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(1925) Ground Fighting Positions of Catch Wrestling- Paul Prehn

(1925) Ground Fighting Positions of Catch Wrestling- Paul Prehn

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The ground fighting positions of Catch Wrestling.
The ground fighting positions of Catch Wrestling.

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Published by: Samurai_Chef on May 03, 2012
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There are many positions to use when underneath your opponent on the mat.

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Some have advantages in getting away, others in keeping covered up for strictly defensive purposes. However, one position on the mat may be used very successfully against one opponent and be extremely dangerous with another. It is left to the individual to figure out the best position to use with the particular opponent against whom he is working. ON ALL FOURS While on “all fours” it is possible to take the offensive or defensive. The defensive is used while wrestling with a dangerous man or when you are tired. The offensive position is used when you want to get away from underneath your opponent. The offensive leaves a great many opportunities for you to get away. It is almost impossible to get away from your opponent when you are in the extreme defensive position. It is also very hard for your opponent to apply an effective hold when you are in this defensive position. If you are tired and wish to cover up, sit well back on the calves of your legs, the toes turned either out or in, preferably turned to the inside, the arms well back and just inside of your legs, your body close to the mat, your head back and down. When you are ready to take the offense while on all four, shift the weight of your body forward, raise off the calves of your legs, turn your toes to the outside, and raise your body up from the mat until your arms are almost straight (see Plate 15). When in this position it is possible for you to use many methods of getting away from your opponent or of coming to the top position. Many times you bait your opponent while in this position, leaving him an opening which he will try to take advantage of, and then you beat him to it. For example: leave your opponent an opening for a Half-Nelson. When he attempts the Half-Nelson, side roll him or come to a sitting position and use the Switch from a sitting position, which will be described later. You can also use a Wrist Lock, Head Lock, and many other methods which will be explained. While in this position do not become careless, as a dangerous opponent can very easily apply the Body Scissors or other effective holds.

THE SITTING POSITION This position is more effective in getting away from a man than any other position you may assume. Sit up, with your feet out in front and apart, your body inclined forward, and your hands just inside or just outside of your legs (see Plate 16). Be sure you have your body in exactly the above position, as any other position is very dangerous. You can get away in this method very easily by shifting out in front of your opponent, catching has head, using a Side Roll or Wing Lock, or the Double Wrist Lock. This position is very dangerous when working with a man who is particularly adapted to the use of the Head Lock. Should you find an opponent who uses it effectively, it will be best to use one of the other positions.

ON ONE THIGH This position is probably used to the greatest advantage because you can go from this to the Sitting Position or on All Fours very easily. This position is obtained by sitting on your left thigh, left hand forward and elbow bent, right hand close in a natural position, left knee bent so that the left foot is covered by your right knee (see Plate 17). The body is inclined forward. From this position it is extremely difficult for an opponent to apply an effective hold. Your arms, feet, and body are well protected. It probably is the best position from which to apply a Double Wrist; Lock. The Double Wrist Lock is one of the best methods of getting from underneath your opponent to the top position. You can also Side Roll, Head Lock, and shoot out from under an opponent from this position. It is just as effective to crouch on the left side as it is the right. Sometime you may be exhausted and you will find it necessary to lie flat on the mat. However, I do not en- courage this position, as it does not give you an opportunity for an offense. Should you assume this position, do not have your arms out in front of you. Bring them back, in close, and well under your body. Keep your head down and hug the mat. As soon as you have recovered come out of this position by assuming one of the other positions described. When you come out of this position you must change very quickly because it leaves you open for the Body Scissors and other dangerous holds

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