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September 20, 2012

Chief Judge Loretta Preska The Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Re: Rowe Entertainment, Inc., et al, v. The William Morris Agency, et al; 98 Civ. 8272 (RPP) Dear Chief Judge Preska, I have written to you numerous times in the past seeking your assistance in stopping the corruption and criminal activity that exists in my case. I have asked that you please make a referral to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, calling for a full investigation into the allegations and evidence that have been unearthed and presented in this matter. My 60b motion to reinstate, due to fraud upon the Court, was filed almost 7 months ago. During that time my former attorneys have committed perjury under oath by stating in their declarations that no derogatory language was uncovered during the e-mail search, as well as many other untrue statements to cover up their conspiracy. The Defendants did not bother to submit an answer whatsoever, but as of today, Judge Patterson has yet to issue a ruling. To this date, I am not aware of you honoring any of my requests. Thousands of people have suffered and their lives have been shattered from one of the most despicable crimes that have occurred in our Federal Court System in the 21st century. I once again ask that you do not allow this crime to continue in your district, under your watchful eye. I also ask that you prevent those that are guilty of this heinous crime not to go unpunished, while they continue to become unjustly enriched from their involvement in this corrupt conspiracy. I now request that you please make sure that the law is being administered properly in this case. I am forwarding you a copy of my recently filed motion asking for the fraudulently concealed evidence that the Plaintiffs paid $200,000 for and was defrauded out of by the Defendants and my own former attorneys, be given to me at once. This evidence was also fraudulently concealed from the Court’s review at summary judgment, causing the perpetration of “fraud upon the Court.” This evidence (which is enclosed) consists of the actual emails that contain the despicable words, “Nigger,” “Coon,” “Spooks,” “Monkeys,” and “Nigga.” This concealed evidence rightfully belongs to me as the Plaintiff in this case who paid the entire cost for it. I am asking that you make sure that the law is properly administered with my request.

I humbly thank you for this time and opportunity.


Leonard Rowe

cc: Barack Hussien Obama, President of the United States U.S. Attorney of S.D.N.Y., Preet Bharara Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mary E. Galligan New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo Sitting members of the Judicial Council Patrick J. Leahy (Chairman Senate Judiciary Committee) Senate Judiciary Committee (all sitting members)