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Duration : 1 hour

1. Which famous personality resigned from the post of artistic advisor for the Beijing Olympics? 2. A was supposed to act in Bs first movie but didnt do so because A didnt have much of her role to play. A is the only artist to acted with all three khan films. Find A and B?
3. Who was the captain of Indian hockey team when India won its last Olympic gold

medal? 4. Identify the Hollywood star in the jumble below** TVUIAESETNS 5. Which Music Director introduced Shreya Ghosal to Tamil film industry or kollywood? 6. Who is the first Asian to be a grand slam final? 7. Inverted (Chinese), Inverted (Non-Chinese), Long pimples, Short Pimples, Anti-spin. What is the connect between these terms and which sport are they related to?
8. X produced only one movie which had Y in the lead. X also directed Y in two of

his movies in which Y was in the lead role. Identify X and Y.** XY9. Identify the famous sports personality in the ANAGRAM given below. A JAR HAVING SALT 10. Who was the first Indian women to win a grammy award? 11. Which country has qualified for the Womens Hockey of the London Olympics by winning the qualifying tournament at New Delhi recently? 12. What were the categories in which A.R.RAHAMAN won the Oscar awards for SLUMDOG MILLIONIARE?

13. Ronaldo Lus Nazrio de Lima, Andres Iniesta, Marco Materazzi, Zinedine Zidane. Find the connect between these footballers. 14. 1992 cricket world cup holds the unique record of something which is not related to the winners, runners, teams, sponsors, venues and any particular player. What is the something?** 15. Which American singer has a backing band called The E Street Band?


Note : In case of a TIE, the team who have answered the questions with ** will be given preference for short listing.