Cal[centre ,r...r,

| 31




fromthe dialogues. Listenagainif nece$ary. Comptete thesesentences Callr
1 2

thatyou needsomeassistance. typethisin ...onemoment... 0K. it, the problem with entering password. the begins ?

3 As
4l that sound 5 Does 6 Call z 7 Onemoment, whatcan| 8 So,Mr Walker,

the service technicians' schedule I and

backin halfan hour.

you with anything elsetoday?

yourcustomer on my screen. file you?

yourorderas urgent that the itemswitt be sentout so for yourorder. Goodbye.

how them situation, firstimpression crucial. the is Customers remember youtreated will In anycatlcentre the and to to during firstcontact it maybe the onlychance showthat you arewilling satisfu customer. the professionalism customer-focus the verybeginning, of notice and from theirperception Whencustomers is is stays that way! one.lf not,theirimpression negative and usually the company a positive Follow a thesetips for making goodimpression: yourvoiceand politelanguage signal r Use to a friendly'ready-to-help' attitude. Gerryspeoking.How can I help you today? Whatcan I do for you? ls there anythingelse I can help you with today? and z Listencarefulty makesureyou understand yourcustomers. I see. So,as I understandit, ... . ls that correct? Let mejust repeat that. you sureyourcustomer understands and 3 Make is happywith the service. Doesthat sound all right? Do you have any other questions? I hope this is to your satisfaction. Makepromises keepthem. and Yourorder will go out overnighttoday. l'll call you bock in half an hour. Always follow up and followthrough. l'll ring you when the technicianhas finished the repair work to makesure everythingis all right.


and ilatch the two partsto makesentences questions.
r HowcanI makesure z I witl personally 3 | hopethisis you 4 Coutd giveme thatsound 5 Does else 5 ls thereanything 7 l'[ takecare 8 Letme iust a b c d e f alt right? of this straight away. you? hetp to yoursatisfaction. repeat that. this that you receive information afternoon. the you with today? c I canassist please? h youraccount number,

4 32 | UNIT

success Callcentre




Complete catlcentredialogue the with the phrases below. Thentistento checkyour answe]s. yourcontact I'djust liketo confirm details. MayI helpyou? else? CanI helpyou with anything ls that right? you givemeyourcustomer Could please? number, OK,let melust repeat that.

couldI go overyourorderagain?

Ace Helptine. Agent Goodmorning. Beverages please.needto place order ten more for house wine- six Yes, I an cases my standard of Customer redandfourwhite- for my restaurant. lt sounds you haveordered like fromus before. Agent

hereit is ...uh ...55oo8-zz. Customer course, Of Ah yes,Mr Green Agent fromSuavo Restaurant.

Reading. So,that's Walton Street, 9r just moved Customer that'sour old address. No, We've to postcode RGr The is zXL. Street. new 43 High

That's High Street, Reading, zXL. RGr
Customer Agent
V oc th a t' q , r ish t
' 'D " *'

OK,I'veupdated database. meiusttype our Let in the order... ... OK youdo a rush Customer Look, reatly a bind.Could l'm in order thewineso thatwe get it by this on evening? Agent Sure, no We it that's problem. candispatch by rr o'ctock. Mr Green, OK, 6.You'd vourstandard wine,six like of order house cases four white. red, Andwe'llrushthe order thatit arrives approximately so by 5 p.m. you for helping so quickly. Thank Customer Yes, that's correct. all me My pteasure. Customer No,thankyou.That's for today. atl Byenow. Agent Goodbye.

UNITrl Callcentreru...rr | 88




yourorder r Areyouready to today? you z Areyouplanning paybytransfer credit to or card, would liketo have monthly or a plan? sir, are straight away. 3 OK, thegoods in stockandcanbe we order make to it sureyoureceive by 4 lf itb urg€nt, cansendit asa you Thursday. Would prefer that? you metheitemnumber please? fromthe 5 ean in 5 Letmecheck callyou and back onehour witha enclose the 7 We'lt 8 Wecansend goods the by 6 on the price. withthegoods. delivery thatyou'llgetthemthenextday. so

bok rt the dlelogrn llow wouldyou lmpruu the agsnt's trnguagoto mekoe goodtmprcxlon on thccuctomer? Hello. Norman Customer speaking John

Customersaid, is John I this Norman. Thatt N-O-R-M-A-N. Agent Thanks, Norman. Mr I'd Customer liketo have latestaccountancy the software.

Asent fff;F3
Customer latestaccountancy The
Agent OK, Customer I'd like five, please.

' .

got youfve in yourcatalogue.



234 Road, BNr Customer Delman Brighton 4QJ, England. Custamer Well, whenwill I receive software? the

Urlts curtomcr.fured scntenceg ruplrcc r7 e!cc. to


3 4 5 6 7

34 | uNlr4

callcentre success



thecorrectanswersto from a customertoa helpline.Choose Listentothistelephone conversalion completethe sentences. r is MP3 Thecustomer's player a an i-gomaxi. b an i-gomini.

software. z Hehas...triedto instaltthe a already b not yet first to 3 Thecustomer needs find out is. a what his password has. his system computer b whatoperating needs 4 Thecustomer version the i-go. of a to buyanother before instalts he his b to upgrade system the software. registers the company, with 5 lf the customer he gets...of freeservice. a two years b threeyears



you hear. Listenagainand tick fl the sentences is 1 So,whatexactly the problem? you in the z Could explain problem more I me Areyou following all right? clearup to now? 8 ls everything


you whatyou've done 3 Coutd explain so far? you ... to 4 Thatmeans need have you need have ... to 5 In otherwords, so 6 Doyou haveanyquestions far?

I n I n

seeing Areyou having trouble any that?

T the Letmejusttalkyouthrough steps.T
with Bythe way,haveyou registered us?

to Thisis whatI'mgoing do.


PHRASES USEFUL Ctadffingand explaining Whatdo you meanexactly? Sorrywhatdoesthat mean? Whatexactly doesOSstandfor? a Weiust needto clarihT fewthings. you explain doneso far? whatyou've Could ls that X or Y? you needto ... Thatmeans you haveto ... ln otherwords, That's another wordfor X. comprehension Checking Canyou find/see alt right? that Areyou having problems/trouble any finding/seeing that? Areyou fottowing atl right? me ls everything clear far/up this point? so to questions farlup so Doyou haveany (other) to thi sooi nt?


Callcentrerr...tt ] 35


Putthewordsln the rlght orderto meketyplcal'call centre'sentences. each In sentence therels onewordthat youdonot need. r just things need clarifiT a we few to ?


z anything so far clear everything is
3 far 4 that 5 does 6 what you to OS do done tell what

could you've explain so

some means software you what this for I'm do to stand when ?

need mean install

going is

7 me you just steps tatk through the let us

you Use and 'signa['sounds phrases show arelistening to carefully.is important thecustomer lt that you knows areat theother of thelineandlistening end closely whattheyaresaying. to phrases words show you... Use these or to that r arefollowing whatthe customer saying:Uhuh.fi see.lRight./OK. is r acknowledge problem: the deor (BrE) $eatly?/lsthatso?/Oh, . agree: Uhuh./Ofcouse. r aresurprisedr You don\ say! (AmE)/Really?




extractrfromcall centre Conplete thcsG dlalogues wlth a'slgnal'wordor phrese. (C= custoner / A = agent).Thenllsten to checkyour ensrcrs. .* fl | lefta message thecallcentre for manager callmeback. to Thatwasthree days andI've ago heard nothing fromhim.
I l'm so sorry.Let me see if I can helpyou ...


your three G'' l'veemailed helpline times, theemails but have been returned. all 2 I'msorry A about that.Wemusthave a problem ourserver. seems had with lt
"',,. to be working rightnowthough.HowcanI helpyou? all C l'm having trouble with my television. turnson and I canseethe picture, I can'tseemto lt but get anysound. 3.OK,l'm goingto needto askyou somequestions ... Yourproduct verygood,but I'd like moreinformation an upgraded is on model.

..f .*

something you... for 1. I thinkI cansuggest

4 36 | UN|T

Callcentre success


Choose best response thesecall centrequestionsand requests. the to r you giveme a betterpricefor our first Can't order? a Sorry | can'tdo that. b Letme check withthe manager call and you backin a few minutes. c lt mightbe possible. Canyou do a rushorderfor me? a l'lltry. b Of course. witlgo out by the endof This the day. in c Wecan'tprocess orders a hurrysorry. please. I'd liketo orderfivecases, a OK,that'sfivecases. b Areyou sureyou onlywantfive? offertoday:you get c Wehavea special one casefreewhenyou ordersix. When the orderbe dispatched? can post. a Today, in the overnight sir, Maybe evening. b this problems having c I'm not sure. We're moment. with ourdeliveries the at

you quoteme a price? z Can a Thepriceis a fairone. b Theycost40 centseach. c Ourprice better is thanour competitors. up of 3 Wearethinking signing foryourservice. whydon'tyoutakeadvantage a Then of offer? our introductory b Catlus backwhenyou've decided. you our prices yesterday. c I told


with thenounformof theverbs. Complete puzzle the
Across r clarifiT 5 satisfiT 6 exptain 8 deliver Down z assist 3 pay 4 offer 7 Otoel with wordsfrom the puzzle. Nowcompletethe sentences
a b

Good. gladI couldhetp. me knowif I canbe of anymore I'm Let I'll put youthrough our lT speciatist. to She'l[ ableto giveyoua moredetailed be and helpsolve problem. the

aboutour introductory c Oneofthe bestthings advantage our newmonthly of plan.

is thatvoucantake


in Fites Work with a partner doa 'callcentre' to role-play. Either referto therolecards the Partner or thinkof yourownsituation. Partner fite 4, p. 58 A
Partner Fite4, p.50 B


Callcentre ,u.."r, | 3?

Readthis article from a customercarewebsiteand answerthe questionswhich foltow.

Poon service is the fastest way to lose customers. ls your call centne doing euer$hing possible to keep its customens happy?

Callcentneexpents us it costs 4 lo 1Otimes as muchto tell goodsenvice an existing captune new customen it doeslo pnovide a as to customenA stantling 68% of callcentre customens moveto the competition because poonsenvice. of Customer-centned centnes call must lookat their" fr"ont lines the agents. Their" agents, aftenall,communicate customens with eveny Thismeansthat day. agentsmust havethe nightphonestyleand- for" online helpdesks appnopniale emailskills. The latten evenmoneimpontant is nowadays as emailing become necond pnomises has a of kept- on bnoken to customens. Callcentnes can no longen affor"d haveagentswho lust neadoff scr.ipts. to Now agentsneedto be knowledge wonkers salespeople the complete fon and nange of customer service. example, the Hilton Fon at Hotels, agentsdon'tjust take nesenvations.no noomsaneavailable, clenks to cl'oss-sell lf the tnv another. of Hilton's bnands the same cityor' six in anea. Thisgenerates of $250 million nevenue annually the Hilton fon Hotels. At DHLWonldwide, centnes call ane focusing moneon customen senvice andsalesinstead justtaking of ondens. typicalanswen 'Doyou A to shipto Manila?' is'Yes, withthe fastestdeliveny time. 99% guar"anteed.'Callcentne supenvisons now ane concenned wilh how welltheinagents sellDHL,not howquickly theyget on and offthe phone withcustomens.


i-.-l Click the calendar for call cente events ll


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. Does yourcompany havea ca[[ lf centre? so,howcanyourcatlcentre morecustomer-centred? be . Howcancompanies motivate theircallcentre agents deliver more theircustomers? to to

38 1

Deliveringcustomer care through writing
Dothis quick quiz aboutwriting for customercare.Saywhetherthe statementsare true (T) or your answerswith a partner. fatse(F).Thencompare


3 4 5
6 7 8 9

and thancorrect spelling Thecontent a letter an emailismoreimportant of or punctuation. betterto sendan emailthanto phonea customer. It'salways in Youshouldalways writeto newcustomers a formalstyle. can whatyou wrotein a letter, thenyourcustomer too. lf you canunderstand you letters lf you havea spellchecker yourcomputer, don'tneedto re-read on or emails before sending them. normally shortandconcise. be Emails should thenyour replyshouldalsobe informat. lf a customer's emailor letteris informal, It'sOKto sendout standard letters any customer to enquiry. in Customers appreciate smileys and otherfun graphics emails.


n T n
l I

n n n


Lookat theseexcerptsfrom customercareletters and emails.Whichone is: I an invitation? tt z a follow-up a meeting? ft to L] f_l a reply an enquiry? to tl 3

to 4 a promise sendsomething? for 5 a request information?


HelloMr Sutton In answer youremail, shop to our in Stratford openMondays is to from9 a.m.to 8 p.m.You Saturdays can reachus by fax on o763 449 923. Please freeto get in touch if you feel haveanymorequestions. Regards LaraJones

HiOliver We're havinga small party at the WiltonHotelthisFridayat 7 p.m. We'reaskinga few of our most important clientsto attendand I wouldbe pleasedif you couldjoin us. Let me knowif you can come . .. Bestwishes Ji m


Delivering customer through care writing 39 |


Dear MrsDemetrios Thanks muchfor yourphonecallyesterday. pleased tell you that we so I am to yourorder. you liketo payby credit canhandle Woutd cardor banktransfer? Please in the attached fill formand faxit to me.ThenI cansendit out to you today. Bestregards D J eanne tteo n a l d s o n E Robert I got yourmessage afternoon. this Sure. I'll talk to Ruthand emailyouthe price list today. you alsoneedour latest Do brochure? Takecare Carola


Mr Dear Blair
I woutd yesterday' iust to In regard ourmeeting of First att'"' whatweagreed' likei confirm SinceretY Yours Manzetti Franco

Whichof the above from lettersandwhicharefromemails?Howcanyou tell? are Whichtypesof lettersor emailsdo you write to your customers Engtish? in
FOCUS ,CUSTOMER EXTRA : Salutations and closes , When you writeto a customer the firsttime,it is oftenbestto usea formal for style. Thenlookat howthe ls customer answers. the replyformal informal? or From now on, usethe sameregister yourcustomer. as you goodcustomer with in Bycommunicating the customer the way he or sheprefers, demonstrate care. Here an overview standard is of salutations closes and usedin letters and emails. lefter whenyou don't knowthe name D e a r ro r M a d a m /Deari rs Si S (A L a d i e a n dGe n tte men mE ) s (BrE) Yours faithfulty (yours) (AmE) Sincerety wheny ou k n o w t he nam e D e a r r/M s /Mrs M Smi t h D e a r r a n dM rsSmi t h M D e a r s Bl a c k n dM r S mi th M a (BrE) Yours sincerely (yours) (AmE) Sincerely D e a r,l o h n wheny ou k n o w and Mary t he per s on /p e o p l e DearPaul well Kindregards (With) bestwishes email D ear i ror Madam/D eari rs S S H etl o (Kind/Best) Regards Bestwishes D ear/ el l o Ms/Mrs mi th H Mr/ S D ear/H el lMr andMrsS mi th o D ear/H etto B l ack Ms andMr S mi th (Kind/Best) Regards A ttthe best/B est i shes w D ear/H el to/H i l ohn Hi Paut and Mary Best(wishes)/All best the (BrE) Take care(AmE)/Cheers

Notethat in the U5,the satutation letters oftenfotlowed a colon(Dear Brown:). the UKthereis in is Mr In by people commas put no punctuation usedhere, sometimes but often afterboththe satutdtion the close and (DearJohn,... Kindregards,...). Whetherthere a comma not,the firstwordin letters is or and emails always letter. starts with a caoital

5 40 | UNIT

writing care customer through Detivering


Whichsatutationsand closesshouldyou usewhen writing to the following Peopte? informal
7 en@il t Hugo Jones

l1 rettert Carol E[an

Hi Huqo AIIthe hest ...
2 t retter Walter Rogers 5 en@it Jeanne& PaSCaI ) Duchard


t retter Mario Ingram& JanetBrowne


bn", )

name unknown


Readthe letter and answerthe questions. knowMr Davis? r HowwelldoesRichard meet? did z Where they request? 3 Whatdid Mr Davis next? Whatwill happen 4

Horizons International
42WindsorStrol, g7 Tel 20654 . Fax 20654 4 . r.bird@h0rizint.com +44 372 +44

JohnDavis Davis& Chapman Ltd 145Cheltenham Rd Bristol 856 sQZ

DearMr Davis It was a pleasuremeetingyou recentlyat the BusinessExecutive Conference. am delighted be I to ableto assistyou in findinga suitablelT communications systemfor yourcompany. requested, As I am enclosing latest our catalogue details with andprices. I wouldbe gratefulif we couldmeetsoon. I will phoneyou on Thursdayand hopewe can arange a suitable dateandtime. lf you haveany furtherquestions, pleasedo not hesitate contactme. to I lookforwardto welcoming as a new and valuedcustomer. you Yourssincerely 4Lchard BLrd RichardBird SalesManager


Delivering customer through care writingI +f


tatch the two partsto makephras6. r 2 3 4 5 6 7 I lookforward to Wearedelighted to lf youhave you Thank lt wasa pleasure to lf youaresatisfied lwitl pa y
a b c d e f g

forchoosing company our you seeing nextweek youa visitpersonally questions anyfurther speak you to you have asa newcustomer withthe results

llow usethe phrasas completo onell to a newcuctomer. to thlr


Dear Winston Mrs
1 on the phone

yesterday. Rs here of ,2. you'requested, is a summary ourdiscussion:
. Youwill receive monthlyservicefor one year.


, YoU

your years youwould canrenew contract as many for like. as . Your service feeswillbe invoiced monthly. r Finally, youarea newcustorner, as *"Ln offeryoua 10%introductory discount your on rateif youpaybefore duedate. the
As we agreed, 10 nextThursday, September, 10-30 to showyou howto start up the service. at 3, pleasefeel free to contactme. Otherwise.

Best wishes VeraKnox Manager Sales



! p 1 i , r r I g c u s to m e rca r eth r o u g h wr itin g


T wo v er s io n so f th e s a mee ma i l - o n e fo r mal and one i nformal - have been mi xed up. F ut t hem b a c k i n o rd e r.

Mr Dear VarteY b

Dear Mike

In the meanti me,you if have anyotherquesti ons, pl ease don' thesi tate to me. contact you I lookforward seeing to nextweeK.

I n r e g a rd y o u rp h o n e a l lth i s to c m orn i n gI,a m w ri ti n g l e ty o u k n o w to abo u tth e l a te s d e v e l o p m e n ts . t

I' mgl adto tel lyouthatw e' ve found o new tw customers you.lt'd be greatif we could for setup a meeti ng the endof nextw eekto at you l i kemeto emai you di scuss s.W oul d thi l the customer i nformati on Y todav? oucan review before meet. it we

K i n dre g a rd s I Hargreaves

Thanks yourphone [ smorni ng. for cal thi a qui ck emai to l etyouknowabout l Just the latest develooments.

you that we havefoundtwo I am detighted inform to newc u s to m e rs r y o u .I w o u l da p p re c i atei f w e fo it c ould e t u p a me e ti n g t th e e n do f n e xtw eekto s a y dis c u sth i s .W o u td o u l i k eme to e ma i youthe s L c us t o mei r fo rma ti oto d a v ? o uc a nre vi ewt n n Y i before meet. we

A l l the best John

In th e me a n ti m eet me knowi f you need l, a n yo th e rh e l p . you L o o k i n g rw a rdo seei ng nextw eek. fo t


Detivering customer carethroughwriting | 43


llow find phrases the two emailsto complete tablebelow. In the

wlth Connecting the nader In reference yourletter/email ... to of Further ourrecent meeting... to Reason writing fur Wearewriting confirm to ... you I would to inform ... like Gful6good nens Wearepleased say... to I'mhappy tellyou... to Requests if Wewouldbegrateful wecould ...
Couldyou ...? Taklng re$on I will phoneyou/contactyou ... Wewouldbe delighted/pleased assistyou. to Concludlng Please freeto contactme/usifyou haveany feel furtherquestions. you soon. We look forwardto hearing fiom/meeting

I hopeeverything goingwell. is I'mjustwriting tell you ... to I'd liketo let you know...

l'll get in touch with/get backto you ... I'd be gladto help out. Letme knowifyou needanything else. Looking forwardto your repty/tohearing fromyou.


Complete sentences the fromlettersandemallswlth wordsfromthe box.

7 2

you to yourphonecal[,I am sending the specifications modelXRT3z. for Wewouldbe you with all yourfinancial planning. to assist

for 3 Thanks yourletter
4 l'llget 5 We look forwardto 6 I forward your to 7 Looking 8 I'm

z9 June.
to you as soonas possible. fromyou soon.

be grateful you couldcontact at yourearliest if me

writingto let you knowthe datesof our nextopenhouse.

44 | UNIT 5

Detivering customer through care writing




Followthe five Csof customercarewriting to makesure your writing is: Ctear paragrapns. Keep sentences shortand direct, and havewell-organized

yourcustomer atl Complete Include the information needs, including reference numbers contact and , details. Concise yourreader's your Do not waste timewith too muchextrainformation. Remember customer is alsoa busyperson.

and conventions. ] i CourteousUsepotitelanguage fotlowletter-writing l: punctuation, spetling. in re-read i Correct Do not distract reader the with mistakes grammar, and Atways I

L__t::5:i::y*:i't111'_ 8




Firststudy the tips in the box aboveand then say what is wrongwith this email.Whichof the five Cshasthe writer ignored?Rewritethe email.
:-i to: Mira Jones <mjones@ts-ent6rprises.com>
Subject: select systems price list

Dear MiraJones It wasa plasure meetyou recently the Gtobal to at Concepts tradefair.Ourexhibit areas wereon the second floorof the Bellevue Hotel. hopeyou enjoyed fairas muchas I I the did.Ho wd i d y o u ti k eth e fo o da t o u rVl Pcustomer Iunch? i shtheyhadserved lw us chicken, beef. not Afterat[the worries aboutBSE, don'ttikebeefmuchanVmore. I y I wantt o p h o n e o ua t th e e n do fth e w e ekto arrange appoi ntment meet youso w e an to yourcustomer candiscuss needs. Friday ls for afternoon suitable you I'm busyatt Friday perhaps around p.m.W hatdo you m or ni n gb u t th i n kI h a v e m eo n F ri d a afternoon, , ti y at z W t hink ? o u td a tb e O K . th you Thanks for yourintrest Select in Systems I look forward speak you soon. LA. to to is Here the pricelistyou asked Doyou stillwantme to sendyou our catalogue?so, for. lf yourpostal confirm address. Bestregards





Listento threevoicemailmessages. Thenmatchthem with the written ]esponsesbelow. Whichresponses by email andwhich by letter? Howcanyou tell? are call l'm we not f, fhankyouforyourphone of z May. sorry were your available take to call. Please attached brochure find a about services. canalso our You visit usonline www.bestfoods.eom at for more information. detailed questions, please nothesitate contact lf youhave other do any to us.


Delivering customer through care writing lot

b ,C

nr o ozMav' F,il'# J"",x il',,Ti :ilftIffi

f] Sorrywe weren'tin whenyou calted. l'veattached pdf of the specifications model83oT. a for Shoutd alsoarrange sendyou someproduct I to brochures for the shop? Letme knowifyou needanything else.

r singleroomwith a bath for two nightsfrom 5 to 7 May. As you requested, haveenclosed magazine we a listingatl eventstakingplacein May. Please freeto contactus if you require feel anyassistance with bookings. you We'lookforward welcoming to our hotel. to

EXTRA CUSTOTIER FOCUS yourdocuments Make sureyou review carefully before sending themto the customer. the letteror Like you needto viewit through customer's emailmessage itself, the ls eyes. it appropriate? it present Does you close image? Take extramoment check enclosures attachments an a positive to the or before the envelope hit the sendbutton! or Youcanusethe fotlowing language refer the enclosed attached to to or documents: letter Please find enclosed/ am enclosingthe price Iistyou requested. ln the enclosedinformationpacket,you will ... find product descriptions, brochure, ... i As you will seefrom the enclosed

email l'm sendingyou the currentprice list as an ottachment. l've attachedthe specifications o pdf document. as Please complete attached the form ond returnit ... Please ... find attached Hereis the file you askedfor. (informat)


Usethe phrasesfrom page43 and the language Boxaboveto write a customer-friendly reply to the following email enquiry.
fu To:info@iust-inala5soy.r.cam



! i


i Subject:Relocationtoclasgow

Het t o yourwebsite I have.iust visited aboutrelocation I services.will soonbe moving Glasgow to so am looking an agency helpme finda flat.Canyou alsorecommend ptace lease car for to a to a for my business? you please I wasn't ableto find anyinformation aboutyourprices yourwebsite, coutd on so l, s endm e a c u rre np ri c e i s t? A l s ow i tt b e i n Gl asgow the endof the month coul d e t l at w perhaps up a meeting? mobilenumber o78859773. My is set you for yourassistance. Thank I tookforward hearing to you fromyou and hopefulty meeting soon. Don't forgat to:

Resards White Joan whiteAssociates jwhite@quickmail.com

and usaa formll ealutalion rudar conn;cl with givo 4 ra*lon for writing -ofiarhelP laKaaction

and lho ondil Politall

46 | UNlf5


Delivering customer through care writing


Workwith a partnerto practise writing emailsand letters.Eitherthink of your ownsituationor look at the onesin the PartnerFiles.Try to use phrasesfrom this unit.
Partner Fite5, p. 59 A P artner Fi l e p.51 B 5,

Read this casestudy aboutcustomercareprovided the Internetand answerthe questions via which follow.

Custorners haye bec-orneused to the speedy response or quick'turn-around time' ot Internet exdnnge and are therelore someUmesmore demanding andless patient than they used to be. They want quick answers to tfteir servie guestlons. Here is a typi@l cttstomer etqeriene and its result.

section or use the search tools to find your answer.' The customer was back at the beginning.

A customer asked a large catalogue storg, whetherahand-heldcomputerhewas planning to buy from their company could be used for PowerPoint presentations.The response was: 'Visit our website under FAQ' (the common abbreviation for'FrequentlyAsked Questions'). When the customer looked at the FAQs, he could not find the rightquestionfor his problem. His 'search' attempt got no answers either, so he wrote his question in the 'other enquiries' field. The customer got this answer immediately: 'Thankyou for your email.We will try to handle your requestas soon as possible.Since we get so many enquiries,it is faster to referto the FAQ

websitecouldn'tbe more helpful.
The frustrated finallygaveup and customer changed anotherbrandof pdm computers. to Whenhe emaibd the new company's service gota directanswer efficiency he centre, with and couftesy. wasso pleased He withthequickand politeservice that he recommended handthe heldcomputerto several hiscolleagues. of

...and their

. Share personaI a experience a partner with aboutdealing withautomated online customer care. Howdid it make positive negative a or impression you? on o Describe waysa customer gives service centre be surethatan automated can system customers the hetptheyneed. o Does yourcompany have website a offering customer lf service?so, howis it set up? Whatkindof FAQs you have? do Howdo you dealwith enquiries viathe website? sent


Dealingwith problems and complaints
Lookat this tist of things that customers complainabout.Whichthreethings annoyyou the most your answerswith a partner. as a customer? Compare

on,hstd whenyoucall &1,.fulng.,ilut somebody


Notenough stafftohelpcustomers junkmail g Receiving much too or advertising h Getting complicated, unclear explanations I quick Notgetting amwers to emails

n t6etting engaged signalwhen an {ryingto call you many t,'"ti nStransferred times when call
d Unhelpfulstaff with little or no knowledge e Salespeople of ttreirproducts and services


Canyou addanything else to the list? Howcancompanies avoidannoyingtheir customers?


Readthis email from a customerservicemanager her staff. Workwlth a partnerto write to an actionchecklistfor the meeting.

Helloeveryone, Recently havebeengettinga lot of complaintsfrom customerswho are annoyed we with the qualityof our customerservice.Herearejust three of the commentswe've received: 'l had a problemwith one of your products.WhenI told the salesperson about it, he was arrogantand acted like my problemwas stupid and unimportant.He evensuggested that the problemwas my fault.' 'The personon the phonedidn't even listento what I was saying.I had to repeatmyselftwo or three policy. can't do anything times.Thenshejust said,'Well, that's our company I aboutit.' Shedidn'teven apologize!' 'l realize was angryand perhaps I spokesharply, the agentdidn'thaveto yellat me. He told me it but wasn'this fault andthat I shouldspeakto the person who madethe mistake, him.' not policy At our nextstaff meeting, wantto discussour complaints I and howwe can improve customer our care.I wouldlikeyouall to makean actionchecklist howto improve waywe handle on the customers, and presentyour ideas at the meeting.





48 | UNIT 6

and Deating with probtems complaints


at Herearesomeof the ideaspresented the meeting.Workwith a partnerto decidewhetherthey belong to th e do os don'tllst.

r Letthe customers showtheiranger. problem fault. wasthe customer's z Saythe you nothing cando. the there's 3 Telt customer carefully the details the problem. of to 4 Listen yourpointof view. the to 5 Push customer accept as criticism. Take customer's anger a personal 6 the product service replace firstorder. the or to a I Offer moreexpensive make surethe customer agrees the planof action. to and 8 Summarize




Threecustomers makingcomplalnts.Listenand matchthe dlaloguesto the pictures. are Thencompletethe table.



r Dialogue z Dialogue Dialogue 3


Dealing with problems comptaints 49 and |




from Listen again complete and thesesentences thedialogues.
Dialogue t t I'm

to to be the


z What of 3 First all,

for the poorservice ...

got z Dialogue 4 We've a lot of peoplein the sameposition 5 6 So,
Dialogue 3 7 lt

worry. , butdon't


thatour shooassistant madea yourmoney. . I'll to helpyou.

8 I'll be happy to no 9 That's ":'ittii0n:i FocusExrRA

we suchas In probtems complaints oftensoftenbad newsby usingphrases and (that) we've made a mistake. l'm oftoid Itseems(tha| there hos been a mix-up with your order. Itappears(that) they forgot to enclosethe instructions. to Thereseems/oppeors be a misunderstanding. with the passive tenseto acknowledge Wecanalsocombine thesephrases the problem who exactty madethe mistake. withoutsaying (that) the order wosnothandled promptly enough. It seems/appears I'm afraid (that) a mistakehas beenmade.


Write a customer-friendly statement for eachsituation. Usephrasesfrom the LanguageBox above. r You're wrong.Ourinformation right,not yours.(seems misunderstanding) is / Thera soemsto bo a misundarslandinq. (afraid mix-up) fault z lt wasn'tmy colleague's that you didn'tget the order. / (appearsinclude) in didn'tput someof the parts the shipment. / 3 Theagent so that you didn'tsendit. (seems getthough) / 4 | didn'tgetyouremail, it's obvious / 5 Youwon'tget the orderthisweek.(afraid detay) a but 6 That's mistake, it'syourfault,not mine.(appearsmistake) /

SO I Uruff 6

Deating with problems complaints and


Whatis wrongwith thesoanswers a customer's to complaint? How youthink the cuitomel do woutdreactin each case? r z 3 4 5 I [ I I I 'l don'treatly deatwith that. That's mydepartment.' not 'Wel[, never l've done thatbefore, l'lttryit andseewhathappens.' but you We can't hetp withthat. don't We carry product here.' that 'l don't know' giverefundsassoon youleave store, yours.' 'Wedon't as the it's

Lookat these moreeffectiye answers.tlatch them with r-5 above. policy, I'mafraidwe don'tgiverefunds. please a Wehavean exchange but So, makeyourselection carefully before buying. CouldI helpyou decide whichproduct the bestfor you? is b I couldgiveyou somegeneral advice, it's betterif you speakto my colleague. is the but He you in specialist this area.MayI transfer to him? not c I'mreally certain aboutthat,but I'11 out for you.I'l[ringyou backby 4 p.m.today. thatOK? find ls d I'mafraidthis isn'tsomething carry. canrecommend you contact we I that T&C.I'msurethat they carry that product. e Thatsoundslikesomething coulddo for you, but I needto makesure.MayI askmy manager we aboutit and callvou back? *



Completethe dialogue about a problem-sotvingsituatlon in a hotel with phrasesfrom the list. Then listen to checkyour answers.


1,I havea complaint aboutyourhotel. problem, madam? '?the

ReceptionistOh,you lookverytroubled. What Guest

guests yourhotel,but I'maboutto change mindaboutever Well,we'reregular at my staying hereagain! Theservice terrible. hadto ringhousekeeping is I've everydayto paysgood ratesfor me and my colleagues askthemto cleanmy room.My company to stayat yourhotel,so a dependable cleaning service the leastwe expect! is

Receptionist Firstof al[,

I howsorry lam.
s you correctly,

yourstaywith us.So,if I this musthaveruined you hadto phoneeachdayto getyourroomserviced? Guest That3 right.


6 givingme somedetaits? I coutd just haveyournameand lf number andwhattimeyou called andwho you spoketo exactly ...



Deating with problems complaints 51 and |

z. I wantto Ms I'll Receptionist Jones, speak housekeeping to 8 thisnever you've happens again. Since beenso e by thisincident,
10to offer you


two freenightsfor yournextvisit at our hotel.In fact,l'[ giveyou a voucher rightnow. Youcanuseit anytimeyouwish. Oh,that'sjust great!| am so gladthat we couldworkthis out.Wedo wantto keep coming backhere.


Howdid the hotel receptionist deal with the problem? First completethe statements with the correct form of verbs from the list. Thenwrite down the phrasesshe used.

Whatfte rcceptlonist dld:
7 2

Whatthe ncepffonist sald:

She listened

to the guestcarefully. afterhearing the

guest's story.
She the problem backto

theguest. She
aboutthe problem. She gueststraight away. 6 She guest's trouble. compensation the for action helpthe to moreinformation

Wedon'twantcustomers complaining and overagain over aboutthe sameproblems. Make you askfor as manydetails possible dealwith every sure as to complaint effectively. Show yourintention takecareof the wholeproblem, iust bitsand pieces. the customer to not This is the keyto customer satisfaction today- and for the future. for

s2 l


with problems complaints and Dealing


Lookat the problem-solylngftow chart below and match the headingsto the steps. a b c d e f g backto the customer. Ctarifu information repeat problem the and the helpful tone. Endwith a friendly, Assure clientof follow-up. the Apologize. the Summarize discussion. an if doesn't accept solution. the Offer alternative the customer carefully the customer to describe problem the and show Listen empathy. witt h Sayhowandwhenthe problem be solved. responsibility the problem. for i Take

that. Firsiof all,l'mso/terribly sorry about I apologize ... for for Letmeapologize ...

lf thissolution doesnotmeetyourneeds, .. thenI cansuggest . as an alternative. possibilities ... l'll lookintoother by l'llgetbackto youstraight away. (a by You'll receive refund/replacement) tomorrow...

you whathappeneOZd% Could tellmeexactly <a you Could explain bitmore... ? a 5ffi Doyoumindif I justgo overthatagain.. . ? is Whatwe havedecided . .. planis ... Ouraction I'd liketo go overthisoncemoreto make surewe agree.

l'lljustmakea fewnotes youspeak. as mean. I understand./l seewhatyou lwouldfeelthesame way. Whata difficult situation putsyouin. this

l'llgetback you... to l'llfollow to make up surethat
!# gg

It looks an oversight ourpart. like on There seems bea misunderstanding. to your got It appears order overlooked. therehasbeensomesortof mix-up. l'mafraid

l'lltakecareof thisat onceforyou. I'msurewe canfinda solution. you. .. to make I'dbegladto offer up forthisinconvenience.
This shouldbe resolvedby the end of today.

with I hopeyouaresatisfied theoutcome. for this Thanks bringing to ourattention. #%. ls thereanything elseI canhelpyouwith Qgff # today? if Donthesitate ringagain thereareany to problems. more

UNITO Dealing with problems complaints 53 and |


Workwith a partner.Choose of the situations below(or think of a situation of your own) one and usethe informationin the PartnerFilesto do a face-to-face telephonerole-play. or you follow the stepsfor problem-solving. Notethat PartnerA is alwaysthe customer.take sure

r Situation
z Situation

A damaged consignment a mistake an invoice and on A noisyhotelroomon a business trip
PartnerA File p.59 6, Partner File p.61 B 6,


Readthis typlcal letter of apologyand completeit with the phrasesbelow.

wEverylt64irig$ffit'' againi*e apologize Once

Weareveryco-ncerned toihsar you Weassure thatwe are doing werphingwe can

has resolved Theproblem nowbeen

Dear Mr Webber
t that
h:c nnts ro:ahad rrnrr




l ast 2 the


frusLra tion

t his




I t^ -.Lo

order arrives
nr nl. r l om i n fha

as soon as
d arlr *i r/ery




The delay

was due



l l n Fvn a a i -




department w hi ch

i nterrupted

our usual efficient
a:nd rrnrrr


h: c



f ^





n ^ cf

5 for va lue yo ur bus ines s and hope t o k ee p y o u a s a
Vnrrrc cirnaralrr
I n n d - fa r fi

the inconvenience.
a r r cfn m 6 r

We do

Mark Beckham
ni c n^f ^h M2n:dor

Findphrasesin the letterabovewhichtark Beckham usedtos a statethe problem to b apologize the customer withthe customer c showempathy d explain reason the problem for the e offera solution

S+ | Unff G

probtems comptaints Dealingwith and


Wesometimeshaveto exptainour companypolicywhen respondingto complaints. llatch the policywith a customer-friendty explanatlon. poticy r I Wedon'tgiveestimates on the phone. out post,onlyby overnight z I Wedon'tshipby regular express. Wedon'tsendout ourdietproducts unless customer beenchecked a doctor. the has by 3 I Webtock anycredit cardcharge looksunusual hasa highamount. that or 4 f Wecan't anything do aboutour bankservice charges. 5 I explanation a Thisensures safeuseof our oroducts. the givethe highest your b Weaimto in standards managing bankaccounts. quote. c Thishelps giveyoua fairer us and moreaccurate d Thisensures yourfoodproducts that arrive fresh. precaution make e Thisis a security to sureyourcardhasnot beenstolen. Canyou add anotherexampleof your own companypolicy? Howcanyou say it in a polite, positiveway so that the customerunderstands and acceptsit?


Workwith a partner.Youboth work for DaltonGommunications havereceived fotlowing and the three complaints.Firstdiscusshow to deal with them: by telephone, person,or in writing. in Thenchoose one complaintand decidehow to respond.
I'm writingto you becauseI've been ' tryingto getthroughto yourhelpline for the pastthreedays.I'vecalledseveral timesduring dayand night,but the havenevergot through,not evenonce! I'm tryingto enquireaboutsomething on my monthly lt's useless have bill. to if a helpline it is always busy!| planto visit yourmanager nextweekto discuss this in person. I became subscriber yourservice a to you because promised months six of phone l s the U K , hi ch s cheap cal to w i wheremy brother now. livesright W henI got youri nvoi ce I though, w as completely shocked seethat the UK to phonecallsaretwiceas expensive as before, with my old phoneservice. Whathappened the low,low rates?! to I fi ndthi smi sl eadi ng adverti si ng totallyunacceptable.





As a regular customer yours nearly yearsnow,I findthislatest for five of incident yourcall with centre totally unacceptable. I phoned recently enquire in to the about latest service upgrades. Theagent informed thatI could addanyother me not features my lT system.onlybought to I the system fromyousixmonths ago.The agent mesomeone soldmea'limited told had system', so noaction could taken. be Then, asked speak hersupervisor, sheputmeon hold. my I to to so To dismay, disconnected. to ringback, again an engaged lgot ltried got but signal.


s D e a l i nw i t h p r o b l e ma n dc o m p l a i n t s 5 5 g |

Lookat what these peoplesay aboutcustomercomplaintsand apologies. Doanyof the comments soundfamiliar?

I livedin England a whileandwas impressed howeasily for with the words'l'm sorry' canhelpdefuse difficult a situation. tot of my A prefer to sayit whendealing in not with colleagues my country theysay:'Theprobtem's my fault,why should not complaints because 'l'm I apologize?' I iustthinkit means: sorryaboutthe situation But mean and wantto helpyou'.lt doesn't that I'm responsible.

Weg e ta l o t of compl ai nts i ne ourw ebsi te i t' samazi ng onl to and how rudeand insulting somecustomers be. Perhaps because can it's they not th i n kth e y 're tatki ng a realperson,usta machi ne. utrealpeopl e to B i Iikeme readthe messages thenhaveto answer a friendly in and and professional manner. Sometimes quitedifficutt do so and I wonder it's to whatthesecustomers wouldthinkif I wrotethe same typeof angry messages them! to

l'm a Canadian tivingin Europe and I mustadmitit3 takenme a long here.I usedto be very politewhen service time to get usedto customer in abouta product service a shop,for example.said or I I comptained just 'please'and a smiled lot, andthe shopassistants looked me like I at | Nowwhen I havea was crazy! don'tthink they took me seriously. I l'm andiust statemy problem. I And complaint,don'tsmile. verydirect get a muchbetterresponse fromthe shopassistants way.Perhaps this itb iust a cultural thing.

ls from Howdo you dealwith complaints yourcompany business? it the same different at or or you with? othercompanies knowor do business jobsin othercountries with complaints? youthinkthere in deal Do are Howdo people similar Howaboutthe differencesthewaycustomers in comptain whattheycomplain and about? cultural wayapologies made? are

56 1

Test yourself!
Seehow muchyou havelearnedabout customercare. Usethe clues to completethe crossword puzzle. Across 3 Anotherword for to seem:lt ... that we madea mistake. important showgood listening to skillsor to be ...to customers. + lt'salways 6 Sorry,I didn't quite ... thot. Couldyou say it again? 8 Anotherway to sayI handlecustomer orders:l'm ...for customer orders. Anotherway to sayto phoneor to call: CanI ... you backtomorrow? 9 t6 A way to offerfurtherassistance: I help you with ... todoy?(z words- 8, 4) Can 79 Another word for help:HowconL.. you? 20 Anotherword for pleased:l'd be ... to haveyou os a new customer. 2t I'm ,.. thot we cen'tsend out the softwaretoday. 22 I'll ...she callsyou back today.(z words- 4, 4) 24 F0MCRIN: liketo ...your address. l'd (z 25 May I ... that onceagainto check? words- 2, 4) z6 I look ... to hearingfrom you. pleasedon't ... t6-contactme. 27 lf you have any questions, Down you. We... your business. r A wayto end a phone call:Thank you z Something wantto buitdor establish with customers: good ... a you understand Showing means ... whatthe customer feeling. is 5 you might say:WouldTuesday ...for you? 6 Whenyou want to set up a meeting, be A customer a tradefairwho doesn't at wanthelpmightsay: No,thankyou. I'mjust ... . 7 10 Anotherway to sayimmediately: sendyou the package.... (z words- 8, 4) I'll 11 YFAIRLC: just needto -. a few things. We t2 A wayto check that the customer happywith yourservice: hopethisis to your.... is I 73 A wayto start a presentation a trade fair:I'd like to ...you heretoday. at t4 Anotherphrase sayI'm sorry:l'd like to ...for the delay. to t5 Whenyou meetsomeone the first time,you can say:I'd like to ... myself. for t7 Weoftenstarta meeting phonecallwith...to makecustomers or feelcomfortable. (z words- 5, 4) r8 To seeif something OK,you cansay: Wouldyou ... if I phonedyou tomorrow? is 23 A formalclosein emailwriting: Kind...

Testyoursetfl| 57

s8 l

Partner Files
Youwork in the salesdepartment NewTech of lT. in Someone the marketing department Shopping of you to cometo Untimited Retailers hasasked UK theiroffices tell themaboutyournewsoftware and for customer mailing lists. Aftergreetings sma[[ and talk,askquestions getto knowthe company. to Thentell them aboutyour new software: the it's Youcan offera z5o/o best producton the market. on discount yourlatest system, you needto but discuss discounts with yourbossfirst.(Only bigger goodcustomers the bigger get discount.) 5 Monday 9,OOM. Erooks ll,5OTnmtcn 15.15 MeetJT on bond 9t

7 Wednesday

13.OOmeetT&Rforlunah Meeting 14.3O (dan 16.00?) 2O.5O 84456 Heathrow

8 Thursday

ll.3o Mr Fieher

You're assistant the marketing for director HealthyLife Assurance the UK. in You're working at the standat a tradefairwhenyou seea potential yourself offerassistance. Introduce customer. and you Unfortunately don'thaveany morebrochures (todayis the last day of the fair) but you cansend somewhenyou arebackin the office. Take the customer's contact details and askaboutthe best way to get in touch (by email? visit?). a

Phonecall z Youarethe manager the ltalian resort per ski Sci of yesterday Tutti.Youwrotean emailto ProfiSport asking information for ski abouttheirlatest (catalogue pricelist),and now equipment and you fromthe company calling to is somebody arrange meeting. arevery busynextweekbut a You Tuesday will be at the resorteveryday except (You and morning. mightalsohave afternoon Friday a lunch appointment Thursday arenot 1oo% on but sure.)

Phonecall r z Today Friday, May. is Youare in Londonuntil Wednesday weekand wouldliketo visitGillian next Browne her officethere.(Youmet at a recent in tradefairand sheis interested yourproducts.) in lf she's therewhenyou call,askto speak not to someone that canhelp. else

Situationr Youworkin the callcentre Worldview Holidays at PLC. receive callfroma customer You who would a likeinformation package holidays Japan. on to Ask him/her information for how many aboutdates, people be travelling, the customer's price will and yourcatalogue range. Offer sendthe customer to by emailor oost.Besureto confirm customerS the contact details.

PartnerFitesA 59 |

Situationz Youworkat a department storeandyou dealwith customer information. needinformation You from yourcustomer in orderto writea report. files You canopenthe files,but unfortunately text is the scrambled you can'treadthe information. and You needto adjust textsetting, you don'tknow the but yourlT support how.Catt agentto helpyou solve t hisor oblem . CalllTdePt! and Canenter paaeword openaugtomer the turt ftleebut aan't read aanmbled! atart'twice but atill eame Tried'new problem. Howdo t adiuettheturt seltin7?

Situationr (phonecall) Youarecalting RFH Catering Supplies complain to abouta problem with yourorder. You've been charged doublefor the shipping on the last fee orderof beerglasses someofthe glasses and were atsodamaged during shipment. havegot a big You partyto service tomorroqso you wantRFH Catering sendthe glasses to straightaway(it's urgent!) to correct invoice. and the


27 damqgad damaged

8alno. UnilRice Tohl 100 bodrol*ses VG3982 .62 62.00 glasses WG7632 .75 75.00 glasses WG6723 .81 wine 81.00 plates RS6781 .55 200 small 110.00

Write an email. At a recent tradefairyou met a newcustomer who is interested information in aboutyourlatest gaveyou his/her laptop. He/She business and card you promised sendthe newbrochure to straight (You away. alsosawhim/her laterat oneof the tradefaircaf6s and hada quicklunch together.) Writeyourfotlow-up email(remember attach to the information he/she for)and giveit to asked Partner B. R Hoskins

TGT Hotdings pLG

Situation z (face to face) Youarea guestat the HotelMajestic go to the and hoteloffice speak the manager. wantto to to You complain yourroomis too noisy. people that The in the nextroomhaveloudparties every nightand you havenot beenableto sleepverywel[,so you aretiredfor yourbusiness Also,the hotel meetings. bed is veryuncomfortable whichmakes even it moredifficutt get somerest. the manager to Tell to takeaction vou will moveto another or hotel.

42 SymeStreet londonWCI F 4RZ RHoskins@tgt.com www.tgl.com

Respond an emait. to Yournameis F Ramos you arethe customer and service manager Siniad Ltd.Youarearranging at a seminar z5 of yourcallcentre for agents and have called hotelnearyouroffices find out aboutthe a to menuand prices a buffetlunch for and coffee breaks. now receive emailfromthe hotel You an (Partner Writean emailbackthanking B). Partner B for the information. will trv to makea decision You bv nextweek.

60 1

Partner Files

Youworkin the marketing department Shopping at Retailers and haveasked Untimited UK someone fromthe salesdepartment NewTech to visit of lT yourcompany tell you abouttheirnewsoftware and package customer for mailinglists.Firstgreetthe visitorand offerhospitality. Introduce or herto him anycolleagues the meeting makesmalltalk at and for z or 3 minutes before talkingbusiness. Be prepared answer questions to aboutyourcompany. Youareveryinterested the software you in but expect 4o%discount. haveanother You a meeting you to go to, but you wanthim or herto contact tomorrowwith an offer.


4 p,m, dcpt mcating


O a.m, brcalc{aet meeting (untlllO?) MeethkatSp,m, (+ John& hulo - 1O,5O lunah?) P.m. Wo* on prceentatlon (no calls)



Annual meating,9toakholm fllght 6.50 a.m,

Youarethe personnel manager ofSunshine Juices, a company based Florida. areat a tradefair in You to find out aboutemployee benefits, especially and programmes, yourstaffin the UK life assurance for branch ofyour company. arenot ready buy You to yet. (perhaps anything Youjust wantinformation somebrochures?) take backto your office. to (Unfortunately only haveone business you card with you - it's the lastday of the fair - and you don't wantto give it away.)

2420 North Drive Av' Orlando, f'lorida, FL 26214 TeI 77334709

Phoneca[[ z Youarea salesrep for ProfiSport, company a which sellssports equipment. manager the ltalian The of you yesterday ski resortSci perTuttiemailed and askedfor a pricelist and catalogue your latest for ski equipment. heror himto saythat you will Call sendthe information straightaway. Youwill also be in the areaat the end of nextweekand couldvisit you on Thursday, that'sconvenient. if Perhaps could takehim/her for lunch. out

S Ranger
Personnel Manager

Fax7733Ml9 s.ranger@sunshine'com

Phonecall r Todayis Friday May. z Yourcolleague Gillian Browne is not in the officetoday.Butshe has givenyou herdiaryandasked you to make for appointments her.

Situationr Yournameis P Richardson you area regular and customer with Worldview Hotidays Youphone PLC. their callcentreto get information package on holidays iapan.You'd to like to go in September for ro dayswith two friendsand you don't want to pay morethanca €z,5oo perperson. needthe You quickly, confirm youremailaddress information so with the ca[[centreagent.