Voracious Reader, Lifelong learner

Reading and learning are as fundamental to me as breathing. I plan on learning for and from my students regularly.

Middle School Math Teacher Candidate
“To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.” ~ Tryon Edwards

Enthusiastic, Creative, Fun
Math can be fun and creative. Enthusiasm is contagious and helps students truly master the material.

Barbara Durham
Enthusiastic, Compassionate, Professional

Reliable, Organized, Professional
If I expect students to keep a neat notebook and have organized work, I will lead by example. I am also detail oriented and efficient at time management.

Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics Education (5 – 9) State of Delaware – Initial License, Standard Middle Level Mathematics Grades 6 – 8 PRAXIS II (0069)

Caring, Compassionate
I care not only about the success of my students, but about their wellbeing as well. Whether it is an argument with a friend or a problem in class, I will listen to my students and offer advice and assistance.

Flexible, Patient, Spontaneous
The best laid plans can go astray. Nowhere is that more apt than in teaching. A fifty minute lesson can be finished in half the time, while a fifteen minute review can turn into a two-class lesson. Three words: Adapt, adapt, adapt.

Barbara Durham
222 Messicks RD, Harrington, DE 19952 Phone: 302-398-4094/ 302-632-8584 jrnbdurham@gmail.com

Middle School Mathematics: 174 PRAXIS I PPST Reading: 185 PRAXIS I PPST Writing: 183 PRAXIS I PPST Math: 188

"If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns." ~ Rita Dunn My favorite classes in high school were Algebra I and Chemistry. Though the teachers’ styles were very different, one aspect was the same: They taught everyone. As a student, I did not see the reason behind doing the same problems several different ways. As a teacher, I realize these teachers were not merely repeating problems for busy work, they were demonstrating techniques to reach every child in their classrooms. I strive to reach this level in a classroom. Watching for signs of comprehension in my students, I ask myself, “Who doesn’t get it?” Learning is not a race, it is a journey. I let students know it is okay if they do not get it the first or the second time. The problem is not them; it is how I am teaching. I will continue to try different ways, until they get it. And I will not give up on them.

Teaching skills vs. Teaching to the test Using standardized tests to measure student performance may be necessary; but teaching “to the test” is not. Rather than having students memorize information to repeat back for a test; I want to teach students skills to use in life and on the test. Math can be difficult for some, but with a variety of techniques, concrete examples, and real life applications, students will be able to master the material for life, not just the year.

Education and Skills As a lifelong learner, my education did not stop after college. Since graduating, I have studied various teaching styles, classroom management practices, and effective math teaching skills. In the last few years, learned various technology skills such as web design, graphics programs, and PowerPoint. I plan on continuing my formal education with a Master’s Degree in education, and teaching certifications in other subject areas.

From training employees to private tutoring, I have experience teaching people of all ages and under a variety of circumstances. I have found that staying positive, focused and calm is vital to create a learning atmosphere. Some successful teaching methods I have used are humor, changing tactics, and explanation with examples. To help inspire my pupils to learn, I am knowledgeable in the subject, creative, and passionate about teaching. My teaching strategies include piquing interest, setting goals, using clear communication and continuing assessments. “Nine tenths of education is encouragement.” ~ Anatole France

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