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1. Do not duplicate. feelings or uncertainties affecting your life right now. In the space below.Unclog Your Brain to Win the Game of Money 1. All rights reserved. fears. LLC.praxisnow. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. fears or uncertainties. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 9. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Write down any of your current doubts. Notice how it makes you FEEL. ” Listen to each one carefully. Do you feel the growing tension or discomfort and anxiety? Now.com/ . write down any doubts. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Now read each one of these out loud. http://webinars. Make them personal. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2 © 2011 Praxis Now. imagine your life just five years from now if you continue on believing and allowing these thoughts to grow in your mind. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 8. like “I’m afraid I won’t make enough money to pay my bills” OR “I’m not smart enough to get through these tough times” OR “I don’t have the energy to work as hard as I used to.

 All rights reserved. reframe each one of these negative thoughts. LLC. fears and emotions as a powerful. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. ” Reframe Example:“I have ALL the power and intelligence I need to make ALL the money I want RIGHT NOW. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 8. http://webinars. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3 © 2011 Praxis Now.praxisnow. AND I deserve it more today than ever before in my life!” 1. Fear Example:“I’m afraid I will not make enough money. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 9. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 7.com/ . positive declaration. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Next.Unclog Your Brain to Win the Game of Money 2. Do not duplicate. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. imagine where you will be ten years from now by continuing to believe and act on these reframed thoughts. Next. Now say each one of them out loud four or five times with real emotion.

http://webinars.praxisnow. All rights reserved. LLC.com/ .Video TranscripT 4 © 2011 Praxis Now. Do not duplicate.

your ability to achieve financial success. so you can achieve the financial success you desire… the OUTER game of money! You’ve heard me describe how fears. the freedom and lifestyle you desire.praxisnow. doubts. of fears in our life. . always running in the background. Do not duplicate. ” Fear is one of the biggest items clogging our “brain pipes” We all have different kinds . understanding and the tools to breakthrough these things to have the Mastermind Life you deserve. These things consciously and subconsciously KEEP YOU from taking the actions that allow you to achieve the financial life. How you handle your fears determines your beliefs. I’m so glad you’ve joined me for this series. and seriously slow down your progress to financial freedom and independence. They can all stop you dead in your tracks. uncertainty stories anxiety fears doubts lack of confidence excuses 5 http://webinars. stories. You’re going to learn how to retrain your brain to win the inner game of money. You don’t want to miss ANY of these special video trainings. In this series you’re going to get the knowledge. lack of confidence and uncertainty can really clog up your “brain pipe” affecting your life and . First let’s look a little deeper at what causes these “brain clogs. LLC. All rights reserved. Some fears you know. anxiety. but others are subconscious. your habits and the resulting actions that drive your successes and your failures.Unclog Your Brain to Win the Game of Money Hey Friends. Winning the Game of Money.com/ © 2011 Praxis Now. excuses.

couldn’t he? And guess what? If he did that. desires and dreams of a better life. appearing stupid or dumb. Terry became used to his comfort zone and his life of underachievement. Whenever he worked on a project he imagined himself making a fool of himself. had a fear of failure. Although Terry feels like he is a smart man.Let’s look at just one common fear as an example of how all of these “brain cloggers” can impact your life and shortcircuit your financial success: One of our clients. His negative self-talk. Terry never gave 100% effort… he always held back a little. You neurologically give up before you begin. Terry. All rights reserved. he never felt as smart as some of the other kids. he never really made progress. Do not duplicate. But if he truly wanted to succeed. and made good grades in school. No matter how hard he tried. doubts and sabotaging behaviors kept him from taking the actions he needed to achieve his goals. It’s a ” neurological lie based on a false belief. To protect himself from the embarrassment of failing. And every time you do. or that he was ever “good enough” and to top it off. At home he was constantly criticized by his father for not trying hard enough and for making constant mistakes. But this caused him to feel that didn’t deserve to achieve financial success. he COULD choose to give up his old self image and self sabotaging behaviors. This gave him the “out” he needed to accept mediocrity and achieving less than his personal best. LLC. and it seemed like the lifestyle he wanted would never become a reality. you strengthen the “failure” circuits in your brain a little more. This fear of failing is often the basis of not giving everything your 100% best effort. http://webinars. This conditioned his brain to deal with the world with the assumption that he’d never really succeed. The underlying “inner dialogue” is: ƒ What if I try and still don’t succeed? ƒ What will others think of me? ƒ What will I think of me? ƒ Do I really want to put in that much effort only to have to redo it or try again? All these inner dialogues cause you to sabotage your actions and stay in your comfort zone.praxisnow. “Why bother? Nothing’s going to change.com/ . The message sent out by the deep emotional parts of brain are saying. 6 © 2011 Praxis Now. he also felt like he was an embarrassment to his parents. procrastination. his brain would comply—and change.

Fears.com/ . clogging the tube between your “knowledge” part and the “do it” part? Remember. Neural Dissonance in the Frontal Lobe increase in activity decrease in activity 7 © 2011 Praxis Now. Your brain literally goes “crazy” with one side of your frontal lobes increasing in activity while the other side slows down. primitive responses that shut down our motivational centers. This sets off a series of ancient. or freeze.Can you see how even the most basic fears. doubts.praxisnow. excuses. flee. Do not duplicate. worries. and doubts set off a chain reaction in your brain. All rights reserved. Look what happens in your brain when all this is going on. so what you perceive as real to YOU becomes the reality in your life. LLC. making us fight. and other false beliefs can completely stop up your life. It doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined fear. slowing down key areas in your frontal lobes that make important decisions that directly affect your desired goals. it’s just trying to protect you like it’s supposed to do. whatever YOU CHOOSE to believe directly influences the reality-formation circuits in your brain. http://webinars. or interesting or exciting! But it’s not ‘N O R M A L!’” Your amygdala releases stress neurochemicals to prepare you to run or fight or just do nothing. Think of a cornered animal frozen with fright… These deeply emotional responses are programmed on a genetic level to protect you from harm. This imbalance sends a warning signal to your amygdala—the “watchdog” section of your reptilian or limbic brain—“Wake up! Pay attention! Something’s going on…it could be dangerous.

This is the one of the best and neurologically proven ways to defuse the emotional power they have over your life.com/ . fears. reframe each negative thought as a powerful. These are in your transcript and workbook so you can refer to them later. the positive or negative ones? Which thoughts do YOU want to consciously focus on? Hearing yourself repeat these declarations embeds them deep into your long-term memory. you may even feel like that cornered animal… but it’s all just a natural process of your old emotional brain. like this: “I KNOW I have ALL the power and intelligence I need to make ALL the money I want RIGHT NOW. your breathing may get shallow. leaving the old negative ones inactive. In fact. All these rambling thoughts interfere and choke your ability to think clearly and wisely. Imagine where you will be 10 years from now by continuing to believe and act on these reframed thoughts. Listen to each one. and doubts float in and out of your consciousness every moment and your frontal lobes stay busy creating imaginary scenarios of success or failure.praxisnow. feelings and uncertainties affecting your life right now. http://webinars. All rights reserved. Which feels better. Do not duplicate. achievement or loss. Notice how it makes you FEEL. 1. Dozens of unconscious fears. Next. AND I deserve it more today than ever before in my life!” See what mean? See the difference? Now say each one of them out loud 4 or 5 times. You may feel tightness in your chest. So how do you unclog your brain and release these toxic feelings and thoughts. but that’s not what’s going on inside your brain. you can only RE-act. Do you feel the growing tension and anxiety? Imagine your life 10 years from now if you keep on believing these thoughts. like “I’m afraid I won’t make enough money” OR “I’m not smart enough” OR “I’m not good enough. Now read each negative thought out loud. 3. positive declaration. LLC. Make them personal. Your brain will begin to access these new thoughts first. write down the doubts. so you can take control of the decisions and actions that will determine and significantly enhance your financial future? Neuroscience has shown you can start this process with 3 easy simple steps. First. 8 © 2011 Praxis Now. this fear response directly interferes with your ability to be proactive or make smart strategic decisions: You can’t act. ” 2.You may THINK you’re being positive—proactive— decisive. anxieties.

praxisnow. First. as soon as your done watching this video. so you can harness the power of your brain to change your financial life forever. So take an extra ten minutes NOW to change your brain and transform your life. set aside the time to go through the four steps I gave you. you won’t transform what you’ve learned into an Action Plan to will stimulate your brain to take affirmative action in the real world. Do not duplicate. It’s pointless to get more knowledge if you don’t APPLY it. you can actually SHRINK the size AND Reducing The POWER of the amygdala to cause you emotional stress. you free your brain to help you achieve the financial life and secure lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Be sure to go back and review parts you may have missed. You get this for each video training. You can even increase the thickness of your neocortex and the number of brain cells in those parts of your brain that are involved in making important decisions. All rights reserved. you’ll eventually damage those parts of your brain that regulate your emotions. making those sections stronger.If you focus on your doubts. Finally. it will have much less effect on your life. 9 © 2011 Praxis Now. click the link on this page to download your free transcript and workbook for this training. It will take you less than 10 minutes. Second. over and over. and anxieties. Now. LLC. fears. on the positive reframed thoughts. But when you consciously focus. watch for my next email for a super special video loaded with even more cutting edge brain training to take YOU to the next level. but if you don’t. http://webinars. and studies show if you don’t APPLY what you learned within a few hours. here’s what I want you to do—just three things.com/ . As you clear away the neurological clogs.

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