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Social Studies Research Project!

Term I, 2012 Name: ______________________ Grade 6s: Research: France and Quebec Grade 5s Quebec and another Province or Territory ______________________ Assignment: For each land area, RESEARCH: 1. Take notes on the following: Education System History/Main Historic Events Economic System Lifestyle/Recreation (Sports, Hobbies) Health System Government Culture (The Arts, Traditions, Religion, Language) Geography (Location, Place, Movement, Regions, Human & Physical interaction) (Hint now that you have done some research, focus on your core three before expanding to the others) 2. Choose three sections to research a bit more in depth for each area. 3. Write up a paragraph for each of those three sections (Total, six paragraphs) Display the information so it compares the two places. You have choices! Depending on your choice of final project the written portion may look like, and MUST INCLUDE 6 paragraphs. Six well written but distinct paragraphs, (two paragraphs for each region) in a booklet form, electronic form, sculptural form (a cube has 6 faces!) Six well written paragraphs that demonstrate understanding of the two regions, and highlight important similarities and differences 6 is the key!

PROJECT: Assignment: For at least one land area, CREATE a Digital, 2-D or 3-D original work that captures important aspects of the places researched. This can take any form you like! Some ideas, depending on what you have available at home. Diorama (Model in a shoe box) Model (Clay, Plasticine, Poster Powerpoint/Keynote Prezi Glogster iMovie your childs unique representation Make sure any 3-D models do not take up more space than a cube 30cm3 without special permission. We do want to be able to display these projects for other students to admire, but have some limitations on space to display them. For example, to display them in the library they can be no taller than 70 cm. Under development: Rubric for determining the criteria delineating whether their research and project assignment will not meet, meet, or exceed expectations for our grade levels. It is important we do this together as a class, and though we began talking about this last week and continued yesterday, the final be posted ASAP. It is important that all students have a voice in the discussion we have that determines how their projects will be graded, so they are fully aware, can participate in the discussion, and go for gold should they choose to do so! A final note: please email me if this project is a stressful event in your home life that would not be our intention! Adaptations for myriad situations are available: we just need to chat about them. Sincerely, Leslie McGuire