogade Venus. Atmakaraka Mars and Darakaraka Moon are in Virgo. How will all this affect my relationships? Espeacially during Jupiter dasha which just started about 3 weeks ago. Thanking you in anticipation 155. nagaraja babu m s Says:
November 23rd, 2007 at 6:56 am

Humble Pranams to Vistiji sir. I would like to know is it good time to make career change from my present job (DOB 12.07.1957 TOB 1850 Hours, POB Shimoga, India) or will i continue in same organization (east india commercial company ltd). Please advise. What type of business i can carry on and give good results. 156. rishabh Says:
November 27th, 2007 at 1:56 pm

hare rama krishna sir i have jupiter in 5th house in aquarius… it falls in 2nd from my second upapada.. should i do panchakshari mantra to make it sronger and promote this relationship i am into…? place of birth- ludhiana, punjab, india
48 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

11th april 1986 8:50 pm thanks a lot 157. P Chakraborty Says:
November 28th, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Dear Visti, Today I came across a chart which somehow puzzles me. (M B, 25.05.1959, 18:23 hrs, Bhuj, India). It has Libra asc, Retro Jup in 2H, amK moon with retro sat in 3H, Ketu in 6H, Sun and Mercury in 8H, lagnesh (AK) in 9H, Mars deb in 10H, Rahu in 12H. The man is sharp, quick decision-maker, technically good. But somehow never able to achieve success. The targets always slips away at the last moment. Presently he is under Jup-Jup, (lord of 3rd & 6th). As I feel (as a very novice one), the AmK Moon with Saturn is a cause of problem. Also deb. Mars in 10th with its dispositor Moon afflicted is also compounding the problem. Also Ak Venus in 9H but with Parivartana with 8H Mercury creates the ill-luck. Also 8H has Sun, Badhakesh (11th lord). Would you kindly comment on the cause of problems and possible remedy, if any. Also some idea about how Jup-Jup might unfold. With best regards P Chakraborty 158. Gowri Says:
November 29th, 2007 at 5:07 am

Dear Vistiji, Pranams. Seeking remedy from childlessness. Please advise. My dob is May 18, 1971. Chennai, India. 5.31 am My husband’s dob is July 13, 1968. Chennai. 11 pm. Married on July 15, 1991. Thanks for your time. Gowri 159. aredaman Says:
December 2nd, 2007 at 9:53 am

Dear visti ji Namaskar kindly do give me link ,if any, about your knowledge of kaal sarp yoga .kindly do post some knowledge on kaal sarp yoga .Kindly beam some light of knowledge on concept of degree of planent in establishing/destroying the kaal sarp yogas As i having two sons having dob 08/01/2007 at 05:13 am at patiala , punjab,india

49 af 84

18-03-2009 21:13 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

and second son dob 25/07/2004 at 09:15 am at chandigarh,india . on bare reading of my both sons charts it revealed that all planents are under the grip of rahu -ketu . and if we consider planent degrees than , as per my thinking, they fortunately escape from kaal sarp yogas . So your knowledgeable opinion is needed. and further comment is awaited about effect of yoga on parents fortune Aredaman 160. aredaman Says:
December 5th, 2007 at 2:45 am

Namaskar visti ji kindly do shed some light on origin of kaal sarp yoga where and why kaal sarp yoga come into origin aredaman 161. Visti Larsen Says:
December 7th, 2007 at 2:12 pm

हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members, Namaskar Trayambak Please don’t wear the Neelam as Saturn is in your lagna and can cause Rajbhanga yoga. Instead wear a Diamond and worship Sri Kamalatmika Mahavidya. Ajay Another task for astrologers is to instil faith in God in people. Good luck. Srini Rajitha Sometimes one has to be president to experience a curse. Understand what i mean? Have a careful look at Bill Clinton’s Kalatra Shaapa and you will find that its also a Bahustree yoga along with a very powerful Rajasambahdna and Simhasana yoga. Bhagi Besides Ketu, every planet of yours is in an Upachaya house. This means that this birth is one where a lot of free will is presented to you… Or rather you tend to rely solely on your own intelligence when making decissions… you don’t leave much to fate. With four planets in third house this is because in the past life you were very headstrong and had alot of anger problems, due to which you broke some spiritual vows. Anger is the main issue that you have to conquer in this life, be it your own or others. I recommend getting a Diksha Guru, this will be a good new begining for your life. Vaishak 1) Yes. 2) Argala doesn’t improve or deprecate matters, rather it shows support or lack of the same. Here the fifth house argala shows that the nature of the seventh house problems are related to affection and romance. 3) Bhagyesha is good for kids in ladies charts, but how do you see it benefitting the marriage specifically as this is the topic of debate? 4) 48% is left therefore 52% has elapsed. This puts the tithi in its fourth portion. 5) VRY in Dusthana must be weak, whilst those in kendra must be strong. Otherwise there is no rajayoga and instead there is suffering. 6) Planets in eighth house give pysical separation.

50 af 84

18-03-2009 21:13

.. Apparently. My recommendation is to worship Pashupati Atmalinga: Om Namo Bhagavate Pashupataye|. you did something quite hurtful to someone which caused a lot of anger to the natives father. Each mantra is to be recited 108 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. intelligence and reputation.Start Thrusday morning. and i would recommend the form of Sri Rama. For Moon in movable signs: Hari. Mantra: Om Namo Narayanaya . The problem is Rahu in ninth which will give doubts. Priya Our Parampara guru Achyuta Dasa teaches: The first mantra for meditation to give is Hari. Meditate on this mantra. Therefore.Srigaruda. Do this and meditate on God in your desired form. they are more interested in other things.. Pankaj I fear that you are having financial ‘bondage’ due to a curse of Uncle from past life. I believe this answers your query. Above all in this life you must learn not to fight even when pushed into such situations. Worship Ganesha so your kids will improve in studies. Not many can still the mind. Further its like having a planet on the first house (head) therebye enabling brilliant intelligence and health. Moon in Dual: Hari Om. This is also affecting your career and its advancement. Do not try to.tadVishno paramam padam… 51 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . http://www.. Moon in Fixed: Hare Krishna. in all this you should hope that God is happy with you. drekkana (rishi) and navamsa (God). If not then expect very bad results to follow for health. do check if your family deity is a form of Vishnu/Narayana and worship it to make all these problems fall in place. To remedy this you must worship Vishnu. Your Jupiter Dasa will be good for relationships. Yet. Mantra: Om Ganeshaya namah .. its like a direct Astroyogi Do clarify your interest in Mantra when querrying about positions from Arudha lagna? Raj Vargottama is eulogized as the planet is in the same sign in rasi (body). Don’t raise one angry word or you will without doubt have to repeat this karma again. and will give intense romance and affection due to its position in fifth with fifth lord Venus… Wonderful. 108 times a day from a Monday morning. Worship Sri Vishnu with the Vishnu Gayatri to overcome this dosha. just recite the mantra and let the mind run its own business until itself will become still.start Wednesday morning. Thereby enabling God to have a direct contact with the Rishi and therebye guide one the best possible way. Worship Narayana to bring peace in you and among your family members as well as help you in your career. and that too with Jupiters affliction by Saturn and Rahu there is a need for remedies. Radhika The reason for your difficulties with your elder siblings is due to a Pitr dosha from your past life. I have never heard a vargottama planet to be interpreted as exalted and would refute any such statements.

Srigaruda. So atleast not a panchakshari Shiva mantra.. Further he must worship Ganesha before begining this mantra. Therefore the conclusion is: To remedy the curse and remove atma-bandhana the native should begin by worshipping the Atmalinga of their atmakaraka Venus and then later aspire towards worshipping their Ishta devata fully. Rishabh Jupiter is your sixth lord (ripu). read on.curse of uncle exists in eighth house. therefore if the planets involved are linked to the tenth from Moon then its quite detrimental for the carreer support. Jupiter in second means that children will help sustain the relationship. and Venus is placed in the 12th from him….srigaruda. Have you talked about having children yet? Atleast talk and start thinking about baby names and it will help.upps. Atmakaraka is Venus and will not like the sixth house from it. This shows that the lack of career support will end up putting the finances in the red one day. Now. Gowri Do go through my article on Surya here: http://www... Rahu further aspects the planets in the eighth thereby cementing the curse. Also see that Mercury is joined the A10 which is important for the persons status in soceity… the rajyapada. We see that Mercury is the tenth lord from Moon and therefore is the primary culprit for Nagaraja Babu Do see the lecture on profession and dasamsa to learn how to answer your question. go through the three steps i have applied above and perfect yourself in them.uurrp. Remedy: See the karaka and lord of the eigth where the curse is. Also Rahu in the tenth from Moon is problematic as it gives sudden shocks and changes in the Also read my article on Kala Sarpa/Amrita yoga from the Jyotish Digest 2007. These steps are essential for chart analysis. 52 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Only Chaturthi dosha which need not be the cause of these troubles unless Mercury is badly placed. Venus is the lord and is AK (atmalinga required). Finally see where the curse is placed from the AK . Saturn is the karaka and placed in the 3rd (cannot be remedied easily).srigaruda. P Chakraborty One step at a time: i) Panchanga . The native will feel bound down by these Aredaman See: http://www. Atmalinga mantra: Om Namah Shivaaya Bhavalingaaya vam vam sah| Ishta devata mantra: Same as Surya is the Ishta devata. Essentially we should give both remedies from the begining. Volume 3. by reciting the panchakshari for Shiva you will incur Shiva’s anger. This happens to be the second house (money/family) housing Jupiter (money) and further the second lord is Mars. ii) Major dosha (ksy/gmy/curse) .. Ask him to recite a ganesha mantra of choice 21 times.its in the 12th showing that it will cause restriction or bondage. http://www.srigaruda.seems a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. iii) Sanskara dosha . This needs further analysis: The problem is career. To this then add other steps to perfect the analysis..

Gowri Says: December 8th.My DOB is Jan 23 1975. raji Says: December 7th. raji Says: December 8th. 2007 at 8:54 pm Dear Visti Ji. 164.Guru is in 12th place from lagna.Place of birth is OOtacamund. Place of Birth is Ootacamund. raji Says: December 8th.I have meena lagna.Gurudasa is it a good dasa for me?? Regards Raji 163. 2007 at 5:58 am Hi vistiji.same place in Navamsa We do consider the degree of planets in judging the intensity.Time of Birth is 10. Yours sincerely.Srigaruda..Moon is exalted.Time is 10:00 Am.Is there any remedy i have to do??Please suggest me this!!!My DOB is 23 JAN 1975.Ketu is with moon in tarus.Place of Birth is Ootacamund. http://www.I have rahu in MKS(9th place from lagna).srigaruda.So next is Guru dasa. This is my second post. Great session on malefics!!!I have rahu in 9th place(MKS)scorpio.00 Am. priya Says: December 9th. 2007 at 1:23 am Thanks much. The rest you can learn from the links i have given.My DOB is 23 JAN 1975..Time of Birth is 10:00 am. but know that the KSY is still there and functioning.What does that indicates. Thanks Raji 166. I am a member of SJVC group. 2007 at 3:47 pm 53 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .I am running rahu dasa.And ketu is with Moon. 2007 at 10:35 pm Hi Visti Ji.I am running rahu dasa.SO which devatha apart from rama i have to worship.I have a question.I have rahu in 9th place(MKS)scorpio and also have rahu in scorpio in navamsa too with cancer lagna. Thanks Raji Raji a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.I like your articles and about malefics. Visti Larsen 162.So my question is rahu dasa is with mixed results.My ishta devatha is Lord rama/vishnu.

com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Dear Visti-ji.Which is little bit similar to your chart .And as he is three plus year old and can gem pendent be given to him . 2007 at 7:43 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Priya. Sir if possible do tell any malefic effect of both sons birth on family in general and on mother(moon) in particular. with difference that moon is sitting with ketu in 3rd house and guru and mercury ( own house)are in lagna .here again moon is helping in braking yoga but again saturan and rahu is with benefic moon . ketu (cat eye ). 2007 at 7:19 am Dear visti ji Namaskar ( urgent ) Thanks for reply Gone through lessons and found my elder son is having(Amrita )kala sarpa yoga . Thank You so much for your reply. Namaskar.. For the sake of faith i will give an alternative remedy. ‘Hari Om’ has multiple meanings but the wording itself refers to God in his most purest form as the sustainer of all. AREDAMAN .Srigaruda.. not Gods. Priya 167. And guru is having third darishti (eye) on ketu and 9th eye on rahu . Yours sincerely. Being a Catholic is it possible for me to remedy(or atleast mitigate) the curse on Jupiter with practical solutions since i can’t worship Sri Vishnu? Perhaps by avoiding(or using)certain colours???How long will this curse last? Thanks for the meditation tip…. So which stone is advisable moon . Or topaz. Catholicism is your issue. Visti Larsen a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. aredaman Says: December 10th. is moon as per parvartna (exchange ) will give ketu effect or adverse and helpful in braking sarpa yoga .may i know what “Hari Om” means?? My birth details: Date of Birth: November 23 1970 Time of Birth: 21:30 PM TimeZone: +7:30 GMT Location: Kuala Lumpur. You can recite the prayers specifically for Jesus and do so for 3 rosaries per day. Malaysia Longitude: 101° 42′ E Latitude: 03° 08′ N Best regards..There is confusion with remedies . 54 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda.. Visti Larsen Says: December 9th. is parivartana (exchange rule applicable ) and again lord Guru is in lagana with Mangal and again benefic is with malefic so sir kindly do tell which stone is most suitable to break kala sarp yoga . do tell some quick remedies for present/current rahu maha dasha as on 15 /12/2007 (one good school of our locality is opting for lottery for admissions draw and we want our son luck to assist him in securing admission in said school ) and onward we are seeking to get him admission in good school Second son is having dob-08/01/2007 is having kala sarpa yoga . http://www.

Srigaruda. 2007 at 9:56 am Thank you. is parivartana (exchange rule applicable ) and again lord Guru is in lagana with Mangal and again benefic is with malefic so sir kindly do tell which stone is most suitable to break kala sarp yoga . P Chakraborty Says: December 10th. 2007 at 10:14 am Dear visti ji Namaskar Thanks for reply Gone through lessons and found my elder son is having(Amrita )kala sarpa yoga . aredaman Says: December 10th.. I find thet Jupiter dasha began from November. with difference that moon is sitting with ketu in 3rd house and guru and mercury ( own house)are in lagna . And guru is having third darishti (eye) on ketu and 9th eye on rahu . 2007 at 12:12 pm Dear visti ji 55 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Sundar Balakrishnan Says: December 169. Priya I am Sundar. ruled by Jupiter. Further. Thanks again and regards Chakraborty 171. Jupiter in your case is the lord of 7th house and 10th house. aredaman Says: December 10th. I have shown your reply to the concerned person and he is determined to follow these steps for overall improvement.And as he is three plus year old and can gem pendent be given to him . 2007 at 8:25 am Dear Ms.srigaruda.second son is having dob-08/01/2007 is having kala sarpa yoga . Sir if possible do tell any malefic effect of both sons birth on family in general and on mother(moon) in particular.Which is little bit similar to your chart . 10th house is the house of profession. http://www. do tell some quick remedies for present/current rahu maha dasha as on 15 /12/2007 (one good school of our locality is opting for lottery for admissions draw and we want our son luck to assist him in securing admission in said school ) and onward we are seeking to get him admission in good school. Jupiter is placed in Vishaka. ketu (cat eye ). Please let me know whether the prediction is okay. Jupiter is currently transiting in Saggitarius which has only 20 points in your SAV chart. Jupiter is placed in 5th house in papakartari yoga. Or topaz. is moon as per parvartna (exchange ) will give ketu effect or adverse and helpful in braking sarpa yoga . Visti-ji. Jupiter is the sub-lord of the 6th house (house of service) which is placed in the 5th (12th to 6th). Due to this you are facing hurdles in your service and profession. Further. I have cast your horoscope and analysed it. Jupiter is placed in 8th house from the 10th house. Thanks……Sundar 170. Further.There is confusion with remedies . Based on your birth details.. 2007. aredaman 172. So which stone is advisable moon .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based again moon is helping in braking yoga but again shanni and rahu is with benefic moon .

Thereby you will be more successful. faith is important and as astrologers one should seek to continually establish the faith of the clients in their preferred deity. Best a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Aredaman Do worship Ganesha and give copies of the Narada-Ganesha Yantra to three temples before applying for your kids schooling. Yours sincerely. Thank you so much for your tolerance. Sir if possible do tell any malefic effect of both sons birth on family in general and on mother(moon) in particular. Priya Don’t misunderstand me.. After this a Yellow Sapphire should be worn to ensure best results. And guru is having third darishti (eye) on ketu and 9th eye on rahu . aredaman Says: 56 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda.Srigaruda. is moon as per parvartna (exchange ) will give ketu effect or adverse and helpful in braking sarpa yoga . Visti Larsen 175. 2007 at 1:56 pm Dear Visti-ji. Visti Larsen Says: December 10th. As long as he lives at home (with mother) the yoga isn’t malefic. do tell some quick remedies for present/current rahu maha dasha as on 15 /12/2007 (one good school of our locality is opting for lottery for admissions draw and we want our son luck to assist him in securing admission in said school ) and onward we are seeking to get him admission in good school Second son is having dob-08/01/2007 is having kala sarpa yoga . Yet. So which stone is advisable moon .There is confusion with remedies . AREDAMAN .Which is little bit similar to your chart . Same applies to the youngest born. Priya again moon is helping in braking yoga but again saturan and rahu is with benefic moon . The elder child has both Mahapadma and Mahasankha yoga as Jupiter and Moon break the Kala Amrita Yoga. ketu (cat eye ).. with difference that moon is sitting with ketu in 3rd house and guru and mercury ( own house)are in lagna . priya Says: December Namaskar Thanks for reply Gone through lessons and found my elder son is having(Amrita )kala sarpa yoga . Namaskar. I hope i have not offended or annoyed you. Good luck for the future. is parivartana (exchange rule applicable ) and again lord Guru is in lagana with Mangal and again benefic is with malefic so sir kindly do tell which stone is most suitable to break kala sarp yoga . http://www. i cannot help but think that in truth God doesn’t care which language we use to pray. 173. You have not offended me nor annoyed me. 2007 at 5:08 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Priya and Aredaman. Or topaz.And as he is three plus year old and can gem pendent be given to him .

I am emotionally drained by a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based December 10th. May the Lord bless you with a healthy life to render help to your less fortunate brethren.. Thanks Aredaman 176. however after reading most of your published materials which are of amzing educational value. 2007 at 10:00 pm Dear Shriman Visti Ji: My apologies for using this medium to draw your kind attention.I am stressed and approaching you once again seeking your kind guidance. Is there anything wrong in my email system??I didnt get any replies!!! Thanks Raji 178. India. Could you please help me choose the right path? The right road that will take me to my destination. Priya 179. At 49+ I find myself frozen at the cross roads of Life trapped in the confusion of possibilities. 2007 at 7:14 pm Dear visti ji Namaskar Thanks for your timely reply as we at this end are waiting for your kind guidence ( i succeed in getting copies of narda-ganesh yantra ) and will start reciting 108 times Aum Gan Ganapatye Namah mantra . Ravi 177. 2007 at 1:58 pm Dear Vist-ji. Thanks a million in advance. 2007 at 5:54 am Dear Visti Ji. Thank you. I was born on 11th July 1958 at 4 PM in Madras. Thank You :-)! With warm regards. My emails to your personal id have not received any response. aredaman Says: December 12th. Yours sincerely. Ravi Says: December 10th. physically exhausted and mentally tormented. http://www.srigaruda. 2007 at 4:36 pm 57 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .. my understanding of astrology has been lifted to a higher level. I am not a student of astrology. raji Says: December 11th.Srigaruda. priya Says: December 11th.

it does require a yoga with one more lordship of a dusthana to manifest.. 5) If its debilitated in navamsa then surely VRY will manifest. Lemna Says: December 14th. as much as possible since the day you advised me.What can you foresee about my life partner? 58 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . i also wanted to know about the shakti yoga in my neices chart-ak moon in 5th in rahu ketu axis aspected by sat-will it give very bad results or the fact that this happens in a common sign tones down the malefic effect of the yoga…… thank you vaishakh 181. but i have never seen anybody use this for timing of the same. Visti Larsen 182. Aredaman Yes you can. and Mercury is situated in 10th house along with a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.) in my house and office . Rahu is situated in 7th house. 2007 at 8:03 am Dear Visti ji. As for Shakti Yoga. vaishak Says: December 12th. The person becomes a Guru capable of drinking the sins of his/her sishya. venus. I am very anxious about my marriage. in Scorpio so the manglik dosha has got canceled. in Gemini sign whose lord is Mercury. Thanks Aredaman sis already had some positive results….I will follow your words from my heart.In my birth chart. Since my chart seems to be consisting with lots of malefics and debilations. 2007 at 7:19 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Vaishak and Aredaman. Visti Larsen Says: December 13th. To my surprise I passed an interview at the end of November. 2007 at 5:56 pm Thanks a lot vistiji for clearing those points…. 3)i thought mercury being dharmesha from lagna and moon would promote dharma and hence marriage…waiting for ur comments… 5)in my neices chart reg VRY what about venus-6th lord in 8th and not strong in navamsa…also being an asura graha -wont venus give good results in 8th…. Vaishak 3) It definitely affects marriage. http://www.Srigaruda.srigaruda. and will start working from next year January. I am really grateful for your comments on profession.also…mars as a malefic retrograde in own house is a dustana(12th) wont it give good results….com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Dear visti ji Namaskar Can i keep one photo copy of narda ganesha yantra (Yantra is a symbol of 12 names of Lord Ganesha that give success in every respect. Yet. and saturn. Namaskar.My mars is situated in 12th house. I have to continue this job for at least 3 years.. Saturn involved is good as it removes tamas and gives high level of spirituality..I have been chanting the mantra for Sri Ugra. Yours sincerely.

com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ My education is also stuck in a rut.2007.I have one more request to you.O. Wonderful. 1982 T.. 2007 at 11:09 am Namaskar visti ji it is to inform you that despite worshiping Ganesha and given copies of the Narada-Ganesha Yantra to three temples to-day ie.15/12/2007 my son name was not figured in draw for admission. 2007 at 12:08 pm Namaskar visti ji after introspection i made my mind to keep continuing the mantra aum vakratundaya hum of 59 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . 2007 at 4:22 pm Dear Vistiji. Aredaman 184.B-12:37 pm (standard time) P.What will be the impact of Ketu Mahadasha on my job? I have an excellent job offer starting in a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.O..I have Retrograde Saturn in my 10th house(Taurus Lagna) and my Ketu Mahadasha will be starting from Dec 30th. i have question regard my profession as my 10th lord venus is conjoined with other 4 planet (moon. this incidence really jolted my faith.Srigaruda.Kindly please do advice me. everything got hampered since 9 years old .srigaruda. Dinesh Says: December 18th.2008? If I take jump to new job will it be good or not ? Thanks in advance! -Raj 186.B-September 29th.O. 2007 at 5:38 am Dear Vistiji.mars.mercury in lagna what kind of carrier will i be choosing and is that profession give me satisfaction i am leo ascendant and i have saturn in 5th and jupiter in 11th house and sun in 12th house 187.Thanking you Lots. vaishak Says: December 16th. My birth details are as follws: D. despite being a good student during my early childhood. 183. Yamato city(Kanagawa prefecture) Awaiting your kind response. 2007 at 10:45 am thanks a lot vistiji vaishak 185. aredaman Says: December 19th.B-Japan.Please answer with your expert knowledge on my question on my professional carrier.ketu. Raj Says: December 18th. http://www. aredaman Says: December 15th.

Aredaman 188.. Atmakaraka. Don’t recite Aum with this mantra.5 Aries and Ketu at 0 deg Taurus (in 6th Bhava). India MY ascendant 18.Lagna Pathi and Chandra Lagnapathi. 2007 at 12:09 pm Pranams Vishtiji. My Moon sign Aries is also afflicted with Mars at 29. Hora and Ghatika Lagnas. 2007 at 10:56 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members.. http://www. Raj I made this site and articles for the sake of learning. Visti Larsen 60 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .5 degree Scorpio is afflicted with Saturn at 20 degrees and Rahu at 0 degrees Scorpio (in 12th Bhava). Saturn and Mars aspect Janma. 2007.Mars is on Rahu-Ketu axis. varaprasad Says: December 19th. Lemna I’m soo happy to hear about your job. See what a good mantra can do? I gave that mantra for EVERYTHING in your life. Mars is also Maha Yogada. so please have faith in it and continue.Srigaruda. Kindly suggest a way out. Further do you want a miracle or do you want something tangible? Yours ganesha and keep requesting sri ganesh to do some miracle . Based on what you’ve learned do tell me your answer the question. Yet it seems that the affliction to the Lagna and Chandra Lagna and it’s lord Mars has turned me into a sickly person.srigaruda. Prasad 189. 2007 at 12:11 pm please note a correction in my birth date: it is 6th March 1957 Sorry Prasad a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Dinesh Choose the career of the combust planet Dinesh. Time: 0025hrs at Guntur. Namaskar. Aredaman I think you started too late. My birth details: 6th March. Visti Larsen Says: December 20th. varaprasad Says: December 19th.

universality.As far as I am considered I always consider myself a beginner as there is a lot to learn in any field.As a beginner it sounds interesting and matter of few houses. idealism. But the happiness and gain of wealth is moderate. Lemna Says: 61 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .There is lack of happiness. http://www.fear of poison. intuition.india I along with my family member wish you and your wife a very happy merry charismas and happy new year 2008. Ketu Mahadasha is not considered good in gerneal being the dasha of malefic and mahashunya.punjab .More deeper dive into it and experiencing unexpected results and differences of opinion by the expert in asrology start shaking ones faith.. ( yes wants tangible result ) Aredaman 193.DOB 19 may 1970 at 07. Learning astrology as it’s not black and white takes one through different phases of trust and beliefs. So I thought to have your opinion on my grahas.theft. Raj Says: December 21st. Specific to my chart Ketu is in 7th house in Scorpio sign(in exalted state according to some experts in astrology) which is friendly. psychic ability.spirituality through suffering. discretion.Being so it is strong and denotes sudden burst of 2007 at 7:13 am Namskar Vistiji.physical hardship.friends.Anyways.srigaruda. Saturn in 10th always give troubled professional carrier and breaks which I can tell from my own experience.Srigaruda.because i found that malefic ketu and rahu are having argala (malefic) on jupiter in my chart and further venus is having virodhargala on jupiter (protection from bad argala of rahu and ketu ) and also being benific is giving good agrala on 9th house (rahu placement) . liberation. I hope I touched some of the right points. that is malefic graha do made any impact on Brahaspatey (benefic grahas ) .11am chandigarh .water. spirituality.Start going deeper into it and one start realizing how complicated it is. Hari Om Tat Sat! -Raj 192. Following is the conclusion I drew from whatever I learned by now. 2007 at 1:30 pm Namaskar visti ji I come to know that target school is going to fill students on rolls on 15 and 16 jan 2008 out of student selected by way of lottery and I presume that in case selected student chose to opt other school than there might be chance of selection of new kid ( hence need lot of luck )Kindly do tell exact mantra for ganesha or i have to simply recite mantra by excluding Aum ? visti ji if possible do tell.benefics and malefics.In one sentence it means unhppiness when weak in the chart.lack of prudence and mental restlesness. compassion.Remedy ratna is Cat’s eye. aredaman Says: December a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. self sacrifice and subtleness during it 191.

For this begin Mother Lakshmi Mantra regularly. In your chart more importantly we find a Kalatra Shaapa in the seventh house caused by Saturn among others. Its your karma. Hari Om Tat Sat! Thanks. not astrologies. Namaskar. I will try my very best to develop full faith in it.The retrograde Saturn in 10th house is my AmK and badhkesha. Few more findings on my made my day. Here is what i answered the first time: — Raj The problem with Saturn in the tenth is that he can delay work from finishing and you find yourself in an eternal battle to get projects finished… You must work 3 times as hard as everyone else.but I will try not to.. http://www. I’m really glad to see your reply. Now that I know that the mantra has become my savior. even my health).com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ December 22nd. This position shows there will be some impacts on job too. Also Moon is my AK and as Rahu/Ketu eclipse the lights and Ketu is functional malefics for Taurus Lagna I don’t see brighter things happening in the Ketu dasha. 194.. don’t really know what I have done in my past life. Warm Regards.Srigaruda. 2007 at 5:13 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Worship Chandi to overcome it or you will remain a beginner.. Lemna.Thank you very much for your advices. and die peacefully..And being a 10th house lord it controls the Lagna too. I will keep it with me during this remaining life time. Raj/Arun Your Rahu in lagna will attract all of the doubts in the world in any subject you study. and who would. Looking for your birthdetails i saw that i had answered your question about Saturn in the tenth before. Visti Larsen Says: December 23rd. but I will try not to commit anymore sins. 2007 at 3:22 am Namsakar Vistiji.I’m asking for nothing more but I just want peace and true love in my life. Thanking you from my bottom of my heart.Ketu is in 10th house (with Ve and Ma and aspected by Saturn) from AL which gives both unhappiness and happiness from job.srigaruda. 2007 at 2:38 pm Dear Visti ji.. I would request you to put your remarks as it is whether good or a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Arun 195.And for this mantra . and gradually rebuild my faith in God. the advice I have been seeking for long in the dark. Raj Says: December thing I fear is I might commit suicide(as you know I have been going through painful problems in every aspect of my life. For Saturn in isolation 62 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .

Ketu is placed in the eighth in Dasamsa and therefore isn’t the best time to make a career move as it can make you unemployed. Reg. Visti Larsen 196. Venus lords the lagna and ensures a good and fortunate dasa with good health and direction. Raj Says: December 23rd. Among Mars and a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. aredaman Says: December 23rd. About my you should consider Sri Kali Mahavidya Sadhana. Venus is most benefic and its lordship will be seen during the Ketu more consultant role). I almost everyday visit your website which provides most useful information.An excellent website on vedic astrology resources. Ask Ganesha to bless you with this mantra: om hriim gam hriim mahaaganapataye namah svaahaa| Yours sincerely..refer the link i sent.. 2007 at 5:21 pm Namaskar visti ji Thanks aredaman 197. Ketu Mahadasa will give the effects of planets he is joined.Anyways. Aredaman The Damana mantra is for your mind to be able to concentrate. 2007 at 9:38 pm Namasakar Vistiji. — To learn more about planets effects on the tenth house refer here: http://www. The planets in the seventh are removing Rahu’s argala on the tenth house thus denying headship and simhasana yoga (tenth lord in lagna) and instead granting a more independent role as a consultant or adviser (venus). As all this happens in the seventh house it is sure to bring travels and voyages during the dasa.srigaruda.I work as a consultant (with one employer)as you mentioned in your reply. In your reply on one hand you said “There is a mahayogada arising out of this combination and 63 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda.Srigaruda.And right now I am unemployed and have an opprtunity to go into regular employment in jan 2008(with anoher employer. Venus is the dispositor of the fourth lord and therefore i would recommend that if your mother is still alive that she will need more medical attention during this time. I am unemployed right now and that’s one of the reason I am surfing your website everyday :). There is a mahayogada arising out of this combination and ensures wealth and authority being granted. Career specifically. Career breaks are seen from the tenth from Moon .com /jaimini-sjc/2006/04/22/profession/ Because your Saturn is also the Amatyakaraka it will grant you an opportunity to meet the absolute heads in your professional field… but the hard work remains. http://www.

I hope you wouldn’t mind continuing this discussion until my satisfaction.” On the other “Reg. and my lord of the 5th is situated in 12th house which is my Mars.mer.I understand Venus is the mahayogda yoga giver and the ketu dasa will be mostly as Venus dasa. http://www. If I am alive it might happen during my Ketu mahadasa.Srigaruda. 2007 at 4:49 pm Dear visti ji pranam 64 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . 2007 at 4:46 am Dear Visti ji.srigaruda. Dinesh Says: December 24th. You didn’t mention about Mars effect. Career specifically. Warm Regards. So I again need your guidance to clarify the things and suggesting remedial measures for improving professional carrier. Lemna.Om namah shivaya. Now i am studying science in grade 12 will i have any name and wealth earning planet or what is meaning of paravjya yoga in my chart please if u could help me in this matter i would really be grateful . become a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2007 at 4:36 pm Dear visti ji pranam Thank you for ur reply. 8:05 Am 27N. Thank you very much for your advices always. It is quite undigestable.Please let me know your insight on this matter. Since I have pravrajya yoga in my 10th house in my birth chart(sun. In navamsa also my Mercury is in the ascendant. and would probably attain Moksha. 199. Dinesh Says: December 24th. Hari Om Tat Sat! -Arun (discarding my pet name Raj hereafter ) “If there is a rebirth I would ask GOD to give me rebirths and sterngth to serve the sufferers instead of salvation to myself” 198.i didnot find any planetary combustion in my chart so let me suggest what profession to adopt. Also please let me know if you are going to send me separate reply in mp3 format? Thanks.sat).And its very hard until I find things in black and white may be due to effects of Rahu in lagna as you mentioned.D.ven.. as I myself can’t handle myself as yet..” If I am going to be unemployed how can I earn wealth. My mother is still alive and in old age troubles. Ketu is placed in the eighth in Dasamsa and therefore isn’t the best time to make a career move as it can make you unemployed.85:41E 200. but the charts won’t lie. Lemna Says: December ensures wealth and authority being granted.My dob is 3rd august 1989 A. I have found that I will lead a life of non attachment.I will keep close watch on her health situation.

Hari Om Tat Sat! -Arun a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.In your reply you said not to make a move to a new job as unemployment is indicated by Ketu in 8th in Dasamsa. A quick question on dasa results. Kabira Says: December 26th. 2007 at 8:26 pm Hare Rama Krishna 65 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .srigaruda. 10:07 Am 31:35N 74:56E 204. aredaman Says: December 24th.Jupiter in 11th house (AL) My DOB is 3rd August 1989 A.Mercury2:56′. Subbu Says: December 28th. 2007 at 9:00 pm Respected Visti jee Firstly Congrats on compiling one of the best resources on Vedic Astrology on the net which is a treasure for all ppl interested in astrology. I am going though a bad health and a generic bad time.Moon:-3. Arun Says: December 24th. 2007 at 9:52 pm Dear thank you for your kind reply.ketu 2:5′.as i didnt find any combustion planet in my chart let me know what profession will give me name and wealth and do i have yogas in my chart to be so or i will lead ordinary life and what good and bad of my parvajya yoga in chart as herein given details Leo ascendant 20:40′.But I am already unemployed and reamin unemployed after the start of Ketu mahadasa (at least for few days I will unemployed after the start of Ketu dasa). 2007 at 5:24 pm Namaskar to all i wish all the members and MR & MRS visti ji merry chritmas Aredaman 202.d..Srigaruda. Can you help me with some kind advise. So the question is if we consider this unemployment as a result of Ketu dasa will there be another break in employment in Ketu mahasasa ? Once dead can not die again… Or how many times the employment break will be indicated? Thanks. saturn(R) in 5th house .venus:18′22.Mars 6:00.. Hope you can spare some moments and have a look at my chart. 16/02/79. http://www.42′. I am just a newbie trying to self learn astrology and i have Mesha lagna with malific’s Rahu and Saturn both in house 5 in my own chart. 8:00 am 27N. 85E 201.

com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Vistiji Hope you had good holidays. http://www. I moved to NY and can imagine how denmark would be in Winter Since the muhurtha for kamalatmika mahavidya is not coming anytime soon. Raj. Thanks.Please reply at the eraliest through personal email or mp3. I leave it to moderator to publish this messages or not.Srigaruda. 2007 at 8:50 pm 66 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Says: December 29th. 2007 at 6:39 am Dear Vistiji. i have been reciting Sri Lalita a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Visti Larsen Says: December 30th. It must be really cold out in Denmark. Since childhood i have found lot of mental peace reciting that Should i also continue the guru saraswati mantra you gave me for the brahmin curse? Have a great new year ! Regards.srigaruda.. I will be oblidged to have your reply at the earliest. Hari Om Tat Sat! -Raj/Arun 206. Subbu 205.I hope you have received consultation fees I paid online by now ( I am writing this as a humble reminder and so you respond through personal email). I am waiting on your reply eagerly on my dire situation (no job for couple of months at present and job change in Ketu dasa)..

”change of project” blah. husband and kids you will be looking for moksha also? Moksha giving daas MUST be in either Cancer or Pisces in navamsa. Yours sincerely. 67 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .Srigaruda.Not a very interesting story. Arun If your already unemployed with the advent of Ketu dasa. Dinesh Do you think you would be looking for name and fame if you had pravrajya yoga? I think a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Please ensure you worship Durga to overcome the negative effects of Rahu and Saturn there. Thanks for the prompt reply!I was bit nervous as the start date for new job is approaching fast…but your reply came in in time as a great relief for me!! My main concern is the duration of this job.The remaining period has gone very bad and unstable( There was seven and half years of Sade Sati in it).The same clients keep me calling back for different projects but after a break of couple of months or so. Please go ahead as the dasa is merely confirming your situation as it is. Visti Larsen 207. The longest duration on one job I had was for 10 years in the first 10 years of Mercury dasa. Start from a Tuesday and recite the Chamundi mantra: aim hriim kliim chamundayai vicchai| Subbu Yes do that. See your best profession from the tenth house in navamsa… thats the profession you will get most success from. 2007 at 4:48 am Dear Vistiji.blah and has to do nothing with my capabilities. This will arise very soon as Ketu’s argala on Sun in the D10 is unobstructed. Thats why this is called Sadhu yoga for the spiritual and pravrajya yoga for the businessmen. Namaskar.Everyone goes through a bad patch in their life. Therefore. Diksha helps one to avoid the negative effects of Pravrajya yoga. When I see it for others I find it very strange that being able I have to sit jobless for certain time. then you need not worry about any issues in pursuing new job.. Do you think that after job. Happy Holidays to you too. Kabira Thank you for your cudos. Says: December 31st. http://www. Anyways.blah.. Arun. As for हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Lemna Pravrajya yoga doesn’t necessarily grant moksha but it will take you to a point where begging seems like a good alternative.including the most blessed ones for one or another reason and I have no complaints. please worship Sri Mahalakshmi to overcome the afflictions on your Venus.srigaruda. Ketu will not give dasa effects of Mars. you can expect that after getting a new job the mahayogada effects will arise.So I wonder why don’t I get something going for long duration.I get job breaks for silly reasons like “no funding for project”.

I hope this helps. Thus it forms Brahmin Sarpa. Prior to that i was working and studying simultaneously from the start of Rahu dasha. I will treat myself as a donor to astrology research by writing back about the results of whatever is going on with me. when they are grown up (a kind of scientific survey for percentile prediction accuracy). if so then why Rajiv gandhi who had same paravjya yoga in lagna as mine with same ascendant why could make him one of famous similar to einstein.. very helpfull discussion for new learner. 7:30 AM. my Guru is afflicted with association of ketu and having drasti of Sani and Rahu. http://www. I have question for myself. Regards. Does it necessarily to make one begger by paravjya yoga. Vigro with Guru and Ketu. Dinesh Says: January 1st.who they will be by the stars they born with. Tula with Mars. It will be an interesting idea too pick a class of students and make predictions on their future . Sorry for late reply…i only came across your post just now…was not expecting a reply from anyone other than I hope this time the Mahayogada yoga will help me in what I am looking for and Ketu gives me what I want(ofcourse spirituality is one of it. 209. Cancer with Moon.please kindly help me to know this fact. Dear Vistiji. 2008 at 8:17 pm Hare Rama Krishna. 2008 at 4:41 pm Dear vistiji. Rather it started upon graduation more than 10 years ago due to mainly my Mum’s illness. You are right in saying i have career problems but it did NOT start with Jupiter’s dasha. Hari Om Tat Sat! -Arun “Faith has no boundaries at all” 208. Kumbh with Sukra. Hitesh Says: January 4th. Thank You for analysing my horoscope. Priya 210.Srigaruda. In my rasi chart Sagg (Dhan) as Lagna with Sun. Makar with Mercury.) before it takes off in the last phase of it’s dasa. India)As above topics for malefics. 68 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Vadodara. Wish you and all the members here a very very happy and prosperous new year 2008 ! Thanks. priya Says: January 1st. I was never concerned about all this until I statred looking for the answers why it’s happening like that( being a technical person you know…) and accidently hit your web site and rest you know it all. Meen with Sani and Rahu.(B’date:5th January a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2008 at 7:14 pm Dear Sundar Balakrishnan..

Further. you may display it or else could you please let me know where my reasoning is going wrong. malefic for Taurus Asc).10. The dasha that is presently in progress is Ketu MD/Ketu AD/Rahu PAD. Venus is usually comfortable in Fixed-Earth.. Namaskar. His PAD of Jupiter will begin on 4th of Feb. Venus and Mars also gets activated. since it being lord of 11th aspects the 6th house and 10th house from the 2nd house. You should aslo note that Saturn being retro is also in the nakshatra of Rahu.. disappointments. Please advise me whom to worship and what is mantra for it? Is there any remedies? Thanks Hitesh 211. Venus is in scorpio (a fixed-water). Venus (being lord of the Asc and 6th house of service)is uncomfortable in Scorpio.Srigaruda. 2008 at 12:36 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Based on this the Asc is Taurus. 2008 at 9:42 am Dear Vistiji If you permit. saturn is retrograde.02.etc). Hence. Unfortunately. 2008 at 7:47 pm Dear Visiji. Further. Cardinal-Air and Mutable-Water. Things have not changed for me yet! I am still sitting unemployed and the job offer I had in my hand is also going haywire. Though having aspect of Jupiter (lord of 8 and 11.08. Ketu. Hitesh Do see my lecture on remedies for curses: http://www. 2008 and will go on till 24. During this time Jupiter should be able to give some relief.srigaruda. Due to this. Jupiter is malefic by being in the nakshatra of Rahu.65 at 20 hrs a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.Nothing is moving as I thought. Says: January 9th. Sundar Balakrishnan Says: January 31st. Is there any specific time for the mahayogada yoga to come into an effect ? Hari Om Tat Sat! -Arun 212. Visti Larsen Says: February 1st. 69 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I would like to give my reasoning to Arun/Raj. For Taurus Asc saturn becomes the yogakarak.srigaruda. As stated by him his birth details are 17. Venus is conjunct Mars and Ketu and also aspected by Retro saturn (which creates delays. Thanks…………Sundar 213. If you feel my reasoning is okay. I have used 6 minutes less than lahiri ayanamsha. Mars and Venus are all in the same nakshatra of saturn.

com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. She is not at all in a position to take care of her family. Arun. I would be grateful to you if you can please look into the chart of my relative whom the doctors diagnosed suffering from Dextrophobia. Looking forward to your response.30Hrs Date: 18th Oct 1973 Thanks and regards. Says: February 3rd. Yours. Now the family is in great problem and the medicines being offered also consists of Tranculizers (Tablets for sleeping).com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ /lecture-on-remedies/ Arun Do respond to the emails i have sent to your personal account.By GOD’s grace I got the job and I 70 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I still believe Arun is under the sway of that negative Ketu which is blocking his career.. rishabh Says: February 1st. Her Birth details are as under: POB: 80 E 56 .. 2008 at 3:21 pm sir do i have pravrajya yoga in my chart? how will it affect my life considering placement from the arudha lagna and otherwise? i have atmakaraka as vargottama in pisces so how will that affect my life? these are my birth details 11th april 1986 8:51 pm latitude 30degrees 56′ north longitude 75 degrees 52′ east thanks a lot 215.9. Visti 214. 2008 at 5:06 am Dear Vistiji. All we need is for his remedies to kick in.srigaruda. Sundar I guess we will soon see if your prediction is true. Tej Says: February 2nd. 2008 at 6:39 am Dear Vistiji. Tej 216. http://www. 26 N 51 (India) Time: . Namaskar. I didn’t receive emails from you yet but things are getting better.Srigaruda. This all started getting Noticed with the starting of Budh Mahadasha.

venus). (since 1999).Srigaruda. Lemna. and sufferings in all sorts of relationships. as well as 2 other divisional charts in exactly the same position.also generally speaking Rahu in 7th causes delay in marriage but are there any other extreme cases? I do take medicines for anxiety and mental appetite. cause I’m usually and have been a loner.. Rishabh 71 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ am employed now..65 at 20 hrs Nagpur)? If yes. now which I consume are extremely light. My lord of the 2nd and 3rd house is Saturn . but I already have been going through health problems. Warm Regards. I would like to know a few things regarding malefics planets. is Saturn which might cause health problems after marriage as commented by you. -Arun 217. Visti Larsen Says: February 7th. I have Ketu in 1st and Rahu in 7th house. no one could understand what my problem is. in rashi chart. And what does my Saturn in 10th house signify.What can you see about my father? Thank you very much for your concern always.srigaruda. As indicated by you I did travel for interviews. Lemna Says: February 5th.My lord of the 2nd house from UL. 2008 at 12:58 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. Thanks……Wish you best of luck. even though I have my or no trust! I am getting back to my astro study again. 219. from here can you see again mental agony. Thanks for guiding me through rough times! I will keep you posted through personal emails once I receive a mail from you. Namaskar. 218. Sundar Balakrishnan Says: February 4th. sun. 2008 at 12:31 pm Dear Visti ji. Arun Are you the same Arun (17.I am not sure how to express my gratitudes and cross the thin line between faith and no faith. cause if I could I would have been dead during the Rahu mahadasha and during the extremely bad antardasha.10. I am happy that you are now a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. which will make me crave for them.My 9th lord is Sun which is posited in 10th house along with the other planets as mentioned. and I hardly feel any effect but if I don’t take them I have withdrawal symptoms.Does this mean extreme mental anxiety.Did my Rahu Ketu axis cause confusion among the doctors. (if there is any such saying though). even though they are with my other 3 planets ( problems. http://www. 2008 at 9:51 am Namaste Vistiji. other than depression ? Why have I been trying to die?and fail to at the same time. It was hard for me to make a choice out of 3 job offers I had in hand but finally settled down to one.

both afflicting one planet. The remedy is through the worship of Shiva in the form of the Atmakaraka. Preferably from a Monday. rishabh Says: February 7th. Yet. For this lady it is Sarvalinga. Such natives also tend to have a temper whilst younger due to this. is that alright? 221. See the dispositor of the ninth lord for his health. only mantra. then these issues calm down completely. neither are very detrimental in their effects. http://www.. the atmakaraka with jupiter in the 11th house of navamsha and mercury in the 5th from it (from the karakamsa that is) so am i right in thinking that its good from the spiritual perspective? what is the path of atmakaraka sun? i have started reciting vakratundaya hum mantra. i.srigaruda. Glad to assist you in your Vargottama Atmakaraka can give fame provided you follow his path. 2nd and 3rd houses don’t deal with mental agony. Visti 220. Ask her to begin this at the earliest. 2008 at 4:50 pm thanks a lot sir for all the patience and care 222. Lemna The example you cite of the nodal placement is not enough to delay marriage nor cause mental anxiety. Lemna Says: February 9th. The point that its a phobia gives us alot of information due to which we must analyze the trines to Atmakaraka and the Moon. and they must associated with the same house/bhava. Are you reciting the Vakratundaaya hum mantra? Tej This is a very peculiar mental disorder. nor does Saturn in isolation cause severe problems in this regard. Due to the position and fifth lordship from the atmakaraka.. and Ketu will turn to your favor once you turn towards spirituality. or a house. Ketu in the lagna does cause problems with doctors in ascertaining the disease and giving medicine. Ask her to recite the mantra. The ninth house deals with more than only father. 2008 at 10:59 am 72 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I know quite a few with these positions to prove that point wrong.. i’m not sure there is any useful medical remedy. Here we see that they share mutual trines and the presence of a severely afflicted Moon is the case. rishabh Says: February 7th. otherwise just om namah shivaaya does wonders. meditation of therapy is my estimate.e. 2008 at 4:49 pm sir but in this case atmakaraka which is vargottama is also the badhkesh so wouldnt that cause major problems? i have sun. It takes TWO malefics to cause problems. Yet. 3 malas a day. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. and see the ninth lord from Sun for his association and relationship with you. In the rasi chart we can at most tell about the fathers interaction with you and his health.Srigaruda. Only then can you say there is a problem. Should such a person turn towards spirituality. Arun Good to hear of your progress..: om namah shivaaya sarvalingaaya lam lam sah|. as the real cause of the health problems happens due to the natives kundalini moving more rapidly than in other people. Further ask Rudrabhisheka to be done for her. There are some pravrajya yogas caused by Saturn and Ketu.e. I will give you a simple Jyotish tip. i.

Therefore it is time that this burden decreases as you deserve better as a soul. Namaskar Rishabh Badhakesh can also remove badhaka provided benefics are involved. 223. The yoga in the rasi will indicate the direction which i believe deals with healing or altenative medicine in your case. Am I right ? I’m trying to figure out if I have any two malefics associating the same house. for each person the path is different. Regarding father’s interaction with me and his health It is my Mercury that should be seen. yes including me. also has the same position of Ketu and Rahu in the rasi chart. Dear Vistiji. Continue listening and reading to the lectures for more. 2008 at 1:39 pm हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Members. When you say one should be more inclined towards spirituality. So my Ketu is causing lot of problems in my life.Srigaruda. Whenever I read your replies it does provide me a lot of shanti and will to live. where I never and don’t seem to fit at all?I would really like to know. since I have been living in a strict materialistic world.. after all it is a kundalini. Lemna Your interpretation about Mercuries combustion in the pravrajya yoga being beneficial for father is accurate. but in navamsa he has Rahu in the 1st and Ketu in the 7th. As for spirituality. so in this case his interaction with me should be very bad. Thank you very much always. This is the lesson 73 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . but I will try my best to understand about this topic. I have found out your lecture on dristi in the naisargika page and am going a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Visti Larsen Says: February 9th. By the way. what do you exactly mean by this?How would you advice me to become a spiritual being. Sun is placed in my 10th house Virgo whose lord is Mercury. I found out a few things regarding my father. and am really glad to know that you are willing to assist this another poor soul.srigaruda.. You personally must remember every day that this is not your first lifetime and you carry the burden of many past lifetimes which has made you who you are today. Since my Mercury is combust it should be bad for fathers health but being pravrajya yoga causing planet Mercury’s combustion should be taken as favorable will it also be favorable also form my father’s health? Regarding his interaction with me my 9th house from the Sun is Taurus and its lord Venus is combust and debilated and a pravrajya causing planet . my younger brother. My 9th house is Leo therefore the lord of my 9th house is Sun. Awaiting your kind response. Good job. would not deny that. Therefore the dispositor for my 9th house lord Sun is Mercury. We want Gayatri chanda (24 aksharas) so recite it for 4 malas (6×4=24). The mantra is 6 aksharas.All of my family members are hot tempered.though my knowledge base on astrology is very low.Your lectures are wonderful.

but that planet is still there in my bhava and will remain through my lifetime. 224.will it not be a better time than Jupiter-Jupiter? You never mentioned about my Rahu. beeja mantra for the corresponding tattva (the 5 tattvas) is added with the 74 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .. and if yes do prescribe rudraksha for jupiter . running away doesn’t decrease the burden. atmalinga mantra (e. Soul Sadhak Says: February 16th. right? 225. What do you see about this? Thank you for your concern always. wrt. and all these years I have been blaming my Rahu for all the mishaps and hinderance. and it’s lord is Venus.Srigaruda. but does that mean my Saturn is a bad planet in my chart?And at every Saturn transit or dasha there will be much more difficult times?. Visti.g. Become pure to decrease the poison.My Saturn antardasha also starts from this year August. unlike me. aredaman Says: February 14th. though my Rahu mahadasha is over. rishabh Says: February 9th. Lemna Says: February 10th.since my 9th house from Sun is Taurus. though i have always aspired to do a lot of social work and heal people. Warm Regards. 2008 at 3:15 pm namaskar visti ji can Rudraksha be used as substitue for gems. which is a debilated planet. 2008 at 8:41 pm i have always felt something deep pushing me towards medicine even though its something i dont want to do as i keep saying all the time. though not always in the allopathic way… so ‘vakratundaya hum’ is in gayatri chanda.srigaruda. may be that has to do with what the atmakaraka wants. My father is very active. So shouldn’t my interaction with him be bad? From what I hear from you is my Atmakaraka is causing and have been causing problems in my life. 2008 at 6:38 pm Dear Visti. 226. is it forbidden to recite this during midnight? how does the yoga in the rashi indicate that it has to do with healing or alternative medicine? is it due to placement with mercury in the 6th house? mercury is involved in a curse here even though its debilitated but as the atmakaraka sun is involved in the curse there would be a lot of suffering from friends or relatives. Yours. Lemna. 227. and whenever he meets with some accident or illness he does recover .. and a pravrajya yoga causing planet in the 10th house. http://www. Awaiting your kind for Saturn-atmakaraka in Virgo.. as seen in Tej’s case): If i understand correctly. 2008 at 12:08 pm Dear Visti ji. I’m not sure about his interaction with a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.

2008 at 2:29 pm हरे राम क ण ृ Dear Members. but may not wanto. thanks & regards.02:00 a. Is this right? What remedy can be used to lessen my manglik effect on her and bring her physical & mental health to or close to normal. 1975 time .) India my dob .srigaruda. Right now she is not feeling good at all.27th Jan. Lemna To be sure about your fathers association do check the D12 chart. she has been suffering from these issues since we have got engaged and got name of the atmalinga. The soul has to follow your spirit’s direction.05 p. Keep in mind that Saturn is representative of your Souls real desire and samskaras from last life . place . Namaskar Rishabh Mercury indicates healing using herbs. please advise any mantra/puja/stones remedy to overcome these effects.. but the soul has developed certain ideas about the universe which makes it unwilling to accept certain activities. Namaskaar! Please find my wife’s & my birth details below: my wife’s dob . Here is where the dillemna exists: The mind and soul come together to form your spirit which is a separate entity which thinks and decides which direction to go . Today they call it alternative medicine… very ironic that synthetic pills are considered normal medicine these days. http://www. the spirit unconsciously tends to follow the inclinations of the soul and this ends up 75 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . place . Another dillema then arises: The spirit is linked to the soul and therefore despite wanting one a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. I have got sun & mars in my 7th house.p.Hardoi (u.atmakaraka. 1972 time ..m.Rohtak (Haryana) India We were told that i’m manglik. 229. Your spirit wants all the good things in life for itself. As a result of which the soul may wanto jump off the wagon that the spirit is taking it in. 2008 at 7:19 am Dear Visti ji. The spirit is separate yet a part of the body because the mind to whom it also belongs has sense-perception and feels happiness and sorrow.17. but will continue to exist after the body is gone.10th Nov.m.. Manish Wadhwa Says: February 17th.this is you. but what beeja mantra need be added corresponding to Rahu. This is really effecting my wife physical and mental health.. Sun and Moon? Many thanx SS 228.Srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: February 19th. Manish Wadhwa.

2004 at 9.e.e.07. but I have seen examples of this in the past. the spirit despite needing and wanting money may get nervous around money and develope apprehensions towards any receipt of money.i am obliged . One who recites mantras for Shiva to overcome these internal hurdles will be blessed with the ability to attain any goal they want in life as they will tune their souls desires to the tune of their spirit and overcome all their apprehensions which have so far caused so many births. ending up in them not getting any money. Visti Larsen a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Target school on first Preference is Saint peter academy ( it is said . So don’t blame anyone but your own karma.but sir today my child (25. and therefore the mantra given by Adi Shankara for Shiva is Shivoham = shiva(shiva)+aham(I am). http://www. If you are vegeterian you should consider Kamalatmika Sadhana. This is a different type of dosha in vedic astrology and is seen from the sambandha between chara karakas. but now they are laughing at me and i am feeling let down and losing my (27 years ) of existence on god .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ bringing sorrow. Yours sincerely.srigaruda. The reasoning lies in the Devata of the Rudraksha.. be it you or her who is pointing the finger. I. You tend to take alot of energy from your spouse because of your lagnesh in the seventh and joined a debilitated Sun. Your Saturn fulfills this role. 2008 at 5:44 pm Namaskar visti ji Thanks for reply.Srigaruda. So Saturn isn’t necessarily a malefic for you but then again who better than Saturn to be your Atma’s personal teacher? Aredaman I cannot give you a conclusive answer to this question yet. Manish Karma is mutual and just as you had the karma to see your wifes illness so also she had the karma to get sick after marriage. giving a three-mukhi rudraksha for a weak Mars. it is worth to mention here that i have before applying to school in question has did all the remedies (Ganesha Yantra distribution) but failed . Shiva is the perfect aspect of the self/soul.14 am chandigarh punjab india)was not deliberately given admission ( even principle of school has ignored the request of our distt top judicial judge)so kindly do recommend some emergence (effective like electricity )remedies if any so as to turn thing “U” position .being control by bishop of Christ church & St.. i. now it is up to u and all god loving people to help me . SS saM shaM and kshaM for Sun. A good mantra is: Om Gurubhyo Namah|. Your wife seems to be undergoing some nere-related disorders. Moon and Rahu. This adds to her tension and to calm this down you should begin worshipping Lakshmi so your wife has energy to devote her time to you.and now the problem arises that i have told my friends that i under ur guidance is confident to secure my child admission. Michael’s Cathedral of Shimla ) at patiala punjab india and second pref is The british co-ed .( run by 76 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . If the soul doesn’t wanto see money. but otherwise recite the mantra: Om lakshmyai namah| every day begining from a Friday morning at sunrise. If this is the case then the remedy for her is to wear a Yellow Sapphire on her right hand ring finger (third from the index) and worship Guru. aredaman Says: February 19th.

) hope for help as i have to admit my son before 25 feb 2007 or make him lose one year . ext. http://www.e saint peter academy is under the supervision of——– /archbishop_collins. 2008 at 5:46 pm namskar visti ji kindly correct my name to aredaman (h=A) thanks aredaman 232.i.howeve i tender if any mistake committed by me . aredaman Says: February any father can under stand my situation thanks hredaman so hope god bless me and some help will prevail aredaman 233.but there is some material available now the first preferred school . 2008 at 7:12 pm Dear Visti. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.which i not want . Is that derived from the 8-petal chakra of the Sri-Chakra? Please can u explain a little? Many thanx SS 234.html Archbishop Thomas Collins Office of the Archbishop Catholic Pastoral Centre 1155 Yonge Street Toronto. FAX: (416) 934-3452 e-mail: archbishop@archtoronto. M4T 1W2 Telephone: (416) 934-0606. aredaman Says: February 20th. 2008 at 8:34 am 77 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .. 2008 at 6:35 pm Namaskar visti ji sorry to disturb u again rosa kucharskyj is also Cristian lady of uk origin and married with indian . Soul Sadhak Says: February 19th. Ontario.archtoronto. aredaman Says: February 19th.

moon is atmakaraka. stomach & female related problems) as well. sun conjoins ketu in 9th house. 7) Sir.srigaruda. 2008 at 11:01 am hello sir i think its the synthetic pills that should be considered ‘alternative’ rather than it being the other way round. you told that she should wear Yellow Sapphire in her right hand ring finger along with Guru 78 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .and 9th house is arudh lagna. 2008 at 10:05 am vistiji namaskar i hear the audio on malefics. is it right to wear it or not? 9) Sir. you told her to do Guru Puja.etc. http://www. rishabh Says: February 20th.india and control upon it through Simla church . 6) Sir. you told me to start doing Laxmi Puja for her.punjab . You said it right that we should not point finger as this is all Karma & destiny.himachal pradesh india aredaman 235. we are highly obliged. yantra. DOB 2oct 1986 time 15:48 place: dhrangadhra.Srigaruda. Should I continue doing it along with Hanuman Puja? Whatever you see is best for her. ….. Should she continue doing it along with Hanuman Puja? Whatever you see is best for a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.patiala . She has been under the doctor’s knife for many times. which are in the worst phase right now. which can get her out of this phase or start improving her condition immediately. 1) Yes! Vistiji. and this sun is in sukshma parivartana with moon in 8th house.) that would be best for her and. 5) Her physical problems always becomes surgical problems.e. 2008 at 5:16 am Namaskar Visti ji. We have few confusions and wanted to clarify them with you. i have a query. Is there any remedy (mantra. stone.gujarat 236.. 3) Same question is for her physical health (i. thanks a lot for all the care Rishabh 237. how does it effect ego? my details are below. manasi Says: February 20th. i have capricorn Namaskar visti ji correct my mistake …it is Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church is a Christian church led by the Bishop of Rome. Manish Wadhwa Says: February 21st. She is wearing Coral right now. Thanks very much for your reply. 4) We were told that we both should do Hanuman Puja to improved both pysical and mental health. 2) She has got these mental phobias. But I just wanted to get her completely well as soon as possible. currently Pope Benedict XVI which is apex body of saint peter acadimy .

. 239. education.srigaruda. 2008 at 7:49 am 79 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .e. friendship. Thanks in advance for your help and kindness..(most of the time I really wonder.). well nothing new though I have been so for a decade now… mainly due to loneliness. and frustrations in all aspects of life. tejovanth n Says: February 28th. when you say my soul wants to see all the good things in life. We are in need of serious help from you. or you are talking about my case here. I might loose this job. what’s the importance of wearing in ring fingure) than the index finder ( on earth I’m sane. but I will try…. But in my case. I cannot work accordingly.Actually I didn’t get it ..That’s how my Saturn fulfills my role.Srigaruda..and I have none .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ Puja. transit and sade sati a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. YES!YES!exactly. and let you know what I can figure out. due to my restless mind and distrust towards people .situation is not ok. while outside when it occurs I need to stop but I can’t). my life has been only a narrow dark hole going deeper and deeper with full of sorrows and fear. Best Regards. including. Also my Saturn being in 10th in Virgo plus AK.Do you mean this is attributable to everyone who is re-born. I also cry a lot(nowadays tears just fill my eyes all of a sudden. or how can I live longer) even during my sleep my mind is jumping around negatively 24 hrs a day(that’s because I have developed certain ideas about this universe which is making me unwilling to accept. Thankyou very much for your such a lengthy description and.esteem . Warm Regards. Manish Wadhwa 238.I need not worry about my Saturn antar dasha.My soul doesn’t want to see money. but my spirit makes me pop my eye on the notes.. She has been taking anti-depressants for long time. is it? What Shiva mantra would you recommend?My soul is absolutely restless. We are totally frustrated from everywhere. but the soul has developed certain ideas about the universe which makes it unwillling to accept certain activities.I still remember you adviced me to ask God only what I want but not what I don’t want actually. http://www. 2008 at 3:05 pm Dear Visti ji. again falling in pravrajya yoga.recently I chanted for 2 days only.but these days I hardly do so. cause basic human instinct is people ask for more. Please give your kind attention to above issues. usually yellow sapphire is worn in right hand index finger). Your are certainly kind. is making me loose money or hard to accumulate. Doctors are also not able to detect her problem. It’s always hit and try method every time. and I’m also that person. Lemna Says: February 21st. God forgive me. love. identity. Your help will be greatly appreciated and highly obliged... Medicines are like food in our house..respect. I will go through the D-12 chart . since the time I was born.I will revise them again and again for some astro knowledge as well. peace etc. Lemna.? But Saturn is my lesson for this life…something really important I needed to know for all these years… I’m trying the mantra for Sri Ugra. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. So when you say saturn is not necessarily my malefic. Why should she wear it in ring finger (i..e.

is there any abroad chances to go?? hope u will reply to my question thank u… 243.5:24AM. Please advise me to make selection of my field in education and excel in that field and the line of profession that i can choose thereafter. My date of birth 7th June 1990 at 0921 am at Bangalore City. Thanks for your reply for the concern earlier I am having a disturbed married life and I am concerned about divorce or second marriage my details are as 18-6-78. I am tejovanth n from Humble Pranams to you a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Bangalore. praveen Says: March 14th. elaine Says: April 2nd. With humble respects and pranams once again. India. http://www. My date of birth 7th June 1990 at 0921 am at Bangalore City.Calcutta India Her lagna has Sa Ma Ju in Leo asc and Sa is in MKS the impact could be disturbed married life Is there any possibilities by which we both can be together Thanks in advance for your kind support and kindness Warm regards. tejovanth n Says: March 14th. I am taking examination of Class XII starting from 17th March 2008 and seek your blessings and ashirvad to come out in flying colours. 2008 at 12:42 pm Humble Pranams to you sir. I am taking examination of Class XII starting from 17th March 2008 and seek your blessings and ashirvad to come out in flying colours. 2008 at 2:45 pm hi i want to abt my astrology i was born on march 5th 1985 at 7:45a. 2008 at 7:57 pm I had a professional setback in my rahu bhukti. on Thursday.srigaruda. tejovanth n 240. With humble respects and pranams once again. Please advise me to make selection of my field in education and excel in that field and the line of profession that i can choose thereafter. I would like to pursue I I T (Indian Institute of Technology . I would like to pursue I I T (Indian Institute of Technology .computer application or Nano Technology of Pure Science. Rio de janeiro. Bangalore. 2008 at 2:42 pm Namaskar Vistiji. Please advise which god I should application or Nano Technology of Pure Science. india. indu Says: March 26th.. india.Calcutta India Her details as 22-6-80. What can I do ? birthdate: 27/01/1976. 80 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . Praveen 242.10:05AM.. a student. Brazil.. I am tejovanth n from bangalore.Srigaruda. Please advise which god I should worship. on Thursday. 241.m in guntur. a student. 21:29 . my lagna adipathi is guru n rasi is karkataka rasi i want to know abt my future details how will b my married life ? where in the laganam there are 3 planets mars venus and mercury and lagnadipathi is guru where in my birth chart guru is in weak postion is there any effect occurs i want to know abt it. India.

247. you have discouragd to chant graha beejamntras as they operate on physical plane only. Also. स . 2008 at 7:26 pm sorry. स .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. SJC Conference and Workshop 2006]: श . can the remedies be given just as given for badhakesh. 2008 at 7:25 pm Dear Visti.ketu. you indicated to worship Chandi. Thanks. does the above remedy gets applied to any planet causing difficulties to the natives. any mantra would do or it should be selected so that it certainly touches the the houses through mantra bhava.ketu. 3. ष . 2008 at 8:20 am Dear Visti. May I request more on this pl. 2008 at 1:06 am . SS 246. 1. in context of chandra (mana)-akshara. Vijay Kumar 245. where the Ganesha form is selected as per the sign in 7th to badhaka. Now.. Soul Sadhak Says: May 10th.moon. viswnadham Says: May 18th.srigaruda. Sanjayji has given a different list. [pg 10.” In one of his conference papers (Dasavatara).rahu. For remedying Ketu. Suppose if a planet is causing trouble to the native. A few clarifications are requested.Srigaruda. that should read: श .surya Please can you comment on the difference b/w the 2 orders? Best Regards. can the Ganesha form pertaining to the sign where Ketu is posited may be selected straightaway.. what would be the difference of effect. In some reply in this thread. Also. Moon and Rahu.surya 81 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 244. For planets placed in badhakasthana. Soul Sadhak Says: May 10th. etc. if graha beeja mantra is woshipped vs the worship of graha’s adhi/pratyadhi devata. .moon. Vijay Kumar Says: April 5th. 2. ष . This is wrt the bijas u have indicated above as: “saM shaM and kshaM for Sun. http://www..

Venus is in 12th from Taurus Lagna and also moon is associated with Navamsa lagna. Moon associated with Rahu in 11th house.55 Noon instead of 12. Mars exhalted in 10th house Capricorn with venus Jup. 2008 at 9:21 pm dear vistiji my date of birth is 1-8-1980 time is 10:05 am place of birth . please correct the same as Respected Visti-ji. The problems aare not yet over and Iam still struglling in life even in the dasa of Venus also. 250. viswnadham 248.delhi . 2008 at 7:11 am though in atmabandhana slides it is same as you have indicated. Soul Sadhak Says: May 19th. Ketu in fifth house Saturn is in sixth house . I shifted my career from job to practice just before advent of Mercury Dasa and during the dasa. with pranams viswnadham 249.. But there is a problem which I find unsurmountable. Please help me with your valuable guidance. with regards.55noon. I am a novice in astrology. Therefore I feel the birth time is to be a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. My DOB is 12-01-1951 Time 12.India i feel that birth time is to be rectified since in the Navamsa chart.Iam married and I am not a singer. I will be grateful if you could provide some direction.Orissa.Srigaruda.55 Noon Place Berhampur . 2008 at 2:07 am Respected Visti Ji. In the Rasi chart. Mercury being 3rd and 6th lord associated with 5th lord Sun in 9th house in Rasi chart.rajouri garden 82 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . I sent a mail requesting for your valuable advice and guidance..srigaruda. I lost heavily. ajay anand Says: May 20th. There is an error in the time of birth. http://www. viswnadham Says: May 18th. I tried to correlate my life events with the natal chart.

Thankyou.Does this mean i will find it impossible to understand religion or jyotish in this life?Ketu is with venus in the 12th.leo.Do you think i should aim to study spiritual matters. i’m waiting for ur reply ajay anand 251. Learn Vedic Astrology 83 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/02/18/malefics/ i’m jobless from past one year and not able to get one also..and should i give up all ambition.saturn is lord of 5th.i have children.also my financial condition is going poor day by day .Also.. Dino Says: May 30th.1st krishna paksha.and try to write books ? Or is this chart completely reclusive.namaste Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Your Vedic Astrology reading Get your personal Vedic Astrology reading by Visti Larsen.Or doesit mean that should spend lots of time studying spiritual matters? Mars is in the 4th.Srigaruda. 2008 at 12:12 am Dear Sir.ardra nakshastra. Click here to learn more. Firstly my sun is combusting mercury retrograde.does this mean i will never find love in this life.Moon is should i avoid being at home? Saturn is retrograde in a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.i have given many interview but not able to clear any.Does this mean i should be celebate.srigaruda.kindly suggest some good remedies.gemini. http://www.and jupiter in virgo.

Sanjay Rath.. by Pt. 2009 Visti Larsen Re: Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from Tuesday. 2009 Raman Deep Singh (a) Saturn or Rahu? (b) What if Palana Devata is the Atmakaraka hims Tuesday. February 27. March 10. March 17.Srigaruda. SJC: Achyuta Gurukula RSS is not available for this group. 2009 Somnath Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from AL now offers a formal and professional course. Click here for more Learn Vedic Astrology through formal online courses. March 13. but give due respect to the author(s) Licensed under a Creative Commons License.srigaruda. SJC: Jaimini Danmark Re: (a) Saturn or Rahu? (b) What if Palana Devata is the Atmakaraka Tuesday. March 17. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Log in 84 af 84 18-03-2009 21:13 . 2009 Raman Deep Singh Site Calendar February 2007 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 « Jan Mar » Site items Copying of material is allowed.. http://www. 2009 Visti Larsen Re: Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from Friday.

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