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Touch Laminates

A Project Report On

Consumer Satisfaction
At Touch Laminates Pvt. Ltd. Prantij (Himatnagar) In BBA Programme (T.Y. BBA)
Submitted to:
Prof : Mr. Sunil Shah H.N.S.B. College Himatnagar. of Management studies

Submited by:
Kabra Dashrath B. Roll No. : 43 Year : 2007-08 T.Y.BBA

Touch Laminates

It gives me intent pleasure to present this report. This research project has been carried out in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Business Administration degree course of the H.N.S.B. College of Management Studies of Hamchandracharya North Gujarat University Patan. During the research project, I availed an opportunity to understand the marketing of furniture product with special reference to laminate sheets. It was a fruitful experience. The world today is evincing a fast change in the international marketing process. The global companies are projecting their all out efforts to capture as much share of the market as possible in such situation, India with his meager resources both from the capital point of view and resource generation has to exert more on building its image in various products.

Touch Laminates

If the brain is the nucleus of though, a teacher is the source of energy to run the operation of solving cross puzzles of doubts that often poise the minds of the student. Here I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who helped me at various stages of this study. First of all I will like to thank Prof. Sunil Shah who gave his precious time and guided me from beginning to end. I am also thankful to my friends who helped me in finding and organizing the study material. Their meticulous review and constructive criticism resulted in several modification and additions. I express my deep sense of thankfulness to colleagues & head of the company and also mgmt team of company who have given guidance to carry out my research work and their enthusiastic support through the research work. I wish to extend my over whelming, whole hearted gratitude towards my parents and to all those person with whom I was associated and whos being and guidance enabled me to complete the research work.

Touch Laminates

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Touch Laminates

Touch Laminates

Executive Synopsis
It gives me opportunities to prepare a project report on consumer satisfaction in the subject of marketing management. I feel intent pleasure to present this report. This research has been conducted for laminates products of The Touch Laminates Pvt. Ltd. at Prantij. And this studies for the getting practical knowledge. In this report research has been conducted by the questions methods. From this method, I meet so many new people like business man, employer and other. This research has done to the objectives are as follows To know the brand awareness To know interior designers usage To know stratification level of consumer on pricing, quality Availability To know customers choice on scheme To know companys product usage on different scheme To know reason for preference of competing brand by To know complains of consumers on different designs or


consumers concept

Touch Laminates

For this research primary and secondary data collection method are used. For primary data collection, I have used questioner and for secondary data got through internets & magazines. For sample ling use a simple random sample from Sabar Kantha in Khedbrahma, Bhiloda and Himmatnagar. Total customers brief. For this research there are three incomes group up to 10000, 10001 to 25000, above 25000. For the 10000 income group 12% people, in the 10001 to 25000 income group 50% customers and in above 25000 incomes group 38% customers. Customers average expense on furniture is 25000, 60000, 180000 for up to 10000 Income group, 10001 to 25000 and above 25000 income group respectively. Customers choice of scheme is 83% of on labors scheme of up to 10000 income 68% of on Labour 24% of Lump sum with interior designer and 8% of other scheme of 10000 to 25000 income group customer and last above 25000 income group customer and 82% of overall customer choose on Labour Scheme. Usage of laminates point we show average usage of laminate sheet is 5, 11, and 23 of all brands up to 10000 incomes 1000 to 25000 and above 25000 respectively. are 50. In this research many analysis and interpretation are done in details in the report. But now here in

Touch Laminates

In the last I have done my project research through meeting and directly convince to the customer. In this report I have tried my best for finding, analysis and interpretation.

We at Touch Laminates are strongly equipped to change the scenario of laminates industries by creating new concept of unique and high pressure decorative laminates with largest selection in colors patterns and finish as per latest trends. We are imported with ultramodern plant for

manufacturing high pressure decorative laminated sheets based at Prantij (Himmatnagar) City in Gujarat, which just 60kms away from Ahmedabad. Prantij (Himmatnagar) was initially chosen by us as a plant location because of it humid less climate favors the production of best quality laminates. Moreover right from raw materials to finish products the entire process is carried out with extreme care to provide you highly

Touch Laminates

reliable error free environment friendly and durably beautiful products. Furthermore, to surpass out existing standards our R & D department is always striving to keep up with most happening technology around the world over the years in out range of products. We have added high pressure post forming decorative laminates which can be best as per designers wish this giving elegant looks to your furniture / interior. Whats more our global quality specifying to is 2046-1995 (Type s Has) and international standards I so 9001 2000 (KP/HG) of our high pressure decorative laminates had generated great demand world wide. We have also gained many customers in form of multinational companies and leading furniture manufactures.

Sample Size:I have chosen 50 customers to survey of the laminate products. Respondent:I have taken different respondent like employee, businessman, professional etc.

Touch Laminates

Sampling Area:I have choose Sabarkantha district. I have choose Himatnagar, Bhiloda and Khedbrahma. Sampling Instrument:I have took help of questioner from the filling of questioner. I have take interview of respondent and till up the questioner. Sampling Techniques:In my survey, I have use conveyance sampling techniques non probability method. of

Objective of Report

To know brand awareness ,

To know Interior designers usage ,

Touch Laminates

To know stratification level of consumer on pricing, quality


availability ,

To know customers choice on scheme ,

To know companys product usage in different scheme ,

To know reason for preference of competing brand by

consumers ,
To know complains of consumer on different concept or

designs .

Analysis & Interpretation

Touch Laminates

In this research I have taken 50 customers of Touch Laminates product. First analyze income wise. Income divided in three slabs (1) up to 10000 (2) 10001 to 25000 (3) above 25000 In this research from the 50 customer of Sabar Kantha in the income group up to 10000 incomes. There are 6 consumers, 10001 to 25000 there are 25 consumers and above 25000 incomes. There are 19 consumers and their average expense are up to 10000 expense 25000 10001 to 25000 income their average expense 60000 and above 25000 income their average expense 180000.
Monthly Income Of Customer up to 10000 10001 to 25000 above 25000 No Of Custom er 6 25 19 Customer In Percentage 12% 50% 38% Average Expense On Furniture 25000 60000 180000

Touch Laminates

Customer in %

6 0% 5 0% 4 0% 3 0% 2 0% 1 0% 0% up t o 1 0000 10 001 to 25 000 above 25000

M o n th ly In c o m e o f C u s to m e r

u t p o 100 00 a o e bv 200 50

101 00 t o 200 50

Touch Laminates

In the above table first column monthly income of the customers, second column no. of customers out of 50. Third column customers are in the percentage and last fourth column average expense of the customers group. From this table two diagrams are draw. In the above diagram X axis shown income of the customers and Y axis shown customers in percentage. Up to 10000 income customers are 12%, 10001 to 25000 income customers are 50% and above 25000 income customer are 38% people. So above this diagram company and we know the how many incomes customers company target company produce the product in income segment how many people are company targeted and also company know the income wise segmentation for the laminates. Which income group company will target for maximum sales.

Average Expense on Furniture

200000 150000 100000 50000 0 up to 10000 10001 to 25000 above 25000

Income of the Customer

In the above graph X axis shown income of the customer that is 10000, 10001 to 25000 and above 25000 and on y axis

Touch Laminates

average expense up to 10000 income customers are expense on furniture average 25000 R. 10001 to 25000 incomes customers are average expense on furniture is 60000 and above 25000 incomes customers average expense on furniture is 180000. In this diagram we know the more incomes customers are use costly and luxurious furniture material. So company should produce costly, luxurious & Quality Product. And companys target should be those type of customers.

Interior Designer services use

Up to 10000 Incomes: These income groups people are no one use interior designer service. 10001 to 25000 R: These income groups people are only one customer are use interior designer service out of 25 customers and that is 4% of this income group people. Above 25000 R: This income group people are 10 customer use Interior designer service out of 19 customer that income group this is is in percentage is 53% of this

people are use interior services use compare to 10001 to 25000 income group people use more interior designer service.

Touch Laminates

Total sample size for this research is 50 customers 11 customers out of 50 customers that are in percentage 22% people are use interior designer services.

Touch Laminates

Up to 10000 R Income Group:Up to 10000 R income there are 6 customers out of 50 customer 5 customers are choose on Labour Schemes out on Labour diagram. of 6 customer that is 83% people choose schemes this is shown in the following

Other Scheme 17%

On Labour Scheme 83%

10001 to 25000 Income Group:-

Touch Laminates

Lumpsum With Carpenter 24% Other Sc heme 8%

On Labour Scheme 68%

In scheme (1) (2) (3)







On Labour 68% Lump sum with interior designer 24% Other scheme 8% Form the above diagram we know the most of the customer prefer on Labour Scheme that is 68%. 24% customer prefer lump sum with interior designer and rest of the 8% other scheme. Above 25000 R income group:In this group all of customer prefer on Labour Scheme. So Scheme Over all sample size: 100% customer are choose on Labour

Touch Laminates

Other Scheme 6% Lumpsum With Carpenter 12% On Labour Scheme 82%








customer chooses Lump sum with carpenter and 3 customers are choosing other scheme out of 50 customers. That is in percentage 82%, 12% and 6% respectively. From this analysis we know most of the customers are choose on Labour scheme. Income Group Up to 10000 10001 to 25000 Above 25000 Average Use of Laminates 5 sheets 11 sheets 23 sheets

Touch Laminates

Usage of Laminates All Brands

25 20 15 10 5 0 up to 10000 10001 to 25000 Income Group above 25000

From the above diagram x axis shows income group and y axis average usage of all brands laminates sheets in the first income group up to 10000 R. Their average total usage of laminates is approximate 5 sheets second income group 10001 to 25000 income group. Their average total usage of laminates sheets are approximately 11 sheets. And last third income group above 25000 R their average total usage of laminates sheets are 23 unit. That is very high compare to first and second income group customer. From this diagram we know customers income is high their usage of laminate also high.

Touch Laminates

Up to 10000 income group usage of only Touch Laminates brand

Other Brand 20%

Touch Lam inate s Brand 80%


Touch Laminates Brand : Up to 10000 incomes group average total use of

laminate is 5 sheet customers. 4 sheet uses touch laminates brand & 1 sheet use other brand out of 5 sheets. That is 80% of touch laminates brand and 20% of other brand. In this income group companies sales are very good

10001 to 25000 income group only use of touch laminates brand

Touch Laminates

O er th B d ran 3 % 6

T c ou h Lam ate in sB d ran 6 % 4

R 10001 to 25000 income group average total usage of laminate is 11 sheets customer purchase 7 sheets of touch laminates brand and 4 sheets of other brand. That is 64% of Touch Laminates Brand and 36% of Other Brand. It is less compare to up to 10000 income group it is 16% lesser than it. Above 25000 income group:-

O ther B rand 53%

Touch Lam inates B rand 47%

Touch Laminates

Above 25000 incomes group average total usage of laminates is 23 sheets customer are 11 sheet use touch laminate brand and 12 sheets use other brand. That is 47% touch laminate brand and 53% other brand. That is very law compare to above two income group. In this income group customers average total usage of laminate is high, but usage of touch laminates brand is very law. So company should increase sales in this income group. Company should target this income group people for effective sales because in this income group use of laminates is very high due to income of expense capacity but this income group not purchase or choose our brand. So company should target this income group for achieving high market share of the company.

Usage of only Touch Laminate in%

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% up to 10000 10001 to 25000 above 25000

In the above diagram X axis shown income group and Y axis shown usage of only touch laminates brand in%. In first income group up to 10000 R usages of touch laminates brand

Touch Laminates

is 80%, second income group 10001 to 25000 usage of touch laminates brand is 64%. And last third income group usage of touch laminates brand is 47%. That is law in the above usage of total average laminates sheet diagram is give the information of high income group customer usage of laminates is high but in this diagram the scenario of usage of touch laminates brand is totally reverse that is high income group customer use law laminates sheet of touch laminates brand or law income group use more laminates brand of company compare to high income group customer. In the above all usage of laminates sheets we know the high income group usage of laminates is high and law income group usage of laminate sheet is law but usage of touch laminate brand is totally different high group Income customer usage is law and law income group customer usage is high.

Overall usage of touch laminates brand

Touch Laminates

O th e r B ra n d T o u c h L a m in a t e s 44% B ra n d 56%

This diagram shows the total usage of laminates of touch laminates out of total required laminates all the three income group average total usage is 39 sheets in this 22 sheets use touch laminates and 17 sheets are use other brand that is 56% of touch laminates brand and 44% of other brand. Satisfaction of Price: Satisfaction of price is the 44 customers are satisfied with the price of companys product out of 50. That is 88% customers are satisfied that means companies price is more reasonable to other brand. But company should try to satisfied with overall consumer through the reduce the price. I find they remaining people dissatisfied because dissatisfied group are lower income group so they can say we are dissatisfied but that is good of 88% customers are satisfied.

Touch Laminates
Dissatisfied C usto m er W ith Price 12%

Satisfied C usto m er w ith Price 88%

Nos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 List of Concept Plains Foil Cluster Feel Horizontal Plate Vertical Plate Wave Finish Techno Brush Wood Grain % Customer 7% 9% 13% 9% 15% 8% 9% 16%

In the above table first column is the list of the concept which offer a touch laminates and second column is customers choice of concept in percentage. We saw the table most of the people purchase a wood grain sheet that is 16% out of 100%. Second cluster feel concept purchase that is 13%. This concept mostly uses above 25000 income people. Next vertical plate concept which is 15% customer purchase and 9% of Foil, Horizontal plate Techno Brush remaining wave finish & plain are 8% and 7% respectively.

Touch Laminates

20% 15% 10% 5% 0% P la in s F o il C lu s t eH o r iz o n V ae lr t ic a lW a v e T e c h n o W o o d r t F e e l P la t e P la t e F in is h B r u s h G r a in

We seen in the graph customers choice of different concepts plain cluster feel, vertical plate, wave finish, wood grain are 7%, 13%, 15%, 8% and 16% respectively and Foil, Horizontal Plate, Techno Brush are 9%. In the graph companies large sales of wood grain concept remaining concept company increase the sales of increasing advertise of remaining concept.

Touch Laminates

Satisfaction of Quality: Quality satisfaction love is divided in to the income group. First we people. show the up to 10000 Income Group

S a t is f a c t o r y 17%

Good 83%

Up to 10000 incomes group people 83% people are say the Quality of touch laminates product is good and 17% people are say the Quality of touch laminates product is satisfactory. No one say the Quality is best from is result we know the Quality is average or good for the up to 10000 income group people.

Touch Laminates

10001 to 25000 Income group people:

S a t is fa c t o r y 24%

Good 76%

10001 to 25000 Income group people of 24% people say Quality of Touch Laminates product is satisfactory while 76% people say quality of touch laminates products are good. No one say the quality is best. The ratio of satisfaction level is law compare to the up to 10000 income group people company should increase the satisfaction level of customer through the improvement in the quality and the concept of the product. So the company should improve quality.

Touch Laminates

Above 25000 income group people

S a t is fa c t o ry 16% Best 5% Good 79%

Above 25000 incomes group people of 5% people say the quality of touch laminate is best. 79% people say good and 16% say satisfactory. From this income group people are high income group people. So this is a very good comparison to above two income group people satisfactory is 24% of 10001 to 25000 income so above 25000 income group people are more satisfied and this ratio is good for the company.

Touch Laminates

Overall population:

S a t is fa c t o ry 20% Best 2% Good 78%

From overall population of 78% customer say the quality is good 20% says quality is satisfactory while 2% are says quality is best overall population 78% people sales the good means the quality of companies products good remaining 20% people are less satisfied because of some reasons but the ratio of overall population is comparatively high so it is good for the company.

Touch Laminates

Limited sample size that is 50 Research done from only Sabar Kantha area in Himmatnagar Khedbrahma, Bliloda

I was convinced only those people who are already know


brand so rest of the people who do not the brand

The research was at this area where people do not know very well furniture & laminates.

Touch Laminates

Total Laminates Market Company covers 50% of market

Company should target high income group people Income of the customer increase and usage of the laminate also increase but noted point is usage of brand or companies product decreases Company should adopt sales promotion scheme Company should advertising

Touch Laminates

Conclusion and Recommendation

After completion my project in Touch Laminates Pvt. Ltd, I have concluded that in the research time I have meet many people for collecting information, I have try to analyze and interpretation of the collecting data in the research many result and findings are find out through the chart & diagrams those are useful for the company I have best try to analysis and interpret the data During my project many limitation are affect the research so the proper research not done but I have best try to proper research. Price Related Recommendation: After the research I am recommend that price of a companies product is comparatively more so company should try to reduce price for increasing sales. Quality Related Recommendation :

Touch Laminates

After the survey of customer I recommend that the Quality of a companies product is comparatively good but for capturing market share company should improve quality and launch new concept and latest design company will launch new design than in the market people want something new so latest design increase sales. Sales promotional activity related recommendation. Now company not uses sales promotional activity and other companies are use sales promotional activities like advertising, gift, bags, etc. Company should use sales promotional activity company must advertising its product for increasing sales advertising is the best way to increase sales so company will advertising in different media.

Touch Laminates

FEEDBACK OF CONSUMER ON THEIR STATISFACTION Name: - _______________________________________ Address: - _________________________________ _____________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Occupation:-________________________________ Monthly income:1) Up to Rs.10000 2) 10001 to 25000 3) Above 25000 1. Have you get your house furnished? 1) Yes 2. 2) No If Yes Go to If No, Then 2 What is your Planning about it? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Touch Laminates 3. 4. 5. What were your Expenses on your furniture? ______________________________________________________ Have You use Interior designer service? 1) Yes 2) No Have you get your furniture on what scheme? 1) LumSum with Carpenter 2) LumSum with Interior Designer 3) On Labour 4) Other_________________________________ 6. From which dealer you have purchased Furniture Material? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 7. What is your Total use of laminate? _______________a____________ 8. Which Brands you have used? 1) ________________2) ______________ If Optus then go to Q.no10 If Other then Optus go to Q.9 9. Reason for choosing Brand (.) _________________________ ______________________________________________________ 10. What is total use of Touch Laminates Brands? 1) Optus 1) Plains 3) Cluster Feel 5) Vertical Plate ______ [ ] [ ] [ ] 2) Matrix ______ 2) Foil 6) Waver Finish [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 11. Which Concept you have used? 4) Horizontal Plate [ ] 8) Wood Grain

7) Techno Brush

Design No.____________ ____________ _______________ Finish of Designs used ____________ __________ ________ 12. Reason for choosing Touch Laminates Brands__________________ _______________________________________________________ 13. Are you satisfied with Price of Companies Products? 1) Yes [ ] 2) No [ ] How ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 14. The Quality of Touch Laminates product is. 1. Best [ ] 2. Good [ ]

Touch Laminates 3. Satisfactory [ ] 4. Poor [ ]

15. Have you seen advertise of Touch Laminate? Where?_____________________________________________ 16. The service of Companys Dealer is__________________________ _____________________________________________________ 17. What is your opinion to increase sales of Touch Laminate?_______ ___________________________________________________ Thank you, Signature of Respondent

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Touch Laminates