To train participants on AutoPLANT & AutoPIPE software is targeted towards helping participants strike the best balance between skills required to maximize work productivity and efficiency in a project oriented manner.

Program Selected:  BENTLEY AutoPLANT

Products Covered: AutoPLANT Equipment, AutoPLANT Piping, Drawing Production, Isometric Generation (Isogen & Auto Iso) & Basic Steel work. Piping Designer; Piping Drafter; Process Engineer
Course Description: This course is designed for the piping designer or drafter new to the AutoPLANT 3D Plant Design applications. The student is expected to model a Depropanizer plant with a medium size throughput from scratch using AutoPLANT Equipment modeler. The student uses AutoPLANT Piping to route a complex system of pipe attached to the Equipments. Once the model is complete, deliverables including fully dimensioned and annotated plans and sections are produced. Import/Export utilities are used to create isometric drawings from exported line data to the ISOGEN interface.

After completing this course, the user will:
 

Learning Objectives:

      

Learn how to create complex equipment component using primitives & custom Equipment Learn how to create a complex piping model from modeled equipment components Learn how to increase productivity using automated pipe routing methods Learn how to place specialty components such as branching connections, tap port and olets. Learn how to use powerful reporting and database management tools Learn to create Work Area Views for Paper Space deliverables Learn to add dimensions and annotations and BOM to a drawing Learn the uses of data exchange formats Learn to create automated isometric drawings using the ISOGEN interface

Course Topics:

Equipment Modeling

Licenses. To provide trainer(s) Breakfast and Lunch will be provided To provide requisite course-ware per participant To provide demo CDs (15-day licenses) .e. valve topworks. Gbagada. Workstations etc. Shittu Animashaun Street.              Touring the AutoPLANT Piping interface Component preferences and placement methods Creating piping run Using AutoPIPE router utility AutoIso and Isogen Branching connections. Lagos. Phase II. Course Timing:  Minimum of 6 hours per day Teaching Methodology:  This course will be conducted as hands-on training sessions (one person/system) Responsibilities of CDSS:      To provide training facility i. and database tools Setting up Work Areas and Work Area Views in PaperSpace Adding dimensions and annotations in Paper Space Generating Reports and Bills of Materials Importing and exporting data Automated Iso Generation using ISOGEN Checking component connectivity Basic Steel modeling Course Duration:  5 days for AutoPLANT Design Batch Size:  12 participants in two groups of 6 persons Training Venue:  Computer Designs. Ltd: Plot 188. Systems Services Nig. supports Reporting. Gbagada Estate. Projector and Whiteboard.

00 5 Days Mechanical/Piping Engineering 2.0 Bentley StaadPro # 60. 000:00 # 30. 000:00 5 Days 5 Days 2 .00 2 .000. 000:00 # 60.000. 2010 Revit MEP 2010 Revit Structure 2010 Bentley AutoPipe # 30.0 12.000.0 Bentley AutoPLANT # 50.0 9. Structural Engineering Mechanical/Piping Engineering 13.Responsibilities of Participants:    Have basic knowledge of engineering and design of structures To provide inputs on prototype cases to be incorporated into the training To provide any other information deemed necessary for conducting the training Training Date:  Nov 29th – Dec 3rd 2010 Payment Terms:  Full payment in advance Validity: Terms and conditions of this proposal are liable to change based on oral/written mutual consent.00 5 Days Structural Engineering . 000:00 # 40.0 11.3 Days 5 Days 5 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 5 Days Raster editing of Maps Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Architecture. Training Fees: 1.0 10. 000:00 # 60. 000:00 # 50. Mech.0 7.3 Days Design related fields. 000:00 # 60. Building Services.0 AutoCAD 2010 Inventor Prof 2010 GTX # 40.0 3. 000:00 # 50. 000:00 #40.0 8.0 Raster Design Civil 3D 2010 AutoCAD Electrical 2010 Revit Arch.0 4. Design Engineering Raster editing for drawings 5.

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