Equipping Your Ghost Hunting Group – Without Going Broke!

Everything you’ll ever need to know about how to get twice as much gear for half as much money!!

By Chris Tanner of the Central Ohio Paranormal Society

Copyright 2007 and beyond, Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved


Table of Contents
Table of Contents ………………………………………………………….. 2 Introduction ………………………………………………………………... 5

PART I: Before You Start ………………………………………………. 7 Something to ask yourself first………………………………………….. 8 Some common mistakes that new people make…………………………. 9 Types of ghost hunting gear ……………………………………………..11 Gear that produces evidence ……………………………………………. 11 Gear that monitors the environment ……………………………………..12 Necessary Accessories …………………………………………………..13 Do’s and Don’ts ………………………………………………………... 15

PART II: Finding What You Need ……………………………………. 17 Two all-important questions …………………………………………... 18 Gather what you already have …………………………………………. 19 Go get the free stuff ……………………………………………………. 21 Create your wish list …………………………………………………… 23 One small example, two lessons learned ………………………………. 24 How to find the cool stuff without knowing what it is yet …………….. 25 Setting up your online search tools ……………………………………. 26 The places I look first, when I’m not sure where to look ………………28 Some recommended sites for browsing ……………………………….. 29 A few other rocks to look under while online ………………………….31 10 keys to finding what you want, for a price you want to pay ………..33 1) Know all the model numbers ………………………………………..33 2) Get it without all the parts ………………………………………….. 33 3) Never, ever get the current model……………………………………34 4) Refurbished / scratch and dent items……........................................... 35 5) Open box returns / outlet store ……………………………………... 36 6) Made in China ……………………………………………………… 36

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7) Used on ebay, misspellings, and odd end-times …………………… 38 8) WTB (want to buy) flyers and emails ……………………………… 39 9) “Friends with benefits” …………………………………………….. 40 10) Seasonal Deals ………………………………………………………41 PART III: Equipment Recommendations………………………...….. 43 Making your own gear innovations …………………………………… 47 My latest Innovation ……………………………………………………47

1. Detection Devices ……………………………………………………. 48 A/C EMF Meter / Detector ……………………………………………..48 DC “Natural” EMF Meters ……………………………………………..50 IR Thermometers ……………………………………………………….51 Thermocouple Thermometers …………………………………………..52 The solution to saving money on both types of thermometers …………52 USB Temperature Logging Devices ……………………………………53 IR motion detector alarms ………………………………………………54 Portable Door Alarms ………………………………………………….. 54 Laser Levels / Laser Line Generators ………………………………….. 55 Thermal Imager ………………………………………………………… 55 Other “Old School” items used for detection ……………………………56 Relative Humidity (RH) Meter ………………………………………….58 Barometric Pressure Gauge …………………………………………….. 58 Carbon Dioxide / Carbon Monoxide Meters …………………………… 59 Ion Counter ………………………………………………………………59

2. Audio Devices …………………………………………………………. 61 Analog Cassette…………………………………………………………. 61 Micro Cassette ………………………………………………………….. 63 Digital Voice Recorders …………………………………………………63 Laptop Computers ……………………………………………………….65 Solid State Recorders ……………………………………………………66

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Others ……………………………………………………………………67 Microphones for Ghost Hunting ………………………………………...67

3. Video Devices ………………………………………………………… 70 The good and the bad of the formats ……………………………………71 Hi8 ………………………………………………………………………71 Digital8 ………………………………………………………………….72 MiniDV………………………………………………………………….72 MiniDVD………………………………………………………………. 73 Hi-Definition, Hard Drive, and other new formats …………………..... 73 Security Cameras ………………………………………………………..74 Other Video Devices ………………………………………………….... 74 Live Viewing Gear: 13” TV’s………………………………………...….74 Quad Processors ……………………………………………………...….75 Security Camera A/V cable on a cord reel …………………………...….76 Portable DVRs ………………………………………………………..…76 DVD Recorders …………………………………………………………77

4. A quick word about cameras and photographic gear ……………. 79 ..And if you STILL want a camera……………………………………. 80 Final Thoughts ………………………………………………………….. 81

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S. and I began to get really good at it. so ghost hunting ended up being a good fit for me. I had recently re-supplied myself. finding them in places people didn’t think to look. people for answers. a gadget freak. as I had taken some time off from ghost hunting. A few years ago. Working with a budget. Ghost Hunters (www.S. I found myself to be one of the more experienced people on the forums as I had been doing this for several years.com) first became famous with their Ghost Hunters show on the Sci Fi channel. I soon found my niche as questions about equipment were posted at a machine-gun pace. and always have been.A. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (www.P. aka. but for good reason they weren’t available to answer these questions. as that seemed to be the hot spot of the time. I quickly began to accumulate a mass of tools. when T.P. People were looking to the T.scifi. “What is the best _____ to do this?” “Where can I get one of those ______?” etc. now there are hundreds throughout the United States.5 Introduction Those who know me know me as a sort of “equipment guru” in some ghost hunting circles. Copyright 2007 and beyond. I am.com/ghosthunters/) really thrust ghost hunting into the “fad” hobby category. I began to frequent their internet forum. I love my toys (that’s no secret).A. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I had to formulate some new strategies to finding what I needed for the least possible amount of money.the-atlantic-paranormal-society. Where once there were not many ghost hunting teams out there.

I knew I could vastly expand on it. I have always felt that too many people teach themselves by imitating others. to this eBook.6 This led to my writing an article that became a fixture on the forum: “Chris’s tips for getting equipped…without going broke!” It quickly became very popular as a tool to help people just getting started. Often what they have doesn’t make sense. and more importantly. My goal here is simple. yet every new ghost hunter wants to run and buy an EMF detector first. When it comes to equipment. I always try to discover my own methods to solving any problem. too many people look what the other groups are using without putting any of their own thought into it. I’ll show you how to do it. I want to provide the tools and methods I use in equipping a ghost hunter. not even thinking about whether it will serve them best. You’ll be better prepared to figure out what you need and how to get it without having to refer to other groups again. That brings us here. Copyright 2007 and beyond. especially in the ghost hunting field. I hope this information helps you as much as it helped me. which leads to a cycle of copycat information. I have never been one to imitate what others do. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I wanted to wait until I could bring enough information to the table to make it valuable to anyone reading it. Many times I have been asked permission to re-post it on other forums and on other people’s websites. You’ll also be able to decide what you need and start ghost hunting as quickly as possible. While the article was good in my opinion. and gets what you need more easily than you thought. WHY to do it that way.

7 Part 1 Before you start… Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

and when nothing happens they get bored with it. There are two reasons that I feel new groups often die off. that’s not the case so people go one a few investigations. The first is they have a hard time finding places to investigate.8 Something to Ask Yourself First You may be a novice. This is the main reason I suggest to new people that they start simple and then move up to the more expensive equipment as they become confident that this is something that they want to pursue further. Let’s face it. The second is they go on a few investigations. In summary. make absolutely sure that this hobby is something that you are serious about before you spend hundreds of dollars on it. In the end. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Don't worry about having an arsenal of gear. If you are just beginning ask yourself how serious are you about doing this before you go and spend a lot of money? The truth of the matter is. ghost story books and TV shows make ghost hunting seem exciting. you would rather have an interesting paranormal experience with a simple tape recorder than no experience and a lot of money invested in equipment. Usually. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . and nothing happens so they lose interest. The most important thing for new people to do is get out and start hunting. a LOT of ghost hunting groups start out and then wither away within 6 months to a year. or you may be a veteran but want to increase what you have.

I also did not realize that Generation 1 night vision was ill suited for paranormal investigation. Both of these devices are what I would consider “luxury” tools that you do not actually need to perform a paranormal investigation. At that time of course. The group that arrived had a few instruments that seemed pretty cool. I had no way of knowing that a infrared thermometer with a distance to spot ratio of 1:1 was not a very effective tool for measuring ambient air temperature. it looked cool when they were using it! In fact.9 Some common mistakes that new people make Way back when I was a budding ghost hunter. but hey. and an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detector. I am sure there are many people who would disagree with me on that last point. I had just witnessed my first ghost investigation firsthand… because it took place in my own house (that's another story!). one of the first things that they want to spend their money on is either an EMF meter. Copyright 2007 and beyond. I had no way of knowing that the AC EMF detector the investigators were using was not a good choice due to the wiring in the old house I lived in. or an infrared thermometer. when I see somebody on an internet forum that is just getting started in ghost hunting. but I would bet that if we were to look at other persons' websites they would have the same repetitive information that you find on hundreds of other websites. They had an infrared thermometer. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . a generation 1 night vision scope. More often than not. the investigators that came to my house seemed to have had more money wrapped up in devices that were not going to produce any evidence for them rather than devices that would.

more exotic devices. • If they decide not to pursue this hobby. Why? • These two items can be purchased for $25 or less (a much smaller investment). Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Another big mistake I have seen is purchasing ghost hunting tools from ghost hunting websites. More often than not I see items for sale on these ghost hunting websites that are not even ideally suited for ghost hunting! “But how and I supposed to know what to purchase then?” you ask. Just read on. even though they do not suit them and their needs. Don’t worry about that just yet. which is essentially throwing away money. these devices still have some practical use. and IR (Infra Red) Thermometers.10 When I respond to people who are getting started and want EMF meters. Copyright 2007 and beyond. • They actually produce evidence. I instead suggest that they go purchase a standard cassette tape recorder and a decent microphone. Just remember to make sure that the first things you purchase. You can just as easily purchase your items from the same place that they got them from without the markup. Try not to make that mistake or to worry about what anybody else has. All too often people starting out want the flashier. are items that can produce evidence.

These lists are unoriginal at best. video. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I'm going to break this down a little differently. It's the same stuff you read on every website. Therefore. anything that produces this kind of evidence would fall into these categories. I'm sure you have seen dozens of websites that list all of the supposed the tools you need. and photographic. • Video cameras • Digital or film cameras • Digital or analog sound recorders Copyright 2007 and beyond. All of the equipment you'll need for ghost hunting will fall into one of three categories: • Gear that produces evidence • Gear that monitors the environment • Necessary accessories Gear that produces evidence There are basically three types of evidence out there: audio.11 Types of Ghost Hunting Gear If you've already researched this subject.

” this is especially true when dealing with investigative equipment. Here is a quick list of examples of this type of gear: • EMF meter • IR thermometer • Thermocouple thermometer • Anemometer • Static electric detector • DC field meter • Passive infrared motion detectors Copyright 2007 and beyond. These are your most important categories. there are many different types and styles of gear in each of these three categories. We will touch on that later.12 Obviously. Depending on your personal style and how you want to conduct your investigations. and the ones in which you should invest the most money. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for. you may want a few or many devices from this category. Gear that monitors the environment This category contains many more devices. The earlier mentioned EMF meters and IR Thermometers fall into this category. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

I call them necessary accessories. well. it's necessary that you have them! Items in this category include: • Tripods • Extension cords • Cases of spare batteries • Protective cases for your equipment Copyright 2007 and beyond. because.” Some people feel that the items on this list are must haves. Necessary Accessories You will find that more individual items fall in this category than any other. I say if you can afford to invest in these items. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I would categorize these items as “luxuries” and not “necessities.13 • RF meters • Relative humidity meters Again. great! But don't think you have to have them. That might seem weird until you actually begin hunting.

I will offer you some “Dos and Don’ts” when it comes to finding money to spend on your ghost hunting hobby. but don't worry. Suddenly. you're obviously going to have to go by them. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . and if you don't already have them. blank video and audio tapes • 3 prong adaptors • Masking tape • Notebooks and pens • And much. Things in this category tend to be unexpected costs that surface once you begin hinting. Rounding up the tools you need doesn't have to be a bank breaking experience. much more! As you can see. these are all things that you're going to need. you're forking out $80.14 • Spare. Copyright 2007 and beyond.00 for stuff to support OTHER equipment! See it getting expensive? It might seem like a lot.

In two months' time. It will make a difference Copyright 2007 and beyond.15 Dos • Put a little money aside each payday • Cut out money wasting habits (such as smoking) then take the money you would have spent on that bad habit and spend it on ghost hunting equipment instead • Sell some stuff on eBay • Use your good credit • Act when you see a good deal • Ask friends and family what items they may have lying around that they're not using • Work some overtime or get a second job. Everything I made there was “play” money. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I was able to purchase a whole bunch of new equipment • Put a donation link on your website • Think positive! Read a book on the "Law of attraction" (just make sure you understand that it requires action and the magic wish fairy won’t put things under your pillow). When I started ghost hunting I worked evenings at a restaurant as a server after my day job.

it will take time! Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .16 Don’ts • Spend your rent money! • Borrow from people • Use payday loan places (the worst thing you could ever do!) • Buy impulsively and pay too much • Buy from a ghost hunter store • Buy irrelevant items first • Sell things you will regret losing later • Get frustrated .

17 Part 2 Finding what you need Help for Beginners Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

Sometimes. You just need to figure out what it is. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I prefer to exercise my brain on the issue.18 Before I show you how to get your gear at the best possible prices. the answer is obvious. Copyright 2007 and beyond. I would prefer if you found your own way. The problem with this is there are way too many people in the ghost hunting field who do a lot of things that don't make sense. and encourage you to do the same. In other words. when people get started in a new hobby. they tend to want to let other people do their thinking for them. “what do I need to do” to those more experienced than them. so it will be the same as what everybody else says. You already have something that you can use in your investigative kit. without even understanding why they're doing it. All you need is the answers to these all important questions: “What am I trying to accomplish?” “What do I need to make that happen?” These two questions have been the basis for how I personally do things when it comes to Ghost Investigation. The good news is nobody is starting with absolutely nothing. Instead of learning from other ghost hunters. there are a lot more options that have yet to be discovered. Other times. people ask. Two all-important questions All too often. you need to come up with an idea of what exactly it is you’re going to be looking for. I don't concern myself with what anybody else thinks about how it should be done. This is the point where I believe the ghost hunting community can make a turn for the better.

These are all odds and ends that can come in handy. and the tape measure. but there's a lot of stuff lying around your house that you can use. Utility knife? Grab it too. If more people did this instead of looking at other people's websites. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . it would be to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! If you think outside the box while answering your questions more solutions will come your way. the electrical tape. we would be much further along. the extra pens. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Start by writing down all the useful things that you have in your possession. Grab that butane lighter in there too. get yourself a pad of paper and a pen. the small flashlight. Gather what you already have As you get started here. right? Go through it and pull out the bag of rubber bands. That ball of string? Grab it. This will be your starter case for collecting all your goods. the masking tape. and finding new solutions. • Everybody has a junk drawer. • Got a big box of zip lock freezer bags? Grab them! • Go out to your garage. Look for a few extension cords. For instance: • Get out that travel bag or suitcase you have in your closet that you don't use.19 I believe that new technology is slow to show up in the ghost hunting field because very few people are answering their own questions. If I could emphasize one thing to you. Find a set of small screwdrivers. You might not think it.

• Do you have a quality set of headphones? Those too. grab them.biglots. And a better flashlight. Grab that little first aid kit in there. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . • Do you have a set of FRS/GMRS (The kind you find at Dept stores) walkie-talkies? If so. you might as well go ahead and set aside a package of blank disks for ghost hunting use. will come in useful. That travel-sized baby powder bottle too. Got a laptop? Even Better! • Since you are looking at your computer. Hey! Here’s a pack of AA batteries! A few Night-lights as well.com). You will find a lot of stuff like this at discount stores such as Big Lots (www. do you see now what I mean about having more than you think? These are all things that fall into that “necessary accessories” category. right? • Now go look in your hallway closet. • There’s a biggie you’re missing that I know for a fact you have: your PC! (Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!) Make sure write that down on your paper as well. Copyright 2007 and beyond. So.20 You’re writing all this down on your pad of paper. Your PC is one of the biggest tools you’ll need. so you might as well include it. Now let's not forget the big stuff that you may very well have as well.

did you? It feels good knowing that you are no longer starting at zero. If you have it. So now you have a detailed list of all the items you currently have in your possession that can be used for ghost hunting. especially if you Copyright 2007 and beyond.sourceforge. mark it down. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . but another brand will suffice. If so. Hopefully.21 • Do you have a digital camera? I would be surprised if you didn't. If not. we might as well go online and get all the free stuff that is available to us there. write it down • This might be a little less common. add that to the list. There’s some good free stuff too! • Free Audio Analysis Software: Go to http://audacity. was it? You didn’t even know you had so many potential ghost hunting tools. you already had some of the key items. This is very useful for EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). but if you have a tape recorder. or digital voice recorder. go ahead and create your wish list. • Do you have a video camera? Sony is preferred.net/ and you can download a full-featured audio program. like a Sony Camcorder. You already have SOME stuff for your kit. Most people end up having to get this one though • Do you have cases for your cameras or camcorders? That wasn’t so bad. Go get the free stuff! Since we are collecting all the easy stuff right now. There are many software applications that have potential use in ghost hunting. micro-cassette recorder.

shtml. note that this software is cheap.softpedia. Adobe (one of my highest recommended software publishers) has an extreme abundance of useful programs for ghost hunters.rb59. Programs such as PhotoShop. which is useful in determining if a photo has been tampered with. • Ghost Weather Station: This software gives you real-time environmental data. This way. I personally have never used this software. such as weather. • Free Digital Image Analysis Software: Go to http://www.takenet.aspx Also. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .22 don’t own any other software.com/ghosth/ to download the latest copy of this software. and Premiere (http://www. Download Ghost Weather Station here: http://www. but to those just starting out. while not something I would consider completely free. Sound Booth.all considered to be pertinent to ghostly activity.com/products/) are all good options from Adobe for someone serious about analyzing their evidence. Many ghost hunters start with this and graduate to something else later. You can try it free here: http://office.com/en-us/access/FX100487571033.com/get/Internet/Weather-Home/GhostWeather-Station. Copyright 2007 and beyond. • Investigation Data Logging Software: First. You can also make your own version of this if you happen to have MicroSoft Office and the Microsoft Access program. Audition. and geo-magnetic conditions….microsoft. some may find this useful.or. Go to http://www. many programs popular with ghost hunters will have a free trial version on their website.jp/~ryuuji/minisoft/exifread/english/ and you can download the latest version of EXIF Reader. which is for creating databases.adobe. but not free. or for looking at what the camera settings were on that weird photo you got. you can try it before you buy it. lunar phase. This program allows you to read the embedded information in a digital picture.

23 Create your Wishlist Keep it simple. As you research different items you need. It may seem simple. This will help tremendously with search results later on. Open up an MS Word document and start listing the main tools you feel you need. you will find some that catch your eye. Keep adding them to your Wish List. or are recommended to you. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . This is help you keep track of all the stuff you’ll be searching for very soon. but it will get detailed real quickly. It is important to be as specific as possible and include the manufacturer's part number whenever possible. For Example: MY WISH LIST Camcorder Sony TRV-260 (Digital 8) Sony DCR-HC30 (MiniDV) Digital Voice Recorder Olympus VN-960PC Olympus VN-4100PC MicroPhones Audio-Technical ATR-55 (shotgun Mic) Sony ECM-F8 (Omni-Dir Condenser Mic) Copyright 2007 and beyond.


Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just remember that having this specific info will give you many more returns on your internet searches when looking for a deal. I cannot stress how important this is.

One small example, two lessons learned I once bought a MiniDV camcorder on eBay. It was a great deal, because it did not come with the battery and the charger. How is THAT a good deal, you ask? Simple! First of all, because it did not come with the battery or the charger, NOBODY bid on it. Most people immediately think of the Sony Battery costing $65.00, and the charger is about $30.00, so they don’t think it’s a good deal, however I knew I could find a non-OEM replacement battery (with more power than the Sony one) for less than $15.00! AND I found the charger for less than $10.00. I paid $125.00 for a MiniDV camcorder that cost almost $400.00 in the store. The tricky part was finding the specific A/V cable that went to it. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out what the manufacturer’s part number was. My searches were coming up blank. Then one day, I happened to stumble upon a page that had it. With that new information in hand, one quick Froogle search immediately turned up DOZENS of those cables…for under $10.00. You see, sometimes typing “Sony HC21 A/V Cable” just isn’t specific enough. Everyone that was selling it was listing it under its manufacturer part number, so without that crucial information…I may have never found it!

Copyright 2007 and beyond, Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved


How to find the cool stuff…without knowing what it is yet! One thing that I continually stress to new Ghost Hunters is to go out and find new equipment, instead of just buying what everybody else has. So how do I find it if I don't know exactly what it is I am looking for? Let's say for instance, that I would like to find some sort of a new video tool. One of the most helpful things that I have done is to use Google to search for the term “prosumer video free catalog.” "Prosumer" is some made up word I found that some places used to refer to mid to upper range video equipment. Once I search for that term, the results come back showing several companies that deal in that type of product, and offer a free catalog. I then go to that page, give them my address information, and sit back and wait. Depending on who you requested a catalog from; you might get it in a week or so. The specific company that I found with that search term is B&H Photo (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/). This company just happens to be one of the largest suppliers of audio video and photo equipment out there! The catalog is a treasure trove of ghost hunting equipment. You can sit for a couple hours just browsing the catalog. I found an awful lot of things that would be good for ghost hunting that I never knew existed. Another time I tried this, I came across the website for Professional Equipment (www.professionalequipment.com). This turned out to be yet another treasure trove of ghost hunting equipment. This time, the catalog had all sorts of detection equipment up to and including those fancy thermal imaging cameras. It was in this catalog, that I found a little device called a “Temperature Data logger.” (http://www.professionalequipment.com/usb-temperature-data-logger-elusb-1/thermometer/) I had never seen one of these before, nor have I ever heard of any ghost hunting group using these. This little device, once programmed, can be placed in a room and will continuously sample air temps in predetermined

Copyright 2007 and beyond, Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved


segments of time. You could basically put in a room where people report feeling heavy cold spots, and leave it there all night. The next morning you simply take of the unit and plug it into your computer. It then displays a graph showing the temperature fluctuations at what time they happened. This device has obvious potential for use in ghost investigation. The only reason I ever found out that it existed was because I ordered a catalog just to look through it and see if there was any thing useful to me. So if I happen to be surfing the Internet out of boredom, I try to remind myself every once in awhile to search for some new catalogs. You never know what new devices you might find.

Setting up your Online Search Tools There are several things you can do a help make it easier to search for items online. First is to organize your favorites in Internet Explorer. Whenever you find a good deal, save it in your favorites so you can find it later. If you click on the favorites function at the top of your screen and drop it down, it will give you the option to “organize favorites.” When you click on organize favorites, you'll have the option to create new folders. I have a folder in my favorites simply titled “ghost stuff”. When I open that folder, I have created whole list of folders to help organize my finds. My list goes something like this:

• Audio/EVP gear

Copyright 2007 and beyond, Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved


• Video gear • Photographic gear • Detection gear • Accessories • Useful software • Information sites • Search options • Favorite stores So obviously, anytime I find a good deal on a microphone I save it in the “Audio/EVP Gear.” 120’ A/V cables would go under “video gear”, and so on. This makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for later, rather than just put everything in a “ghost hunting” file. The first thing I do when I see something I want is to input it into Google, and search it with Google Product Search, formerly known as Froogle (http://www.google.com/prdhp?tab=wf&ie=UTF-8). This is made much easier by installing the Google toolbar at top of my browser. The Google Toolbar can be downloaded here: http://toolbar.google.com/T4/index_pack.html. If you haven't already done this, I think you'll find it to be one of the more of useful things you've ever

Copyright 2007 and beyond, Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved

and you can learn a lot from them. Amazon has some very competitive prices. This gives you FREE 2-day shipping on most of the items they offer. when I’m not sure where to look.com (www. and I found some of my best. If you are one of the few people who are not yet eBay savvy. I put all my favorite places for finding the things I need.ebay.com): You can’t get much more obvious than this. Copyright 2007 and beyond. you won't have to navigate away from the page with the item you want to check on it. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . hard to find ghost gear deals on Amazon. Other than the obvious Google site that we've already covered. You can just copy the text and paste it in the toolbar at the top your page. pick yourself up one of those “Ebay for Dummies” books. which allows you to search immediately into Google Product Search.amazon. You can find some great deals on eBay.00 a year. Amazon offers a special membership called “Amazon Prime” which costs about $75. With the Google toolbar in place.” This website has grown and grown over the last several years. but you need to be careful. In my search options folder.28 downloaded. the few places I have the best luck with are: • EBAY (www. On the left-hand side of the text box is a drop down button which allows you choose which function of Google you want to use. When it started out it used to primarily be for books. Now you can find just about anything here. I've had several of them myself. it is highly worth it. The places I check first. More on Ebay later.com): Amazon is the “Ying” to Ebay's “Yang. and you can find just about anything there. If you have the extra money to get this membership. • Amazon. and 1-day shipping for a few dollars more.

and sometimes I just search the sites to find what I want.com) The best thing is they offer a free printed catalog that you can order by clicking here: http://www. and a whole bunch of stuff that you haven’t thought of yet. (www. Always make sure you get several prices from various sites and compare them including the shipping costs. They have everything you can think of. You can never go wrong this way. Amazon.com/Catalog.scdlink. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . you can download a pdf version of the catalog right away. surveillance cameras. Ebay. digital video recorder systems. This will introduce you to whole new list of manufacturers and items that you can search elsewhere on the internet for. But if I had to pick one website for video. Some of my most recommended websites for ghost hunters are: Security Cameras Direct If you are interested in video.. and Ebay. because it’s one you will love flipping through. Simply put. then I’ll usually find someplace in Google Product Search. this would be it! Copyright 2007 and beyond. and Amazon are about all I ever need for most things.29 Google.. Sometimes I will buy straight from the site. Request the catalog by mail anyway. or anything having to do with video. Some recommended websites for browsing Outside of Google. then take that manufacturers information and input it into Google and the others for further price searching. If I don’t find what I need at eBay or Amazon. Or. this website has the best selection of this type of gear and I've ever found.then is website will knock your socks off.cfm.scdlink. there are many sites that I have found over time to have a lot to offer the internet shopping ghost hunter.

com) is probably the number-one supplier of ghost hunting equipment that would fall under the “detection” category. If you sit down to browse this catalog. do-it-all websites.com. photographic equipment and accessories. In fact.30 B&H Photo-Video B&H is another one of those super. They have just about everything you can possibly think of. LessEMF has an affiliate program where you can sell their stuff on your site. pro audio. browsing through their catalog. Everything from entry level to the advanced professional can be found here. Actually. Nowhere else on the Web will you find a bigger selection of meters and gadgets that would be useful to somebody in the paranormal investigation field. B&H also offers a print catalog by mail. They offer a full selection of video equipment and accessories. they drop-ship them to you. Do you want to pay $29. You can request it by clicking here: www.bhphotovideo. I see a lot of things that might be useful that nobody seems to be using yet.99 for an item or $35.lessemf. you better set some serious time aside for it! LessEMF LessEMF (www. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . The difference in price you are paying is probably the commission they are earning. computers and accessories. This is the main place that all those “ghost hunting outfitter" stores get their wares from.00 for it? Not a hard decision at all. You can order their printed catalog by calling them at: 1-888-537-7363 Copyright 2007 and beyond. they don’t get them. and even night vision.

which isn’t a bad trade to be in for a ghost hunter. You can order their print catalog by clicking here: http://www. that you can test your internet deal-finding skills on. and the difference in the finished product is astounding. They are one of the few places where you can find the less expensive Flir Thermal Imager cameras…. gas-testing. Not the cheapest supplier. This is another example of one of those catalogs that you don't realize how much cool stuff is in until you go through it once or twice. then the equipment you would need to get them can be found here.and get it on credit. but they do have a lot of stuff you might not see elsewhere. The first time I looked at this catalog I only saw a few items that I was interested in. A bit more expensive on the EMF meters than LessEMF. you name it.professionalequipment. This company caters to the Home Inspector trade.com/mailinglist. If you want to get some really good EVPs. as well as humidity meters.com/register.31 Professional Equipment Professional Equipment is another supplier of what I refer to as “detector” tools. we come to BSW (www. This is one of my favorite catalogs when it comes to professional audio recording equipment.bswusa. electrical testing.asp Copyright 2007 and beyond. I have used some of the higher end recording devices that they offer. but Professional Equipment has about every other detector known to man.com). if you are brave enough! You’ll find a lot of different thermometer types here.asp BSW Professional Audio Gear Now.bswusa. looking forward to some more professional level of EVP gear. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . A few more trips to the bathroom and I began to see that this catalog had a lot to offer. You can order their print catalog by clicking here: http://www.

which you can search by your particular city. Just start a thread and tell people what you want. people just want to get rid of stuff that is cluttering up their house. or any site. always thoroughly search for that item using Froogle. Here are a couple more things you can try to find some stuff cheap.32 Just remember…. It is certainly a “right-place-at-the-right-time” site. Whatever your interest is. Basically. I browse it from time to time. I’ve seen various computers and peripherals.00 for it” would be a good example.before you purchase anything from the above sites. “I’ve got a camcorder for sale” probably won’t have a problem with someone who posts a WTB thread.” and it is a three letter combo that you can get really lucky with. I am willing to pay $25. As the saying goes. Sometimes. there is an internet forum for it. (which make good video monitors) for garage-sale prices. and Ebay and make sure you are getting the best deal! Never forget to take into consideration the shipping charges as well…you may as well consider that part of the price! A few other rocks to look under while you are online You never know where a good deal might pop up. and I have seen people trying to get rid of things like 13” color TVs. Amazon. You may just catch the eye of someone who has one that they don’t ever use who says “Why not?” Copyright 2007 and beyond. Some are OK with people buying/selling/trading with each other. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . one mans trash is another mans treasure.craigslist. WTB Threads: WTB stands for “Want to buy. as well as cameras and camcorder on Craigslist. Craigslist: The national online classifieds. it is an online newspaper classifieds section. and some don’t want the headache.org) is an interesting site. Those that might not want you to post a thread that says. Craigslist (www. “I would like to buy an EMF meter that is in good shape that is used.

The good thing is. More about this in step #2 2) GET IT WITHOUT ALL THE PARTS This tip is especially effective when searching for camcorders or digital cameras online. It never fails! 1) KNOW ALL THE MODEL NUMBERS I cannot stress enough how important it is when searching for deals online to have all the appropriate manufacturers model numbers. And if the item has extra parts (ex: A camcorder has an AC charger and A/V cables) you may need the numbers for those as well. after all. This IS the internet. Copyright 2007 and beyond. But there is always that one guy who’s out to rip you off. I have a small piece of paper with each point printed on it so I have a reference when I am searching for something. Just be careful and understand that it is at your own risk that you do it. for any one item you want to buy…ONE of these tools is bound to work for you! Some of these I might have already touched on. 10 keys to finding what you want…for a price you want to pay We come now to the condensed “toolbox” of everything I have used and seen work for getting a good deal and paying less than most people do. many of these points will work together. This bit of information alone can be the key that unlocks a flood of search results that you could not get before. it is someone who is well known and has a good reputation that you are dealing with. and I want you to see these all together. Hopefully. In some cases. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . but repetition helps learning. I have had especially good luck myself buying camcorders this way.33 If you do this and the forum doesn’t have an established area like this. understand that you are doing it at your own risk. I have seen this method work well hundreds of times.

I saw a battery that I could get for $12. and the price wasn't as high. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Luckily for me. I often saw Sony camcorders that did not have charging cables or batteries.00. Current models cost more money. Stores sell current models. The model was an Olympus VN-240PC. Where one non-bidder saw a $100 battery. Let me give you an example: Two Christmases ago I was out shopping when I found a digital voice recorder with a very convenient USB cable.00….00 MiniDV camcorder for $150. This added cost is why people wouldn't bid as high.00. and that's after replace the missing parts! Oh. “Replacement for QMD-915” is a common way to list an aftermarket part. how did I find those parts so cheap. Most aftermarket parts are listed by the manufacturers’ part number. This is another example of “knowledge is power.” and I benefited from it. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . An AC charger can easily go above $30.00. 3) NEVER. and it cost $79. This of course makes it very easy to transfer your audio files on the computer.99. I got the $350. you ask? I found them ONLY when I used Point #1. These particular models did not have as many bids as those with all the parts. I knew better. there are a lot of liquidators who sell items on eBay that did not have all the parts that they came with. EVER. here is the place I got my batteries from: Power Street Inc.34 On eBay. The reason for this is simple… Most people who saw this calculated in their head what it would cost to replace the missing parts based on the going rate in a store. I know that there are many places online including the very site that the camera was being sold on which offer aftermarket replacement parts at a very small fraction of the cost of the namebrand parts. Knowing that small tip will save you a LOT of money. and the battery can easily go up to $100. GET THE CURRENT MODEL This is a huge reason why I do not shop for ghost hunting gear in stores. By the way. That expensive charger? I got that for $7.

Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . just this morning in the Sunday paper a local electronics and appliance store is advertising a large sale on these kinds of items. The other thing is that there's really not that much difference between the two. The thing to remember is that technology moves very quickly. So as a rule of thumb I generally look for models that are nine months to two years old. It is almost always something very superficial because larger damages would prevent them from being able to sell it. don’t forget to ask about floor models as well! Copyright 2007 and beyond. including myself. which may not bother you or you may not notice. That technology is over five years old… but performs close to what is out now. the Olympus VN-960PC came out. is enough reason that they have to drop the price if they want to sell it. The thing you have to remember is that the smallest scratches or other imperfections. still use Digital 8 cameras. Six months later the VN-240PC is selling low on the internet liquidator sites and the VN-960PC is just under $50. If two years old sounds old…it really isn’t. which had four times as much memory and now costs $79. Oh. What is hot right now will be old news in six months. or more than well enough for what we need. For instance. The model I saw before was now in the $50 range. 4) REFURBISHED / SCRATCH AND DENT ITEMS It should go without saying that if you can find what you're looking for as a refurbished or scratch and dent item you'll save a ton of money.99.35 Less than a year later. Many of which are all least 50% off.00. Many ghost hunters.

There are a couple of benefits in dealing with items that are made in China. Even in the recent new there has been a lot of negative press about items made in China. “Made in China” you think of cheap. you are thinking what most people think. The town I live in has a Radio Shack outlet store on the southeast side. get out the yellow pages and try to find out where all the outlets stores are in your city. The first is.36 5) OPEN BOX RETURNS / OUTLET STORE Much like #4. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . It is basically a regular Radio Shack store but it has five aisles in the middle of the store packed full of items that are perfectly fine but have things such as smashed boxes. they have to mark down the price. However…. You can get some really crazy deals here. You'll be glad you did! 6) MADE IN CHINA If. actually have outlet stores where they send all the open box returns and the closeouts. if the store has an open box return and they want to resell it. those same items can come out of the same factory and have a lesser.00. So what if the box is smashed? You’ll probably smash the box yourself before you throw it in the trash can. I found several great items here including a compact cassette recorder that Radio Shack normally sells for $60. when you hear the term. many manufacturers have their items made in China. Next time you are sitting at home and have nothing to do.00 that I got it for $20. not-asgood items. and they stamp their company name on them. like Radio Shack. Some stores. Sometimes. “no-name-name” stamped on Copyright 2007 and beyond. Sometimes there will be a special shelf somewhere in the store where they showcase all their open box returns or sometimes you may have to ask them what they have.

Either way.S. you end up with two near-identical items that may simply have different brand names or colors. Copyright 2007 and beyond. distributors stamp their company name on the products. then it is usually this: There are few rules in China that prevent them from copying items that originated in other countries. They get their hands on American plans and build a cheaper version or reverse-engineer it to get their own plans. If that is not the case. The manufacturer makes a product and several different U. So what does all this mean to you? Whether it is a direct knock off or just a lesser known brand name stamped on the same item as the bigger name. It was similarsounding name. For example. It’s the exact same item. but had a different name on it…a company name that doesn’t seen to have a company website. Sometimes there’s nothing shady about it. I have found on several occasions Thermocouple Thermometers and IR Thermometers that are exact replica of a large American instrument manufacturer. Another possibility is simple corporate espionage. for a lot less money…it just won’t have the brand name you expect on it. I have been to a store called Harbor Freight Tools that sells primarily a lot of made-in-China stuff. you can very often find what you are looking for. Usually less technical items like flashlights. Also. Some other items classified as knock-offs are not good at all.37 them. but one that you will win more than lose with. Most of the items I am referring to in this situation would be items that fall under the detection gear category in ghost hunting equipment. one factory can make items for several different brand names. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . There are several brands of lithium battery all made at the same factory. I’ve seen this example a lot with ELD flashlights. These are usually pretty good. but still a different name…. This happens a lot with batteries for example.and it cost between 50% -75% less than the better-known name! This can be a tricky situation. except for a huge price difference.

As I mentioned in point #1. Another thing to consider is whether or not the item that you’re searching for has a common misspelling. then everyone else will more than likely be in bed.. Not everybody out there can spell as well as you. Every one in a while. Try and spell the item a few different ways. 7) USED ON EBAY. You may very well find an item you're looking for that has been misspelled and therefore is getting missed by a majority of other people’s searches. you need to know your manufacturers' model numbers. as the rest of the country ranges from 2:00am to 4:00am.and worked better that the Sony-brand IR illuminator that I paid $50. Sometimes you will find things that are made in China that are NOT a direct copy of any thing but work great for what you need it to. more often than not it’s a gamble worth taking. This is a good way to passively search for a hard to find item. I recently found an Infrared LED flashlight with 28 LED’s made by a Chinese manufacturer that was selling on ebay. Less competitors = lower prices.38 There’s one more thing to consider about the “made in China” category. You just have to know how to find what you're looking for. Remember to consider the four major time zones. But in my opinion. MISSPELLINGS. AND ODD END-TIMES I think it goes without saying that everybody knows that you can get good deals on eBay. You can set up and save special keyword searches on eBay so that you receive an alert e-mail to let you know that somebody has listed the item you're looking for. These are good auctions to bid on because Copyright 2007 and beyond. Sometimes I prefer to set my eBay time to the Pacific Time zone.00…. Look at what time the options end. This is the kind of stuff to keep an eye out for. It was not a copy of anyone’s product. it’s a gamble that you may lose. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . BUT it only cost $15. Very often this is how most people list them on eBay. That way I know that if the item is ending at 1:00 am PST.00 for! A $15 tool outperformed a $50 one.

So what I did was print up a flier saying that I was searching for a folding table. So find the auctions that are ending in the middle the night or early in the morning during the workweek. Even though I struck out on this particular item. The last hour of an online auction is the busiest. You never know…. The next thing I did was type up a short e-mail basically stating the same thing. 8) WTB (Want to Buy) Flyers and Emails This is something that I came up with recently when I was looking for a folding table that I could put my DVD recorders and TV monitors on. I only sent to the people in my e-mail address book that lived in my city. they may give it to you for free! Copyright 2007 and beyond. did anybody have one they did not want that they would be willing to sell me for a fair price? I stuck these up on bulletin boards at work. At first I wasn't sure where find these tables a good price. you'd find someone who might have an extra camera bag or something else you may need. When I have been lucky enough to find an auction that ends during these times. Look around your own house and look at the different things you have that you are not using. I figured this could work very well for certain items. I'm sure if you asked. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . though few people gave me suggestions on where to look.39 chances are there will be little to no people still on top watching the end of the auction. I've always gotten a good price. I did not find anybody that had a table to sell me.

etc) • Home Improvement stores (Home Depot. Meijer. but I can pick out several items from any of these stores and apply them to ghost hunting. If you know someone who works at Best Buy. I have a friend who works at a music store that will be able to get me the new Zoom Solid State Audio Recorder for $70.00 off of a new camcorder (or $1000 of an HD TV…since they have the highest markup) if they would be willing to buy it for you. Friends can be very good to have especially if they work in: • Electronics/Appliance stores (Best Buy. More often than not.00 off the sticker price. HHGregg) • Office stores (Office Max. Lowes) • Music/Pro Audio stores (Sam Ash. you might get $50. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . If you have a friend that works at any of these places and they are willing to use their Copyright 2007 and beyond. Circuit City. people who work in a retail store get discounts on items in that store. For example.40 9) “Friends with Benefits” You know what's really nice? What’s nice is having a friend who works at a store that sells the types of things that you need to buy. etc) • Department stores (Wal Mart. Fry’s. CompUSA. Office Depot) • Computer stores (Micro Center. Guitar Center) Some of these may have seemed like odd choices.

ESPECIALLY if you are in the market for one of the greatest ghost hunting tools of all time…the laptop computer. call and subscribe to it for Sunday-only delivery. • September: I hear you saying “Huh?” out there. • Back-to-School: This one is priceless. the current items start getting closed out to make room for the next year's models. If there is one time of the year to go out and get a great deal on computer equipment. like electronics. though not as much. • Graduation: Toward the end of the school year. Oh no! That’s not even my favorite time of the year! Here are some of my favorite times to go shopping for the bigger things on my list. foamCopyright 2007 and beyond. October is the beginning of the fiscal year for most manufacturing companies in the US. The same goes for many other things. it’s during the back to school sales. This may not work for everything but it will work for a lot of things. That’s when people go shopping for the currentyear car models because next years models are coming out.41 discount to buy something for you. As soon as a model year is up. Just try and keep a greater awareness of the Sunday ads during the fall months. then make sure you take them out to eat or something…because they can save you a lot of money! 10) Seasonal Deals Seasonal doesn’t only mean after Christmas. Think about it. • The end of hunting season: This is when you’ll find Wal Mart and many other stores trying to close out on all of those plastic. You will find a lot of electronics on sale during this time. you’ll find many stores running specials on the same stuff as the back-to-school stuff. It’s obviously cheaper and you’ll get all the really important stuff in that one day. If you don’t get the newspaper. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

) • After Christmas: I personally don’t think it is as great as it used to be. And also. Gun stores generally have them year round.42 interior gun cases. don’t forget that this is PRIME open-box return season (point #5)!! Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . but you can still find some good overstock deals here. (If you have one nearby. These make fantastic gear/camera cases for a relatively inexpensive cost.

Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .43 Part 3 Equipment Recommendations Equipment Recommendations…what you need. what you don’t Copyright 2007 and beyond.

or have an invention idea. This is something I can't stress enough. I guess I should take that as a compliment. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . which was the use of black-light bulbs to enhance infrared video. And yet no one had tried it that I know of. Copyright 2007 and beyond. that is often the case with ghost hunting.44 Earlier in part 1 of this book. I gave you a brief overview of the different types of equipment that you would be using. act on it!! My two favorite innovations are things that I figure someone else should have thought of before me. Now I want to go into some of the more specific models and why I feel they are the best choice for paranormal investigation. They almost seemed like obvious solutions. If you have any ideas for new ways to use old items. This is a method that has become increasingly popular with those who have tried it. It was that saying which led me on the path of coming up with my first innovation. one of the biggest problems in this field is that there is not enough original thinking. More than once I've had to confront people posting on online message boards claiming that they invented it. But first…. Making your own gear innovations Some of my most useful items are the ones in which I found my own ways to use them for ghost hunting. If more people did this. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings which goes: “What is the definition of insanity? To do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.” Unfortunately. As I have said many times before. maybe we would come up with new ideas and methods that would advance paranormal investigation.

It took many years for people to begin to realize that 99 percent of what they're seeing in their videos was nothing more than airborne particles that were being illuminated by their close proximity to the onboard IR light. It was absolutely quiet. people began filming “orbs” which were considered to be paranormal. after the use of video cameras came out. get real quiet. Yet. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . and the homeowner was not wearing night vision goggles! But yet. they were usually just doing their normal routine in their home. I was thinking about the above quote. The one that nagged at me the most was the use of infrared video.” Instead. Let’s get back on track. Most of the time when you hear somebody telling a ghost story. ghost hunters just seemed to stop using regular video all together. the TV was on. That's when I saw the ghost. we should still be using regular video as well. the first thing most ghost hunters want to do when they arrive in someone's home is shut off all their lights. People claim to see ghosts all the time. So why did we stop using the normal video? It’s one of those things that make you go. Hmmmmmm…? I don’t think we should stop using niteshot video.” But that's not the only mistake they were making…. No human beings that I am aware of were born with green night-vision eyes. it was considered one of the greatest advancements in equipment for paranormal investigators. but at the same time.45 Anyway. I also had the idea to trying to use some Copyright 2007 and beyond. For whatever reason. When Sony first introduced this in the late 1990's. about how we as ghost hunters do the same things over and over. The lights were on. it is rare for them to say this: “I was sitting in my house with all the lights off and all my electronics off. They completely change the environment from how it was when the experiences took place. It became “Niteshot-ornothing at all. So I was trying to experiment with using the video camera without using the Niteshot. and turn on IR video. Very quickly. back to my story. they are seeing ghosts.

That difference was astonishing. ribbons hanging from ceiling. dim-purple video. crystal clear display! The image was incredibly better. Clamp it to your tripod. So I say. such as wind chimes. I went upstairs to change the tape in the camera. I had just accidentally come up with a new way to dramatically improve niteshot video viewing. etc.46 different forms of light to see what results they may produce. EMF meters. and you’re all set.00! All you need is an aluminum clamp light and a regular blacklight bulb.” There ARE some other ways you can use the Niteshot video. but maybe you CAN catch evidence of it moving something in the physical environment! (Remember: think outside the box!) Copyright 2007 and beyond. Then. with only a handful of potential apparitions. try anything and everything and do not fool yourself into thinking that “niteshot camera” equals “magic ghost camera. The best part? You can get all the parts needed for it for less than $10. at some point. Suddenly. Some people have argued that UV and IR are on opposite sides of the spectrum and it will screw up our ability to catch the ghosts on video. “When did we ever have this mythical ability to begin with?” Thousands of hours of Niteshot footage have been filmed over the years. bright Niteshot video. plug it in. This created an interesting. the grainy dark green video screen had turned into a bright green. and enjoy clear. IR motion detectors. I turned the nightshot on to see what the difference would look like. I countered that with. Set up a room with a lot of things that can be interacted with. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I decided to try using blacklights. Assume that you will not be able to actually SEE the alleged ghost.

It makes sense. I still could not make out any other details. It occurred to me that a laser level would be perfect for this. I figure the more people out there trying it. for indirectly giving me the idea. their width. And who knows? Maybe we’ll get some good video of a laser line suddenly changing shape for no reason! Copyright 2007 and beyond. The idea is that if they can cause a laser pointer dot to stop in mid air. The next day. I fired up the laser level (which I had modified into a gun-like device) and a bright red line crossed the entire room. Though I could not see him.47 My latest innovation I like this one even better than the blacklight. either with the IR thermometers or with laser pointers. and the direction of movement. I tested it out in a pitch black room. I have seen IR motion detectors triggered for no apparent reason. Perfect!! After making some online notes to ensure that people would know where the idea came from. I found one for $10. I immediately saw the laser line “bubble” out and wrap around his form. and creating a grid pattern of lines. He has a story about using an IR thermometer that involved witnessing the laser dot leaving the wall and hanging in mid air…as if it were hitting something invisible. I then had my friend begin to cross the room at the other end. I credit Jim Willis. I shared this idea on a few internet forums. Maybe sometimes they can manifest just enough that they can effect these kinds of devices. The ability to discern form and movement could be enhanced by adding more laser levels.00 at Wal Mart! I bought a few of them. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . people have claimed that their IR thermometers can pick up ghosts. then if they were to cross an entire laser LINE…then we would easily see them. That got me thinking…. of The Ghosts of Ohio. the better the chances. even if it is beyond our ability to prove. After asking around. His “bubble” then traveled across the line to the other side. I found that a few others had experienced this. For many years. Is there a better way? I thought about it for a while.

AC EMF Meter/Detector This is probably the most commonly used item in ghost hunting that is thought of as a “ghost detector. Make sure to check out all the links embedded throughout these equipment sections.” This section deals with the devices that may possibly alert you to the presence of paranormal energies. Now let’s go over the different items you can add to your ghost hunting kits. “What?” you ask? If you don’t believe me.00 in the stores. (It actually wasn’t a ghost detector. but instead was an alien communications device. the device Egon used in “Ghostbusters” to track down the ghost in the library hasn’t been invented yet. and lets break it down into different uses and categories. so does just about everything else we have on this planet these days! Copyright 2007 and beyond.00 and $20.” The problem is we can’t really prove that ghosts emit AC EMF energy. go rent the John Carpenter movie “They Live”) Since we don’t have that great tool at our disposal people have always clamored to find a working “Ghost Detector. “Detection” Devices Unfortunately. but the average price seems to be between $15. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . 1.00. and even if they do.48 You can get these Laser Levels for as little as $10.

If I had to choose one AC EMF meter for you.49 In my opinion. So this is more of a “debunking” tool for me. Featured Meters There are many AC EMF meters out there.99 here: http://www. why do it? Well. wiring.html?src=Froogle Copyright 2007 and beyond. just remember that 99% of what it reads WILL NOT be a ghost. this tool is best used for surveying the environment just to see if there may be any unusual amount of EMF coming from power lines.smarthome. and so forth. and this is a tool you shouldn’t invest too much in • It has both light and audible alert signals • It has two scales (0-50mg and 0-5mg) • It has an analog scale. I would suggest the CELLSENSOR for the following reasons: • It isn't too expensive. If you choose to walk around with it looking for ghosts. which makes it a meter and not just a detector • It has a backlit display Find a Cellsensor for $29. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . However.com/7021. And with that percentage. and they have been featured prominently in just about any ghost hunting book ever written that has an equipment chapter. there are studies that suggest that exposure to high EM fields can produce “haunting-like” sensations and feelings. So I won’t get too much into it.

after all I paid $50. with the add-on features you want here: http://www. I highly suggest you use the link in the previous paragraph. That being said. they do seem to work exceptionally well for paranormal research.aspx?ID=5 If you intend to purchase one new. due to the extreme sensitivity of these meters.50 DC “NATURAL” EMF METERS These are the better choice if you intend to use it to actually “read” a ghost. These sense/read relatively weak static fields…like the one your body produces. But you can get good deals on the secondary market….00 for my first one!! Copyright 2007 and beyond. Yes. try searching for it on ebay. You do not often see them. AC power. they are not well suited for mobile use. That is the actual manufacturer. If you intend to look for a used one. but they also give you add-on options you can select for a fee. which is another reason some don’t want them. Get them from the source. by all means do. They work best when they are set down. and they not only offer the best price on the web for them. You can add a red LED backlight. and several other options if you so wish. You’ll probably have to set up a search alert in your ebay profile to let you know when one is listed. The problem for most people is they are generally many times more expensive than the AC EMF meters. and if it is within your budget to get one.detectortechnologies.com/store/detail. one of these meters can and will detect your own personal energy field…which is why most people suggest this is the far better tool. The most commonly used model in ghost hunting is the TRIFIELD NATURAL EM METER and it averages about $180-$200! Also. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . This idea is bolstered by the fact that IR motion detector alarms often are activated in vacant rooms in haunted houses. the following problems still remain: • You can’t PROVE that it is reading a ghost. and do not measure ambient air temperature. many people theorize that in some instances. and not a wall • Different units have different DSR’s (Distance to Spot Ratio) which determine how large an area it is reading at what range Copyright 2007 and beyond.no wonder so many ghost hunters want one! These devices measure the surface temperature of an object. But don’t worry. I’ll show you how to save money by killing two birds with one stone! IR THERMOMETERS These are gun shaped and often even have a laser sight…. ghost may be tangible enough for the thermometer to read it. However. Although I now believe that there may be something to the theory.51 Oh! By the way…A lot of people misspell “Trifield” as “Trifeild” so remember to search for it misspelled on ebay…which is one of the biggest tricks in the book to finding an ebay deal no one else sees! Thermometers: Infrared (IR) and Thermocouple IR Thermometers and Thermocouple Thermometers are very different tools with very different uses. For many years I was a staunch opponent to using IR thermometers to look for ghosts.

Copyright 2007 and beyond. It will look like this: (6:1) What that DSR indicates that the thermometer is reading an area 1 ft wide at a distance of 6 ft. Oh. The Extech model linked above has a DSR of 11:1 (Measures a spot 1 ft in diameter 11 ft away) which is pretty good! THERMOCOUPLE THERMOMETERS These usually more “meter looking” and can actually read ambient air temperature.52 • The laser sight just shows you what you are pointing at…it isn’t what is being read • It’s based on theory One important thing to note regarding IR Thermometers If you insist on getting one. So if the idea is to read that cold spot that is dropping the temperature in the room 20 degrees. pocket meters can be as small as 1:1. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . the less precise the reading will be. you’d want a thermocouple thermometer. make sure you look at the Distance-to-Spot ratio for that particular model. The further away the object you are measuring. Small. but the fact that they are so sensitive to ambient air makes them the best choice. and they read temperature changes FAST…much faster than any other type of thermometer for measuring ambient air. Average is 6:1 with the better models going up to 12:1. They are made to measure many different ways.

I found one here: http://www. with a male USB plug on one end. There really isn’t a better or less expensive option…I looked. You plug it into your PC to configure it the way you want. You can set units of measurement. and even what time you want it to begin taking readings. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . My absolute favorite device for this is this Extech IR Thermometer with Type-K Thermocouple Input. now they have one. and it can take about 16.382 readings max.ambientweather. and collect them when you leave. save yourself some headache and just get this do-it-all Extech model. Now you will have something to show for it. Copyright 2007 and beyond. So if you have a location where people report drops in temperature.html for only $99. and hasn’t made it onto the ghost hunting scene yet. High and Low alarms. especially if you had other evidence and it correlated with a drop in temperature. It is a device about the size of a tube of lipstick. This would be very helpful.00. and it will display the temperature in graph form. Then you simply take them home. The best part? It is the EXACT same model (with a different brand name) as the one TAPS uses that cost 2X as much!! USB Temperature Datalogging Devices This is a really neat new device that has come around recently. It can take readings as quickly as every 10 seconds.53 The solution for saving money on both types of thermometers It’s quite simple…find a good unit that does both! Luckily. plug them back into your computer.com/ex42miinth. but also has the Thermocouple probe ability…and you can use both at once! If you intend on adding a temperature device to your ghost hunting kit. It retains the functionality and form factor of the IR thermometer gun. you could set these up in different areas.

and inexpensive.54 You can see them here on the Manufacturers Website: http://www.CFM?STOCKNO=EL%2D USB%2D1&CFID=12357727&CFTOKEN=3cde0392ed205a700BAA3422-C297-FD96-B2C9F81560711D1C Here are some Google Product Search results: http://www. This is the more cost-effective way to purchase them.lascarelectronics. you can use them to secure an investigation site. These are good for two reasons. Being that they are so inexpensive. search with the particular model number you wish to get pricing on. I have seen some which do not have an audible alarm.com/products?show=li&q=Lascar+Electronics+Data+log ger For more specific results. the light is better if you are watching remotely on a camera and do not want the noise. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . you’ll have several. I have found these regularly priced as low as $12.) You can find them all over the internet. Second. I also sometimes see them in the aisle where the night lights are.com/PRODUCTS. IR Motion Detector Alarms This is something that is now both easy to find. Sometimes. Copyright 2007 and beyond. and let you know that a person has entered the area which may compromise your evidence (such as EVP recordings. you can grab one here and there whenever you happen to be at that store for any reason. but instead have a soft dome light (for installing in say.google. Before long. First off.00 a piece. and most often in the big department stores in the aisle dealing with security items and door locks. a closet) for even less. there has been evidence to suggest that sometimes paranormal entities can trigger IR devices.

if not the object. it will activate as soon as someone touches the doorknob on the other side of the door. The first looks like a wedge door stopper. These are one of the few “very high end” tools for ghost hunting. Thermal Imager I feel this belongs in the “Detection” category rather than the video category where most people would assume it would belong.google. these can be used either way. or a TV network backing you if you want one of these Copyright 2007 and beyond. and way above the financial limits of most people. It helps to have a rich uncle. Sometimes you see the clues. but its purpose is to detect and illustrate different variances in temperature. It has a pedal-like activator that sounds the alarm when the door opens and pushes the button down. but are better for securing a location. but belong here in the detection device section. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .com/products?q=Door+Knob+Alarm&show=li Laser Levels/Laser Line Generators These were already covered in an earlier section. The second door alarm is known more as a “Door Knob Alarm” and is hung on the door knob itself. It will make your evidence stronger if you can show that nobody was in there at the time. Google Product Results: http://www. Again.55 Portable Door Alarms There are two types that are relatively inexpensive that may be useful to you. Good for those pesky haunted doors that open on their own. This is a new method that is just being explored and could become a big asset to video evidence collection. Supposedly.

nor do I receive any money from them if you buy based on this ebook. I would generally use these things in conjunction with a stationary video camera. which allows you to purchase this Thermal Imager for $138. which is the Flir ThermaCAM B-CAM that retails for a mere $5.professionalequipment.com/images/pdf/pecredit-application-2005. If these options interest you. But don’t lose hope yet…there may be a chance for you. The company does offer financing plans. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . you can download the credit application by clicking HERE: http://www. The model is the Flir ThermCAM B2 which may look familiar to you.com. 750. One company that sells the FLIR brand thermal imagers for industrial use is www.00 a month.00 range.000. That’s only $34. but if you wish to record the video from the Thermal Imager (which I reckon you would) you’ll have to step it up to around the $9.56 bad boys. which can in turn make the video evidence that much more exceptional if you're lucky enough to get some interaction with the pieces that you put out.pdf (Note: I am not affiliated with this company. if you are a fan of the show Ghost Hunters. The ThermaCAM B-CAM does store images as JPEGS. Now you’re talking around $200 a month financing.. This is the one used by the TAPS crew. and is a very good unit. I sold Kirbys a looong time ago. They have the least expensive Thermal Imager available.professionalequipment. if your credit is good enough.) Other “Old School” items used for detection There are a lot of other different items one can use to help detect a ghost. so you better be serious about it.can you tell?) Now aren’t you glad I told you that? Just leave me out of it when you tell your wife. Copyright 2007 and beyond.50 a week. which has the all-important video-output feature..00.00 a day! (Yeah. or less than $5.

Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . making it easier for potential spirits to move it • Baby powder .you can hang these from the ceiling to help give some sort of visual indication of air movement • Bells . but can easily be moved.this is one of the oldest items in the Ghost Hunters tool chest.this can be used in as many ways as your imagination can come up with.57 • Ribbons .some people have used aluminum foil by pulling out large sheets of it and using it in the same way as the baby powder • Balloons .these can also be hung from the ceiling by a string.balloons are another easily manipulated item because they're nearly weightless. or hanging anything else from the ceiling • Aluminum Foil . • Ping pong balls . I think they're good choice because they're so light weight. Use these much like the ping-pong balls listed above • Glass of water – this is used to detect tremors in the floor by viewing the ripples on the surface of the water Copyright 2007 and beyond.I sometimes set these up in view of the video camera in a way that they sit still. It is used by sprinkling it on the floor where people would normally walk • String / Fishing line . It will come in handy if you're using the bells. much like a wind chime which can also be used.

00. As far as picking out a humidity meter goes. Most relative humidity devices use temperature sensors that are not as quick as thermocouples. devices that can be used to detect other aspects of the environment could potentially offer clues that may be a factor in the haunting. but it is chock full of really. Why would you want to use a relative humidity meter? The main reason is because humidity affects the amount of static electricity in the air. A really good book that I highly recommend that touches on the subject is “How to hunt ghosts” by Joshua P Warren. As we've already discussed. However. There have been several studies that suggest but there is a relationship between the amount static electricity in many of the signs better associated with a haunting.58 Other Devices Although these would not be considered detection devices. Relative Humidity (RH) Meter RH meters sometimes go hand in hand with thermometers. really good thoughts and theories associated with investigation of paranormal events. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . this is one of those few items that you don't have to spend a lot of money on. the types of thermometers of that are usually built into an RH meter are not the sort that would be most useful in ghost investigation.com/How-Hunt-Ghosts-Practical-Guide/dp/0743234936 Contrary to the title. This book is on my short list of recommended reading for ghost hunters.amazon. Copyright 2007 and beyond. thermocouple thermometers are the best way to go when it comes to ambient air temperature. http://www. You can find inexpensive digital temperature humidity meters at Wal Mart for less than $10. I didn't find the book to be much of a step-by-step guide to investigation.

and affecting their brain. it counts negative and positive ions in the air. Some say that the amount of negative ions in the air can affect paranormal occurrences. some people insist on recording every possible piece of data that they can during an investigation. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Given the cost of an Ion Counter. but for recording the status of the environment at the time of the investigation. and is one of those things that may never be able to be proven. The gases were very slowly poisoning the people living in the home. which Copyright 2007 and beyond. There have been cases where people have reported haunting activity only to find out that there were being exposed to carbon monoxide through some faulty part of their heating system. Once the problem was identified and fixed. Devices that measure levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are not inexpensive. and I only recommended them to those with the financial means to purchase them and who want to have a “complete” kit. the reports of haunting experiences stopped. It does what its name implies. Barometric Pressure is just one of those pieces. this is an item not specifically for detecting the presence of a ghost. though this is very heavily in the theory stage. Either way. Ion Counter This device is one of the many devices I sometimes see on various ghost hunting websites as recommended devices to use.59 Barometric pressure gauge Again. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Meters Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are two gases that can cause adverse affects on the human body when exposed to large amounts of it. Could there be a correlation? Perhaps.

Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Too many ghost hunters only know about the same old items that have been listed hundreds of times on various ghost hunting websites. Copyright 2007 and beyond.60 averages to be about $500. You never know when a device is going to be introduced which can be beneficial to ghost hunting. it is not something that just anybody needs to ghost hunt. If we want to expand the field we have to continue to find new pieces of equipment and new techniques to try. New technology is coming out all the time. This device is for people that have a specific application in mind when the purchase it. We all need to keep our eyes out for new things that could be beneficial to us.

There's no shortage of equipment. EVPS are. At the same time. and techniques that can used when it comes to recording for EVPS (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). and come in many different grades. since we have no way to really know the mechanics of EVP. Some people still prefer the warm sound of analog recording. Analog cassette recorders are also the most affordable of audio recording devices for beginners to use. Audio Devices The audio recording part of ghost hunting has always been one of my favorites. Copyright 2007 and beyond. You can usually find standard cassette recorders at most major dept stores at an average price of $20. in my opinion. I believe we should try all of them. Ask 3 ghost hunters which ones work best and you’ll probably get 3 different answers. I say! There have been many recent advancements in the area of digital recording. EVP was originally discovered on analog recording. Recorder types There are many different types of recorders out there. “Throw it all against the wall and see what sticks”. software. Tapes are still relatively easy to find. Now let’s talk about the devices used for collecting them. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .61 2. one of the easiest forms of evidence to get. So what works best? Analog Cassette By “analog cassette” I am referring to those devices that record to the standard cassette which was the format of choice in the 1980’s.00.

Try it out sometime…I think you will find it very intriguing.com/products?q=GE+shoebox+Cassette+recorder&show =li Another recorder I like quite a bit is the Sony TCM-210DV.google. but I feel I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention it. If you decide to put more money into an analog recorder. usually due to the recorder having multiple heads. and if you use a built-in microphone (which are rarely of good quality anyway) you will have an exceptional amount of noise.com/products?show=li&q=Sony+TCM-210DV This may very well be common knowledge. If you plug your headphones into the recorder as it is recording.” RT-EVP is what I call Real-Time EVP…being able to hear the EVP as it happens instead of just upon playback. They cost around $3.62 One of the more common brands is GE. which gives you a sort of “super-hearing” device. If you want to get the audio files onto your PC for review. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . http://www. the better (and the more expensive) the recorder can be. The more heads a recorder has. they can go as high as $450. all you need to purchase is a double-male 1/8” audio transfer cable from Radio Shack. and I have used several of their recorders and gotten great results with them.google. The benefit to these is the amazing high quality sound recording. it is of the utmost importance that you always use some sort of external microphone. you should be able to listen through the recorder's microphone. One other BIG benefit to using analog recorders is that more often than not.00 (Marantz PMD-222). Analog recorders have a lot of moving motor parts which create noise. Example of GE Recorder from Google Product Search: http://www. If you are using an analog recording device. you can use them as a sort of “RT-EVP device. You plug it in from the headphone jack on your recorder Copyright 2007 and beyond.00.

com/products?q=GE+Microcassette+recorder&show=li Digital Voice Recorders Digital voice recorders are all the rage right now in ghost hunting. and have great features and results. Start recording on your software and press “play” on your recorder. when I refer to digital voice recorders. Olympus Voice Recorders are by far the easiest to use. It’s that simple.63 to the microphone jack on your PC. although micro cassettes are much smaller. One member of COPS seems to get great sounding EVPs off of her GE micro cassette recorder nearly every time we investigate a location (that isn’t completely bogus) Example of GE Micro Cassette Recorder from Google Product Search: http://www.google. and do not have all the different grades of tape that standard sizes do. Copyright 2007 and beyond. as well as the opinions of many other ghost hunters out there. For whatever reason. Now. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Micro Cassette Most everything written in the previous section still applies to microcassette. some people have ridiculous luck with micro cassette recorders. the only brand I will recommend is Olympus. In my opinion. These are not recorders that are used for professional music or sound capture. By far. I am referring to those commonly found in office supply stores that are used for voice notes and dictation.

lightweight. these types of recorders are great because they work equally well with or without external microphones. Although it does not have “PC” in the name. but Olympus digital voice recorders have now gotten to the point that they have many models with many hours of recording capability that are no longer even current models. HQ is highest quality). You can get some fantastic deals on them now. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .64 There are a lot of models to choose from. you should be using HQ mode (LP is low quality. and very battery-friendly. The one major suggestion I would give you is to make sure that you pick a model that has “PC” in the model number. This is a huge advantage. You won’t be using LP mode.google. it should be noted that the WS-100 does have USB connectivity…it has the male USB plug built into the recorder. The result: you can find them at half price. even in this one brand name. Lastly. Keep in mind that advertisers often advertise the recording times that are available in LP mode. which can amount to several hours of audio. I mentioned this elsewhere in the book. They are also small. Some models from the previous year that I recommend are the Olympus VN960PC http://www. These models have USB ports on them so you can quickly dump the entire contents of the recorder onto your computer.google.com/products?q=Olympus+VN960PC&show=li&scoring=p and the Olympus WS-100 http://www. especially if you do a lot of passive EVP recording.com/products?q=Olympus+WS100&show=li&scoring=p. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Another suggestion is to do some digging and find those model numbers from yesteryear. The HQ recording time is going to be drastically less than the LP recording time.

Later on. the laptops hold far more possibilities than just audio recording in ghost hunting. the laptop can quickly become the centerpiece of your mobile ghost hunting HQ. Adobe Sound Booth. digital video. and a host of other useful technology. or Sony Sound Forge.bias-inc. and use virtually any microphone (although stage mics ending in XLR plus will require an audio interface module).adobe.sonycreativesoftware. Copyright 2007 and beyond. and then play it back or edit it.com/soundsoappro/ When using programs such as Adobe Audition or Sound Booth. Audition: http://www.com/products/soundbooth/ Sony Sound Forge: http://www. as the better Solid State recorders. The only well known one that you can download for free is Audacity. you can record pristine audio files straight to your hard drive. you can progress into full-featured programs like Adobe Audition. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . This makes the laptop as good as. There are many different programs out there that are good for recording/EVP analysis. if not as portable. With digital cameras. and the audio cleanup program BIAS Soundsoap.com/products/soundforgefamily.com/products/audition/ Sound Booth: http://www. you can select the sampling and bit rate of the recording.adobe. This program does all the basic stuff you would need it to do.65 Laptop Computers A laptop computer can be one of the best pieces of overall gear you can get for your ghost hunting tool chest.asp BIAS Soundsoap: http://www. And of course. With the right software.

for $299. At one point. Zoom H4: http://www.cfm?prodID=1901 Zoom H2: http://www.samsontech. Now the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder has broke the mold and brings incredibly full featured recording abilities at a price you can handle.samsontech.asp?a_prod_no=MR1 Copyright 2007 and beyond.00!! This is my pick for top EVP recording device for the money.00. Even as these great recorders are coming down in price. newer.com/gear/info. it’s still less expensive than some other devices that cost twice as much with half the potential.m-audio.66 Solid State Recorders Solid state recorders are the premiere digital audio recorders. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 to $299.cfm?prodID=1916 MicroTrack 24/96: http://www. But it gets better! Samson has added a new addition to the Zoom line with the H2 Recorder.com/products/productpage. more advanced technology is being introduced.99 to match it. These will soon become the EVP recording devices of choice for those with the financial means. these devices are becoming much more affordable. Just recently.00. The Korg MR-1 Mobile Recorder offers a brand new method of recording (which can be described better on the previous link). and while not the cheapest. If you are serious about EVP recording. and in catalogs such as BSW.com/products/en_us/MicroTrackIImain. This unit comes in around $800. They have higher resolutions and more complex features than do the digital voice recorders made for dictation and voice notes. This recorder allows you to record 360 degrees and only costs $199.html Korg MR-1: http://korg. You can find them at Sam Ash.com/products/productpage. This caused M-Audio to drop the price of their digital recorder. you couldn’t get one for less than $400. keep your eye on solid state recorders.

clear sound and make listening to your recordings that much easier. Microphones for Ghost Hunting Sometimes the microphone you choose to use with your recorder when you do your EVP work can make you or break you. but hard to find and expensive. although I have already detailed the best ones. However. even though there are a lot of players out there. The microphone is the single most important part of the recording process. They still make them new. Copyright 2007 and beyond. They have been eclipsed by the solid state recorders. if you choose to do further research.67 Others There are a few other options out there for audio recording. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . but they are pricey. You want something that is going to give you good. • MiniDisc recorders: These are yet another proprietary format dreamt up by Sony that has never really caught on. • Reel-to-reel recorders: These are the grand-daddy of all analog recorders. you can look up some information on some of the following options: • DAT recorders (Digital Audio Tape): These are well regarded.

Like everything in life. and they are Dynamic and Condenser microphones. make sure to grab a few 1/8” Mono-to-Stereo adaptors. It’s not true stereo. Now. inexpensive.68 There are two common types of microphones that you are likely to come across. and will pick up a lot of sound. (I’m going to keep this very basic. The first one I recommend to people is the Sony ECM-F8 which is small.00. you are going to want to pick out a condenser mic for your EVP recordings.) In a nutshell.99. By the way…while you are at Radio Shack looking at microphones. Condenser microphones do require batteries.com/products?q=Sony+ECMF8&scoring=p The second one I like to recommend is the current Omni Directional Boundary Microphone offered by Radio Shack. It has an omni-directional pickup pattern. would be very good. Sony ECM-F8: http://www. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . A lot of recorders have mono-output on the headset jack. as you will not be sacrificing quality. singing) and require no batteries. It is offered by Radio Shack for $39.e. If money is tight. it too. so you need one of these to be able to listen through both earpieces. and can pick up sound from much farther away. I’ve had 2 different ones so far and they’ve both been great. Dynamic microphones are primarily for vocals (i. which means it catches sounds from all directions (an obvious plus). This very small microphone produces some amazingly crisp audio. It’s always worth it to stop in and ask what Boundary mics they have in. Average price for one is around $12. you get what you pay for. go for one of these. Copyright 2007 and beyond. lightweight. It is extremely sensitive. but it IS easier to listen to. Needless to say.google. but I do recommend reading into the finer workings of microphones. it would not surprise me if this model wasn’t around for long as Radio Shack tends to quit using certain models after a while. so I would believe if another model came out. This is the second version of the Omni Directional Boundary Mic they have put out. That being said. and is one of the few that does not have a cord that you could jump rope with. there are still some REALLY good microphones that can be had for a relatively low price that work great for EVPs.

so hopefully this will give you some good options. They average about $55.69 The final one I am going to recommend is the Audio-Technica ATR-55 Shotgun Mic.com/products?q=ATR55&scoring=p There are countless microphones out there other than the three I mentioned. I’ve used this walking around. and mounted on a tripod. ATR-55 Shotgun Mic: http://www. Try and get on with a wide frequency range. if you are using an analog recorder you will NEED a good microphone. preferably down to 100htz on the low end. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . so it’s no good there anyway. Copyright 2007 and beyond.google. This is good for recording in a specific direction and not picking up as much around you. and they are great quality for the money.00 price wise. This is a good. entry-level shotgun mic suited for walking around more than camera mounted. I mentioned these three because I have and do use them personally. Very few Sony camcorders anymore seem to have 1/8” mic inputs. I encourage you to look around and keep a sharp eye out for others that might work for you and try them out if possible. Remember. and produce some excellent recordings.

camcorderinfo.com. Current consumer-level video formats include Hi8. check out www. These would be my first two recommended stops online to answer all questions related to camcorders. Like most other common tools under the umbrella of ghost hunting equipment. video recording gear is getting better and better all the time. This is something you need to keep an eye (or rather. and they are doing themselves a disservice.70 3. Video Devices After audio evidence. MiniDV.com. HDV (Hi-Definition Video).easycamcorders. Digital8. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . an ear) out for and be diligent when reviewing your video. as well as their sister site. The quality of the footage and the flexibility of the varied formats ensure that everyone can find something that works for them…and something they can afford as well. A lot of times EVPs can show up in the video tape as well as the audio tape. Some may disagree with me on that and say that photographic evidence is far more common. The nice thing about (most) video evidence is that you get audio along with it. MiniDVD. and HDD (Hard Drive Disk). A lot of people overlook the audio that they collect on their camcorders. www. the next most common type of evidence is video evidence. For those who want to brush up on their camcorder knowledge. but I would say that 99% of pictures that are supposedly paranormal have a perfectly non-paranormal explanation.

There are tons of them available on eBay for the budget conscious. HOWEVER…there is now a new way to do it easier. It is easy (if you have one) to just hook up the HI8’s A/V cables to the DVD recorder and burn it directly to DVD. The Bad: The lowest resolution of all current formats. Almost totally overrides any benefit of getting it cheap. Longer recording times.71 The most common video camera formats being used today by ghost hunting groups are Hi8. and they are the most affordable! The good and the bad of the formats Let me give you a very quick and dirty primer of the pluses and the minuses of the different types of camcorders. Digital 8. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Evidence video is preserved in the “better-proof” analog format. and MiniDV…mostly because these were the main formats of the Sony Handycams that launched the nightvision revolution in ghost hunting. This is simply to give you a quick idea of the main things to consider when choosing a camcorder. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Hi8 The Good: Relatively inexpensive. Hi8 is a real pain in the butt to get the video off of the analog format and into digital. My latest gear purchases were a couple DVD Recorders. That. MUCH easier than getting gone of those PC video capture cards.

72 Digital8 The Good: Digital8 camcorders are the “Old Faithful” of ghost hunting camcorders. The Bad: The bulkiest of the camcorders. It has a wide price range. All are Sony. Slow “real-time” transfer of video to digital format. Evidence video is preserved in the “better-proof” analog format. It has the same slow “real-time” video transfer rate of the Digital8 cameras.00. Last. MiniDV is a widely used format. Copyright 2007 and beyond. but definitely not least. all have very good Niteshot capability and they can be streamed to your computer via USB or Firewire cable. Resolution is about the same as most MiniDV camcorders. from affordable to “not-so-affordable. with good resolution. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Evidence video is preserved in the “better-proof” analog format and you still have the digital transfer capability. MiniDV The Good: MiniDV camcorders are often the smallest camcorders and thus are easier on the arms to carry around while sniffing out specters.” MiniDVs occupy that “sweet spot” where they are still current (though declining) technology. They have the long recording times the Hi8’s do. Tapes can get to be pricey. and sometimes less for the eBay sharpshooter. you can still get a sexy little brand new MiniDV camcorder for as low as $200. The Bad: Tapes only record for 60 minutes in SP (preferred) mode. but there are tons of them showing up every day on eBay.00. They can be found around $100.

and other new formats The Good: These are the newest of the new technology and must be studied in depth as they are constantly changing. people will forever be dubious of fantastic images in an all-digital media. you lose the hard-to-refute proof of an analog tape as evidence. In this George Lucas age of computer effects. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Newer. The Bad: Obviously. Seven hours record time is not uncommon. no evidence will ever be good enough to be believed. these are your more expensive models and if you want one your best bet is to utilize as many tricks in this book as possible. rewritable discs allow you to use the disc many times over. Also. the MiniDVD’s themselves can get expensive (if you aren’t using RW discs) and most of the less expensive ones only give you 30 minutes of recording time which is not good for ghost hunting. Hard Drive. HD cameras offer the obvious benefit of possibly getting Hi-Definition paranormal footage…improving a common weakness in ghost video (resolution). Hi-Definition. But then again. The lower models lack a lot of the good features that a comparable-priced MiniDV model would have. The Hard Drive cameras allow for maximum record time without the limiting effects of having to use tapes or discs.73 MiniDVD The Good: MiniDVD eliminates the virtual headache of “streaming” your video in order to get your analog footage onto the PC. and is more than what just about anyone needs for an average investigation. for some. Copyright 2007 and beyond. Transferring video should be quick and easy. Just take out the MiniDVD and slap it in your DVD drive. With the Hard Drive models. The higher end models have some great features including recording in Dolby sound. The Bad: This format is where the price begins to go up.

can be very small and can be used to easily cover a great deal of area. especially if you intend on setting up a stationary monitoring-type system. I remember 6 months ago I couldn’t find a 13” TV for less than $80. They can be used in conjunction with virtually any recording system. from DVRs. I would categorize these items into “live viewing gear” and “miscellaneous. Now I know of a few stores that regularly sell them at Copyright 2007 and beyond. Other Video Devices Other than the cameras themselves there are a slew of other things that go hand in hand with them.” Live Viewing Gear: 13” TV’s The 13” Color TV’s are the most cost-effective way to view video remotely. DVDRs.74 Security Cameras The Good: These cameras can range greatly in price. They may look cool and professional but I personally do not think that these cameras are the best choice for this particular job. to VCRs. The Bad: These cameras are almost always only good for indoors. and PCs. so you will still probably need your camcorders as well.00. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . most tube-type TV’s are quickly becoming outdated so they are much less expensive. First of all. They are not mobile. I have recently witnessed a sudden drop in the average price of a 13” TV. They do not have the built in microphones that camcorder have and more often than not (unless you go expensive) their resolution is not up to par with what even lower-end camcorders will give you.

Recording 4 channels separately will require the use of a DVR (digital video recorder) system made for 4+ camera surveillance (just in case you thought your cable company’s rental DVR would work!) For $79. I quickly snatched up two…one for each camcorder that I personally own. you would run 4 cables from 4 camcorders into the QP. QP’s simply divide the signal and the TV screen into 4 separate channels. Today’s TV’s are ideally suited for this use. as they are mostly set up to be video game TV’s for a child’s room. and viola! You have a fancy-looking 4-screen display.00. Even if you do not have the money yet for off-camera recording. The QP output signal goes to the TV. Quad Processors A Quad Processor (QP) is a less expensive option when you want to look cool like the guys on TV but don’t have the cash for a full-fledged DVR system. DVR. Therefore.75 $49. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . They usually have the A/V jacks in the front and one specific button on the remote that switches it over to the video signal.00 (as I found them at Security Cameras Direct) they are worth having. They are also much lighter weight these days! The bad side is they aren’t something that will probably last you for years but they should last long enough to get your moneys worth out of them. or DVDR. with no way to separate them. Now you can still record on-camera if you wish (though you’ll still have to run out and change tapes) or you can record the four-screen display onto a VCR.99…sometimes even $39. Copyright 2007 and beyond. you can still save space by only having to carry one TV (make it a 20”!) and a QP with you instead of four 13” TV’s. The recorded video will still be four screens.

I have found having two lengths of 60’ and two lengths of 120’ give me maximum versatility.76 Security Camera A/V cable on a Cord Reel Unless you want to drive yourself to madness for some reason. look for “(However many Feet) RCA Extension Cable. the 120’ is king though. The 120’ may not sound like much. Portable DVRs These are most commonly used in law enforcement for undercover work but I think they could come in handy for ghost hunting as well. and 120’ sections. The 60’ lengths are best if you intend on doing mostly standard home-sized residential cases. As for the reel itself. look for them at Lowes Home Improvement in the aisle with the extension cords. When I found these I threw out my Coax. you’ll have the pain of having to unwind a mess of cable and pile it on the floor to get to the other end. pliable video cables. when you don’t NEED that much. 60’. For larger areas. steer clear of using Coaxial cable for your remote video cameras. 100’.” You’ll find many results with this. right?) you’ll find a wide range of very small cameras…from the size of your hand to smaller than a quarter. but trust me. Instead pick up a few of these thin. and it was like a breath of fresh air! These can commonly be found in 50’. Cables are connected using double-female AV connectors. One of these cameras. look for "(include the amount of footage) RCA Extension Cable. would make a nice addition to your kit. when coupled with a small portable DVR. once you receive your Security Cameras Direct catalog (you DID order it. it goes a long way indoors! When you search for it. You Copyright 2007 and beyond. For instance. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .” You’ll find many results with this When you search for it.

Also. If you use a Quad-processor. It’s a pretty useful device for the money and well worth it. you no longer have to waste money on tapes. DVD Recorders DVD Recorders are my new favorite thing. small microphones.” I have several pieces of gear that are designated for this in case I need a small “grab and go” bundle of gear. etc. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with some creative uses for something like this. so you get a DVD player out of it as well. Everything in it is very small and may include digital voice recorders. One thing to think about is if ghosts are intelligent and try to avoid cameras. Just disable the auto shut-off in the cameras menu. in my opinion. Depending on what settings you choose. as I mentioned earlier. They average about $100 each. you will not be able to expand one of the individual feeds to full size. but if you diligently watch in-store specials you may just hit the jackpot. hidden one? You never know! One last use would for what I would call a “quick kit. They are an inexpensive way to do a lot of expensive stuff. Copyright 2007 and beyond. The only downside is. you’ll need 1 DVDR machine per camera. if you want full screen video. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . I was lucky enough to get two of them from HHGregg for a meager $39.77 could use it to cover an extra area or hide it in case you feel someone is trying to pull a fast one. Run the cables to the DVDR and the TV monitor. you can use them to transfer video off of an analog video camera. you can squeeze up to 6 hours of (uninterrupted!) video onto one disc! Then you can just pop it into the DVD player at home and you have all of those advantages while you review your video (such as slow playback). maybe they wouldn’t notice the small. They also play DVDs. Turn the camera on and hook it up to the AV cables.99 each. You can now record live straight to a blank DVD+R. if you are setting your video cameras up for stationary recording. And what a deal that was! First of all.

and it would not be the cheapest way to go. It is possible to set up video viewing through a laptop. though I am not well versed how. I stress to you to think outside the box. Copyright 2007 and beyond. If you think of something new.78 Other Options There are of course more possibilities. As always. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . There are handheld monitors of different kinds that can be found in catalogs such as Security Cameras Direct. always share it with others online so that we may grow together.

nobody will believe it because it is digital. There are 100. Let’s not forget that there are hundreds of reasons for strange shapes and lights to show up in a picture. How can you really tell if something is paranormal or not? It usually comes down to what the person who took the pictures believes. At this point in the technology. I think if anyone ever gets a really good ghost shot. Look at what they can do with movies! Pictures that do not move…well that’s even easier. Anyone who tries to tell you “This is the way to do it” is simply blowing smoke at you. The first one is this: Everyone predominantly uses digital cameras now. Let me add a third one. we live in a time when computers can make anything seem real. The second problem is that there is no way to know what settings work best at capturing a ghost image. However. I know I wouldn’t. A quick word about cameras and photographic gear I am not a ghost photography expert and I won’t try to be. I see two big problems. It’s just something you have to accept. it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.79 4. It’s also the biggest reason to continue using regular film cameras…if you can afford to spend the money on film and developing. You see. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . for obvious reasons. Copyright 2007 and beyond. I’ve never had much luck with it and with the explosion of digital photography. I know photographs are a big part of most people’s investigation techniques…they just aren’t part of mine. Did I say two problems? Whoops.000 variables when it comes to digital cameras and the various settings they have.

Obviously. And if you STILL want a camera…. it’s cameras! • Don’t get less than 5megapixels. At this point. Not a lot of them have it. Rather than risk breaking an expensive piece of gear. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . 5MP is the bottom.80 I think it is safe to say that I (personally) no longer feel pictures are credible evidence in the age of Photoshop. go with a Digital SLR Camera. If there is one device ghosts like to kill power in. They are more expensive but they have the best of both worlds when it comes to film and digital. • If possible. • Forget all that crap ghost hunting sites say about “Take off your camera strap!” What sense does this make? You are better off with a non-broken camera than a silly “vortex” (camera strap) picture. So I’ll throw a few suggestions at you just in case. The only thing I would use a camera for is to document locations…rather than use it to try and capture a picture of a ghost. • Get a few sets of NiMH rechargeable batteries. The more the merrier. Copyright 2007 and beyond. • If possible. get a Sony camera with Nite-Shot. This should be a given. These are the best cameras overall. but since we do a lot of stuff in the dark. The super-fast shutter speed could be a big factor. Make sure you pick out the ones with the highest “mah” number. just use common sense when looking at pictures and don’t call a flash-lightened camera strap a “vortex”. this capability would be a plus. And get a 15-minute quick charger. many of you will still want one.

Remember that there are no set rules as to what is really best. What works best today might not be so tomorrow. “How could I use this device to ghost hunt?” Don’t be a follower…be a leader. Always keep an eye on new technology and ask yourself. Use what you learned earlier and get one for cheap! • ONE LAST THING: As I am finishing up this manuscript. I did not just pull these tips out of the air. I imagine. only guidelines. though you’d have to have quite a few 4GB SD cards. I recently saw in the Sunday ads a 12mp digital camera that was only $300 and it recorded Video in 720P High Definition! Now THAT is a handy extra to have in a digital camera! I’d probably use that more than take pictures. I am seeing a new feature show up in digital cameras. Remember the two questions from earlier in this eBook: "What am I trying to accomplish?” “What do I need to make that happen?” Copyright 2007 and beyond.81 • GET IT ON EBAY!!! If you do not buy your camera on ebay. I have one of the biggest caches of personal ghost hunting gear of anyone I know and you can do the same with what I have taught you here. I taught myself out of the necessity of needing a lot of gear with a limited budget. There are thousands of cameras on there at any given time. you are throwing money away. Final Thoughts I hope you have found this eBook to be helpful in your efforts to obtain ghost hunting equipment at a good price. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

original ideas nobody else has tried. and you’ll come up with new. Make sure you put “Question from eBook customer” in the subject line so I will recognize it as a priority email. or any other kind of question that I might be able to help you with. If you want to set yourself apart from the masses.82 If you consistently ask yourself this. THAT’S what this field NEEDS…freethinkers and new ideas. you’ll never need to ask others what to use. you can email me at contact_chris@delta3144. Be original! If you ever have a question about ghost equipment. I usually can respond to most emails within 24 hours. don’t just do what they do.com. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . Thank you so much for reading my eBook and I wish you luck in all your ghost hunting adventures! -Chris Tanner Central Ohio Paranormal Society Copyright 2007 and beyond.

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radioshack.camcorderinfo.easycamcorders.samash.google.com EasyCamcorders.GGLJ:2006-45.com/catalog/categorysub.GGLJ:en&q=Sony+ECMF8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wf Radio Shack = http://www.com/products?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF8&rls=GGLJ.com/products?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF8&rls=GGLJ.com = www.87 Sam Ash = http://www.html Audio Technica ATR-55 Shotgun Mic = http://www.GGLJ:2006-45.com Copyright 2007 and beyond.google.GGLJ:en&q=Audio+Technica+ATR55&um=1&sa=N&tab=wf CamcorderInfo.com/sm-omni-directional-businessmicrophone--pi-2296039. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .asp?CategorySubID=940&dep artmentid=6&sourcetype=categorysearch Sony ECM-F8 = http://www.com = www.

and encourage others to try for themselves. This book is for information purposes only. Just as you would tell a friend about a product you like. I assume no responsibility for any problems which may or may not arise in the course or purchasing goods from any vendor links I have placed in this book. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved . and products that I personally like and think highly of. This eBook is 100% my own work and is copyrighted as such. or do not buy from anyone linked in this document. Copyright 2007 and beyond.88 Note from the author I feel compelled to point out that I have no relationship whatsoever with any of the website I have linked in this document. I receive no compensation whatsoever if you buy. and because these are all places. The sole reason I have placed these links is to make it easier for you. The information contained in this ebook is merely a reflection of the methods I have used myself. programs. so I have done here. or from using devices I have recommended in this book. Any infringement of copyrighted material will be pursued legally to the full extent of the law. and I take no responsibility for what you do with that information.

89 Copyright 2007 and beyond. Chris Tanner – All Rights Reserved .

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