Parallel Earths A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2008 by Anthony J.

Fejfar Quantum Physics postulates the idea of parallel universes. In the Seth Books, by Jane Robert, the Sage, Seth, asserts that the nature of reality is probabilistic. In other words, statistical probability inheres in Reality itself by reason of Natural Law. This means that there are probabilistic or parallel Earths. I have used the analogy before for parallel Earths that the Earth is metaphorically surrounded by a ring of bread slices. This ring is like the ring that surrounds the planet Saturn. This ring around the Earth symbolizes the probabilistic or multidimensional nature of the Earth. So, for example, if I were to take out one “slice” of the Earth, probabilistically, I might find Jane Jones getting up in the morning and drinking a glass of orange juice in a blue cup. Next, I put this “slice” of multidimensional reality back and pull out the slice next to it. In this parallel slice of Earth, everything is the same, except that Jane is drinking her juice with a red cup. Ten slices over and Jane forgot to turn on her alarm clock the night before and she is still asleep in bed, not up and getting juice at all. Now, in addition to the more mundane idea of drinking juice, or turning on an alarm clock, we make other choices as well, which can be described as metaphysical. Some people choose to have their only reality be atheistic materialism at level one. When enough people do this, this creates a probable parallel Earth which is materialistic

in nature. Others choose metaphysical realities at the lower levels such as: The Individual Good, Matter, Being, etc. Such persons also create probable parallel Earths which are substantially different than those found by atheistic materialism. Keep in mind that these parallel Earths interface with each other to some degree, unless their probability relatively to each other is so low that they cannot interact at all. As Seth puts it, Consciousness is the building block of Reality. Such Consciousness is what the realists have always referred to as Substance. When our Consciousness becomes deeply embedded symbolic meaning, then it is very difficult for our conscious mind to override these deeper, structuring, unconscious reality programs. Thus, the Nature of Reality is both Ideal (Conciousness) and Real (Embedded Consciousness).

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