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Published by: yuvashreesharmi on Jun 01, 2012
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THIS INDENTURE OF LEASE AGREEMENT made this 9th day of February, 2012 between Mrs. R. KRISHNAKUMARI, aged 68 years , residing at # AD 25, 5th Street, 10th Main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040, herein after called the LESSOR of the One Part and Mr. P. JAYARAMAN, S/O. R. PONNAMBALATHANDI hereinafter called the LESSEE

which expression shall include the successors, assigns, associates and subsidiaries, of the Other Par: Whereas the Lessor is the owner of the residence # AD 25, 5th Street, 10th Main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai -600040, and the lessor hereby agrees to let out on Lease the Ist floor of # AD 25, 5th Street, 10th Main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai -600040, to the Lessee for residential purpose only on the following terms and conditions.

1. The Lease of the said residence and the fixtures etc., shall be for a initial period of 11 months commencing from 9th February, 2012. 2. The Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor a sum of Rs. 11,000/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Only) towards rent and amenities per month. 3. The Lessee agrees to pay the Electricity charges as per the Meter provided every month. If the Lessee fails in arrears of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board the lessor will be entitled to pay the same directly and reimburse the same from the Lessee. 4. The Lessee agrees to pay the rent and the amenity charges regularly on or before 7th of every succeeding month. In the event of default for any 2 months, the Lessor shall be entitled to terminate the lease and the re-enter the leased residence. 5. The Municipal property tax, Corporation tax and any other taxes on the property and the land shall be paid by the lessor. 6. That the parties agree after the expiry of the initial lease period of 11 months time Lessor shall have the option to renew the lease for a further period of 11 months within increase of 10% over and above the previous rent paid and amenities charges. 7. The lessee has agreed to pay the Lessor a sum of Rs. 60,000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand Only) being the security deposit for faithful performance of the leased conditions. The deposit will be returned without interest on the date of delivery of possession of the premises hereby demised after adjusting any amount that may be payable by the Lessee. 8. The lessee shall use the said house for residential purpose failing which the Lease shall be terminated. This lease shall be terminated on either side by giving two months prior notice in writing to the other and on the expiry of 2nd month the agreement will stand terminated. 9. The Lessee shall permit the Lessor and his agents to enter and inspect the residence with the Lessee’s consent at all responsible times without any let or hindrance.

10. The Lessee shall not without the previous consent in writing to the lessor transfer or sublet or otherwise part with possession of the residence or the fittings to anybody during the period of the Lease. 11. The Lessee shall not make any structural alterations in or to the building or any part thereof without the prior consent of the Lessor. The Lessee shall keep the residence in good and tenantable condition. 12. The Lessee shall make good to the Lessor ail losses due to breakage and damage to the building, fittings caused by the Lessee either without will fully or by neglect. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties here to have set their hands in this day, month and the year first above written. LIST OF AMENITIES 1. Ceiling Fan 2. Tube Lights 5 Nos. 3 Nos.




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