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Product: The product our production company- (Dreadflick Productions) is marketing a 2 minute opening sequence horror trailer called Locked. The marketing campaigns that which our group aims to market our video to are TV, Cinema, the internet and newspapers. The use of internet is significant as we are then able to access our target audience in an efficient way; as a lot of teenagers nowadays use websites such as YouTube and Facebook, which therefore makes it easier for our target audience to view our product online. Also, TV itself has a huge influence on everyone, and mainstream channels such as Channel 4 is greatly watched by the vast majority of the population, and will therefore become more recognised and popular among teenagers (target audience) and adults. Target audience: Our target audience is aged from 15+, and our film certification is 15, as this then allows all that are 15 and above to watch the film. The socio-economic groups we targeted were the lower-middle, and working class, which are C1, C2, D and E as the younger generation do not usually have high incomes, if not any as they may still be in education, or starting out fairly new in the working world. We are also aiming to market to both males and females who have an interest in horror films such as Grudge and Paranormal activity. Our aim is to have a positive effect on the audience, as horror films can be quite eerie, disturbing and scary, by using a simple onestranded narrative which therefore allows us to build up an image in their minds. We are aiming to target a mass audience within that category, and teenagers and adults who have interests in watching horror films would be a more accurate target audience. Context: We hope that our film will become popular through the means of mediums we use to create awareness of it; the marketing we aim to use are; TV (Channel 4, Channel 5 etc), the internet- allows direct contact with the audience through Facebook, YouTube, Google search etc. This would increase awareness of our films, and therefore allow our audience to access the film at easily- meaning the film obtains more views and more feedbacks from the public. Publicising the product inevitably leads to larger awareness and popularity, which is what we are aiming for.

Media languages: In our opening sequence, we aim to follow a lot of the conventions of a horror film, to therefore give the audience a sense of realism. We plan to do this by focusing on the location, and where our target audience would be most familiar with, and the actors themselves must be around the same age to give a feel of realism. Also by using lighting, editing and sound, they can help create a scary and eerie atmosphere for the audience. In addition, the shots within our 2 minute sequence are going to be used to create an effect, which builds ups of tension in the viewers mind. An example of this would be when Esther is picking up the books when young girl jumps towards him, a quick transfer of attention from Ahmed to the ghost girl (using a quick transition whilst editing) speeds up pace and builds up tension. Sound is also important, as too much dialogue can often take away from the scary effect, which is why we plan to include very little dialogue, which is also another method of adding sound effects and background music. For example, when Esther enters and leaves the classroom, diagetic sound will be used in sync of this to correspond with the door being opened and closed, however when Esther punches the boy a punching sound could be added to emphasise the punch this is the use of non-diagetic sound. Institutions: Our Company is called Dreadflick Productions- our film from this production company will be distributed across a wide range of mediums such as TV, internet, newspapers; which therefore enables us to reach audiences not only nationally, but also internationally. Dreadfick Productions is a British company, and will firstly showcase its product to UK viewers, and judging on its success and views, will become a internationally targeted film. Representation: Our product will represent the characters in a stereotypical way, which will help the audience to identify characters in their stereotypical roles, and familiarise with them. As Esther and Dami will be roaming around school, in which corresponds with the fact that they walk around school late normally. The ghost girl taking people and scaring them will resembles grudge, as the girl who comes up to them screen and jumps at them. The idea itself has come from Grudge, as it ties in with our theme quite well, as we are focusing on the paranormal and supernatural beings

Genre: Within our opening sequence, we are aiming to follow the codes and conventions of a supernatural horror, as our film does not initiate scenes of blood and gore, instead creates a fear within the mind used as a tool to scare the audience. Also having a stereotypical cliff hanger of the protagonist trying to run away, or disappearing during the trailer, or in some sort of struggle to save their life; so that the audience are able to loosely predict what is going to happen, and follow the film and will not become confused.. The roles almost contradict each other in the opening sequence, however in the rest of the film; there is a twist (another stereotypical convention) which therefore ties in with the genre well. Our location however, doesnt maintain a haunted mansion like it does in Grudge; however the school we will be shooting in will be used after hours, which will create eeriness, and will be easier to maintain silence during the film. With the use of our unexpected location, it will increase suspense within the film