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Reproductive System

Physiological change in pregnancy Preconception counseling + antenatal care Week 1 Day 1 Threatened Missed Incomplete Vesicular Bleeding miscarriage miscarriage miscarriage mole Early Day 2 Ectopic Ectopic preg. Complicated Non Gyne pregnancy pain preg. (unruptured ) ovarian causes (ruptured ) cyst, fibroid Hyper emesis gravidarum , Gestational trophoblastic disease Day 1 Placenta Placenta Rupture Local factorAPH previa Abruption uterus Ca cervix , Week 2 fibroids Day 2 Symmetrical Asymmetrical Wrong SFD \SGA Antepartum IUGR IUGR IUGR date Mid-late Day 3 Ploy Oligo Poly Oligo Amniotic fluid abnormalities Hypertension , Diabetes in preg. Rh incompartability , twin pregnancy Day 1 Preterm 28 32 weeks 36 weeks PROM Preterm week labor & Week 3 PROM Day 2 Prolonged Precipitated Labor Shoulder Intra & Abnormal labor labor dystocia dystocia postpartum labor Day 3 PPH Retained Acute Truma/tear Complication placenta inversion of rd of 3 stage uterus Stages of labor and management of normal labor and analgesics in labor Week 4 Day 1 Peurperial Peurperial DVT Subinvolution Abnormal sepsis pyrexia \lactational Puerperium & Puerperium failure Miscellaneous HIV in pregnancy , anemia in pregnancy Normal Puerperium and post natal care , abnormal placenta & membranes Recurrent pregnancy loss , operative obstruct caesarean section / ERCP